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  1. @ryandoesnstress: The crackling sound is a problem many audio cards have, this is not restricted to Audigy2 (i had this as well, unfortunately), i had this with i.e. onboard audio as well. It is a manufactoring problem, with bad insulation. When it appeared with a soundcard, i replaced it. When it happened with onboard-audio, i was only able to "repair" it by replacing the motherboard with an identical (but intact) model. It's a nuisance. You can dampen the effect, if you crank up the volume of the computer to 100%, while lowering the volume on the external audio equipment (i.e. the amplifier). Still, sometimes i had the effect, that the noise appeared when i moved my mouse... that was where i replaced the motherboard... an expensive "solution"... :-(
  2. Welcome, defuser, to MSFN! My main motivation to run W9x are old games, as a matter of fact, the more obscure, the better. But even though, i know of only a very few games that only run on W9x, and not on XP. Most others run better on XP than on W9x, which is my only reason i have XP running as well. Can you tell me the names of those games you are trying to run on W9x, that don't work on XP (steam or not)? I'm collecting those games, if i can get a hold of them... Cheers, Ragnar G.D.
  3. @ryandoesntstress: For a nicer experience, choose a card with exactly 256MB of Memory. If you don't want an additional power cable, the GF 6600 GT is nice, supported under any circumstances, and there are good passively cooled models. I prefer the NV 7600 GT, though, as it is (quite nearly) as fast as a GF 6800 GTX (which was the fastest supported GPU for W9x), needs no auxiliary power cable, and can can be cooled passively as well. It needs an inf-modded driver, but that is comparably easy to accomplish. There are models that still have a VGA connector, which comes handy in certain situations, so choose one of those, if you can. The EVGA Superclocked 7900GTX is the fastest GPU you can get for W9x, but that one definitely needs a modded driver, because it only is available with 512MB of memory, of which W98SE is not fond of. There is one single 7900 GTX with 256MB of memory, by BFG, i think, but it is neither easy to get, nor cheap, If you want a reasonably fast GPU, look out for a 7900GS 256MB, which are a bit easier to get. If you set your target-lock on any of those, PM me, and i will assist.
  4. Hi, i'm trying out Chocolatey, a windows packaging software. I like "choco upgrade all -y", like with "apt upgrade", as many of the everyday software i use is updated, and i can install all those packages on a new machine (including choco itself) with one small script. But. I don't know anyone using it as well, did not find many critical voices (always good to listen to), and whatnot. Does anyone here use it? Know it? Hate it for good reason? Cheers, Ragnar G.D.
  5. Comparing it by this links... (always GTX vs. Quadro) https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-7900-gtx.c154 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/quadro-fx-5500.c1335 Memory clock: 800 MHz/1600 MHz effective vs. 505 MHz/1010 MHz effective, which will result in slightly better gaming benchmarks for the GTX. VRAM: 512MB vs. 1GB, which favours the Quadro in some very few games on i.e. XP, but which will not offset the better memory clock of the GTX in benchmarks. Power usage: 84W vs. 96W, which is slightly in favour of the GTX (the Quadro has a slightly better cooling for the VRAM on the backside of the card, though) At the moment, the Quadro is much easier to get, and cheaper, but as we are talking about used GPUs here, that may change occasionally. My budget is gone at the moment, and i already own two GTX, so i will not experiment here, but i'm pretty sure both GTX and Quadro are equally worth it, both being the fastest cards ever for W9x, and for sure both need rloews patch. SLI is only an option on XP (and definitely NOT on W10), and there, only on certain MoBos that are not usable by W9x, with only certain old drivers, so all chaps here can safely ignore that. I tried that, but be my guest if you succeed none the less.
  6. True, WinME is a different story. It's always good to point out that with all similarities, they (95, 98, ME) still do differ.
