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  1. i430VX

    A world of problems.

    The delete key should get you into the BIOS. then when you get there, you may have to set the BIOS mode to "advanced" then you should see a boot tab. scroll down, and you'll see the boot override
  2. All updates installed correctly, with no issues. Good times, man!
  3. i430VX

    A world of problems.

    It sound like a loose cable, or maybe your boot order got messed up. I have your exact motherboard, it has a "boot override" feature in the BIOS where you should be able to identify your HDD and force the PC to boot from it
  4. By the way, I slacked off updating my ThinkPad T60 earlier this year, but now that the gong show is getting behind us, I ran Microsoft Update. No big issues checking, It found 64 updates, including 2 new "optional" ones and several for office 2010. Installing them all as I write this.
  5. Happy Holidays indeed. Enjoy this graphic from a Windows XP Winter FunPack:
  6. It indeed does work on XP! I've used it for a while now.
  7. i430VX

    Mozilla Firefox 52 esr support petition

    I signed. 32 sigs now.
  8. i430VX

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Do you happen to know if this will make updating on XP impossible? I.E. are they going to erase all SHA1 updates?
  9. i430VX

    Is it worth updating to WMP11?

    I use WMP10+ K-lite "Mega" codec pack
  10. i430VX

    Gateway E-2000 Audio driver for W98SE?

    Well, I reinstalled windows once more, and audio works! Yay!
  11. i430VX

    Anyway bypassing this in iTunes on Windows XP?

    So they finally enforced that, I take it? It was supposed to cease function in may.
  12. i430VX

    Unsupported hardware in 1803 and 1809?

    Well what if thats true.... but the good ol' MS guys decided that they get to decide what the life of your hardware is?
  13. I need some help looking for an audio driver for this Gateway E-2000 running Windows 98 SE. I found all of the other drivers except for this. I did find a couple drivers (for the generic intel board, D845GRG which this is based off of...) they were functional playing WAV files in WMP... but only 2 system event sounds (start navigation sound and recycle bin empty). The entire time, they weren’t very stable, causing bsods sometimes when attempting to play a sound. I am currently not at home, but I can post the hardware ID in a few hours. Thank you... -jack
  14. i430VX

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    I know office 2010 (x86 I beleive) can be installed on XP x64 by spoofing the windows version. I wouldn't see why older versions wouldn't work.