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  1. Forgot to add that the web pages for the app are what don't exist anymore.
  2. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, the web pages don't exist anymore probably due to age. But it did show the registry key for file rename operations and how to do that so I will try that.
  3. Is there a wininit for XP that you can use to perform a task on startup like the 9x series OS's could. I need to rename a couple folders that Windows won't allow while it's running. If there is...how do I use it? Is it just a text file? Thanks.
  4. That didn't do it. I'm tghinking this may have something to do with the timestamp thing.
  5. Thought the same thing too so I checked my other XP on my other computer and its running there too. I'm going to change it to manual anyway and see what happens. Could be 2 different behaviors because the computers are different.
  6. OK here they are. Couldn't get the whole thing in one shot due to number of processes.
  7. Thanks but what I meant was that I didn't know that the max file size you can put in a post is 512K here. These were a little over 1 meg so I have to resize them so the file size is smaller. And I just finished doing that online. Pictures are below this reply.
  8. Didn't know the max file size for files was 512k. I'm going to have to downsize them at home tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.
  9. Read the article your link points too. Very interesting and either the same or very similar to what I'm experiencing. One article I found (think it was the MS website) talked about the timestamp and how to turn it off. Haven't tried it yet but it brought up another interesting thing I never new....GPEDIT.MSC. Not put in Administrative tools by default. I was looking for a way to turn off Autoplay (like everyone else) and that is done in gpedit.msc. It has a lot of other settings that can be manipulated so I put a shortcut to it on my Administrative Tools menu. Haven't completely looked at all of it yet but there might be something in there too. Also did a search for all files with the .msc extension and found about 20. Some of them are already in Administrative tools and some of those that are, actually have a few more things in them that you don't see when called from the AT menu. And my apologies....I forgot to do the PrtScrn last night. I'll get it on here this Monday. Thanks.
  10. Exactly. Like I said in an earlier post the XP on my other computer doesn't do this. I installed XP on both computers from the same disc (XP SP2). And both were upgrade to SP3 from the same file. Yet they both exhibit different behaviors in some things. Part of this is possibly explained by the fact the hardware is different on both computers but as for the rest of it....hmm....
  11. System Restore is disabled. I need to get a Backup program one of these days. I really don't care for the XP/NT Backup app. I prefer the way backup used to work on the 9x OS's. XP doesn't back up the registry with everything else. It does it seperately so now the backup consists of 2 pieces. That's one of the reasons I keep Millenium on the system. But I would also like to be able to do that kind of backup in XP. Just a precaution in case Millenium goes down
  12. Never used it for that. Thanks for the idea. I'll try to get that done tonight.
  13. I haven't been able to find a snipping tool that works yet....even when they say they are compatible with XP. So at the moment I can't. Can you recommend one that you know works? Also some additional searching reveals that this problem I'm having is not unique. Others have experienced it as well. Here is a sample question that explains what I'm talking about (from Microsoft's website): "I am having this problem with files on the server (Windows Server 08). One of my users just pointed out to me that when he goes into a directory and drills down and then goes out without changing anything, the date on the folder changes (modify date). How can I stop this from happening unless there is an actual change made?" There were also other people asking the same question about Windows 7.
  14. Volume Shadow Copy is set on manual in Services and is not running. And I have to correct what I said before. What Windows is doing is continually "modifying" folders every time they are accessed. I checked the properties of that drive and "let system index this drive" was checked but I have unchecked it but it didn't help. What's annoying about this is I check the drive after every session to see what has been created or modified and I get this long list of folders that I have to weed thru. Win XP on my other computer doesn't do this and I have no idea why they both behave differently.
  15. I'll have to check the services for that...not sure. By created I mean the same way Windows recreates menu shortcuts everytime the clock changes from DST to CDST except that it does it all the time.

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