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  1. Well, most of the article covers what is a data data harvesting and pseudo-privacy (yeah, you are anonymous, we just send you ads based on your psychological profile, location, and usage history directly to your face) with one exception: https://www.ft.com/content/c02083b5-8a0a-48e5-b850-831a3e6406bb Which might mean usage of Yandex data for one of the sides of biggest military conflict in Europe since WWII. Yet still, one can argue that every big tech company is tied to their governments and baidu/google/amazon/whoeva will do the same with their data which up to me is very likely true. Thus, who's worse is a matter of political preference, which I'll purposedly avoid for the sake of the community and following the rules So my main point is that the data harvesting is a problem, not the Yandex itself. But sadly, I do not see there is any turnback, as the technology is there, it pays off, and average user is held back by "prove me I do not collect your data" argument. Another thing is that such apps as the described above can be taken down by content reviewers in google/apple store, only if these people were allowed to use their brains. I've been working in such place and believe me, it was painful and harmful to be in such place. It was M4 not G or A, but I doubt it matters.
  2. Mastodon is online for 7 years and it never went near the popularity of Twitter. And i doubt it ever will, as I can't imagine your cliche GenZter or boomer parents get through the whole federation idea and choose their instance, after years of being assured that in the internet you just sign up and let the big company manage the whole thing, for better and for worse. Thus, I might be biased after 10 years of making my mom computer-literate Yet still, other so-called big tech alternatives are for now either for tech savvy people, paranoids (like me), or some specific groups. Co-host is for nerds, Mastodon is said to be a gathering for left-wing supportes, and most niche YT alternatives are full of Christian broadcast and right-wing politics. Yet still, some channels I watch on Nitter, do have Mastodon backup, so with enough time it might change and p2p recommendations it might change. And then we will see how those services will mitigate the scaling and recognizability challenges, like load-balancing, anti-spam, anti-ddos, paid propagandists channels and many more.
  3. Well, from what I've read, this is INTENDED - social media dramas and arguments make people more engaged, thus spend more time and look more at ads. And how cool data they're leaving for political profilers, woo! I personally hate social media. I signed to facebook when I had to, as everyone at the university used it and I stayed, but using messenger only - everything blocked what's possible and never opening the board. Instagram, snapchat, tiktok - those are crap for me, never signed in. For twitter, I decided not to sign up and try to go with nitter - redirecting proxy. The only site that is considered social media and noone can get without is youtube, as too many content is being posted only there. that's major thing I hate about social media - they consume smaller sites, and many things are updated only on FB. Blogs I've been reading years ago are now social media exclusive, and I never checked them again. As for alternatives, there are some, but they are used either by political extremists or geeks and thus miss the big point of social media - connecting with a lot of people via one hub. recently, CoHost got my attention, as they promised to be free of profiling, tracking and feed selection, but I always see such initiatives as a potential trap. Anyone remembers Brave being advertised as ethical and privacy-friendly?
  4. Strange feeling... feeling sad for a person I never met... or did we meet, but just the modern way? All was already said, so just rest in peace, Den!
  5. lack of english subtitles is disturbing...
  6. Sounds like fun for lazy Sunday. Worry not, this is a toy machine, I might loose only some game save states and time spent to handpick xp updates that live well with non-sse2 CPU. Every guide I stumbled upon said it's the best to go with clean install of win98 and then install XP, but I'm glad to know there's an alternative. There's a fun to be had in going the stubborn way. One question that went unanswered is whether i can somehow feed a separate partition with win98 installation files and make it bootable, so i can install without floppy/cd/rufus prepared pendrive. I guess the answer is "no"... ?
  7. Hi!. I'm upgrading my retro gaming PC. right now it has windows XP, and I'd like to add windows 98 SE paralelly. What I have: - windows 98 SE OEM ISO - windows XP installed on C, NTFS formatted - 2nd partition F, FAT 32 formatted And what I want to achieve - make F bootable - put win98 installation files over there - boot from F - install win 98 without breaking win XP install the deal is, I haven't been using win 9x since I was a kid, and Now I cannot find any instruction how to get this done. there are instructions how to make bootable usb stick with rufus, but not from hdd partition. Is it possible, or am i leaving in the realm of fantasy?
  8. just ho i wanna see fast food in my land ^^
  9. Hi, for reasons I prefer not to disclose, yesterday I found myself looking for a way to obtain sets of emoticons for old forums, bulletin boards and messaging software. to my greatest astonishment, I hadn't have find anyone hosting a general collection of such in an organized manner. All I have found was a metric crapton of highly positioned, useless websites, small emoticons packs and shady software. As if internet have forgotten glorious pre-emoji standard emoticons. What's harder, i cannot really say what I'm looking for, like some smileys I've seen on some obscure BB before update years ago or on some defunct website. For some I tried to lurk the websites that are still online, but the smiley sets I remember are long gone :/ What I DO remember are: - old pixelated-style smiley changing into red vampire with devil-ish look - set of emoticons that is probably from Skype 7. rest is mystery. what I "probably" look for are emoticons from phpbb2, phpbb3, phpbb by przemo, mybb, simple machines forum, php fusion, AOL, MSN messenger... in general, things from 2005-2010 era. Anyone knows where to find 'em, except from scrapping them one by one hoping it's it?
  10. Talented coder with a very bad temper - imagine, what the guy could have been able to achieve if he did change his behaviour.
  11. Ok, I made it to work the way I intended in this single game by disabling the newer CD-rom, running the game when it was disabled and then re-enabling it back, and thus this way my audio goes from CD-ROM to audio card "the old way". Thus, the problem remains, as I'd need to get this done for every game OR disable 2nd drive permaeantly. I dug a bit more and found out that windows enumerated LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8525B as CD-ROM 0 and LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B as CD-ROM 1, and I assume this might be the case. Is there any way to switch the assignment given by windows PNP?
