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  1. ooops! see post above! I completely missed it because it was "hiding" on the next page...
  2. While I don't know why It's like this, I saw this problem myself in xp and 2000. The "easy" way is to bring your own choice.exe from the 32 bit folder (SYSWOW64) from XP x64 edtion, which works on x86 and x64 xp, and later. Looking at your code I see how you did the downloading of the browser build, I may try to integrate that idea into my installer instead so i don't have a server file to update. I only have one day of school left until fall, so I should be able to get a new and vastly improved installer out very soon. My installer will grab the latest builds now btw
  3. I'm glad to see that they're back!
  4. Yes, his is 400 mhz as you noted, doesnt have SSE- only available as Mendocino at that speed. Mine was also Mendocino, although a coppermine does exist at 533mhz, which has SSE, but mine doesn't, being Mendocino. Anyway, this is drifting OT so we should get back on topic here If I get my celly 533 Mendocino working I should definitely try out the NM27nosse build though
  5. Yes but what i meant was @looking4awayout had said to try the SSE version. All I was doing was clearing that up as IIRC that CPU doesnt support SSE Therefore needing to use the noSSE one
  6. I don't think such a celeron as his supports SSE, as my 533mhz one didn't.
  7. Only updates will stop. At the current point, extremely old versions of telegram are still able to connect and work. So I'd say we have a while
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't think this place to have that much bot activity. Has google responded to you yet?
  9. So basically, google thinks this site has a lot of spam traffic? as such they've stopped ALL ads? That's BS I hope they resolve it soon
  10. my server is back up! :D as such my unofficial installer for roys builds will work again Whether or not @roytam1 does this himself is up to him, but I was considering adding optional plugin support to my installer. for something like @looking4awayout's installer I have that process planned in my head but I have no ideas on how I would automatically install "normal" add-ons (such as noScript) into the browser. I suppose maybe forcing the browser to open the xpi file but that's sorta crude and not automatic.
  11. Alright, so about my server issue: FALSE ALARM. Nothing was compromised As a precaution more security is in place now, though. I’ll hopefully have it back up tomorrow (therefore my installer for roys builds will work again) sorry for any inconvenience about that
  12. attention to anyone who uses my installer: My server may have been compromised. It is shut down now following some strange behavior that started to happen a few hours ago. i have no reason to believe any files were compromised, but if you have downloaded anything from my server in the past few hours, I encourage you to do a FULL AV scan on your computer. by tomorrow i will hopefully figure out whats happening with it and bring it back online once i make sure it's safe. ...yes, this does mean that my installer wont work as it depends on a text file on my server. sorry for any inconvenience as I said, this is out of an abundance of caution, Just take care and make sure your stuff is safe.
  13. I'm having this same problem (980ti here), the only solution i could come up with was to use a second GPU (GT710) to run the second monitor on my setup. Not convenient but it works.
  14. Any updates on this, mods? Where are they?
  15. As usual, my browser installer will now install the latest builds... the new version with firefox45 and UOC patch support IS coming soon, I promise. I've just been a bit busy lately.
  16. Yes but i would assume that still leaves the new port vulnerable, albeit it's better-than-nothin' as most bots looking for this vulnerability are probably only interested in the default port. YMMV
  17. Further north there was flurries but no snow.
  18. The floods were caused by hurricanes, but there was no rain
  19. No juice either, but you can bring apples (am i doing this right?)
  20. Today I notice the ads are gone... since I know money has been tight on the forum and I cant personally donate I'm a bit concerned that the forum wont get enough revenue if they stay broken. What's happening with them?
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