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  1. You can use WSUS servers on 2000, yes
  2. If I'm understanding right, This has been a problem for a while for some updates for Office 2010, even since Windows update worked normally. I think eventually it will sort itself out, but it could take a while particularly on slower processors.
  3. It is my understanding that there is an edge web engine that is intended to replace IE. I have no idea if that has switched over yet, but I would sort of doubt it. I would imagine it would eventually switch to this chromium engine
  4. I don't know anything about this software, but probably that is correct. Are there any alternatives you could use instead of aeroglass?
  5. you can still access the site on web.archive.org
  6. I have literally never used this Aeroglass program before in my life, so I cant say much about it. But, the internet archive is good for this sort of stuff: https://web.archive.org/web/20220616021447/https://www.glass8.eu/download
  7. Can you provide details? Like model of computer? What it says the password is for (if anything)? What you've tried so far?
  8. Most of the paper bags I'm seeing have obvious fairly high recycled content (little splotches of white/other colors, etc). YMMV. But sustainable forestry is definitely possible in any case. But the idea is to get people to use reusable bags. I don't know how successful that is generally but my family has switched to that, and in fact my mom and grandmother have been using reusable bags almost exclusively for ages before the ban. As for litter, I would say a lot of it I saw was in fact plastic shopping bags. There's still plenty of other litter, but its nice that one big chunk is gone, and paper bags not only don't seem to get littered as much but also they quickly and unquestionably degrade. As someone who as been one of those people "cleaning up all the garbage" on a number of occasions, it's a losing battle. Even in some less popular areas you can clean it up one day and its almost back to how it was the next. The only real solution is to cut it off at the head... ideally both de-plasticizing waste AND reducing how much people litter/let stuff blow away. I haven't missed single use plastic bags one bit. The couple of things that my family really needs them for (kitchen scraps, etc) has just shifted to other sorts of bags that we've always had that are probably not going away (cereal bags, produce bags).
  9. I think open firmware like OpenWRT may be able to make some sort of mesh network. I use OpenWRT and can generally recommend it, but I'm not sure how well the mesh part works as I have no need for it. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/mesh/start I would doubt the reason for switching to app-based management is for telemetry. I mean... its a router. It could phone home all of your connected devices anytime if it really wanted to. (in fact, many recent routers on their stock firmware do have opt-out style telemetry covering usage statistics) As I understand it, the apps are used for better ease-of-use for the nontechnical people who frequently do buy mesh routers these days. (And at that point... why spend the R&D money to maintain two interfaces, I suppose.) The reason why it is like this is because it benefits more people than it hinders in terms of setup ease. And, most people do not seem to care, at all, about telemetry and such, as long as the device works.
  10. Looks like 72-Pin EDO. The last 2 digits on the chips should tell you the speed, but its likely to be 60ns. In a 1996 system you're likely to be limited by what you can source in a SIMM form factor more than a hardware RAM ceiling. If you're upgrading, each bank (2 SIMMs) must be the same. So, you can have 2x32MB and 2x16MB, as an example.
  11. It has been considered. I would like to do so, and probably will eventually. Development is very slow, but at minimum not "dead". Stay tuned.
  12. NetZero, but as far as i can tell SMTP is totally broken (so, no sending emails, not even with encrpytion). The web client requires encryption to log in but not to use, strangely. And in the web client, sending mail works.
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