  12. Cannot fint my fav one, here is a random one. I leave google translate to you
  13. @Nerdulater I meant living in Australia. You know, southern hemisphere, upside down, I considered it a commom meme template
  14. Hi, how does it feel to walk upside down all the time?
  15. So, I doped my good old 2001 machine with audio card based on YMF724F Yamaha chip, consisting hi-fi 1999 quality, sound blaster support, proprietary midi standard extensions and a set of MIDI samples, buff n fluff etc. As, said, it's no-logo, so chipset on board is Yamaha, but I failed to find exact exact pinouts, and the number of on-board jumpers and internal ports is different. This is important, as I intended to use old-school analogue cd audio input from cd palyer to the Yamaha. but, I cannot find exact pinout, and I'm troubled how exactly to connect it. Here's exact cabling and pins I can use. Please mind that none of them is explicitly marked as CD_IN, so if producer intended them for other uses, I cannot tell. What I did is that I put the "grey" connector into the "black" slot, as both seem to have both gnd inside, worst I can do is to invert channels, or, in case of different prpose of the connector,send some useless signal. That's what internet sources suggested as the best, as the extra port is "redundant" due to dual standard by both cd drive and audio cards manufacturers. But in case there is some hidden knowledge, to connect it the very exact way in order to short circuit some jumpers or so, I'd be pleased to know. Still, despite my attempts, CD audio in quake II was not present. So i went for system settings, which is, our favourite windows XP 32bit home ed. As suggested in guides, I disabled digital CD audio - no bonus. But then I reminded, taht I aleready had problems with dual cd drive in my PC... I have LG DVD-ROM DRD8160B with CD audio support LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8525B with no audio support. And it looks like Quake decided to prioritize the latter, as putting CD into this drive and enabling digital audio, actually, worked. Geez, QII without soundtrack feels half-baked at best... Still, the question is, what can I do to make Quake, or, best, all programs, prioritize one drive over another? software, reg trick? I need to get it into full retro glory
  16. I do not understand, please express more verbose what is OnePiece UP?
  17. Hi, As you know, I'm restoring my @2001, Athlon 4 SSE PC and I had to reinstall windows XP. And I started with updating it and succeed with EVERY update except this one, I managed to update certs and register my XP online. When I try to install, installer creates 10001 empty folders in C:\ drive - yes, exactly 10001, every time - then I receive message "Installer cannot create folder" and it terminates, clearing up every empty folder prior to shutting down process. What's worth mentioning, folders have random names, starting from 00-something-something and ending with FF-something-something. Ah, and no entry in windows log regarding this one. I tried every trick described on the forum, with extracting files from within, /wuforce and all. No reaction. also, no information on the forum that it will not install without SSE2. Same error was mentioned by two netizens in this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/windowsxp/comments/lhtoxa/guide_how_to_fully_update_windows_xp_with_windows/ Any ideas what might it be? PS I did not try installing any proxy yet, as this is always mentioned as prequisite anyway...
  18. A way of updating XP past M$ revoking old encryption on Windows Update that I stumbled upon on reddit link: Alternative to what our members are attempting in here: Did anyone test it? Machine I'm restoring right now does not have SSE2, so I'm afraid I cannot give it a try. Also, does it stack up well with POSReady updates?
  19. Hi, I added AstroSkippers guide to 1st post, If there's anything worth mentioning there, please inform me
  20. bump! for a reason, as, for my surprise, Unicomp employee answered me: Not what I'm looking for, though...
  21. Some retro crap: https://shiru8bit.bandcamp.com/album/system-beeps Give it a try on different PCs
  22. As cool lists as they are, they are fairly incomplete, but the hint that many G80 variants support NKRO, while others do not, is important. Model F AT is no go due to kay layout and high price for a remastered model. cmon, over 300 bucks? I sent requests to Unicomp and cherry to check out if they do know what their keyboards actually can do also, some other cool data source I found: https://telcontar.net/KBK/ https://deskthority.net/wiki/Main_Page https://www.devever.net/~hl/usbnkro
  23. So, I'm reviving my oldie 2001 PC. It works, but usb keyboard do not give it a justice. And thus I decided to buy PS/2 cream keyboard. And, as I usually played with cheapest keyboards with 2 KRO (meaning that with specific key binding combinations , diagonal movement and one action button were enough to lock the keyboard and produce PS Speaker "beep") I know what are the disadvantages of such setup and I simply decided to get something better this time. Unfortunately, finding info on which keyboard offers which KRO is near impossible, as producers did not provide this info with mild exception of modern gaming keyboards which are out of scope. The scraps of information I managed to find suggest to look for the following, but each comes with its own shortcomings... - Fujitsu keyboards from 90s - can't find exact model to look for, many were japanese only with strange layouts, and, uh, vertical enter. - Siemens keyboards - found only slight mention, can't find used or new on auction, needles to say, I don't know which model. - Cherry G80 or G83 - closest match so far, however, can't find info on KRO on these ones. and they're mechanical, and as I've used membranes for my whole life, I'm not really sure if I'd like it. - IBM Model M or Unicomp model M, which has a awesome reputation and is available new and shiny, but, uh, the price, and again, no real way to check if I like buckle-spring feel without paying a priori. - Zalman zm-k600s also looks promising, but lack of retro-look is a blocker here If anyone have any recommendations, suggestions, or maybe even ol' trusty typer hidden in the drawer, it'll be much appreciated
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