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  1. I cannot say I've ever run into this problem you speak of. I've even installed XomPie on server 03, didnt happen there.
  2. I thought it wasn't possible at all?
  3. Might I add, though, I don't expect that to be an issue, as of a few months ago (and probably still today), the earliest of windows builds of telegram still logged in and worked. Talk about backwards compatibility.
  4. It may be a limitation of your chipset. My ThinkPad T60 has a Chipset limitation of 3GB. I will never be able to use more.
  5. I'm also seeing the nag, today is the first day I notice it but i haven't been very active recently.
  6. The download server seems to be not working, I keep getting bad gateway errors. EDIT: Never mind, it was my browser. Wouldn't download in FF45 SSE but DOES download in KM-Goanna
  7. was browsing reddit, aaaaaaand... QuickTime updater on Windows XP.
  8. As long as you have plenty of RAM (at least 512MB IMO), Serpent IA32 works fine. Maybe there is issues, maybe not, but I certainly haven't seen any.
  9. Beauty! I like this icon. And the orange you added later really complements it
  10. took me a bit to find the thread again, it got put in a better place i see. Yeah, after several minutes of searching in the BIOS i finally found a setting for PME events, set it to disabled, and sure enough it stayed off. Still sorta weird that it did that in the first place, but whatever. Thank you for the help!
  11. When I test the patches I typically use darksky.net, a google search results page, MSFN, and the vogons forum
  12. It's not Windows XP. If any version of windows, that thick taskbar, and the small, non-green start button would say that it's Windows 7 (Windows Basic theme) But its probably not windows. https://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2446733/russia-plans-a-switch-to-linux-to-rid-the-country-of-western-pigdogs https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2019/05/russias-microsoft-knockoff-gets-security-upgrade/157310/ Apparently some unnamed russian internet offical has confirmed it to be XP, but it sure doesnt look like it. I’m not convinced.
  13. Hey guys, I’m now the proud owner of a PCI 8400GS that I got for my Compaq DeskPro EN running Windows XP. There’s just one small issue. With this PCI GPU in, the computer will not shut off. Doesn’t matter if I boot windows or not, and it happens in other computers that I’ve tried the card in, too. It does “flick” off for a split second but promptly turns back on and begins booting again. My questions are: -Why does this happen? -Is there anything I can do to stop it, like taping over a specific “power on” pin or something? thanks, i430VX
  14. Probably worn belts. Probably not easy to source a replacement, but usually if you open (at your own risk, they can be complex to put back together) the drive, you can twist the belt so it forms a cross pattern, and that will provide extra tension. Otherwise a hard hit while it is trying to eject usually convinces those drives to open. However for jumper's laptop, sounds like something else, as those "Slimline" drives don't usually have belts...
  15. Dunno, I have ran 7 there but I have not recently, I don't remember so much as to that.
  16. Yugo over to South America and get some Chile.
  17. yes. remove the program folders (profile folders can stay with the exception of KMgoanna if you have that, which you should back up manually.) Then proceed to use the installer in your normal method on your normal account, as you have before the most recent version.
  18. A modern Opera Presto browser! -kidding! Kidding! I know you’re a mozilla guy... I’m not really sure, at this moment... I will try to think of a good thing, I suppose there is the question, what can you build that you haven't yet?
  19. Yes, no uninstaller exists at this time. I believe running the installer on the administrator account has modified permissions on the folder, so thats why the installer can’t automatically upgrade. sorry for the confusion
  20. @roytam1 It looks like you have now seen your own proof it works without SSE, but here is mine anyway, just in case you want to see. The browser is a bit sluggish, as expected, due to no real GPU and an old budget processor, but it does indeed work on this MMX-only Mendocino CPU.
  21. 1a. I still cannot replicate that error on any of my machines. 2 a, b and c: Sorry, i didnt mean literally the "Administrator" account, just an account with admin privileges. please install from your normal account as you were doing, because if it worked before you evidently have sufficient rights there. Also, @roytam1 I can provide that screenshot you ask for when i get home later today
  22. Even though it works on MMX-only?? forgot to mention till now, but it does not still work on the K6, as I expected, due to the K6 having a half-baked MMX. I do not beleive this to be a bug. But as I believe I stated, the serpent IA32 build works completely fine on my Mendocino 500MHz PII-Based Celeron with MMX only and not any SSE. Here's even a shot of it running on the MMX-only mendocino
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