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  1. Try using the UOC patch. For whatever reason FF-based browsers completely flip out when they are used on my ThinkPad's video card (mobility radeon x1300), and a lot of freezing was happening. However, the UOC patch resolved the issue for sure.
  2. Why? its not like you somehow run out of room in a subforum. And moving anything old to an archive would: A: prevent any responses if someone DID have something to add and... B: disorganize the threads, as currently they exist in their appropriate subforums. For example if i want to find something about XP, i simply look around in the XP subforum. and... C: break links to any archived threads as they've been moved.
  3. Thanks for that. I've always just played the latest version, but yeah 1.12.2 was the last that seemed to run well on a fair bit of hardware for me. (In fact, it may be the last at all for linux x86, iirc) When the normal launcher ceases functioning I will try out the Magic Launcher.
  4. They are going to block that from working, but not really by any sort of API functionality difference, as far as I know. They are changing the account login method to need a Micro$soft account. Which, the old login method doesnt do.
  5. Vista certainly has it, as you can see it has a setting for the Customer Experience Improvement Program. XP does not have that setting outright, but many microsoft add-on programs can add the option (such as Office, WMP, MSE) That being said, a stock XP is in no way void of telemetry. Error Reporting is by default enabled. Also, if you use Windows Update, an amount of telemetry is sent when that is checking in with the server. That is what I know of, there may be some other things here and there. As far as I know, add-on programs for XP will actually listen to the CEIP settings if
  6. Slightly OT, but ARE there sights that actually require TLS1.3 yet? Other than the usual sites designed soley for testing that?
  7. Then the certificate updater for windows XP will not solve your problem. Firefox does its own thing with certificates. Your problem must be somewhere else. Possibilities: -The server you're trying to reach actually does not exist -Your internet connection is having issues. -Your LAN is not configured properly -You have no drivers for your NIC(s) -Your system time/date is not correct. Let us know if any of those happen to be it. If it still doesn't work, please provide more details than "connection error screen" (like, what site(s) are you attempting to visit, exact
  8. It most probably IS working, but it may not be doing what you'd want it to. If youre trying to make secure connections on windows XP using chrome or IE8, it is very hit-or-miss due to rather abysmal cipher support. Try using Firefox, or one of its zillion XP-Friendly derivities, and if your problem is what I described, you won't have the issue any longer. Certificates don't add ciphers.
  9. After careful watching for a couple of days, I have come to the conclusion that MailNews (and likely the upstream "official" version... though I haven't checked) is definitely not ever closing the connections to my mail servers, though I definitely think it should be based on my settings. It certainly has a lot MORE connections (to the same places) when synchronizing, but it just seems to never let go of that last connection for each account. Only switching to offline mode truly shuts down the connections. Not exactly convenient, as I lose the automated timed checking feature and i have to "go
  10. I do not have much of an understanding of .PAK files in general, but I do not beleive this to be an archive at all. Open it in your favorite text editor, and you will see a lot of the contents. It appears to be various HTML, CSS, and JS Code, from my very brief investigation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I refuse to make another off-topic post in this thread, so I will put it here as an edit. @Dixel: I do not understand your obsession with labeling software and even people agents of the KGB, an agency which ceas
  11. I VERY much doubt it. As far as modern AVs care, anything uncommon = BAD. I do believe my site generates the same Malwarebytes nanny-nags, in some portions at least, despite the malware count on my site being, as always, ZERO. Frankly, Unless you make a habit of visiting extremely questionable sites, you're very much likely better off without the internet nanny features.
  12. Last I recall (multiple years ago) The ones I tried needed header modification (system version 6.1 to 5.1), but after doing so they did all work. I didnt try EVERY tool though, and I don't know if it still applies.
  13. Pentium III does not support SSE2. Pentium 4 is the first to do so.
  14. It seems to be something on a cable provider. Is your E-Mail service provided by Cox, perhaps? Or, are you loading an E-Mail that is loading remote resources from Cox? https://whois.toolforge.org/gateway.py?lookup=true&ip= I should note that my installation of MailNews is not making this connection, instead connections to Google, Microsoft, and Yandex. Which makes sense, as my three E-Mail accounts are through those companies. Though, it would be cool to know why it is keeping connections open to my mail servers, when I have set it to check only every 30 minutes (
  15. For, complete, working things, I do not have a specific number, but last I knew it was north of 40. It certainly has not decreased since then, though i have a several I plan to sell at some point
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