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  1. Just my thoughts and experiences. Long term average real estate prices basically rise not much more than the rate of inflation plus population growth (demand). Here real estate prices on average over many decades have doubled every 10 or maybe 10-15 years, although it's not linear. Young families basically buy houses when they need them, so purchase price will not necessarily be at the bottom of a cycle. So i think @ArcticFoxie maybe your father did okay in personal real estate but with such a long mortgage and additional lines of credit certainly not much to brag about. Also here, addition
  2. Just personal preference, the Recycle Bin was removed from the 'Desktop' and added as an Explorer file manager Favorite. It's cool that the Favorites dropdown 'RECYCLED' icon even changes when the trash is not empty, just like the Desktop icon. Microsoft thought of everything with their greatest creation - Windows 98 SE (Stupendous Edition). I was recently working in Windows XP. When Explorer auto-selects files with mouse hover (as it likes to do) in the Recycle Bin view then File -> Empty Recycle Bin is not available. Whose silly idea was that? So the user needs to do a little mouse cur
  3. The 'Quick and Dirty YouTube' script on page 41 of this thread was re-tested. Still works fine and gets a decent 640x360 resolution video that should work well on most Windows 9x systems. The 'Quick and Dirty MSN Video' script was updated, bottom of page 41. MSN has made changes, including only higher resolution video, that may not play back well on lesser hardware. On this system (800 MHz, 384 MB RAM, 32 MB NVIDIA) playback is often choppy. I use this script to gather news and entertainment then transfer the videos to a faster system for playback. The script provides a good excuse to boot
  4. Enjoying some computing history. Seems appropriate to honour Gary Kildall in June, as his birthday was in May and he died in a July. Never knew much about him, aside from a Computer Chronicles co-host who knew lots about the 'DOS' days. Don't mean this negatively, i remember watching Computer Chronicles when they were excited about next generation Windows operating systems (1995-2000 era), to me Gary was a sort of 'DOS era' has-been. Makes one wonder how computing history may have changed if CP/M became the mainstream instead of MS-DOS. Nonetheless he sure contributed a lot. Sad he died so you
  5. Thanks for all responses, sorry for late reply. Your expertise @Deomsh is always appreciated, thank-you for the edit and for showing your work, wonderful, helps me understand better. Yes @Gansangriff and @RainyShadow the folder dates are by far the easiest method to quick glance determine install date. My C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.DAT file (hidden) also indicates created date unknown. Nothing wrong with installing Windows 98 on New Years Eve, a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank-you very much for your custom executable @UCyborg and script @Drugwash, they both work great. AIDA64 Extreme softwa
  6. Finding the date Windows 98 SE was installed on the system is cryptic. Searching the registry reveals an entry for 'FirstInstallDateTime'. On this system it provides what appears to be a hex number '01 a9 82 4e' under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion. An old Microsoft developer blog entry is pasted below: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20091030-00/?p=16203 This isn't helpful as i'm not knowledgeable about this stuff. Going through other searches, to my knowledge Windows 98 does not provide the 'systeminfo' command nor does it support PowerShel
  7. Thanks for all responses. I know nothing about Xerox other than they're a mature company that's still around. Don't recall seeing their printers in my region but i don't shop much. *** In Windows Explorer having to press Shift before right-clicking a file to enable the 'Open with..' option was always a mystery. Maybe Microsoft's way to encourage use of their default software as much as possible, don't know. To me it's useful and shouldn't be a hidden feature. *** There's a thread on a sub-forum somewhere related to re-installs, got me thinking. The only two times i ever re-installe
  8. Thanks again for feedback and warnings @Deomsh, the DOS section of the Recycle Bin Corruption post was modified. To me if DELTREE is used in conjunction with the full proper pathway to RECYCLED then the wildcard is acceptable. The prompt is good anyway, lets the user know what's being deleted. Agree Ctrl-c is sometimes a lifesaver. Your 'DELTREE \' image reminds me of 'rm -rf /' in GNU/Linux, which was eventually addressed with a warning IIRC. The warning was apparently added after mean forum users provided the command as advice to 'fix' a broken system! Obviously this will never get addres
  9. Thanks as always for your input @Deomsh. I should have done more research and testing and was working from (poor) memory. Still learning, DELTREE does, in fact, delete both files and directories, hidden and visible. What my poor memory may have confused is DOSKEY does not autocomplete for hidden files, just visible. Then i would think the DOS method to effectively delete everything from C:\RECYCLED is just to issue a single DELTREE C:\RECYCLED\* to clear the directory. Maybe even better just DELTREE /Y C:\RECYCLED\* to suppress prompts. No need to toggle attributes or issue multiple command
  10. = Recycle Bin Corruption = Corruption in C:\RECYCLED has probably been experienced by most long term Windows 9x users. For me this happens most when the Recycle Bin contains dot files (start with a period) or folders that start with a tilde (~). Usually i delete these files immediately, bypassing the Recycle Bin, by holding shift then select Delete. The Recycle Bin can be disabled outright via right click properties but i like trash during a session. If the bin fails to empty properly Scandisk can still show no errors but the files can become hidden and precious hard drive space will not
  11. Thanks again @roytam1 for your work on RetroZilla, i see your pull requests, looking forward to a new release.
  12. Thanks again @Gansangriff for your input. This house has four Windows installs, two Windows 98 and two Windows XP. Although not my favourite Windows XP is admittedly the more capable of the two and doesn't use too many resources. Personally i prefer to multi-boot Windows 98 and GNU/Linux. Tried 3 times on two different systems and finally downloaded the linked video. These YouTube mirrors, for lack of a better understanding, are great but always seem transient. Enjoyed the entire 27 minute Frog Find video titled 'I Rebuilt the Entire Internet for Vintage Computers'. Very useful for old syst
  13. The Open Video Project's 'shared digital video collection' seems ambitious and has some interesting archived video you would never see on YouTube. The site is accessible in RetroZilla without JavaScript and downloads work okay. https://open-video.org/results.php The Windows 98 hoodie linked on the top of page 41 is, in fact, a valid Windows 98 logo. I keep my systems lean and didn't even have a Windows 98 screensaver for comparison. But finding the logo online again attributed to Windows 98 got me more curious. Question answered, in Windows 98 just open System Properties -> General tab
  14. = Quick and Dirty Dailymotion = Vanilla Windows 98 can't access Dailymotion directly. Search like below using RetroZilla and DuckDuckGo-Lite search engine. search_term site:dailymotion.com Open desired search result in new browser tab to get the video URL. Copy and paste the URL into keepvid.works site for download, no JavaScript required. Keepvid also supports YouTube, not sure what else. https://keepvid.works/
  15. Both Quick and Dirty posts on previous page now have working direct links to Enhanced Cygwin-Lite setup (dependency software). These dependency dowloads (Cygwin-Lite and Win-Bash) still work. Total footprint of an Enhanced Cygwin-Lite install in Windows 98 is about 9 MB.
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