  7. Hi, I got a used ASRock 990FX Extreme4. I installed an AMD FX 4320, 1GB Ram, and an NVidia 7900GT 256MB, all connected to my VGA/PS/2 KVM switch, at a 1920x1200 Dell. Naked W98SE installion: Check! System shuts down clean via "Start" or ATX-button. Well-behaved (means: Detected, does not work on W98SE, but does not trash the system, so can be used to the full by XP/W10 in Multiboot): - USB2, USB3, Power-saving CPU-states, onboard LAN, onboard HD Audio ... - I disabled LAN and Audio, as i will use a compatible PCIe 1x Gigabit LAN and SB Audigy(2) PCI later on anyway, for XP/W10 as well. Caveats (same as with any FX chipset): - SATA channel 5 and 6 can (and have to) be set to IDE mode, so an SSD and a DVD drive can be used ... - but the AHCI-channels 1-4, and drives at them, are not even detected by W98SE, which is what i like most about the FX chipsets ... :-) - Using himemx is mandatory, even with 512MB - Deactivate the Marvell SATA controller! (Did not test the IDE/Firewire controller yet) - Will not work, and send system into the dreaded compatibility-mode, disabling any CD/DVD-Drive. Maybe later with rloews driver... WIll have to check AHCI-mode later ... Installed: IE, DX, Realtek LAN Driver, patched inofficial NV Driver, SP3.0c. Looks good, but because the board seems to have a problem, strange behaviour... Never get to the point to install NUSB.
  8. I doubt 1GB will be more of a problem than 512MB - W9x will crash in almost all cases (a very few exceptions on some specific NV 6200 exist, but they are what they are: exceptions). rloew wrote a working patch to limit VRAM to 256MB, which always worked for me for W9x, while on every other OS, the amount of memory was unimportant (except, W10 needs 256MB, so 256MB is the lowest common denominator, so to say). @Goodmaneuver: Using that patch of rloew is a good idea, just in case you didn't know of it...
  9. Thank you for your input! I never bothered for the X2 cars of any kind, because they only profit from SLI-like scenarios, and have the same problems (you already mentioned heat, which already in engineering resulted in lower clockrates). On W9x, i assume the 7900GTX will win, as the modded W9x driver does not support the second on-board GPU (SLI really is from the Windows XP age), and there never was an official driver for W9x. Or am i wrong? To see if XP or W10 profits from the second GPU in Dual-Boot scenarios where you cannot install a faster GPU in a second slot may actually be worthwhile. Did you (or did anyone) have benchmarks for this? Links? P.S.: Oh, well, i remember testing SLI with my two 7900 GTX on the MSI 970 Krait, and reviewed my mails - it didn't work, on no operating system, not XP, not W10, and neither MSI nor NVidia provided assistance... well...
  10. Hi, has anyone working experience with Quadro FX 5500, or, given that, any other Quadro, esp. with the G7x chipsets? The "patched" NVidia driver lists them, and for the FX 5500, i can imagine it may work, as it uses the G71 chip, which is i.e. the NVidia 7900GTX (which works well, i have two of them). On Wikipedia, it is listed as 1024MB memory DDR2, but i can find PNY models listed with 1GB DDR3, which would be great for Dual-Boot (with XP and/or W10) scenarios with just one GPU, as there is a supported driver for Windows 8 64bit, which works well for Windows 10 64bit. But before i sink some money into that, if you may offer your words of wisdom ... :-) (The driver compiled my Maximus Decimus lists all kind of cards, of which some of them definitely are not working with that driver, i.e. i suspect the NVidia Quadro FX 5600, which is the G80, will not work). Cheers, Ragnar G.D. P.S.: In two days, the ASRock 990FX Extreme4 will arrive. There is hope...
  11. Yeah. I found that. Thank you. I see the "Fair use exception". Does that mean the software is officially legal to use for free? I did not find hints for that on google. But i may be blind...
  12. This is quite a feat! Well done, ruthan!
  13. I would of course use the slipstreaming method, i have tried that successfully already, and it is quite effective. The idea is, to "slipstream on demand". I think i will just start, and then present my meagre attempts. That will take some days, though... My job was, in fact, software packaging (some years ago, for windows servers), so i think i can manage to get one or two things done. I also picked up some ideas from the way it is done for Lookingglass games modding, and Skyrim. That way, we will be able to avoid copyright-problems, which is quite important in the age of lawyers.
  14. Out of lack of time I will focus on more promising things first, before sinking more time in the GA-MoBo (which i will still do, but later - the memory-problems are something that may be solved). I will get an ASRock 990FX Extreme4 soon, which, being very similar to the 890FX Deluxe5, has a good prospect of working quite well. Let's see. The AHCI-driver is something i will definitely try out on that occasion, now that the drivers are available. Although, honestly, the IDE-Mode was working just fine. The SSD will burn faster, but as i don't work on that SSD every day, just a few times per year, i will most probably never notice. Yeah, now i'll have some sleep. Thank you for your support, this is what got us to where we are.
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