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  1. I want to say that in the past I haven't noticed getting updates like this but I haven't paid too much attention. I have updates disabled now and every couple months I go in and install updates manually by downloading them from the Download Center or catalog, now that there aren't many updates for W7, no point in having the update service running in the background. If you want to be really picky about that, I suggest you look into WSUS if you want to control what updates go through.
  2. Hmm... maybe this only applies to certain Office products. I deployed Office 2019 Professional Plus just last week using the Office Deployment Tool and you can uncheck all the stuff you don't want. In this, I unchecked Skype, Teams, and OneDrive products and just left the "real" Office applications in, as this was in a corporate environment. The click to run version might not prompt for that, but I think using ODT you could change it or go into Change the installation afterwards and uninstall those components. Not as straight forward as the MSI installer I use for Office 2010, b
  3. What do you mean "all or nothing"? So far as I'm aware, one has always been able to go Add/Remove Programs -> Change and then uncheck the Office programs you don't want. It's always annoyed me that some organizations disable some of the lesser used programs - hey, SOME people might want to use those! That said, I disable SharePoint, because I have no use for it. I install all the other programs, including Access, InfoPath, Publisher, etc.
  4. Hey, everyone - looks like the clocks are rolling forward next week: Posting this here, since I know all the people in Windows 10 land will be completely ignorant of this. Hey, it's Windows 10 - you don't get what you didn't pay for - or what you did pay for! Seriously, I can only imagine what the Windows 10 product managers were thinking: Bob: We don't want the operating system to be too intrusive - let's take out the Daylight Savings nag so people don't get annoyed. Alice: Great idea! Let's send updates to all the Windows 7 users to tell them how awesome Wind
  5. Maybe true, but when has Microsoft ever offered free "support" for their products anyways? You can't call up Microsoft if you have a problem with a "supported" OS like Windows 10 and ask for help. Unless you have an enterprise support agreement, even if the problem is THEIR fault, you are SOL because you don't matter. I don't care squat about whether Microsoft will supposedly offer "support" - they never have anyways for the consumer market! So, it's a bit irrelevant IMO if they are "supporting" something or not, because the outcome is the same either way. If there are software updates, then t
  6. Why Office 2003? Office 2010 is the most superior version (in my opinion, of course). I used to be a diehard Outlook fan, but I learned the hard way over time that it, quite frankly, sucks as a mail program. Every version of Outlook does, it's a chronic Microsoft problem. They don't know how email works. It's so broken that I eventually just gave up. The workarounds are poor and insufficient. I use the excellent MailNews from Roytam1, a fork of Interlink, which is a Thunderbird based client. Not to say it's perfect, I have many gripes with it, but at least it works. I used Outlo
  7. This is what you get with programs you can't touch the shrinkwrap from, or at least use indepdently of the Internet. I store all my passwords in an encrypted Excel file. No regrets. Only need to refer to it for those I don't use often and forget. All my frequently used ones are memorized.
  8. Also, why use POS updates when you can get the real ones? Windows 7 is NOT unsupported, Microsoft just wants people to think that. They are releasing updates through 2023. Just saying...
  9. More updates for Exchange Server 2010, woot woot! "Microsoft isn’t even waiting until next week’s Patch Tuesday to distribute them, signalling the vulnerabilities’ seriousness. The update fixes Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019. There is also a Defense in Depth update for Exchange Server 2010 with Service Pack 3." Not sure with DID means, but there is an update, despite ES 2010 going EOS in October 2020. https://www.itworldcanada.com/article/microsoft-urges-admins-to-patch-on-prem-exchange-server-installations-immediately/443293
  10. Weird, you didn't get offered KB4493142? Seems like there were 5 total updates.
  11. Wouldn't this download all post-SP2 updates though, including those that have been superseded? My thinking was just to download the relevant ones, to reduce the size of the files on disk. Already this is taking up several GB on my hard drive.
  12. I know people who do that, but can't understand why. Why not just use an OS that doesn't require such tweaks, like W7? W7 still requires tweaks, but at least they can all be done through GPOs or reg edits or built-in OS toggling. No third party software needed to make it not drive you insane! Compatability for 8x can be even worse than 7 so I can't see that being a bonus, either. Security updates for 8x will end before or at the same time as security updates for 7 do, IIRC.
  13. Without patching the operating system in a way that makes sfc /scannow fail? Enlighten us, please... The W10 PowerToys are useless IIRC. The XP ones were more useful. Well, I think I'd go mad if I didn't have OpenShell on W10 when I have to use it You're saying people should just use the default sorry excuse for a start menu? It looks more like what an 8x real start menu would have looked like but the point is functionality not look necessarily. Best solution: upgrade to Windows 7, and forget about Windows 10, if you can!
  14. Exactly, I'd say these are all excellent points. I know retrocomputers comprise a good portion of this forum, and as such they/we are all doing our part insofar as electronics go. Today, nothing is built to last, all kinds of rare earth minerals are endlessly purged and wasted - look at sour companies like Apple. They are the epitome of planned obsolescence. Proprietary hardware, exclusive software, planned obsolescence, hardware and software incompatibility, and mobile first. As an environmentalist, it disgusts me. As a technology enthusiast, it disgusts me even more. I'm also
  15. Plenty. Especially lesser used, obscure, or academic sites. Keeping an old version on hand would be a smart idea. I've also got that version I believe safely downloaded from the Wayback Archive. The bomb goes off Jan 12, not Jan 1.
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