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  1. With all due respect: Chredge for Linux? What an oxymoron!
  2. eMule_v0.60a-community was released on Oct10, 2020. Does it work on XP? They say it's now being compiled with VS 2019... so I doubt it. Anyway, I do know for sure eMule_v0.51d-community does work OK with XP SP3. Later edit: It does work on XP, after all!
  3. Have you ever heard about binary ninja ? I've never had the opportunity to test it myself, but maybe it can be of help in your project...
  4. That hack is essentially the same we used on XP: by keeping Engine Version 1.1.15800.1, we were able to continue updating up to the *.vdm v. 1.293.2807.0... then the next *.vdm files required a newer engine version and game over it was. But, from that period just before game over, @heinoganda had cobbled up an automated updater that download the the new definitions, replaced the engine by the last one working and put all files in their proper place, therefore helping more people to keep their MSE up-to-date up to game over, and I bet he sure might be able to modify that tool for the Vista community to enjoy the last leg of their MSE/WD more confortably. In case he doesn't ping this theread soon, do send him a PM. I'm sure he'll be delighted to be of help. Ceterum censeo Decimum delendum esse!
  5. If I'm posting this in the wrong place, please do PM me and I'll move it to the right place. the pic below shows MSE v. 4.4.304.0 (this is x86, but the same applies to x64) still working OK and updating by itself on Windows 7 SP1. I don't know whether this is relevant or not for the Vista community, but decide to post just in case. This is the last version that works OK with no nags at all on XP SP3, but nowadays cannot update anymore on XP, due to the required engine version being unable to run on XP... however, the fact that it runs OK on 7 means that even in the case it cannot auto-update on Vista (but I didn't test it on Vista to ascertain whether it can or not auto-update on Vista), it sure should run OK, with no nags at all and support being updated by hand. HTH.
  6. That's the problem: I wasn't stating my preference... what I was is called being ironic! Why is it almost no folks nowadays are able to even detect irony? And no, please, don't answer the above question: it's just a rethorical question. Now, what is literal is that the next post about renaming @roytam1's forked browsers in this will be deleted. That's way off-topic and totally pointless nowadays. So, please, stop. Do stop. Resist useless posting.
  7. And I would prefer mine called "Gwendolyn", so what?
  8. IIRR, @glnz actually *IS* a lawyer, so I'm hereby asking him to ping in and kindly provide us some advice, which sure'll be much appreciated!
  9. MS cannot do it to XP anymore. Not easily, at least!
  10. @VistaLover: Please do refresh my memory: how do we know Adobe Flash player v32.0.0.171 is actually the last one not to contain a time-bomb? Or we don't really know that, do we?
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