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  1. For QUOC users with an ATI graphics card who are experiencing issues with the UI appearing black, please go to about:config and set the key below: gfx.webrender.flip-sequential to false. I have already removed the key in the currently public version, so you can just update to the fixed version. So far, with the key disabled (testing it on an AMD E1-1500 laptop right now) there doesn't seem to be any negative impact on performance.
  2. Update! I have done some bugfixes and added some other tweaks to the QUOC Patch. Youtube videos now should be fully hardware accelerated, at least on the machine I tested the patch. I also have made an OpenGL compatible version, in order to be used on Macintosh and Linux systems. Please update, in case you have already installed the QUOC Patch, and test it on as many systems as possible.
  3. I like challenges... Please, everybody, re-download the QUOC Patch if you're using it, as I've done some minor bugfixes and housekeeping. Thanks and please, test it on as many Quantum-capable platforms as possible!
  4. Thanks! Once I have time I will study them and test them on the low end machines I receive at work and if they harmonize well, I'll implement them in the Patch and give you credit. Actually, this makes me curious about whether I can implement some of the QUOC tweaks in the classic UOC Patch. I just need time to settle down so I can return to the RDD regularly.
  5. I have done tests on two low end computers (laptops) and the tweaks of the QUOC Patch have made a difference. Now I don't know if support for D3D9 has been removed altogether, but after applying the patch, the browser is much more smooth and responsive and it seems to have some sort of acceleration enabled. Besides that, everyone can tweak the patch as they want, and can enable DirectX 11 or OpenGL in about:config. I will take a look at your tweaks once I have enough time, as my work keeps me quite busy, and test them alongside the patch. Could you let me implement them in case they work with the patch? I would give you credit for those in that case.
  6. UPDATE! After a long hiatus due to severe real life issues, including COVID-19 and whatnot, I have finally managed to port the UOC Patch to Firefox Quantum! And so, I can officially introduce the first release of the QUOC Patch! The QUOC Patch (pronounced "Quawk") is a Quantum-exclusive port of the classic UOC Patch that we all know and love, except this one has been aimed to the hardware that can (or barely) run Firefox Quantum and derivatives, including the very latest version. I have tested the patch on a very low end laptop, a Packard Bell Easynote TE-69KB with an AMD E1-2500, 4GB of RAM and Windows 8.1, and it really does make a difference compared to stock settings. This special port of the patch has been based on the currently public N2M version, to provide the maximum stability. The QUOC Patch uses the 45 ESR version of the UOC Enforcer. As usual, please test it and let me know how it performs on your system. Thanks everyone for your patience and support!! EDIT: There are two keys in the QUOC Patch file that have been commented out. These are: privacy.firstparty.isolate and privacy.trackingprotection.enabled If you remove the // and the comments, enabling those keys, you will increase the privacy protection in your browser at the expense of some sites not working correctly or some others not displaying thumbnails, such as https://www.geo-ship.com . I have left them disabled in the patch, but you're free to tweak the file and enable them, if you wish. If you use Telegram Web with the QUOC Patch and you experience videos and GIFs not loading, simply set this key dom.caches.enabled to True.
  7. Sure, the UOC Patch has been always meant to be tweaked and expanded by people who want or know how to tinker further with Firefox and derivatives. By the way, I apologize for my absence. While the new version of the patch, codenamed N2O, is ready, I still haven't time to distribute it yet, as I started working from home due to the pandemic and my free time is pretty much inexistent now. I remember I tried an older version of the Patch on Firefox Community Edition for NT4, and from what I remember, it did work and was quite fast, but I didn't test it in-depth.
  8. I voted for Matt A. Tobin's proposals. It's the one that makes the most sense to me.
  9. Fun comparison, now that I think about it. While the build is technically ready for release, I'm not having enough time to publicly release it yet, but it's open for anyone who wants to beta test it further.
  10. It's pretty much the same problem I had with NM 26.5 on my three computers.
  11. Would it be possible to back port those from NM27? I have the issue on three different computers, there must be a reason.
  12. Is it possible to replace the connection components with the one of another version? 26.5 works great if it wasn't for this issue.
