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  1. W10 is "Unusable" with a legacy NVidia card, because the screen flickers to an unacceptable extent, display artifacts, color distortions, you name it. Like with a semi-broken GPU. There is no point in staying with some outdated version (of whatever W7/8/10), because the purpose is exactly to have a current Windows 10 64bit and W9x, it is there to proove that Windows is Windows since over 20 years, and it was/(is?) a platform to compare the same ole' games over the generations of Windows, i.e. Baldurs Gate I / II, Half Life 1, Diablo 1/2, Stalker, etc.. The other two OS, that is, W98S
  2. Hi, maybe we see the waning light of triple-boot with W98/XP/W10: The last usable driver for NVidia Series 6 and 7 cards on Windows 10 (GEFORCE 309.08 for W88 64bit, from 2015-02-24) is showing severe flicker and display-problems (here: with my GF 7900 GTX PCIe 512MB). This would fundamentally render moot AMD FX as the most cross-compatible, intergenerational platform for W98SE to current W10, and might do so for any other modern platform. (Unfortunately, LInux with pass-through is still not up to replace this "in totam", even though it seems the most promising alter
  3. Dear Old Friend, face the inconvenient truth: You ARE older. But: Welcome to the club... :) Myself, I will celebrate in three and a half years, as the BSODs of W95 cost me that much years of my life. W98SE FTW.
  4. I have that board sitting on my benchtable at the moment. I can confirm what Feamane said. After all is said and done, it is a matter of preference, both choices are ok. That is not happening very often with W9x ... :-D
  5. >>ragnargd : Thank you for taking the time to explain a lot of things, i really appreciate it!! My pleasure >>The JMB is a pain, it does not detect drives connected with IDE>SATA converter etc. I used such adapters, but stopped it, as i had problems to fixate cabling and the drives, quite often resulting in instable or non-booting systems. >>I am using adata SU650 drives 2 of them. 1 is 120gb for 98 and 240 for windows xp, 120 is divided into 40-80 and the 80gb one i am using to put data, drivers, >>games dump so if i want to format again, that
  6. Well, i had the Asus P5B Deluxe, looong time ago. As it is quite some years ago, take my "hints" with a grain of salt... and your board is a bit more limited than the P5B Deluxe, being a tad bit older, as far as i know. The Audigy and Audigy 2 are the best choice, bar none. Check the Device-ID of the LAN, maybe drivers exist. My P5B board had a W9x-compatible LAN. I used Windows 7 on that board as well, but gave it away thereafter. I read of people using a P5B Deluxe with Windows 10, but that board had an ICH8R, while yours has the ICH8 (without "R"), which is a problem und
  7. soggi.org is a real treat. Thank you!
  8. Could you do me a favour, and look up the Vendor/Device-ID of that NIC?
  9. For the Intel Pro CT Desktop Adapters, the cards sold nowadays are of a revision (from years 2012-2014) that is not supported by the old drivers (latest year 2006) in any way, i really tried hard, they just don't work together. I now try to find old revisions of the cards. Most were used as onboard-chips or add-in cards on serverboards, but there never have been many in circulation in 2006 in the first place. I found pictures of those old Pro CT NICs, they do look different from those of today (much shorter PCB, and very often only available as low-profile). I don't expect
  10. @Goodmaneuver The MoBo and cards show no extraordinary temps, and there are no problems with the board, it runs absolutely fine, no issues at all. And with Intel NICs, everything works like a charm. Only the Realtek NICs have problems, showing abysmal performance. I have found out that many realtek cards have some performance problems on W10, of which most can be dealt with by setting parameters, while others will be dealt with by microsoft-updates. It seems to be fairly common: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/realtek-pcie-gbe-family-co
  11. Hi, macx1227, welcome to MSFN! Myself, i ran a E8400 with W98SE, and also a C2Q 9550S. Unfortunately, CPUs are (usually) not the problem, so that does not say anything. Chipset and mainboard-layout are paramount. Your PC has the Q43 chipset, if i'm not mistaken, and i found these data (sorry, German only): https://www.tiger-technik.de/Mainboards/Intel/Sockel-775/HP-Compaq-6000-Pro-SFF-MT-Mainboard-531965-001-503362-001-Intel-Q43-DDR3-m188::1630.html http://www.webdatenblatt.de/cds/de/?pid=6d32df853078772 Are these correct, basically? (Mainly, is the scre
  12. @MrMateczko: I will try both, but later, as i don't have time at the moment. Btw: Cool, this is the newest Intel-Driver for 9x/ME, mine are older. Thank you! @Goodmaneuver: I already tried your tips. This didn't change a thing... here. But as i had the feeling, there is some wisdom in what you reported, i tried it on another PC (some ASRock iCafe MoBo) showing strange behaviour, i already lost a GPU. And guess what: It helped me detect the problem, here the PSU being the culprit. Wow! Probably saved my hardware. So: Thank you a lot!!!
  13. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-raspberry-pi-xp-linux-raspbian-professional
  14. [had to correct this, the "listdevices.txt" was misleading, only exactly ONE driver supports GTX 970 and GTX 980. Other GTX 9x0 / Titans were mentioned in later drivers, but were not in the inf files.] Interesting find while explicitely searching for drivers older than those on the NVidia-Site, but after the launch, on www.forum-3dcenter.org http://uk.download.nvidia.com/Windows/344.11/344.11-desktop-winxp-32bit-international.exe More infos: https://www.forum-3dcenter.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=556959 I tried it, and my GTX 970 was detected and runs fine (no SLI, t
  15. I had a look at this thread on guru3d again (Jaclaz find): https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-geforce-icafe-expresso-368-91-whql-desktop-driver.408957/ A user named maur0 sayeth this: >> what driver is more good this or 368.95 hotfix? >>17/07 368.91 >>20/07 368.95 >>3 days older So there may be even a hotfix... But the only thing i located was from microsoft update (in a cab file) for W10 32bit... i guess something like that doesn't necessarily even exist for XP, so don't hold your breath... Ah, btw, I pulled the XP 32bit iCafe-drive
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