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  1. scanreg /restore said: "system restore operation failed". So, i suppose restoring an old registry isn't happening.
  2. I registered quartz, whether or not it was already, i do not know. didnt change anything. I have restarted. scanreg /restore can take me back 5 days, i suppose i will try it. what files am i replacing? added that to the drivers line. still nothing.
  3. I added it just now. Didn't change anything.
  4. I've attached my system.ini. I'm not exactly sure which ones i need in it. PCM. FWIW, these are the default windows wav sound files. I do not see sound.drv=mmsound.drv in system.ini, but its attached if you want to look at it. SYSTEM.INI
  5. Hello all. I have a Compaq Presario 1260 that suddenly stopped playing system wave sound (sounds in mplayer, or the windows event sounds). I'm not sure why. In windows sound recorder and mplayer i get this: "MCI Error: MMSYSTEM326 No wave device that can play files in the current format is installed." And manually playing a sound file in the control panel "sounds" thingy: "Windows cannot play the "<sound file name here>" file. It may be damaged or may not be a valid sound file. Replace the file and try again." WAV sounds play fine in Windows Media Player, winamp, etc, and basic
  6. It *should* be in the program files folder [basiliskx86 (or basiliskx64 if you chose the x64 build)] and there *should* be a shortcut to the browser on your desktop. Are either of those happening?
  7. It is working completely fine for me in my non-conclusive testing. Please explain: -your system (particularly OS, user privelege level, system drive, and program directory) configuration -build(s) you tried to install -whether or not you can access http://o.rthost.win/ and http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/ and any other details of note. I need more details to help you.
  8. Introducing Version 4.00 Preview 1 Fix 1 of my Unofficial Roytam1 Browser Installer! Change log: -Development is fully shifted to version 4 branch. -Changed old references from "Interlink" to "MailNews" -Updated Roytam1's hosting domain -Fixed archive naming issue with MailNews/Borealis As always, you can get it here: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam%20Browser%20Installer.exe 
  9. RMClock is really cool. Pun intended. I may use it on some systems that dont even neccesarily need it, in the future.
  10. HFSLIP looks like it is for slipstreaming. I've already got 2000 installed. Unless I'm understanding it wrong? Also, I am having issues finding KB919521.
  11. Hello. Recently, I got windows 2000 SP4 installed on my ThinkPad T60. I got the drivers taken care of. I also installed IE6. I suppose my usual updating method is no good here for 2 reasons... Supposedly Update Rollup 1 breaks multicore CPU support, and Windows Update does not work anymore. So, basically... I'm wondering what is the best way to get my install fully updated? There is a LOT of options, apparently.
  12. Introducing version 4.00 preview 1! -added credits page -integrated changes by InterLinked (MSFN user Dylan Cruz) -fixed bug with "quit and install nothing" option More still to come before release! This is a test build, with the changes just "slapped in there". I don't have time to test extensively as I am packing for a trip, but It is availible here: http://i430vx.net/files/rtb4test.exe
  13. Very cool! I think I'll get a chance in these next couple of days to look at the code. Thanks for your improvements, I will likely implement them.
  14. Hello all. This post will be "more official" later, but I want to start my own thread for this project of mine, so news and details don't get lost in the main RT1 threads. I will soon be bringing my browser installer up to "modern times" and renovating it to support all active/semiactive RT1 browser releases. Also will be combing through and attempting to find any feature requests that were made in the past. From now on, please put such feature requests here.
  15. 2.xx branch is the last fully working for SSE CPUs. 3.0x worked, partially: Only command-line VLC interface. 0.8.6e sounds familiar though, perhaps that was the last for non-sse CPUs?
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