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  1. Introducing Version 4.00 Preview 1 Fix 1 of my Unofficial Roytam1 Browser Installer! Change log: -Development is fully shifted to version 4 branch. -Changed old references from "Interlink" to "MailNews" -Updated Roytam1's hosting domain -Fixed archive naming issue with MailNews/Borealis As always, you can get it here: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam%20Browser%20Installer.exe 
  2. RMClock is really cool. Pun intended. I may use it on some systems that dont even neccesarily need it, in the future.
  3. HFSLIP looks like it is for slipstreaming. I've already got 2000 installed. Unless I'm understanding it wrong? Also, I am having issues finding KB919521.
  4. Hello. Recently, I got windows 2000 SP4 installed on my ThinkPad T60. I got the drivers taken care of. I also installed IE6. I suppose my usual updating method is no good here for 2 reasons... Supposedly Update Rollup 1 breaks multicore CPU support, and Windows Update does not work anymore. So, basically... I'm wondering what is the best way to get my install fully updated? There is a LOT of options, apparently.
  5. Introducing version 4.00 preview 1! -added credits page -integrated changes by InterLinked (MSFN user Dylan Cruz) -fixed bug with "quit and install nothing" option More still to come before release! This is a test build, with the changes just "slapped in there". I don't have time to test extensively as I am packing for a trip, but It is availible here: http://i430vx.net/files/rtb4test.exe
  6. Very cool! I think I'll get a chance in these next couple of days to look at the code. Thanks for your improvements, I will likely implement them.
  7. Hello all. This post will be "more official" later, but I want to start my own thread for this project of mine, so news and details don't get lost in the main RT1 threads. I will soon be bringing my browser installer up to "modern times" and renovating it to support all active/semiactive RT1 browser releases. Also will be combing through and attempting to find any feature requests that were made in the past. From now on, please put such feature requests here.
  8. 2.xx branch is the last fully working for SSE CPUs. 3.0x worked, partially: Only command-line VLC interface. 0.8.6e sounds familiar though, perhaps that was the last for non-sse CPUs?
  9. I can't speak with regard to most other countries, but I've heard that (relatively) unregulated recycling markets (like in United States) leads to trouble. I guess that would explain why my school had a fake recycling program for several years, all of it just going into the trash, but getting a tax credit anyway. Similarly, the curbside recycling program here recently got gutted, only accepting paper, cardboard, clear glass, tin/alum cans, and #1/#2 plastic. I guess the rest isn't as profitable, so they don't bother, because nobody is making them bother. However, our state seems to have an awesome e-waste program. Most towns seem to have municipal drop-off points, and a nearby e-waste company is able to recycle an absolutely ridiculous amount of things. I know someone who worked closely with that e-waste company, it's all really recycled, too!
  10. At least on my systems, it was a "recommended" update. Still, ludicrous rating for what it is, completely optional software. You may benefit from verifying that this checkbox is unchecked in Windows Update settings.
  11. I will hold onto the old one for dear life. When they finally rip it away I will probably still (though nearly unbearably, nothing has separation, and very slow) use normal YouTube some, but explore alternative youtube "shell" sites. (there was one that doesn't look too great in appearance but is incredibly lightweight, the name escapes me)
  12. interesting. for now i can offer no workarounds, but i shall try to work different drive support into a future release of the installer.
  13. Are you running under admin privileges? Let me try it out myself and see what happens. UPDATE: I was unable to replicate the issues you tell of. "Works on my machine," as they say. If you are running it with admin-level privileges, then please delete any "basiliskia32" folder that may exist in the program files folder, as NTFS permissions can be "touchy". Presuming there was such a folder and you deleted it, then try again and it should work.
  14. I cannot specifically remember versions i tried. Sometime I'll throw the card back in a win95 box and get back to you on if it works or not with that one.
  15. Maybe i didnt find the right driver but my radeon 9250 never worked on my win95C machine. drivers couldnt start or didnt install.
  16. Well, that is new. I suspect you mean a brwoser based on a more recent engine. You could try the IA32 build of Serpent, but as far as I know there is no dice for NM28.
  17. Thank you, it did install. Either, it doesnt actually work, or I cannot figure out how to use add-ons in RZ. I notice the lack of an about:addons page, and it doesnt show up in the only other place i could think of, the about:plugins page.
  18. Does anyone have a solution for installing browser add-ons? Currently RZ complains about not being able to validate add-on signing.
  19. I'm not sure about the other part, but the GX620 should be based on the Intel 945 chipset. That should have an ICH6-based SATA disk drive controller.
  20. Thank you, @Dave-H! Replacing the DLL worked!
  21. It has "just worked" for me... Do you have WMP9URP Installed? I've heard that it is incompatible with the WMP10 9x edition; You're only supposed to install one or the other on a machine.
  22. Does there happen to be a xx2 matching u251? (u252) If there is, I'd be interested in trying that.
  23. No Dice, on this "fresh" machine either, as far as the web-plugins go. Seems like maybe we have beat the Java 8 horse all that we can.
  24. The other link doesn't seem to work for me, either. I just recently reinstalled XP on a different computer, so on that one I will try since it is a relatively "clean" slate.
  25. Seemingly, I can confirm the issues using the java 8u251... approximately the same thing in FF browsers. It's working locally, though, I was running NOAA WCT which uses java and it is operating properly.
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