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  1. Nomen

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    So where is this Edge for Win-7? Have they released it yet? I have zero familiarity with Edge. Are there add-ons for it? Site, content blocking? I have some FF addons - like right-click "remove this object" that I don't know if they exist on newer versions of FF. And I need to have a browser with Java, and a browser that is compatible with various IP webcams and security cameras. I think there are some browsers where you can't enter an alternate port-number on the end of a URL, and I need to be able to do that. And an easy way to view source. Being based on chromium, does that mean it has all sorts of hooks back to google? I will not touch chrome for that reason.
  2. Nomen

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    > For extensions, install this extension; it'll give you access to the archive of the classic extensions. I tried installing it. It says it's not compatible with FF 39.
  3. Nomen

    Youtube on win7/32 + IE10 - no video?

    https://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/E6420-Lists-Both-Intel-GPU-and-nVidia-GPU-in-the-Device-Manager/td-p/5162478 ============= Google "NVIDIA Optimus". Basically, the system defaults to the Intel GPU in order to save battery life when there is no graphic-intensive work going on that would be enhanced by having the NVIDIA GPU active. In many systems it's also the only GPU physically wired to the display outputs. When the performance demand increases, e.g .when playing a game, then the NVIDIA GPU is activated and acts as a render-only device, doing the heavy lifting and then passing completed frames to the Intel GPU for output to the displays themselves. In general, this system works well (and it continues to get better with newer drivers), but there are times when the automatic mechanism does not select the desired GPU. In those cases, as ejn63 said, you can use the NVIDIA Control Panel to force a particular GPU to be used when a certain application is executed. You may also notice that if you right-click an application shortcut (at least on the desktop, not sure about the Start menu), you'll see an option that says "Run with graphics processor" and then allows you to select the Intel or NVIDIA GPU. That is a handy way to choose a specific GPU on a faster, per-execution basis as compared to storing a persistent profile in NVIDIA Control Panel. ============= I used to ask here, in the win-98 forum, if any video card higher than a 6200 would have better ability to decode or stream movie files on a win-98 system. I don't recall getting any concrete answers as to whether or not higher video cards (6800, 7xxx, etc) had any inherent hardware enhancements to do video-stream decoding, or if the hardware enhancements of those cards was only for video-game rendering. In this current situation, the Nvidia control panel does not offer the Nvidia GPU as the default choice for apps such as VLC, MP-Classic or Windows media player, so again I'm assuming that the Nvidia GPU has NOTHING built-in to enhance the decoding of video files (mp4, h264, h265, etc). Under the screen resolution advanced options, it shows only Intel HD 3000 graphics adapter. There is no Nvidia choice. This is consistent with the information posted above. Right now, resource monitor says I have 2763 mb in use, 221 available, 4096 installed. 1111 mb hardware reserved. I closed a IE10 (with 2 tabs open), a pdf viewer, VLC, Thunderbird, and now I have 2310 mb in use, 677 available. FF with 32 tabs is using 780 mb. Seamonkey (1 tab) is using 377 mb. dwm.exe is using 112 mb. These numbers are the "working set" column.
  4. Nomen

    Youtube on win7/32 + IE10 - no video?

    There are no GPU settings in screen resolution section. The only settings for graphics processor are found by running Nvidia control panel, and they seem to pertain to "3D settings" and are set based on the application. For all browsers I can set the GPU to be Integrated Graphics or Nvidia high-performance GPU. How that helps the browser performance, I don't know. For all media players (VLC, MP Classic, Windows Media player) the ability to select Nvidia GPU is removed. So if the Nvidia GPU has high performance video stream decoding, I can't see how I can put it to use. If, on the other hand, the Nvidia GPU is mostly for game playing, then that is of no use to me.
  5. Nomen

    Youtube on win7/32 + IE10 - no video?

