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  1. Most probably. Moreover, if the 64-bit version is compressed with UPX or Aspack, that would make it even more suspect to heuristics.
  2. Yes! That's the latest working one. I'm using it on all my XP SP3 machines, too. FTW, it comes inside KB969262 hotfix.
  3. Not in this thread, no. If it's related to XP x64, open a new thread in the XP x64 subforum, that's how it's done.
  4. Try to open files that are inside the usb drive from the VM.
  5. DEP has nothing to do with it. I've always run with DEP disabled (/noexecute=alwaysoff) since I started using XP (~ 2005).
  6. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    98SE. No wonder I've used it as my main day-to-day OS for about 15 years!
  7. Wow! I wasn't cognizant you were the developer, @wfunction! Your tool rocks! But you do know that already, I guess... Anyway, sorry: I'll certainly report any further issue at the project page... I didn't because I'm tired of "XP? update your OS!" replies I get everywhere, my bad. I see now you're striving to keep it compatible all the way throughout the Win32 capable OSes. And yes, I do confirm 5.0.3 is working great on XP, so thank you! And, BTW, @Dave-H do try it, it's really great! And it's portable: no installation needed.
  8. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    But... but... then, why reply to this thread if all you have to say is "never used 1.0 to 9x/ME"? This is, hands down, the most off-topic reply I've ever seen!
  9. BTW, is Pale Moon for Atom and XP v. 26.5.0 the very last oficial one?
  10. Well, I for one, will keep v.2017.8.14.0, regardless. I consider it useful, been using EQNEDT32 since my Word 2 for Windows times. One of the most valuable forms of human freedom is the freedom to act against what one's paranoia might cause one to consider one's own self-interest. Nothing is safe, anyway.
  11. Congratulations Dave! You're now the OP of a new thread. I think I gave it a passable title, but you may change it at will, by editing the 1st post, as you know. I'm not positive I've caught all the pertinent posts, so please do revise both this an the parent thread for posts out of place. Is it fully solved now? Hope so. If not, then do try v. 3.5.1609.100... and read this, too: it's what makes me think all of those v. 3.5.1804.* may not work right. Of course, it's just my 2¢.
  12. Yes. If she has Office 2003, all updates to Office 2003 should be installed. Moreover, If (and only if) the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack is also installed, then ALL updates to the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack must be installed, else not.
  13. I have v. 3.5.1609.100 here. Digitally signed by IBM on Monday, Sep 12, 2016. I've never been able to get it to upgrade. For sure, 3.5.1xxx.xxxx is the last to install on xp. Trying to get it to update, nowadays, only breaks it, so better leave it be.
  14. Better not to... at the moment we still cannot create new threads, so splitting is problematic. When xper solves it, then I may do it. Trusteer Report is needed by one of my banks also. And we have Gas Tech, here, too, which is even more meddlesome. That's why I do have duplicate XP boots in my main machine: one for everyday use but banking, the other solely for banking. And, in my secondary machine, while I do have just one XP boot, I have duplicate 7 boots, one of which is for banking, just to be ready when it becomes fully impossible to do banking on XP. But bank security programs are really intrusive, so I never let them get to my main system partition. Is it tiresome? Sure. But I've had my share of poltrgeists (such as the one Dave just unveiled) to catch, and enough is enough. Duplicate XPs mean just half the trouble, at the end of the day. Congratulations, Dave! Good sleuthing wind the day!