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  1. No. And, it was not https.
  2. You can use WSUS servers on 2000, yes
  3. If I'm understanding right, This has been a problem for a while for some updates for Office 2010, even since Windows update worked normally. I think eventually it will sort itself out, but it could take a while particularly on slower processors.
  4. It is my understanding that there is an edge web engine that is intended to replace IE. I have no idea if that has switched over yet, but I would sort of doubt it. I would imagine it would eventually switch to this chromium engine
  5. I don't know anything about this software, but probably that is correct. Are there any alternatives you could use instead of aeroglass?
  6. you can still access the site on web.archive.org
  7. I have literally never used this Aeroglass program before in my life, so I cant say much about it. But, the internet archive is good for this sort of stuff: https://web.archive.org/web/20220616021447/https://www.glass8.eu/download
  8. Can you provide details? Like model of computer? What it says the password is for (if anything)? What you've tried so far?
  9. Most of the paper bags I'm seeing have obvious fairly high recycled content (little splotches of white/other colors, etc). YMMV. But sustainable forestry is definitely possible in any case. But the idea is to get people to use reusable bags. I don't know how successful that is generally but my family has switched to that, and in fact my mom and grandmother have been using reusable bags almost exclusively for ages before the ban. As for litter, I would say a lot of it I saw was in fact plastic shopping bags. There's still plenty of other litter, but its nice that one big chunk is gone, and paper bags not only don't seem to get littered as much but also they quickly and unquestionably degrade. As someone who as been one of those people "cleaning up all the garbage" on a number of occasions, it's a losing battle. Even in some less popular areas you can clean it up one day and its almost back to how it was the next. The only real solution is to cut it off at the head... ideally both de-plasticizing waste AND reducing how much people litter/let stuff blow away. I haven't missed single use plastic bags one bit. The couple of things that my family really needs them for (kitchen scraps, etc) has just shifted to other sorts of bags that we've always had that are probably not going away (cereal bags, produce bags).
  10. I think open firmware like OpenWRT may be able to make some sort of mesh network. I use OpenWRT and can generally recommend it, but I'm not sure how well the mesh part works as I have no need for it. https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/mesh/start I would doubt the reason for switching to app-based management is for telemetry. I mean... its a router. It could phone home all of your connected devices anytime if it really wanted to. (in fact, many recent routers on their stock firmware do have opt-out style telemetry covering usage statistics) As I understand it, the apps are used for better ease-of-use for the nontechnical people who frequently do buy mesh routers these days. (And at that point... why spend the R&D money to maintain two interfaces, I suppose.) The reason why it is like this is because it benefits more people than it hinders in terms of setup ease. And, most people do not seem to care, at all, about telemetry and such, as long as the device works.
  11. Looks like 72-Pin EDO. The last 2 digits on the chips should tell you the speed, but its likely to be 60ns. In a 1996 system you're likely to be limited by what you can source in a SIMM form factor more than a hardware RAM ceiling. If you're upgrading, each bank (2 SIMMs) must be the same. So, you can have 2x32MB and 2x16MB, as an example.
  12. It has been considered. I would like to do so, and probably will eventually. Development is very slow, but at minimum not "dead". Stay tuned.
  13. NetZero, but as far as i can tell SMTP is totally broken (so, no sending emails, not even with encrpytion). The web client requires encryption to log in but not to use, strangely. And in the web client, sending mail works.
  14. I certainly have no issue with old thermal paste, for as long as it stays without having the contact broken with the CPU. I even have some decades old thermal paste on some things. While it is probably hardened like a rock, it shouldn't and doesn't cause me any issues unless i take the cooler off and put it back on.
  15. Yes. Usually, that is all that is needed. Relevant video:
  16. Oh yes, TV is bound to look a bit weird with such an option, especially if its done imprecisely No, LEDs are colored by the energy of the band-gap crossing. It can be fine-tuned with phosphor, but the plastic coatings you are thinking of are only present for any significant work on really cheap and individual LEDs. They may exist on others sometimes, but they aren't doing anything significant and their wearing out would be not very significant (maybe a small color shift at most). (I've never seen one of those wear out, however). There is of course no way to make white light with only dyed plastic. Blue LEDs were actually the last color of LED to be economically produced at scale, but they are generally what is used for phosphor LEDs. Phosphor is not plastic and I don't think it wears out, at least in the useful life of any device. If phosphors did wear out, you'd have a BIG problem with your CCFL panels (or other fluorescent lamps). Fluorescent light starts out as UV light, and is only turned white after hitting the tube's phosphor coating! I see no reason that any monitor type would particularly damage one's eyes, and I have not heard of any studies that confirmed something like that. Spending most of my time on computers in front of LED backlit panels, my retinas (or other eye components) have no signs of burning out yet. The main thing is just selecting a monitor (and settings) that have appropriate size, focus, brightness, and contrast for your eyes and computing environment. I would be very, VERY surprised if the LEDs are actually what you hate in those panels. I would think its either a negative placebo or there is some other aspect in whatever display you have (there are plenty of ways to make LED displays suck, just the same as with CCFL). I have never been able to tell the difference between CCFL and LED displays, save for one thing: CCFLs need to "warm up" to reach full brightness. That said, if you put me in front of an already-operating panel, I wont be able to discern which is LED and which is CCFL. References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorescent_lamp (disassembling dozens of broken panels out of curiosity also helped) One more thing: I suppose I did not really touch on panels that use LEDs in the place of LCDs but those are discernibly different, and also quite rare (still generally cost prohibitive for monitor-like sizes) To my understanding, most "LED" monitors/TVs are referring to the backlight, and that is what I am referring to with "LEDs" here.
  17. Online activation still works, too!
  18. Why does it matter? If it's effectively not blue, then its still not blue. I've never heard of anyone (myself included) having stuff like LED panels/backlights be less good with f.lux. Fundamentally, it doesn't make sense, either... If you have more blue light, you must also have more red/green, or the effective color would be blue. So maybe the display overall would be brighter, but if that's the case just turn the backlight brightness down (or adjust the gamma down if brightness is already at minimum). There just inst a way to have more blue light emitted for a given total brightness, but have it still be the same shade of yellow (which it is, because if its not your monitor isn't functioning right)...
  19. I just use the firewall built into windows. But in truth, most systems that don't leave one's home (hopefully trusted) network, do not need host firewalls as any old SOHO/consumer Firewall+NAT router basically eliminates those threat avenues.
  20. It is the same service. It was renamed due to a legal dispute. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneDrive#Sky_lawsuit_and_OneDrive_renaming
  21. SSDs, as like any other storage device, are automatically configured by windows. There is no storage device specific driver required. All you need is drivers for your storage controller.
  22. There may be some edge cases where it doesn't work involving custom paths or other languages than English. When/if I get more time I would like to iron out some bugs in different drives/languages for the installer. This is the correct link to the installer, you presently have a mistype in both the first post and your most recent one: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe (A general note: my internet access has been unreliable as of the past few days, so please be advised that if this link does not work, try again in a few minutes. I am working with my ISP to try to resolve the issue)
  23. I have never played kilordle, but the game works differently, and that's all I know.

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