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  1. UPDATE! I have disabled two options regarding non essential tasks about SVG elements in a webpage, mostly used for testing purposes. On my machine, the browser increased its responsiveness with these two options disabled. I've also noticed that NoScript and tend to cause issues with Mediafire, if used on Firefox 45 ESR SSE, but on New Moon 27, there are no issues with the site. So, I recommend you to use NoScript upwards if you are using it on Firefox 45 ESR SSE, and leave or to New Moon only. You can find those versions on the Legacy Collector website. Please update and remember that the UOC Patch is offered AS IS!
  2. @Mathwiz has been faster than me at providing you the link. I got it from that site. It's super useful! Pardon for the slow reply, we had a theft at work and so I had no time at all to check the RDD out.
  3. If you can wait a couple of hours, I will provide you the link for the best version.
  4. That's nice to see the patch improved the speed of your browser. And yeah, if you want some extra speed, you absolutely need a DirectX 9 compliant graphics card, the S3 Virge and the Radeon 7200 are not D3D9 compliant. Make sure you apply the two settings in the about:config I've mentioned in the main thread, to save some more resources. Besides NoScript, don't forget to use uBlock Origin 1.10.0 as well as Bluhell Firewall and Decentraleyes. Those extensions, alongside NoScript, help a lot in terms of saving resources.
  5. Did you try New Moon SSE with the UOC Patch? Your computer would be an interesting test bed for my patch, as I don't have a Celeron Coppermine system.
  6. I'm very honoured that you have replied in my thread! :) I hope the patch really does bring benefits to old computers. Maybe in future, if you wish, you can even embed it in your browsers. That would be a honour for me.
  7. It's strange that on your computer you need to put the patch in your profile folder too, in other computers, the patch just works by putting it in the \Defaults\Pref\ folder, of course, being a defaults replacement, you won't see any custom entry in your about:config, because the entries that are modified by the patch are now considered as default ones, and so they won't appear highlighted, nor they will appear in the prefs.js, that contains only the parameters edited by the user*. That's how me and the others install it. But hey, I'm glad you got that site working now, even though you had to install the patch twice. *: However, I discovered that there are two parameters that for some reasons, the patch ignores, but they can be edited manually in the about:config. Here they are: image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb 512000 browser.urlbar.maxRichResults 1 While it's not strictly compulsory to reduce the "awesome bar" to just one entry, I do it to save RAM. It's important to set the max decoded image memory to 512000 though, as that further speeds up images rendering. For some reasons, the browser ignores just these two parameters. But it's just a quick fix, just open about:config and edit the two parameters above. Remember, the UOC Patch is not set in stone, you can edit it to suit your needs and add or remove some features you like/dislike. But I'm glad you sorted your issue out. I've updated the main post with the two settings for the awesome bar and the maximum decoded memory for images.
  8. You're basically running the browser unpatched now. You must install the UOC Patch in the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Defauls\Pref\" folder. It is independent from the prefs.js in your Firefox profile folder. Do not put the patch in your profile folder, or else it won't work! You must redownload the patch (since the one you have renamed and put in your profile folder has essentially become empty, all the custom entries have been removed...) put it in the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Defauls\Pref\" folder. The old prefs.js file you see in your profile folder must be deleted in order to let Firefox create a new one. Often, the prefs.js file becomes clogged with old entries from older versions of Firefox and that can cause conflicts with the UOC Patch, as it replaces the default values (since the UOC Patch gets installed as a defaults value replacement file) with custom ones. So it's always recommended to backup and delete the old prefs.js after installing the UOC Patch, for better compatibility.
  9. Oh no no! You can find your Prefs.js file in your profile folder. If you have XP go to "C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Username)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(Your Profile folder)" In case of Vista, go to "%Appdata%\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(Your Profile folder)" EDIT: Just tried the page you linked. No issue by my side, except I had to whitelist the site in Noscript. No lockup. To put additional strain on the A64, I'm also making a Windows 10 USB drive through the Media Creation tool.
  10. I'm not sure about the plugin container issue, as I haven't had any stability issue on my machine (and I usually keep 10+ open tabs on my Tualatin). You should not have the plugin container. The UOC Patch disables it. That's strange. Do you have a custom Prefs.js? Try to delete it and let Firefox recreate a new one, and see if it makes any difference. On the machines I tested the patch, the plugin container gets disabled as soon as I run the patch, reducing the memory footprint. No stability issues encountered by my side. Do you have any kind of add-on installed? If you haven't done it already, I recommend you to use Noscript, uBlock Origin 1.10.0 and Bluhell Firewall for a better experience alongside the patch. For YouTube I use the vastly superior YT2Player plugin, that sends YouTube videos to VLC, preventing the CPU to get clogged. In-browser YouTube videos play fine on my machine but stutter a bit due to lack of CPU power, hence why I use that add-on. I wholeheartedly welcome someone who can help me ironing the patch out, as I'm clueless about what else I could do to improve it due to lack of coding skills and such. EDIT: I'm testing the patch on a single core S754 AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 3GB of RAM, a Geforce GT240 and Windows 7 x86, using Firefox 45 ESR SSE and a fresh prefs.js. No issues encountered with more than 5 tabs opened. I have stumbled upon the Youtube issue though, and I fixed it by just disabling uBlock Origin on Youtube. In case you get the "endless spinning circle" issue, just pause the video and resume it again. That did the trick for me. All the other videos worked fine for me afterwards. Don't use the "No Google Analytics" add-on! It's a CPU hog and slows the browser down!
  11. Sorry for the double post, on what computer did you install it? Did you also test it on non SSE CPUs such as the Pentium II or the original Athlon? I'm curious about it. :)
  12. Awesome! Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad the patch is breathing new life on your old computer, making it still "web worthy" despite the age. I don't use any language pack on FF45, just the standard English one.
  13. UPDATED! I have reworked the way layers work and set them to -1. I've also enabled the use of deprecated textures. Apparently, in this way, the browser seems to run faster. Please update and test the new versions! Archive build is n2c. Please update, let me know how it runs and remember that the UOC Patch is provided AS IS. Thanks!
  14. After releasing the updated version of the UOC Patch for Firefox 45 ESR based browsers (build N2b), I have ported the updates to the 38 ESR version. If you haven't done it already, please update! Thank you for your support, and don't forget to test the UOC Patch on as many machines as you can! I also encourage the more expert users to tweak the UOC Patch, I think that together we can make something even better. I'm not a programmer and I have zero experience at tweaking Firefox, all I'm doing is just a series of trials and errors and see what setting does what, and if it can bring benefits. So far, I've been lucky. But if there's someone who knows his way around this browser (and I'm pretty sure there is!), maybe the patch can speed it up even further... And maybe someday, with @roytam1's permission, it could be even incorporated into his browsers, making New Moon and Firefox 45 ESR SSE "old computers friendly" right from the start.
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