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  1. I have an LG Lucid running Android 4 as a backup phone, I'll have to try out this with it.
  2. Not yet. As I just said in that thread, I'll add support for it in the (hopefully) near future. The code already partially exists, actually, but i need to finish it. I've been pretty busy IRL lately but life should be slowing down soon enough so I hope to get a chance to add it.
  3. My installer does not currently support PM27 builds, support for that is coming "soon"
  4. OLD unofficial installer will support new builds as of now, but NEW unofficial installer version released: Change log: -Removed dependency on VCRedist 2008 (NO more "failed to initialize" errors!) -Updated Basilisk Branding to Serpent (may result on a double shortcut on your desktop for the first time on the new branding) (Win2k Extended Kernel Support Coming soon) As always, download available here: http://i430vx.strangled.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe -- Make sure to report any bugs :3
  5. I installed all the updates without issues.
  6. My installer should be able to handle the new builds— I’m unable to test at the moment but it should work. EDIT: Yep, it's working!
  7. FWIW, it actually does feed XP a compatible installer stub, but not Vista.
  8. Playing an old favorite of mine - AdventureQuest. battleon.com
  9. My unofficial installer is confirmed working with the latest builds for both new installs and in-place upgrades . Currently working on a new version of the installer: -any Basilisk branding changed to Serpent to better represent the product -adding support to download and install from windows 2000 with BWC extened kernel -maybe more, who knows As always, let me know if you guys find any bugs so I can fix them.
  10. Have you tried installing the K-Lite codec pack, or downloading the DLLs from here (see first post if you need nosse version) into the directory where palemoon.exe lives? I haven't personally used the browser on win2k that much but that's my guess.
  11. Have you tried reinstalling the extended kernel? Do you also have reg.exe present for the appcomp script?
  12. @roytam1 You made a typo in the links to your Pale Moon 28 builds. You say when they should be: anyway... my server is updated to link correctly to the new builds, enjoy. No need to download a new installer version this time.
  13. Well after installing xp on the new HDD, (the difference from the old one is like night and day) the ThinkPad is back in service. All the POSReady updates that were offered to me today were installed with no issues.
  14. I mainly use XP still but eventually I'll probably transition to Q4.
  15. Updated my server-side file to allow the unofficial installer to install the latest NM and BK builds. PLEASE NOTE: I fixed a bug with the old installer. Please download the new installer, as upgrades were broken in the old one. The latest installer is always available here: http://i430vx.strangled.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe As always -- Please let me know of any bugs you find with my installer!
  16. Yeah. Thanks very much for your suggestions, though!
  17. Well I tried this because I was bored, still hung in the same place. Anyway, I guess it's just broken, waiting for the new HDD now to reinstall onto
  18. Dont most of these issues we’ve had affect POSready as well? From what i remember running it, they did. And yeah, I’ve tried last known config. And its a laptop, you can’t exacty take out the video card. I’ve given up on this install, my new, faster hard drive is coming in a couple days, and then we’ll have take 2 when i reinstall onto it
  19. Certainly a good idea, but it shouldn't be necessary. Windows updates should not completely hose an operating system. But regardless I can pull the data off the drive, no loss ~95% of my data was already backed up
  20. I even tried replacing updated files with the original versions. Didn't help. I was planning to buy a new hard drive for the laptop, I suppose now is the time because I'll have to reinstall anyway.
  21. Well I installed all of em and it bricked my laptop. It hangs at "Windows is starting up" and BSOD's after a few minutes because the logon service quit. UPDATE: Same thing in safe mode. :(
  22. I didn't notice such a thing upgrading NM on my end. (I dont have plugins installed on basilisk to test) I don't know why it would happen
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