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  1. i got it to work! i just needed to boot from the usb and pick the custom resize option and it works im now duel booted with 8.1-linux!
  2. Ive installed windows 8.1 now and im working on getting lubuntu installed also and can figure out a way to get linux and windows together if any one knows how to do this it would be really appriciated-legacyfan
  3. is their any way i can completely disable that service? also thanks for all your help its good i can always turn to this forum for help-legacyfan
  4. here is the screenshot you requested that one svchost is using 21.424k usage
  5. recently ive noticed that on my laptop running windows xp svchost uses 100% cpu all the time and ive found no fix for this at all and it make everything run really slow if anyone knows how to stop this annoying process it would be really appreciated-legacyfan
  6. it would be interesting to see if they can change and make windows better but i really don't see any way they would its microsoft
  7. i don't know of any drivers that will work for you and your computer seems a little bit to modern for vista so i don't know how to help you with this sorry-legacyfan (also please don't use caps lock for every word)
  8. i finally found a good linux version that works and im looking for a tool like ccleaner but for linux if any one knows of any thing like this it would be appriciated also im new to linux so please nothing hard to use
  9. im working getting windows xp fully updates and im missing directx runtime if anyone knows of any place to get it or any download link to it any help would be really appriciated-legacyfan
  10. thanks for all your help ill try cleaning my laptop and see if that helps-legacyfan (edit it still has overheating problems ive decided to go back to windows xp until i can figure out how to get linux to work)
  11. here is my specs my laptop is the e6430 from 2012 my specs: Intel hd graphics 4000 toshiba 298gb hdd Intel core I5 -3320m cpu @2.60ghz 3 generation and the issue start after linux was installed
  12. Ive just today installed linux mint 20.01 and its running just fine accept for that it has a really weird heating problem that overheats my laptop and i need a way to fix it if any one knows of any ways i can fix this it would be really appreciated Ive been wanting to use linux for a long time and i don't want it all messed up by heating problems-legacyfan
  13. sorry about not adding the fix i updated the 1st post to add the fix

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