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  1. it took me a year but my 1030 is now happly running along on my new vista x64 install!
  2. does windows update really have to disable or could some type of workaround be found for this? ive used legacy update before and it work and functions way better than windows 10s update mechanism
  3. based off the windows xp antivirus thread this post will be for discussing antivirus that work only on windows 10/11/ and to bring more solutions for other options for better securing these systems and there software
  4. hello george and welcome to the forum
  5. thank you everyone for the support of this topic therebis a lot of valuable information here now
  6. with as much as they have to deal with pretty much everyday for the safety of the forum i think it would be a good idea to create a day dedicated to them and what they have done fir the forum even with all they do they never get the complements on how much they do here and i think that should be celebrated
  7. Hello @ribbon and welcome to msfn!
  8. hello karla and welcome to msfn (ive heard you have good pastrys there as well)
  9. based on my researching into other antivirus I have found things that are definitely not what antivirus is designed to do

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