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  1. What Are You Listening To?

    Fleetwood Mac - Isn't It Midnight (Remastered) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd7_nntBLXI
  2. Howdy

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  3. New on board

    Welcome Aboard!
  4. Survey Mainboard, Laptop support Windows XP

    Let's See... Desktops: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 -XP Pro x86 Dell Dimension 4700 (Intel 915 chipset) -XP Pro x64 Intel DQ35JOE -XP Pro x64 Modded Dell Dimension L667r - Windows FLPCs (stripped XP x86) Laptop: ThinkPad T60 (Intel 945 chipset) -XP Pro x86
  5. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    No the overlay doesn't work at all. Yellow Horror said some games work for him. I'm beginning to think my steam account is just busted. I'll try a new steam account on a relatively fresh XP x64 install tonight Other than the NT 5.x kernel i cant thing of any thing in common between these computers. Some have AMD cpus, some intel. some have Nvidia GPUs, and my laptop has ATI. I thought maybe it was my garbage internet at first but I'm on gigabit right now at my school on my laptop and it still doesnt work.
  6. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    No, the steam client updated, and that was precisely when it all broke. i can confirm it doesn't work in: -Terraria -AdventureQuest 3D -Gmod -Half Life 2 -Russian Car Driver HD
  7. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    yes, but one of them runs XP x64... so not all of them. Why?
  8. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    Surprise, surprise... A whole TWO MINUTES after posting i got this pretty useless response. anyways here's the discussion if you want to follow it for some reason: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/1696045708645121036/
  9. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    well... all of mine do not work. on all of my XP comptuers that i have tested ( 3 of them) I posted on the community forums. now, we wait.
  10. Steam Integration doesn't work anymore on XP?

    I'll post there tonight... but I just figured I'd get bashed endlessly, like "lol why u on xp its sooooo old?"
  11. Hello again, Over a month ago steam broke the client integration with their games. I contacted them about this. They know. They are "investigating further" and refused a date for a possible fix. A month later it is still unfixed. Does anybody know of a workaround to make it work again? or am I stuck until steam fixes it, if they ever do?
  12. Activation issue

    I'd say you have a good chance of them working with the phone method, yes.
  13. Activation issue

    No, it's a link they text you. starts with m.vivr.io/ and some letters Specifically, they ask: No internet at all would still be an issue, but the link they send you is not device specific, as in you could type it into the computer's browser. (Which I do, because i can't stand typing on the phone.) Out of curiosity, I did try texting the number. It doesn't work that way. Got a delivery failure response from my cell carrier. On a side note, maybe this fancy feature only exists on certain numbers. I use the 716 area code toll number because I live right next to that area code so its not long distance, and i had issues with the toll-free (1-800-) one before anyways.
  14. Activation issue

    As of a couple of years ago, the phone activation system can text a cell phone a link, rather than speaking it. It doesn't even have to be a smartphone, just needs to be text-enabled. You can just type the link it gives into your computer web browser and type the codes, or (obviously) just tap the link on your smartphone) You can still do it the painful way if you're on a landline or if you just like pain.
  15. Activation issue

    Yes the past several times I had to call the friendly activation robot as well.