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  1. Nobody can ever be 100% safe from anything.
  2. With linux 64, one can run XPSP3 or even 7SP1 x64 inside Oracle VirtualBox and benefit from both OSes, regardless of evolving hardware and disappearing hardware support. Moreover, even Skynet or the Matrix have many inherent probs, so what?
  3. It's said he got more and more paranoid, with time passing. Then again, he faced all but certain 30y prison time, if extradicted to the USA. IMO, under the circumstances, practicing autothanasia does seem a very racional way of escaping a lot of potential pain. May he RIP! I used his software back in the 90's... at that time it rocked.
  4. Anything is a improovement from 10... y'all ever hear of debian Buster?
  5. But... but... but... Wasn't 10 "the Windows to end all windows"?
  6. Windows 11 aka "Desolation", because it's post-Armageddon, of course!
  7. "While the sage still problematize, the clueless attack by surprise!" Millôr Fernandes (1923-2012).
  8. JFYI, 0-posting accounts left inactive for at least one year get culled periodically. Y'all wouldn't believe how many accounts we'd have now, if not for that.
  9. Since you seem not to have read the Rules, Rule # 4.e (= Vaporware is deemed a form of spam, here, and can lead to a ban.) applies to your thread. So, when you have at least a beta-test candidate, you may announce it. Until then, your announcement amounts to vaporware, so this thread is closed.
  10. Enough! It was just a misunderstanding. So let's stop here, please.

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