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  1. Because they decided to. Same reason that anyone uses any program. but I booted my one 7 system with the MSE on it, let it update, no EOL nag there yet, FWIW
  2. Instant messaging platform, I guess it's sorta how (old) skype works in terms of it's function. Upwards of 300 million users IIRC https://telegram.org/
  3. I'm just speculating here, but I bet that the part where they fail is when MU says "verifying download", doesn't see a valid SHA-1 cert, and fails. The Standalone updates either don't check, or use their own/more basic integrity checking method.
  4. I figured I'd make a group on Telegram, to perhaps get a few people that don't like/ prefer not to use discord. The group serves the same basic purpose as the Discord Server, a way for MSFN members to join and talk about MSFN and related stuff. The link to join is: https://t.me/msfnorg
  5. If/When @looking4awayout's build process slows down a bit, I can happily host it on my site. I can do it now but it wont be easy keeping up with his new builds every five minutes.
  6. Sorta funny that we have a thread on each forum about the state of the other, but in the past couple of years especially, sadly neccesary.
  7. A lot of normal "legacy" firefox extensions work just fine too...
  8. I mainly Use @roytam1's K-Meleon, Serpent, and New Moon 28 builds. Some people say they have sites that wont load in these but I have encountered one as of yet. I've never tried the 360 extreme browser, because while I hear some tracking is blocked, it doesn't sound like all is. And I have no real need for a heavy chrome browser anyway.
  9. RyanVM is back up information on the outage: Re: Shutting this down Post by RyanVM » Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:52 am When it rains, it pours.... Sorry for the recent outage. My hosting provider had to take my site offline due to it being under extreme load (looks like it was being DOSed or something). Hopefully a temporary issue....
  10. The actual AOL website notes that the chrome version of shield has NO XP/Vista compatibility
  11. Maybe compared to the older ones, or some fluke causing that...but of the 15+ Win7 PCs I either have or deal with, it has degraded performance horribly, especially in windows explorer. But that's my 2¢, only. :)
  12. I made a video guide on how to do so if you're interested in that:
  13. I'd recommend using inspectre to disable the meltdown patch after fully updating, it kills win7 performance from my experience (run it as admin) https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm
  14. If you require new features, you can run libreoffice portable otherwise, if you just need it for basic office-ing, 2003 should work fine.
  15. Been listening to a lot of songs by The Midnight lately, they're one of my favorites. https://themidnight.bandcamp.com
  16. Have you tried any other driver versions? Programs like SDI (http://sdi-tool.org) may offer many different version to try, otherwise try dell's website or searching the web for the hardware IDs...
  17. You would be horribly mistaken. It’d still be wrong, but vastly less wrong to say you’re the only person who doesn’t use single core CPUs here these days. And complaining about the hardware people choose / choose not to use isn’t something we do here.
  18. Well, after another time running Tweaking.com - Windows Repair, and another time reinstalling the Infrared drivers, it somehow started working this time. And, FWIW, the text display issue mentioned in the last post also somehow resolved itself.
  19. Now I'm having another problem! http://prntscr.com/ppx6un
  20. I opened up irftp.exe in dependancy walker, and I noticed wer.dll was missing. I replaced that from another computer which made dependancy walker happy but the IR functionality still does not work.
  21. Typo. I do know the real spelling, I just sorta had a brainlapse a couple of times, I'll fix the title
  22. Well, sorta. The messages stopped altogether as the laptop with working infrared could no longer detect the HP as it's infared is disabled. Re-enabling it and trying again produces the same issues as before.
  23. I tried disabling and re-enabling infared at the bios level, didnt seem to help, unfortunately.
  24. Hello guys. I have an HP compaq nc4010 with some issues with it's infared transceiver. The first issue is that the Infared "Wireless Link" applet in the control panel refuses to open, simply doing nothing upon being clicked. The Second issue is that when attempting to transfer files to or from this HP, the other computer gets the Infared prompt, but this one does not. Attempting anyway on the other computer always ends in "the other machine actively refused it." The infared service is running, and proper drivers appear to be installed. Thanks for any help.
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