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  1. You might install debian instead and then use XP in a VM on the laptop. In case you want to try that, do PM me 1st, so we can chat about it some, before you actually start doing some major machine changeover. Since this is off-topic I stop here. BTW, what AMD processor and how much RAM are in the machine?
  2. ... while, amber on black is also much loved, hence a great alternative for blue on black...
  3. And, of course... http://web.archive.org/web/20181026103325/https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20758/a08/GFX_Win7_32_8.15.10.2761.exe
  4. There're few things in life that actually do make sense. This notwithstanding, if what you report is a fact, we don't really need to understand it to be able to make use of it. There are command-line programs that can be used in a pair of batch files, one for disabling the ATI driver prior to shut-down and another for enabling it that might be run from the start folder in the start menu, so it'd run just after desktop loading, at the very end of the start-up process. While not perfect, it might be good enough. What you reckon?
  5. Under XP, as for all 5+ NT-OSes, the service is mandatory. Under 9x/Me OTOH, it isn't needed at all (actually, 9x/Me don't even know what a "service" is). HTH.
  6. Sooner, if y'all stop pestering him. Later, if not. Haven't you noticed it, already?
  7. "due to a lack", you sure mean?
  8. Done! We all get somewhat forgetful, with passing time...
  9. Actually no, not XP. If XP decides it has standard support for the hdd it won't even try to load a driver, during the 1st stage of sysloading, and after it disables BIOS support it finds out it cannot access the hdd anymore, gets flabbergasted and throws a BSOD (which, in unix lingo is "kernel panic", that describes much better how the OS actually feels on finding it has an ACME-built driver).
  10. Pacific Orchid Society? Plane of Symmetry? Process Override Switch? No... not like that... my guess is it's just a Piece Of Crap(?)... sort of... @submix8c: glad to see you around, man! Cheers!
  11. That image is part of Q125691, which is part of the MSKB collection in .pdf attached below all the links in post #1 of that thread...
  12. I second @jumper... that's the sigle best bet you can place, and should satisfy your needs well enough.
  13. Yet, we got doggie bags aplenty...
  14. Yes. It's the default generic name in the source code. There's more about it on at least one of Matt Tobin's posts somewhere back on this thread.
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