    > Could you try GPU-Z to see the GPUs temperature. This is a Dell Latitude 6420 with I7 cpu. It has Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Nvidia NVS 4200M (I'm not exactly sure what it means to have 2 GPU systems or how I know when either one is in use). CPUZ says the nvidia gpu is 45C, the intel is 53C (same as the cpu). Both IE10 an FF39 are playing youtube video's just fine tonight (I just checked) but I've rebooted and restarted IE10 / FF since my post. I guess you can't leave browsers open for days on end on win-7/32 systems with 4 gb ram without some having some resource / stability issues cropping up. Does having win-7/64 with 8 gb ram work any better?
  6. Nomen

    The action cant be completed...............

    Want to post a list of your installed updates? wmic qfe list full /format:texttablewsys > "C:\hotfix.txt" (or some other suitable folder) Even if you don't post it, out of curiosity, do you have kb 958559 installed? You might want to look at this: ================== Posted September 20, 2018 (Weird "Item Not Found" Error) On 9/18/2018 at 7:41 AM, Radish said: Also found this. You need to read the whole thread. The fix mentioned there isn't discovered till Page 2: https://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/81527-need-help-unable-rename-move-folders.html The long and the short of what is being suggested there is that update KB980408 is the culprit. They do though propose a fix, see "HellGates" post.
  7. I rarely browse youtube directly (I usually play youtube video's embedded on/from other websites) but I've been browsing youtube tonight and (unless it's my laptop) I can hear the audio just fine but I'm not seeing any video. The overlays and buttons for ads (like skip-ad) are there but I'm getting just a black screen. This is IE10. I see all the other content on the page (like comments and the list to the right of up-next videos with cover-image). FF 39 was worse in terms of seeing much on the site. Same with the current version of sea monkey. Do I need to reboot my laptop, or is known behavior? (I'm typing this on FF39 with IE10 playing in the background and msfn seems fine). I refuse to install / run Chrome if that's what you're thinking...
  8. Nomen

    The action cant be completed...............

    Take ownership of the folder, and try again? Indexing service? Is this the root folder of a drive? C drive maybe? (doesn't Win-7 have a hang up about what it allows you to create or do in the C root?)
  9. I'm thinking of getting a NAS box. Anyone have any first-hand experience with file-access between a NAS and Win-98? Does it work? No problem with any NAS? Or maybe just some?
  10. Nomen

    What is best Firefox version for Win-7?

