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  1. It's officially over for nearly everyone this time..
  2. I could only test on a VM as I no longer run 7 and was able to start Anno 1602 despite that error popping up, but it's pretty broken as most people report it not working especially with newer games at all.
  3. Ubisoft just keeps Ubisofting and announced drop for Windows 7 support on June 28 (announcement available on News tab of your Uplay Client), took it's sweet time logging me in today after i was logged out at around the date of the announcement, all game covers and tabs were empty along with levels and points and took a good few minutes to load instead of loading instantly like before, challenges still often don't load and game installs are stuck on "Initializing" often as well, was fine before, reinstalled latest from their site it works same, likely will break sometime in the future completely. Extremely ironic seeing this right after EA announces 7/8 support for EA Desktop which didn't even have it before (and I was sure it never will) and after the Uplay Client for XP finally breaking login a few months ago for me at least after 6+ years of it not being updated and outlasting all other launchers on the platform by at least 2 years (Origin/Steam) and up to almost 5 (Battle.net).
  4. I tried on my 7 VM and it just gave a generic installation failure.
  5. Can this thread be used for software that unexpectedly added Windows 7 support when it didn't have any before? Because that's exactly what the latest EA Desktop patch just did, didn't try it myself yet but it should be working on Windows 7 now. Completely unexpected but glad EA isn't locking out older PCs from playing their games. Source: https://trello.com/c/X6qTHmHA/391-updates-ea-app-version-1202165178
  6. Have you tested on Win 10 as well, hows performance compared to it and what's your specs?
  7. Since it's a Dx12 limitation apparently it's safe to assume all Windows 7 compatible DX12 games will sooner or later drop support. support.gog.com/hc/en-us/articles/4406451546781-Cyberpunk-2077-Windows-7-future-support?product=gog
  8. It's really bad, makes Windows 10 actually look decent in comparison.
  9. Should we stop reporting new games that aren't supported from now on? From October nVidia will stop making Game Ready Drivers so basically no more games for Windows 7.
  10. Of course you can't download the last 7 compatible version, you always get the latest version and even if you keep the old install the game is always online therefor it'll just fail the server check on the old version and not run if you even get that for which you won't bc Battle.net will force the update on you before you can launch the game (and you can't launch without it bc it can't do the ownership check then).
  11. Knowing Battle.net you probably gonna get banned for that
  12. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) and Black Ops Cold War will stop working on Windows 7 (officially) on September 7th.
  13. I'd have hope if this was a Windows 10 problem but it's really not. It's everywhere, if you want to make all the money, ads, spyware, free as in cost, Whatever as a Service, etc is the business model, google, apple , facebook, gaming companies, everyone is doing it, and as long as this stays we'll never get a proper operating system again (other than ones not controlled by corporations like linux). Windows 11 will just have a lot more of everything we hate in 10. More ads, more "telemetry", even more restrictive like Mac, it's our PC now you use it the way we tell you to or we make your life hell. Also it's obvious that whatever they develop and name it, it will be just an easy cashgrab bc they know it works. Couldn't care less, it's micro$oft, i know what to expect. Windows is dead.
  14. It's officially over for gamers, goodbye Windows 7. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5201
  15. I tried using https://github.com/HansKristian-Work/vkd3d-proton/releases on Windows 10 20H2 for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and it just gives me an error.

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