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  1. Yes, definitely. It feels good to be finally operative again. While I silently lurk on the forum, I am working on the scrolling routines of 38 and 52 ESR, in order to find out if I can bring further improvements. I have made some progresses and if anybody wants to test the experimental 38 and 52 ESR versions of the Patch I am working on, feel free to let me know. I still haven't ported those experimental routines to the 45 ESR version yet, because I want to fully test them, before attemping a port, especially considering the issues 45 ESR SSE has when it comes to scrolling in the old fashioned way.
  2. It is strange that your system freezes entirely when you load MSFN... Take one of the RAM sticks out, maybe you might have bad RAM. Did you check out the amount of uncorrectable sectors on your HDD? And the pending ones?
  3. Also, use HDDExpert and check out the SMART status of your hard drive.
  4. Try to use the UOC Patch and Enforcer. See if it makes a difference.
  5. Why not making a poll? Instead of brainstorming to the infinity and beyond, IMHO a logical choice would be to choose the most viable proposals made so far and make a poll. The one that receives the most votes is the winning one and can be offered to Matt. I personally prefer his names, so I would vote for his proposal. But it is the majority that wins. Let's make a poll and settle this for good.
  6. Thank you very much for the modified Greasemonkey add-on for K-Meleon Goanna @grey_rat! Now that browser has been added to the list of RDD-worthy web browsers.
  7. UPDATE! As the RDD is operative again, I have done some minor updates to the 38 ESR and 52 ESR versions of the UOC Patch (including the 38 ESR version for Macintosh System and Linux), which improve the scrolling speed and smoothness. Please update!
  8. As you all know, the motherboard of my RDD has bit the dust. So, I have replaced it with an interim one, an Asus TUV4X, which unfortunately is defective as well (extremely long boot times, most likely capacitor issues). While I am waiting for the arrival of the new one (which boots XP in normal times, just 18 seconds on an old clunky 30GB hard drive), I am in the process of setting up the OS (this time the RDD is going to be a more powerful Tualatin system in terms of processing power and RAM) and so, I have installed a genuine copy of XP Pro SP3 including an original product key I stored long ago. Well, when it came to activation, I did the good old online process, and interestingly enough, Windows activated itself without any issue... Either it was luck or I just don't know.
  9. Is it possible to develop an IA32/SSE version of Arctic Fox? I am in the process of rebuilding my RDD (because as you might have read, my motherboard committed suicide a couple of days ago..) and I'm curious about it.
  10. No, I'm not replacing XP. Yes, I had exactly the issues you have described. Sorry for the double post. No, I won't switch to Windows Server 2003. My machine is having hardware issues. Not software ones. I will have to switch the graphics card and see if the culprit is the X1950 Pro.
  11. The new motherboard is not stable. I cannot enable AGP Fast Writes and as soon as I do anything involving hardware acceleration, I get BSODs. The development of the UOC Patch has been shelved until I stabilize the machine.
  12. I had to reinstall everything, XP does not boot on the new motherboard. I have formatted, but I have issues with boot process itself taking way too long (2 minutes and half) so I might either have to replace the SATA controller or get a new motherboard altogether.... And it's pretty much impossible to find the motherboard with the specs I need at a good price. It will take time. For now, development is stopped.
  13. Bad news, guys. The development of the UOC Patch is stopped until further updates, because the RDD's motherboard died today, the chipset most likely burned out. I am in the process of replacing the old motherboard (a QDI Advance 10T) with an Asus TUV4X, so I need to reinstall everything from the ground up and reapply all the tweaks I set up on the A10T, and that is going to take a lot of time, which prevents me to continue the development of the UOC Patch in the short and mid term. I also suspect the motherboard might be either faulty or have incompatibilities with my SATA controller (Promise SATA300 TX2 Plus), so I also have to troubleshoot the system and locate the potential issue, hoping it's just a software one, rather than an hardware one. The current version of the Patch and the Enforcer, N2M, are stable enough anyway so it can be fine for now. Wish me luck.
  14. I'm all for your brands. Hope the others agree as well! ☺
  15. Looks nice! Simple and effective. I like it.
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