  13. As I have recently set up a triple computer set up in order to test my upcoming new version of the UOC Patch, I wanted to test New Moon 26.5 on an Asus L3000D, a laptop from 2002 sporting an Athlon XP 2500+, 1.2GB of DDRAM 400, a SiS Real256 IGP and running the good old XP SP3. Now, to the field test. I have tested New Moon 27 which is quite usable, although video performance is nothing particularly remarkable. The UOC Patch improves it quite a lot, making web browsing doable. Serpent IA32 runs faster than NM27, but loading pages consumes a lot of CPU cycles. K-Meleon Goanna is pretty much in between, faster than NM27 and Serpent IA32, and faster loading times, less strain on the CPU. I'm using New Moon 27 alongside Serpent as browsers there. Now, to the interesting part. I wanted to try New Moon 26.5, to see how it would perform on such a dated laptop, and interestingly, video performance is great: scrolling is incredibly smooth and fast, as if I am using Internet Explorer, but it has a huge drawback that prevents me to use such a browser on that computer: loading pages causes the browser to freeze for around 30 seconds. If I load a page with externally hosted pictures, no hope: the browser freezes altogether and I have to terminate it from the Task Manager. Any hope to fix the issue? It would be a perfect browser for old laptops, especially because it seems to run fast and smooth on old low end IGPs. I can replicate the issue on the RDD and the new μRDD, an Asus EeePC 4G. @roytam1
  14. Not a new release, but since the thread is not sticky'ed here, I just wanted to keep it up and posting an update. A new version of the UOC Patch is under development. This one will bear the N2O codename. As I have delved deeper into the scrolling routines, I have managed to improve them further, but the new changes I have introduced have forced me to split the Patch into five parts (four for the 52 ESR version), in order to make sure everything would work properly. It is quite annoying to find out that Mozilla browsers tend to ignore JS files if they go beyond a certain length. It also fragments the patch and makes it more difficult to develop. Anyway, as I have been developing and more importantly, testing this new version on different hardware that I got in the latest months, I have come to the conclusion that there is no "best" UOC'ed foxbox for an old machine. It's pretty much a YMMV scenario: some computers might run Serpent SSE great with the Patch, while some other ones might run better with New Moon 27 or K-Meleon Goanna. Everything depends by the video card. Firefox 45 ESR SSE, on the other hand, runs like crap on every setup even though the UOC Patch improves it, but it's still not up to my expectations, but you all already know that anyway. I don't know when the new version will be released, because I am trying to improve the poor video performance of New Moon 27 with ATI cards and so far, my efforts have proved to be vain. But I am not the kind of guy who gives up easily and so, I will keep doing my tests, even if it will take an entire year before I release a new version. Since the UOC Patch and the Enforcer are pretty much a one-man-job, don't expect me to announce an exact release date for the new version. Until then, stick with N2M.
  15. Depends by the stepping of the C2D and the graphics card/IGP. I have used it successfully on an Acer laptop with a Merom C2D and an Intel GMA that was too slow to run the foxboxes at stock settings. I'm lately testing the new version of my patch, still unreleased at the moment, on an Asus EeePC 4G (Celeron M 900Mhz overclocked to 1,1GHz, 2GB of RAM and an Intel GMA 900, overclocked with GMAbooster), and it runs very well, despite the many shortcomings of the CPU. I'm using NM27 and K-Meleon Goanna as browsers there. The UOC Patch is not included with Roytam1's browsers, you must download it separately.
  16. Mozilla browsers are terribly unoptimized out of the box. Hence why they run so horribly. Use the UOC Patch and Enforcer, it will make a difference. Depending by your hardware setup, you might get the fastest speed with a patched Serpent/Basilisk 52 according to the tests I have done in the latest version which I still have to release. On a very old Asus L3000D laptop with an Athlon XP 2500+ and a SiS Real256 IGP (DirectX 7 only graphics chip), patched Roytam1's Serpent 52 scrolls incredibly fast and smooth, on par with Internet Explorer, making it my browser of choice on that laptop. Which patched browser will run faster, depends by your hardware configuration. As always, YMMV. Meanwhile you can use the currently public build, N2M.
  17. Yes, definitely. It feels good to be finally operative again. While I silently lurk on the forum, I am working on the scrolling routines of 38 and 52 ESR, in order to find out if I can bring further improvements. I have made some progresses and if anybody wants to test the experimental 38 and 52 ESR versions of the Patch I am working on, feel free to let me know. I still haven't ported those experimental routines to the 45 ESR version yet, because I want to fully test them, before attemping a port, especially considering the issues 45 ESR SSE has when it comes to scrolling in the old fashioned way.
  18. It is strange that your system freezes entirely when you load MSFN... Take one of the RAM sticks out, maybe you might have bad RAM. Did you check out the amount of uncorrectable sectors on your HDD? And the pending ones?
  19. Also, use HDDExpert and check out the SMART status of your hard drive.
  20. Try to use the UOC Patch and Enforcer. See if it makes a difference.
  21. Why not making a poll? Instead of brainstorming to the infinity and beyond, IMHO a logical choice would be to choose the most viable proposals made so far and make a poll. The one that receives the most votes is the winning one and can be offered to Matt. I personally prefer his names, so I would vote for his proposal. But it is the majority that wins. Let's make a poll and settle this for good.
  22. Thank you very much for the modified Greasemonkey add-on for K-Meleon Goanna @grey_rat! Now that browser has been added to the list of RDD-worthy web browsers.
  23. UPDATE! As the RDD is operative again, I have done some minor updates to the 38 ESR and 52 ESR versions of the UOC Patch (including the 38 ESR version for Macintosh System and Linux), which improve the scrolling speed and smoothness. Please update!
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