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  1. when i see rloew reply at first i was shocked. my deeply condolenses to all your family. his work will be continue to exists eternaly like his memory.
  2. ah yeah if not full dos port at least a win32 exe compatible even on win95. also this game has crazy requirements cant be correct. recomended requirements 2gb ram 1gb vram oh come on even quake 4 wasnt that high.
  3. hello im using pci-e geforce gainward 6800gs 512mb with driver 77.72 without problems in win98se. but i like to ask something is normal in the dxdiag the chip type and dac type to be n/a? in directx features the agp texture accelaration is disabled but i think thats normal since i use pci-e. also the hw id for this card is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_00C0&SYBSYS_080110B0&RE thanks in advance
  4. try to disable audio to your games and unplug the usb audio device just to eliminate the sound device issue. try with dma on and off. also see if multiple device are sharing the same irq. i had the same problem as you and the problem was diferent device share the same irq the so called interupt conflict a fix from @rloewwas needed and the issue ends.
  5. ok this patch works i push the system hard for 2.5 hours now and another 2 hours in he morning and no interrupt issues. before the patch 1 hour was the best scenario. so if anyone have interrupt issues on irq 11 give him the patch without fear. hope the other irq fixes are excellent coded like the 11 fix.
  6. i had try older nvidia drivers same issues. the only good thing older drivers gives the 77.xx i think, is that i can properly shutdown computer without the protection error. newer drivers gives the protection error. im interested for your interrupt fix how it costs? just for knowledge what exacly that patch is doing? its try to map free bios iqrs to the devices that sharing the same in order not to have the same iqr? or it changes the way software speak to hardware in order the issue to disappear? @98SEnow i see your question about how much memory my 98 see. using himemx with the parameter /max=785000 it detects 768mb ram
  7. and its come down to this bsod TESTEOI TESTEOI detected missing EOI press any key to continue but the keyboard is not fuctioning, nether i see mouse pointer to move
  8. @rloewthanks for your help. i will try and i will tell you.
  9. i will explain the behaviors in need for speed underground 2, first the sound stops the keyboard stop working and the mouse stops and after a second a lockup and after 1 minute a bsod. in quake 4 the music stops the keyboard stops. but the game is working i can use mouse to turn-shoot a bsod didnt apeare. my mouse is conected on ps/2 port in the back, and my keybord is usb. the hard drive controllers the vga card the pci soundblaster 2 of 3 usb controllers share the same irq its 11 btw
  10. oups my bad i was in a hurry and see a wrong pci device. no its irq 11 the ichi pci card. probably a canflict issue as you say but i cant change the interrupt to other number any ideas?
  11. yes hdd controllers soundblaster pci card and pci-e card have interrupt 11. but if i put in the bios the ahci mode the sata controllers will disappear a pci card will appear (yellow color) this have interrupt 10. but the issue remains. the next thing i will try is to disable virtual ram so the drive wont have to write the win386.swp file just to eliminate some disk access.
  12. 256 mb of video card is fine. mine is a 512mb pci-e and the patch isnt needed its a 6xxx series i thing the nvsize patch is needed for 512mb 7xxx series card
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