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  1. Well thought i would be long gone, turns out Windows 98 is still my favourite hobby! Been using DOS' 'EDIT' daily. Discovered up to 9 documents can be opened at a time, toggled via View dropdown. Always thought opening a new document over an old one discarded the other, not the case. Just as good as a tabbed text editor. Before opening a tenth document just close one (File -> Close vs File -> Exit) that's no longer needed, you'll get cued if the document changed. Another reminder there's not much new under the sun, developers often just add overhead, eye candy and features that the major
  2. Took some cold boots to figure this out. Unzipping MPlayer.Ringo.2021-01-08.ffmpeg.N-100581-ga454a0c.7z and attempting to play video results in the error message i pasted into a post above long time ago. Copying your new mplayer-a1.exe executable into this directory and attempting to play a video with mplayer-a1.exe just returns the cursor, no error message or video, as reported in previous post. But now when i attempt to use Ringo's original mplayer.exe again the video plays back beautifully. Don't even need any arguments or config changes. Without arguments this system defaults to directx
  3. Hi again RamonUn. Just got your original 2021 Ringo build running but don't know yet exactly how/why. Will do some more testing and provide feedback. Thanks.
  4. Hi RamonUn. No success trialing all three new executables inside your unzipped build 'MPlayer.Ringo.2021-01-08.ffmpeg.N-100581-ga454a0c.7z'. Tried every combination of video out, no sound, even video null and still nothing. Also trialed swapping out SDL.dll with the other download link you provided earlier and using a known working msvcr71.dll from my K-Meleon install. Interestingly there is now no error message or output in the COMMAND.COM window when attempting to launch a video, no matter which combinaton used. The cursor prompt just returns, nothing happens, no video. Let me know if the
  5. The first post is still a work in progress and was updated to reflect potential TLS 1.3 functionality, loading SmartDrive for better performance and modifying CuteMouse configuraton for mouse scrolling. Some additional explanations and the limtations section was also updated. Will post updated configs later, custom cURL install for TLS 1.3 and probably couple screenshots.
  6. Still having fun but no documentation update yet. Wanted to spend time with this browser since many years ago, when i first learned you can browse through DOS. As mentioned, there are better current DOS browsers but this one's the backside of a mullet (business up front and party in the back). The disk thrashing and performance issues were fixed by loading SMARTDRV.EXE prior to launching Arachne - night and day difference. Note DWSDPMI.EXE is still also needed for Wget and cURL. Some kind soul over at FreeDOS recently compiled cURL with TLS v1.3 support, so that's what my Arachne can do
  7. Thanks for the links RainyShadow. DOS Extenders are a new concept to me, bookmarked some sites and will take a look.
  8. Hi MERCURY127. TLS v1.3 would be nice indeed. The Wget used above was compiled for DOS in 2015 and is dated and weak. If someone finds a newer release that would be great, might even work with cURL. Regardless the interface is clunky, the auto-switch between Arachne and command prompt to run Wget, lots of mode switching for the monitor. So regardless this enhanced Arachne would be best for primarily HTTP sites and just occasional HTTPS browsing. So for most not very useful. Aside from the Google search link above, couple other good HTTP only sites. http://lite.cnn.com/en http://www.msn
  9. Nobody requested Arachne upgrade notes but a member project page was created anyway :) https://msfn.org/board/topic/182432-arachne-web-browser-community-edition-for-dos-with-tls-12-hack/
  10. == Arachne Web Browser Community Edition for DOS with TLS 1.3 Hack == = Overview = Arachne v1.97 (2013) is a DOS graphic internet client (web browser, FTP, email) that can technically be modified for TLS 1.3 web browsing support [1]. Although it does not handle encrypted web pages natively, a Wget APM (Arachne Package Manager) provides limited TLS support. Additional work is then needed to manually install and configure a newer Wget to achieve TLS 1.2 functionality (grab HTTPS web page) then install a newer cURL for TLS 1.3 (browse HTTPS web page) functionality. Note TLS functionality is
  11. More Arachne hacking with an updated Wget (2015-12-13, GNU Wget 1.17.1). The browser can now handle TLS v1.2, confirmed via www.ssllabs.com. So this forum and sites like Wikipedia load. Once everything was working well the 'Press any key to continue' pause was disabled to streamline Wget SSL site fetches. Arachne configuration was tweaked for Wget, search page, faster DHCP connection and leaner browsing (text only, no tables). IMHO Arachne performance and bugs still prevent this from being a go to DOS browser. Obvious limitations include slow page loads, excess drive thrashing, occasional n
  12. Just tested a DOS virus scanner that appears to be good and efficient. Still amazes me how much DOS stuff there is out there. Recently updated too. https://msfn.org/board/topic/122965-dos-programs/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-1195762
  13. Hi Jarsin. ROSE SWE's heuristic based virus scanner (rhbvs_v5-20.zip, ~4MB) works in DOS and was last updated in 2021. You may want to give that a go, from DOS of course. It can also be run from a DOS prompt (COMMAND.COM window) during a Windows 98 graphic session. Not sure about FreeDOS compatability. http://rose-swe.bplaced.net/dl/ The program provides English output although most documentation is German. Running 'rHBVS.EXE' provides English usage information. Example output below. C:\WINDOWS\temp\rhbvs_v5-20>rHBVS.EXE c:\windows\temp ----=[ ROSE SWE's heuristic based viru
  14. = Arachne for (some) Encrypted Websites = Spent too much time on this so sharing notes. If you want to browse the internet using DOS highly recommend Links or Lynx browsers. These browsers are solid, load HTTPS pages without issue and have their own Windows 9x Member Project page on this forum. By comparison, Arachne hasn't been updated since 2013, remains buggy and by default can not load HTTPS sites, which today is most of the internet. The easiest way to access encrypted webpages in Arachne is by bookmarking a 3rd party proxy site. It's a man-in-the-middle and not secure but you're
  15. Well a lot of fun was had by all (me, myself and i - socially isolating) setting up and running Lynx web browser ported to DOS. A new project page was started if anyone's interested. Feel free to add tips and feedback. Take care everyone. https://msfn.org/board/topic/182400-lynx-web-browser-community-edition-for-dos-with-tls-12/?tab=comments#comment-1195579
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