    Yea I forgot to mention Java. I also found that youtube video playback on the 45.9 version horrible. Some kind of weird, spastic stuttering effect was going on. I reinstalled my 39.0 version and everything came back, including the addons, so I'm happy again. For some sites that don't seem to work (and I don't want to mess with my noscript settings to see if I can fix it) I do run Seamonkey (2.49.4). One thing I don't like about seamonkey is (a) the lack of a dedicated search box beside the address bar, (2) can't add or remove tabs as easily as in FF. I didn't mention I have 32-bit Win-7, and I'm thinking that (and anyone with first-hand experience please confirm or deny this) that to increase performance and stability of a browser with a couple-dozen tabs open that 8gb (or more) ram makes a difference and hence that's one advantage of win7-64 over win7-32 (with 4 gb). I'd need a compelling reason to basically throw away the DIMMS in my Lattitude if I went up to 8 gb if I wanted to put win7-64 on this thing.
  11. My version 39.0 FF got stuck in starting in safe mode, and the only option was for me to continue starting it in safe mode or "refreshing" it - which means nuking all my addons (so it says). I didn't want to do that, but I found no instructions as to how to force it to start normally. I looked through the FF version history and decided to download the 45.9.0 ESR package, and I ran it, and it now starts fine, and my short-list of add-ons is intact and seemingly functional. My addons: about:addons-memory 2016 noscript nuke anything enhanced remove it permanently session manager stylish user agent switcher But I find this 45.9.0 version horrible. It doesn't render the content of some pages - it leaves big black sections that I can make to appear if I drag the FF window off-screen and bring back on-screen. So is there any consensus as to the "best" version that maintains good compatibility with old addons yet gives acceptable screen -rendering performance?
  12. DMABufferSize in 386 section of system.ini was already set to 64 kb. In device manager under disk controllers I see that I have a problem with the Secondary Ultra ATA controller. It say the device is either not present, not working properly, or have all the drivers installed. This is the 4'th (and last) item listed under hard disk controllers. I have only 1 IDE drive in the system, and nothing is connected to the second IDE port - I assume that's what the secondary ATA controller is for? The first item is Intel 82801DB Ultra ATA storage controller - 24CB, the second item is Primary Ultra ATA controller, the third item is Realtek USB disk controller. Those 3 items are showing ok. The realtek driver is for a drive-bay multi-card reader. I go to the secondary controller properties and select Update Driver. It finds 2 INF candidates - one is the original win-98 mshdc.inf and the other is intelata.inf (dated 10-15-2002). I select that one. It then asks for iata98.cat. I have two - 7/6/2001 (1 kb) and 10/30/2000 (8kb). I guess I should have one dated 2002? I select the 2000 one. It's happy with that, and finishes the install. Wants me to restart. I restart - and I don't have the problem any more (see first post). I go to device manage, and see that there is no issue with the Secondary Ultra ATA controller, but now there is an issue with the realtek USB controller (either not present, not working properly, or does not have all drivers installed). I look at driver details, and it says it's using intelata.mpd (october 2002) and ios.vxd. I have a 9/13/2000 version of intelata.mpd. I boot into dos and swap the files - but windows doesn't start with the '2000 version. I swap it back. With the realtek controller showing a problem, I can't access the multi-card reader. If I fix this Realtek USB controller issue (by reinstalling driver) it works, but I'm back to having an issue with the Secondary UltraATA controller. The realtek now shows it's using rtport.pdr instead of intelata.mpd. So at this point, the problem I described in the first post is gone, the multi-card reader is working, device manager says there is a problem with Secondary UltraATA controller (which doesn't bother me). Oh, one other thing - and I think I noticed this before I did any of this. Bring up file explorer, right click on any drive. I get a "this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" message. Details say invalid page fault in Kernel32.dll. If I dismiss the error, the message goes away, explorer does NOT close, and the right-click context menu appears as if nothing happened.
  13. Maybe this is an old / legacy thing or maybe I'm the only one who sees this. I've got a fair amount of icons on my win98se desktop. Every time I open explorer (my computer) and select a drive, the contents of the drive will be displayed, and I might start scrolling down to a folder of interest, but in 1 or 2 seconds the screen does some sort of refresh where the explorer view is set back to the top of where I was scrolling and all the icons on the screen go through a wave of being re-drawn. After that, I can scroll down again and select the folder I want, and continue to explore other folders, and I don't see this screen refresh again. It only happens the first time I open explorer and start browsing a drive. Is there any way to stop this behavior?
  14. VLC 3.0.4 says (in the codec tab) the video resolution is 2304 x 1296, buffer dimensions 2304 x 1312, Planar 4:2:0 YUV, Mpeg-H Part2/HEVC (H.265). The file is 5 mb (5.156 mb) and 25 seconds. The video is black and white (was taken at night in IR mode). VLC will "play" the video (time cursor will move along the bottom) but only the first frame will show on the screen. This is on Latitude e6420 laptop (core i7) windows 7 (32-bit). This same video file will play fine on a dumb win-7 (64-bit) desktop PC with some socket-775 CPU and onboard graphics (intel I think) with same version of VLC. I was just wondering if it would play on a win-98 system because I think it needs VLC 3 minimum.
  15. I think starting with VLC version 3 you can play HEVC H.265 files. Don't know about Mediaplayer Classic. In any case, can Win-98 play these files, using any method or program? Even though I installed the latest VLC yesterday on a i7 Dell Latitude (win-7 32 bit) with nvidia accerator, it won't play one of those files - it just shows the first frame as a still image. The file is only 5 mb - it's a 25 second clip from a 4k IP camera.