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  1. I cannot. I never used it to start with, and never will. No way! Debbian x64 + XP Mode in seamless mode is the way to go!
  2. The way they're keen to kill XP forever, they'd just throw it straight into the memory hole. It's not worth the effort!
  3. I'm running a registered MBAM (thus with real-time scanning) and the old MSE 4.4.304.0 with the 1.293.2807.0, which seem to me to be a tight enough security, at this point. And I've just added @Ben Markson's cosmetic fix, just to keep the icon green, for the sake of my tired eyes...
  4. Well, I was a registered user of AVG, from incept time till they were taken over by Avast! Up to that point, I was able to run AVG 9 on 98SE and AVG2011 on XP. Those were the last sensible versions they've produced for each OS, IMO, and weren't overly paranoid. After the Avast! takeover they stopped providing the definition files for those old versions, even for those users who had already paid-in-full multiyear subscriptions, which was my case (my 3 last licences expired this year!), so I moved over to MSE, rather than using their horribly bloated latest (at that time) product, and wished they rot in hell. I didn't change opinion about them, up to now. ESET32, if I understood right, will nag even registered users to update (beyond the last version that works on XP), which I consider a deal breaker. The former Norton products I won't touch with a 10 ft pole, after the takeover by Symantec. What does remain? Just Clam-AV?
  5. Could be you're just a little more paranoid than most?
  6. Sure. But maybe you can update to v. 1.75 and it'll still recognize your license as valid. However, do a full system backup befor messing with AVs. Just to keep on the safe side.
  7. One that only catches viruses... I doubt any exist anymore. However, traditional AVs are, nowadays, signature-based antimalwares, with some heuristics (not always very good) on top of it. Malwarebytes, OTOH, says it uses their own methods (not clearly disclosed) which appear to be very good heuristics and just a little pinch of signature-based as a seasoning. It just works, though.
  8. Did you ever bother to read MSFN's rules? Unredistributables are not allowed!
  9. In short: malware is any "unwanted bad stuff";virus is a type of "unwanted bad stuff" that reproduces itself, without outside help;ransomware is a type of "unwanted bad stuff" which encrypts one's files (usually just .doc(x)/,xls(x)/.pdf/.jp(e)g) and asks for money to restore (?) them; There're much more, trojans/worms/internet bombs/etc.
  10. Why don't you just redeploy your backup from just before installing Panda and try again from scratch?
  11. And Windows Embedded Standard 2009 or POSReady 2009 include explorer.exe v. 6.0.2900.5669... SHA1: E56B632397BAE71FE3D2E74E6182A33FA2F08888 Digitally signed by MS on Fri, Oct 03, 2008 7:34:04 PM
  12. Well, I've tested it until today, and finding it works OK for me, too, have just bought the license to have it permanently in premium mode. I've kept MSE, however, because MBAM doesn't require the removal and it remains capable of detecting all that was known to the last definitions file. Moreover, as you all have posted, removing it seems to be a PITA, and I'm not in the mood for such a experience these days. Thanks for the suggestion, @Dave-H! You do rock! And thanks for all who posted here till now, besides Dave. All your posts helped me a lot in deciding what to do. It's wonderful to belong to such a helpful and knowledgeable coummunity!
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