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Found 5 results

  1. I managed to install Windows 11 on my ancient (for a computer) 2009 motherboard. After a few Windows Updates I now have Windows 11 Pro 21H2 build 22000.160. First impression is that it's pretty much Windows 10 with a slightly different GUI. Mainly the Start Menu is different, other changes, like to Explorer, seem to be just cosmetic, different icons etc. The settings menu does look different, but its functionality is exactly the same as far as I can see. I was very pleased to find that some things which I thought might well have been gone are in fact still there. The old Control Panel is still there, to my great surprise. Windows 7 Backup and Restore is still there, which pleased me as I do use it. I was pleased to find that I could still use a local account, exactly as on Windows 10. I had read some reports saying that was no longer possible, and you had to sign in with a Microsoft account. Internet Explorer does seem to be finally gone. A stub remains that just goes to the MSN homepage on Edge if you run it. All the apps seem to be pretty much as on Windows 10, and work exactly the same. Start Menu live tiles have gone completely, replace by boring fixed size static icons, which I think is a great shame, as I found the live tiles useful on some apps, like weather, news and photos. Why they removed them I don't know, perhaps they thought they were a waste of resources. Apparently Open/Classic Shell no longer works properly on Windows 11 at present, which is a huge shame, but I hope that can be fixed by its developers. So, fairly underwhelming IMO.
  2. For Integration into offline Windows 11 images only, not to be installed on a Running/functioning Windows 11/10 OS! I will provide updated defender cabs on Patch Tuesday and also at the beginning of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of the same month, always on a Friday. Updates will be available from this first post only. There is also a Windows 10 version available here that also includes x86 cab. Credit goes to members on My Digital Life Forum:- abbodi1406 for signature blocks in the Windows Defender Integration Tool script. And for providing direct download links for the beta platform updates. Enthousiast for pointing out the missing files, letting me know about new platform updates and for testing the new defender cabs. AveYo for creating a verification tool that checks the digital signatures of files inside the cabs, to make sure they are valid and not tampered with. This script has been updated to support arm64. drew84, Stripakulina and Enthousiast For providing direct download links for the x64 beta platform updates. atplsx for providing the direct download links to beta platform updates. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To integrate the updated Platform and Anti-Malware definitions into your Windows 11 offline images, you can use the tools below:- 1. Windows NT 10.0 Updates Installer v10.25 - Tool created and maintained by abbodi1406 2. UUP to ISO Converter v87 - Tool created and maintained by abbodi1406 3. Defender files Verification Tool v2.00 - Tool created by AveYo, Updated by AveYo and steven4554 4. Windows Defender Integration Tool v2.7.1f - Tool created by MS and Updated by AveYo and abbodi1406 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Details Released: February 3rd, 2023 Next Update: February 10th, 2023 Defender: 3.2.2302.1 Engine: 1.1.19900.2 Platform: 4.18.2211.5 Version: 1.381.3081.0 x64: Download File Size: 122MB / SHA-1: 104795053F7DC434393791429838D72B686F2374 arm64: Download File Size: 120MB / SHA-1: 05A8B66A208424F65E4B4F93A82BD582BC58265D Download the previous two versions of supported defender cabs:- https://mega.nz/folder/b45E2b4B#vUJN9J-HpRyDExtwL_lvBA
  3. At the Windows 11 OOBE, On newer bulids, You can't select the option to use a offline account. Like the XBOX One. Working around it is pretty simple. Note:This workaround was made by Microsoft, Meaning it's unlikely it will be removed. Tested on 21H2. 1.At the create account screen, Hit SHIFT+F10. You'll see a command prompt window. 2. Type 'oobe\bypassnro' or cd oobe and then 'bypassnro' Your computer will reboot. 3.Then once the reboot completes hit 'continue with limited setup' and on your way! Comment if there's any problems. -Nerdulater
  4. The title says it all. Currently if you have pinned apps, they will only show in the main monitor taskbar. Would be nice to have an option where you could check to have your pinned icons on all taskbars.
  5. Windows 11 v22H2 - This Update List has been updated to: January 10th 2023 Windows 11 website here and links to join Insider program here. Download the Media Creation Tool Here for Windows 11 2022 Update To upgrade to Windows 11 v22H2, please download and run the Installation Assistant here Please click below to discuss Windows 11 stuff:- https://msfn.org/board/topic/153911-update-list-for-windows-11-v21h2-updated-24082021/?do=findComment&comment=1203782 Win11-v22H2-x64.ulz

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