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  1. RIP Stan Lee! The world won't be the same without you!

  2. It seems using 3.3.1 instead of 3.4 and de-UPXing the resulting executables minimizes the false positives. While UPX is great, it's also pointless, because download bandwidth is not anymore the problem it used to be in the past, on one hand, and nowadays every antivirus and her cousin use to detect UPXed executable as viruses/malware, on the other hand.
  3. @roytam1: with all due respect, @yuhong, just like me, must be thinking the same byte sequence may be part of some section in the binary that's not code, his suggestion is that it may be part of an external symbol reference, in that case. In my experience, to find out which parts of a binary are code without actually executing the file is quite tricky: I've never seen any disassembler, even adaptive ones, that never mistakes data for code... and then, even if there were one that good, we'd still not know whether the code is reachable, and in case it is, whethe it's called conditionally, as you mentioned, or not. But the conditional calling after detecting whether SSE2 is available is the most sophisticated hypothesis, while unreachable code and, particularly, non-code read as code are the most pedestrian ones, so they should be considered first.
  4. dencorso

    Buying Windows 7

    Because it's real good? Because there is demand for it,actually?
  5. dencorso

    Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    Just download and run it. There's no install, so you may put it anywhere and then create a shortcut to it on the desktop, for instance. ============= BTW, when you install MSE, it stealthly turns on "Automatic Updates", so that, if you use to run with "Automatic Updates" disabled, you must disable them again...
  6. dencorso

    Antivirus for XP 64 bit edition

    I consider this good enough. Please notice it's the last version that works OK to this day, and updates correctly, too. there's also a great thread about MSE on the main XP forum, in case you need help (it's fallen out of the 1st page, though).
  7. That's my experience, too... I'd love to find something like Win32Pad for android, but up to now, I'm not even near... thanks for the links!
  8. dencorso

    Unofficial SP 5.2 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (WIP)

    Not yet! As I posted, but was mostly ignored: I just tried again right now: I used the url: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hotfix/kbhotfix?kbnum=916157&kbln=en-us&forceorigin=esmc and I went stright to the old good MS agreement form and clicked "yes" on it.. and was redirected to the page that says "This hotfix is not available anymore, blah, blah... so I ignored that and pasted the above url again with "paste and go"... This time I got the old good MS hotfix by e-mail order page, opened the language selection menu and ticked the PTB version (because I already had the ENU one), and gave the e-mail it was to be sent to. The link to the hotfix inside a zip was sent as usual, and I was able to download the file all right. Try yourself, if you don't believe me! No telling how long this will remain happening, so better save all that's relevant right away!
  9. Which version of browseui.dll did you test? It seems to me to be a false positive...
  10. dencorso

    Blue Screens around the world

  11. Well, I didn't post about it, because I had forgotten about it, that's how much I use it... It's "Leitor de código QR - Sem Anúncios" (=QR code reader - No Ads) by Sustainable App Developer... it's bare bones and just works. As for the app title, I don't know whether it's really titled in Portuguese, or if I see it that way because I'm in Brazil (I actually see some apps title in English mixed with others titled in Portuguese, so it's hard to tell)...
  12. I know just 3: Mr. Number, CPU-Z and NirSoft's Wifi Collector. I'd much like an indication od a simple Notepad-like text editor, but all I found up to now are riddled to the brim with ads or paid-for. TIA.
  13. dencorso

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    It depends critically on what one's peddling (and on how much demand does it have)... Way to go! Mine is 15! I'm sorry about that. Really! That's why I delayed moving these posts. But, at the end of the day, here they're on a better place, IMO. Moreover, it's good to stir the pot sometimes. Things here were too slow, of late (highlighting, in fact, how good XP actually is, because if it were real crap, we'd be too busy troubleshooting issues to even care about philosophising), so it's good to see so many of us expressing their POVs. And yes, this thread is just for that, just like its sister thread in the 10 forum. And make no mistake: I see petitioning Firefox to keep supporting XP pointless, but even somewhat disrespectful, because (i) they were the ones who supported it the longest voluntarily and (ii) their code is open, so anyone is welcome to fork it and keep support (as, in fact, @roytam1 and Feodor2 already have done)... The XP community at present is just below 4% of the martket: New Moon, Basilisk and MyPal are more than enough to keep going, and IE8 and the last Chrome are also there for specific uses. We should count ourselves blessed with having raspberries aplenty, not asking for Sebian raspberries, when ours are sourced elsewhere. Much worse would be not having any raspberries, ain't it?
  14. dencorso

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    We sure do, and I've just moved here everything not pertaining to the petition. So, both threads are right on-topic at the moment.