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  1. @dencorso you're not the moderator we deserve, but the moderator we need ^^ @PCDW_386 most of these Wayback Machine links were tested by me recently, as I downloaded the files myself using them txt list is ok, drop it and I'll attach it in first post.
  2. I updated the list, as @heinoganda found some character issues board did to me during copy-pasting into N++, grr.... @PCDW_386 all Mediafire links should be archived in Wayback Machine. Since servers might get dead soon, If you could make separate file with all links replaced by Wayback machine url's, that would be great. If there will be some links to be fixed manually, I'd be able to handle but 6500+ links is too much for me
  3. List of XP updates with description and links updated with corresponding findings of @ED_Sln and @heinoganda Do not contain .net installers and Microsoft Security Essentials (to be found in separate topic) @dencorso don't you think it should land at the beginning of the topic, to make the list visible? XP Updates2.zip
  4. Sorry to be a police dog here, but I guess Vista and Server 2008 deserves their own topics in Vista board. Good archive needs to be indexed, you know
  5. If so, they will be able to update to W7 SP1, and then install SHA2 patch, so no "decommissioning" is happening in here
  6. Rather yes, as windows update will start requiring code-signing mechanisms not supported by XP/ Vista. Whether patches will be still available via catalog or totally disposed off, I could not find exact statement. Maybe if we find some genius hacker to write unoficcial SHA-2 patch for XP/Vista/Server2003/server2008 we could still use those systems, but I guess Microsoft will rather implement a killshwitch on their end, some sort of {if (os.version == "XP") {connection.reject();}} I remember i was about to check this tool in the past, but I got it lost from my radar in the meantime...does this tool include POSREADY 2009 patches, or only pure XP patches after April 2014? What is the update mechanism of it, does it download patches connecting to WU, or download them from catalog, or has its own patch repository?
  7. Maybe that's for those who put in emojis and unicode pictograms as part of their password...
  8. We nearly have it. I have it nearly all, just to update txt file, download everything and test. As for file possession, there is at leas one person in the forum that has more than me Vista and Server 2003 are out of my scope.
  9. Office 2007 patch rollup... Always step ahead of me Do you have update rollup for all langs, or some specific only (or other words, glb==global)? Compatibility packs integrated? Will work with home edition? I need to spend less time IRL and more in front of the PC... I'm not catching up...
  10. Well, ok if you use cellphone's calendar only to match day-month with day-of-week, worse when you need timestamps device adds to notes/messages/photos etc. created, or other activities that cannot be easily emulated in analogue reality.
  11. Maybe try to start a dedicated topic related to data restore - I'm not expert in that, but there are a few ones on the board, who might not be interested in POSReady patches, but in helping to recover the data - potentially a lot
  12. On some cellphones you can set up a current date only within some absurd time frame (like 2005-2015, and rest i blocked), so this is actually interested hypothesis to investigate. Which would require checking people with the same MoBo/BIOS for the same issue. If they came from the same store, it can be a case of bad storage (exposition to heat/cold or sunlight for a long time) or unfair seller dealing some production dropouts. This requires verifying your assumption to be confirmed or rejected.
  13. I had the problem recently. I replaced the battery and problem's gone
  14. Dedicated FTP server seems pretty much enough
  15. Where were you then when I needed your vote?: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178117-roytam1s-browsers-dedicated-board-in-members-projects-sub-forum/ So, above it all, I agree with Idea of separate topics for separate browsers, or maybe even for separate issues?
  16. I don't know you, but I'd be glad to get to know you by your activity in XP boards
  17. But the language packs for .net framework are not included, right?
  18. @ED_Sln From the links you provided only the first one worked, and it's XPSP1a, not XPSP1. Second one was not archived in Wayback machine. fort he rest of them, Wayback machine shows that it collected only 404 responses in it's history that dates back to early 2003 for those files. I found XPSP1 archived in BetaArchive and MyDigitalLife, but access to their archives is not super-straightsforward. If anyone's part of their communities, I'd be glad for a help @heinoganda - thanks, I got them all downloaded
  19. One can be dumb and still achieve success by being surrounded by good people. After all, I decided not to install fixed installed from heinoganda, but re-register DLLs as per older instructions and windows live essentials installed Hints I used: https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?do=findComment&comment=1162234 So, I have downloaded all Windows Live essentials offline installers from the links provided by Heinoganda, with a bit of help from Wayback Machine... with an exception of pt-pt, which has not been archived, sadly. I t also showed another update: Bing bar: http://download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/software/svpk/2011/12/bingbarsetup-partner_830306fc16a3030de59d1108a59211391e98e0b4.exe I don't think it's much useful now, but I downloaded it for the sake of completeness... Nothing happens when I double-click it, but rebooting the PC makes it show in Internet Explorer, so, after all, it works :) Attaching updated file with list of updates (SP2, Bing Bar, and Wayback Machine links to Windows live essentials 2009 offline + ES link to WMEncoder posted few posts ago If you have those links, I might go through Wayback Machine Looking for them. --------------------------------------------------------- Also, for the sake of completeness, I'. trying to put MSE into it's finest on XP. As for .net, I used abbodi's installer as suggested earlier. I am not certain about few things, asked my doubts here, but no answer... maybe if any of you can speed up by answering, here's the link: https://repacks.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=26&start=90 For the sake of completeness, I'd also need everything for Microsoft Security Essentials Archived, but I just ended reading this: and I am a bit confused. right now... but briefly looking for everything I can potentially ask @heinoganda already have answer -------------------------------- That's suuper-good but, once all is finished, having a file with all the links to Wayback machine would be also cool, as its search engine is slooooowww... XP Updates2.zip
  20. Running win7 and Android emulator within windows XP to overcome limitations of a host system... feels like an... overkill... like pulling the horse you ride on with a car... But I somehow like it
  21. I bet there's some easy way which I'm missing. From what I've checked so far... -Firefox overwrites the date modified property of the file when downloading with the current one. -There was some add-on to preserve that, but, obviously, it's XUL and does not work with modern FF. -I tried IE for that... no luck, same effect. -I successfully used Powershell's Start-BitsTransfer for that, but for some reason it refuses to download this way from Wayback Machine. -I tried wget for windows, but it returned access denied. -And obviously, DownloadThemAll! for WebExtensions will never happen. -And I do not use Chrome, just to be as Google-less as possible. Any quick hints? BW, I have Basilisk installed next to Firefox, so maybe that's the key...
  22. Isn't MMC available only in Pro and higher Windows versions?
  23. Hi, I'm afraid you are duplicating work we are doing in: However, if you find anything to fix in the topic I've linked, feel free to do so
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