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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're talking about a different "blue screen" than what is being discussed here.
  2. I've added the latest working installer (1.8.15) to my EOL repository on my web-site: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/EOL/tsetup.1.8.15.exe
  3. If you mean that you activated it over the phone, that still counts as one of your "activations"
  4. Wow! It's a bit early to be deciding that sorta thing. But im sure other AVs will continue to service 7/8 for years after avira.
  5. I cannot say I've ever run into this problem you speak of. I've even installed XomPie on server 03, didnt happen there.
  6. I thought it wasn't possible at all?
  7. Might I add, though, I don't expect that to be an issue, as of a few months ago (and probably still today), the earliest of windows builds of telegram still logged in and worked. Talk about backwards compatibility.
  8. It may be a limitation of your chipset. My ThinkPad T60 has a Chipset limitation of 3GB. I will never be able to use more.
  9. I'm also seeing the nag, today is the first day I notice it but i haven't been very active recently.
  10. The download server seems to be not working, I keep getting bad gateway errors. EDIT: Never mind, it was my browser. Wouldn't download in FF45 SSE but DOES download in KM-Goanna
  11. was browsing reddit, aaaaaaand... QuickTime updater on Windows XP.
  12. As long as you have plenty of RAM (at least 512MB IMO), Serpent IA32 works fine. Maybe there is issues, maybe not, but I certainly haven't seen any.
  13. Beauty! I like this icon. And the orange you added later really complements it
  14. took me a bit to find the thread again, it got put in a better place i see. Yeah, after several minutes of searching in the BIOS i finally found a setting for PME events, set it to disabled, and sure enough it stayed off. Still sorta weird that it did that in the first place, but whatever. Thank you for the help!
  15. When I test the patches I typically use darksky.net, a google search results page, MSFN, and the vogons forum
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