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  1. Question, has anyone had a wordpad erorr message after an update or know how to fix it: WORDPAD.EXE entry point not found: The procedure entry point CoRegisterActivationFilter could not be located in dynamic link library ole 32.dll?
  2. I connected my xp machine to a new synology NAS directly via ethernet cable, transferred some file (small and large using Teracopy) and got from 25 MB/s to 100 MB/s (in rare cases) transfer speeds. The hardive in my xp pc has an average read speed of around 140 MB/s and the hardrive in the NAS has 255 MB/s write speed, the connection is 1 Gbit/s = 125 MB/s. The problem is that the most of the time I get transfer speeds in the 25 MB/s range. The protocol the NAS is using is SMB. Is there a way to improve the transfer speed to the NAS by tweaking win xp settings?
  3. Hello, after installing all the updates to day on MU, I got the qt5core.dll error when stating Malwarebytes 3.5.1. I found that the culprit is the KB4134651 update. After removing it (Malwarebytes statred working again) and MU displays the following updates to install: High-priority updates Microsoft Windows XP Embedded -KB4339291, KB4134651 (7.2018), KB4134651 (5.2018), KB4089453 Optional software updates Microsoft Windows XP Embedded - KB4039111 Is there a work around to be up to date with the updates and have Malwarebytes working at the same time?
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