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  1. There's also Yandex Browser, which is based on Chrome 57.
  2. While still not working on XP for me, like you noted, it now works on windoze 7 again
  3. As usual I've updated my server file to support installing the latest builds-- planning on adding support for more browsers soon!
  4. I also notice these buttons to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in the corner. IMO they're not very useful and downright annoying on small screens like my laptop.
  5. I'm aware of this problem when i dual boot linux... windows stores in local time and linux stores in UTC which conflicts. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to offer.
  6. Just publishing a short comprehensive guide I made on how to run Steam on Windows XP/Vista after 1 January 2019... (as opposed to reading the relevant chunks of the steam thread) It's not very hard, as you only need to download THIS archive, and then extract it, and you will have a working steam. On Windows XP at least you'll need to use ProxHTTPSProxy or a similar solution if you want to get game pictures/icons to load. ( Such as the version Heinoganda complied) Note: With using ProxHTTPSProxy I've noticed that sometimes I need to click 'retry' a few times when logging in. (Video version I made on YouTube)
  7. Dang...just checked again, also getting a connection error...
  8. I just connected to a checkers game last night on win7... you sure it wasn't the PC?
  9. I am pleased to now announce a single version of my browser installer that works on both Windows 2000 and Windows XP (And Later). And yes, the server side is updated to include support for the latest browser versions. As always get it here: http://i430vx.strangled.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe Features coming soon: -Firefox 45 support -No deletion of the PREFS folder, for example for users of the UOC patch As always, keep me informed on the features you want and any bugs you find.
  10. Well, I tried taking a poke with wireshark... all I really can tell you is that XP checkers tries to connect to freegames.zone.com which no longer exists. on windoze 7 it connects to mpgame5.games.msn.com, which still indeed exists. I suppose one could redirect the old checkers to the new server, maybe. I have no clue how to do that though.
  11. Yes, that one! The issue was having grub on the computer. While this is dumb and i shouldn't have to do this for a windows update, pulling the linux drive out while booting to apply changes did the trick Thank you!
  12. Go here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/dimension-8200/drivers Find the BIOS Update A09 Click the Arrow to expand the file Next to Version: A09 ,A09 click "Older Versions" then select the one you want and on the next page click "download file"
  13. I have not tested on 2003 x86 but if you cant even get the 8u151/152 to install you got some other problems.
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