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  1. PS/2 "hotplug" generally depends on the BIOS, or perhaps an even lower level thing than that. Most computers did not support that, and most still dont. The OS cannot change that. while serial and parallel usually can be plugged/unplugged from a "hot" system, The "certain devices" are probably more referring to PCMCIA cards (PC Cards) and docking stations.
  2. Read the video description. WIndows Vista SP2 section. It is text.
  3. I mean - why is it any more stupid then any other OS they've dropped support for? XP wasn't supported for much further past its EOS... And, at this point, most hardware already has stopped support for 7, usually long ago thanks to microsofts meddling in 2017/18. Vista was more or less lumped into XPs EOS for nvdia as it had not much market share. Windows 8 is the vista here. I see nothing going on with this that doesn't make sense.
  4. But... Firefox 59 esr does not exist. So he wont get very far.
  5. Climate change is a natural process but all current science points to the current trend of very, very very fast changes being directly tied to the very very very fast and large increase of carbon (and to an extent, methane) emissions. Studies show, that no, this warming would not have happened without help. The earth is capable of warming and cooling on its own, yes. But not this fast. We have already made irreversible changes because of this (greenland, antartica, etc) but it is still mostly capable of being stopped. Just stopping emissions does not do it. The carbon also needs to be removed from the atmosphere. But if we can put it there, it is possible. Expensive? Probably. Neccesary? Yes. More expensive to do nothing? Very, VERY much yes. The earth was naturally on its way to cooling again relatively soon, but now that the carbon system has been disrupted there is absolutely not a way that can happen naturally for a very very long time, short of some unprecented solar event that somehow reduces the power of the sun, or pushes the earths orbit further. And, by the way, we do have approximate records going back a long time thanks to ice core and rock sampling, among other methods. There are reasons virtually every scientist thinks climate change is pretty much squarely our own fault.
  6. Well, you mentioned kernelex. so I figured that was acceptable. But yes, I don't beleive i know of such a program for vanilla 9x. Also worth mentioning besides monitor settings is that some display drivers may support mangling the color temperature.
  7. Indeed it does. Try the latest version of flux 3 (you can find it on their site)... that version probably works. If not I can help find a working one. Also you may be able to just get away with making a color profile on your monitor, if it supports it.
  8. No. This certificate does not affect web browsing or internet connections as it is for completely unrelated things than that.
  9. No. The driver sigs are timestamped. Check out your drivers with "valid" signatures, that don't complain about being unsigned... You'll be surprised to see many or even most have expired certificates. For these, it only matters if the certificate was good at the time of signing. Anyone besides M$ can still SHA-1 code sign executables if they want to.
  10. And why is this certificate expiry the death of Windows XP? (hint - it's not - almost nothing will change)
  11. I suppose. The only thing is you might still get bit by OCSP/certificate checking if both dates are in the future. But I'm sure when the future becomes the present you'll still be able to log into https routers with no change.
  12. I am not a TLS expert, but it is my understanding that basically nothing is going to happen when this certificate expires. This cert is what microsoft signs stuff with (for example, new updates, drivers...). There aren't any new updates being made for any SHA-1 system anyway. The reason you canot connect to HTTPS sites when you change the date is because you are changing the date, not any significance pertaining to what that date is. Firefox-based browsers do not rely on windows for encryption anyway. Chrome (at least on XP) partially does. but even for chrome and IE, nothing is going to change.
  13. This is normal. Browser removal instructions: -Delete shortcuts(desktop and startmenu) -Delete browser folder in program files directory -If complete removal is desired, delete the folder in appdata (the name varies, but for new moon, for example, it would be Moonchild Productions) At some point perhaps I could try to make an uninstaller. Don't expect such a thing very soon, as time is rather scarce these days, sadly.
  14. Already known for a long time. Try reporting the false positive to whatever checking service firefox uses. I tried reporting the false positive to Microsoft SmartScreen a while ago, never got a response, never got the false positive removed. So if you do report it to whoever it is, Don't expect much to change.
  15. It looks like whatever issue was happening disappeared rather quickly, without any intervention on my part. Cool!

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