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  1. Yes. But you can edit your post here above and add a link to that topic, for easy reference, too.
  2. Who's "we"? MSFN's policy is simple: we do not propagate FUD. Period.
  3. 1.) I'd say probably about 10. 2.) Probably nobody. In case of day-to-day use plain vanilla is not viable anymore. Some members here, however, still use extensive updated and patched versions of 9x/Me on bare iron as day-to-day machines. I'm not one of them anymore, having migrated fully to XP SP3 about five years ago.
  4. No. It won't work on NTFS. Nor, BTW, can it be run at all, unless from plain Real Mode DOS (not from 9x/ME, nor from NT-OSes). RLoew was very careful. But It does have an option to trim all zeroed-up sectors, throughout the disk, regardless of the filesystem present, IIRR. Why don't you download the package (nowadays it's for free) and actually read the documentation included, instead of just guessing, with all due respect?
  5. Updating the registry, even if by hand, is fundamental. The worst part of it is the path to java (=JavaHome). So, for one who isntalls from scratch, using the last working oracle installer (jre1.8.0_152), it'll normally be "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_152", unless one uses the "Change default Java folder", offered at the start of the install (or, like I did, performs an extensive search-and-replace inside the registry afterwards). After 152 is installed, replace all files by those from the 251 tat.gz by hand inside the JavaHome folder, then replace those files I listed above (most of which were identified by yourself @FranceBB) and replace also sunmscapi.dll by v. 141 Replace also the Java cpl at %windir%\system32 by another copy of the one from 251. Then, delete the sunmscapi.dll from the Azul JRE 262 and replace all files of 251 in JavaHome by those that exist in the Azul release 262 (which contains a lot less files, including *no* plugin). Fix by hand the registry as usual and you should be able to reproduce my results. I really doubt this frankenversion can be created by any canned installer, although a custom one might do the trick.
  6. Hey, @loblo! For the record: you do rock! I installed it by hand from the .zip on XP SP3, while keeping the files from JRE 1.8.0_251 that do not exist in the Azul release, including those older ones listed some posts above (and replacing sunmscapi.dll by the one from JRE 1.8.0_241). The result is the one shown below:
  7. Welcome to this thread, @jaclaz! But... where is the OP? Has he/she gone put out the trash and got hit by a 10-ton meteorite? Did he/she take out the Velostat cap to wash his/her hair and then aliens took the opportunity to abduct him/her? Or maybe the Compaq nc6220 laptop just disappeared in a puff of purple smoke as some old Compaqs are wont to do? So many questions... and no answers yet... it's sort of depressing, isn't it?
  8. What was the source computer? Attach a zipped binary image of the VBR and the next sector, please. The XP SP3 you're trying to transplant was installed on NTFS or FAT32?
  9. Bump! Just to float this to the 1st page...
  10. No, not hostile... defensive, maybe. Fact is I think Roy's keeping too many builds alive and up-to-date, already. And no, if you had read the thread, you'd find out there actually is a reason why he's not making non-SSE PM 28. Not only it is not "trivial", but actually it does not work, IIRR. When one makes a disparaging remark, one should be prepared to receive a pointed retort, isn't it? No offense meant, though.
  11. If so, why don't you go ahead and do it?
  12. @All: don't post here yet, let Dave-H work on it, this is a work-in-progress, obviously!
  13. No! He has too many nuts to crack on his plate, already! No offense meant, really, but it's not courteous to pester people! Your latest question can be best answered by your testing them yourself. @roytam1's browsers are his (quite big already) gift to the community... you're welcome to use them for free, but it's not polite to bother him to death with vague questions. You don't wanna test? OK. You may read this thread and the previous one in full and you'll know all there is to know about every one of roytam's browsers.
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