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  1. dencorso

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Well. On either FF 52.9.1 esr or the latest @roytam1 Serpent/UXP, Google Earth Web says my browser is not yet (!) supported, whereas on Google Chrome 49.0.vvv.112 m it says "Unfortunately your computer does not support WebGL graphics acceleration; Google Earth cannot be loaded. Please try another device." Well, this is XP SP3 on a 3770K i7 powered Azus P8Z68-V LX... GPU-Z.2.15.0 (the last version which works OK on XP SP3, BTW) gives the report shown below. So, no... I guess not. If Google Earth works on my machine, on XP, great. Else, I'll try the web version on the latest Google Chrome on an alternate Win 7 SP1 boot partition, but if it really wants WebGL, then that's that.
  2. dencorso

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Erm... @sdfox7: Is it still working? Is that the very last on that works on XP?
  3. dencorso

    The action cant be completed...............

    There is no such thing as "abandonware", at least not from MS/Adobe/Oracle/Apple.
  4. dencorso

    Microsoft Update Website Loop

    Install these 3 updates, if you´ve not done it already. The 1st one you will need the FRA version, but the others are multilanguage. Reboot after each one. Then try again. WindowsXP-KB898461-x86-FRA.exe - Permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows (KB898461); WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe - Windows Installer 4.5 (KB942288); WindowsUpdateAgent-7.6-x86.exe, using the /wuforce switch, on the command-line;
  5. dencorso

    Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    MSE 4.4.304.0 is still able to auto-update and to update from it's internal update tab. Both on XP SP3 and on 7 SP1 (yes, I still use 4.4.304.0 on 7 SP1, too, by choice). Then there is @heinoganda's MSE_DEF_UPD_v1.5, which is available on another thread, in this selfsame subforum. The current MPAM-FE.EXE itself don't work anymore on XP, but the definitions inside it do, that's why @heinoganda has created the updater. As for Windows 7, I think the current MPAM-FE.EXE may still work for 4.4.304.0, but haven't ever had the need to actually try it. Also, although you did not actually ask about it, but MU/WU still do offer definition updates for 4.4.304.0, which, when accepted, intall correctly and work OK.
  6. You are using a single core processor. In that case, the only solution available for you is to hide KB4486463. But it's all right! It's offered again and again due to a badly conceived installation check. The posts quoted below tell more about it. The default in XP mode is to have just one core in the virtual CPU. As such it behaves as a sigle core CPU and KB4486463 installs but does not substitute %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. It's OK! Hide it, and forget about it.
  7. Why post it here? I doubt you could find something more off-topic even if trying twice as hard.
  8. dencorso

    Microsoft Waving the Flag on Windows 10 Mobile

    Methinks most of the rest of the world didn't actually partake of your opinion, however...
  9. dencorso

    [Guide] Windows Vista on the Intel Ivy Bridge platform

    No wonder. HD 5500 is Broadwell-U. This tread title says Ivy Bridge (so, 3rd gen). Broadwell-U is 5th gen. What did you expect?
  10. dencorso

    Python 3.5 Runtime Redistributable backported to XP

    I didn't. @WildBill is/was a very careful and thorough reverser, who took for himself the mission of porting to 2k all the patches MS was (and remains) denying it. He studied carefully each pach until he fully understood it, then made the port. His ports are safer even than MS's originals. He went even further and reversed kernell32.dll to the point he had a working compilable source he then made public, thus providing a precious source of information regarding what he found out about kernell32.dll to anyone carefull enough to read and meditate about his soure code. And also gave people his free PE tool. But you're wrong about one detail: @blackwingcat had been extending the 2k kernel some time before @WildBill began to release his own work, and IIRR, the 1st ever to extend the 2k kernel was @OldCigarette (whom, I'm sad to say, I'm even surer isn't among us anymore).
  11. dencorso

    Python 3.5 Runtime Redistributable backported to XP

    Some of our members (with all due respect) indulge in the latest version fetish (LVF), which can be mostly harmless when not taken to extremes. I, myself, do indulge in it sometimes, I reckon, but the farthest I usually go is to change the minimum "Subsystem Version" to allow executables to run, nowadays. If I really have something that only runs on Win 7+, I either do it on 7SP1 or eschew it, usually the latter. As of today, all that I need to do in my day-to-day can be done in XP SP3. I consider the Extended Kernel approach mostly useless, although I dedicate lots of respect to @Xeno86, @jumper, and @blackwingcat. I consider the WDMSYS/WDMEX (Extended Driver Interface) very useful, but nobody has been ever able to port to the NT-family OSes what Walter Oney and @rloew ( ) did for 9x/ME... and that's why we still haven't working Intel USB 3.0 drivers at this point in time. Of course, these are just my 2¢ and everybody may disagree. Moreover, YMMV, obviously. But, considering @Thomas S. did ask the queestion above, I felt it shouldn't remain unanswered. That's all. Sage words and attitude, IMO. +1 It depends, IMO: people I know (even if just through the internet) and trust I don't consider foreign sources. Otherwise I do agree to that, too.
  12. dencorso

    What Are You Listening To?

  13. dencorso


    Welcome to MSFN! If any forum can make one discover something new in this world, you can bet it's MSFN, IMO. I sure hope you like your stay!