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  1. I've looked around a little but it doesn't seem like there's anything that can replace glass8 in any substantial way. However, I haven't made an exhaustive effort--it's not really worth my time. Big Muscle was never that great at support--he never answered any of my messages--so this is apparently the final kick in the butt!
  2. If you switch any substantial hardware, even just a hard drive, the watermark will come back. The only way I've been able to rid the desktop of that is to download a new donation key. I had several new keys available by de-commissioning my prior ones and therefore reusing my original donations toward new ones. Now that Big Muscle it completely out of business it looks like there wouldn't be any way to eliminate the watermark should you still be running a version of Windows 10 that supports glass8 and make such a hardware change unless some sort of watermark remover will work (I am running such a version of 10, although it's mainly for nostalgic purposes and is not my primary operating system). So, are we completely out of luck unless there's some sort of third party watermark remover that will work?
  3. Big Muscle's site has been down for a few days. We all know that he's abandon the project but has he now abandon all support for users and closed up shop, including taking down the website?
  4. BigMuscle must still be around since his website has a copyright update with a 2022 date on it (see pic). He's still around but just not doing anything to support or update his project!
  5. The last version of Windows 10 version 1909 that glass8 supports is version 1909, Build 18363.752, according to BigMuscle's website.
  6. So, is there going to be any support for aeroglass after Windows 10 version 1909 or for Windows 11? Can BigMuscle give us any idea? I'm staying on version 1909 of Windows 10 just so I can have it although I also have Windows 11 (which of course doesn't have it) and Windows 7 (where it is native).
  7. Aero was the most requested feature people requested for Windows 10 when Microsoft was asking for suggestions. Just goes to show what a monopoly like Microsoft can get away with, as they wouldn't survive in a truly competitive market ignoring their customers desires in such a manner.
  8. My machine updated itself today to 16299.192 and now my areoglass is barely working. I had a blue hue in my active windows (using Noel's rounded corners) and now all I have is a nearly opaque white title bar with almost no transparency in the active and inactive windows as well. The aeroglassgui utility doesn't respond to any requests at all. I will note that the new version downloaded some new symbols upon my first logon. Not sure whether this version needs an update from BM or rounded corners needs an update. Any help appreciated. Update: I signed out and signed in again and now everything's back to normal--colors, transparency, aeroglassgui utility all working again!
  9. Minimum is 2 euros to cover Paypal fees.
  10. Yes, looks like this is build, so an update from 904.
  11. Here's what I could find on it: https://www.pcmag.com/news/351711/microsoft-teases-project-neon-windows-10-ui-refresh. Doesn't specify whether it's the September release or whether areoglass will be included. I wouldn't bet the house on it knowing Microsoft.
  12. I agree that the update is taking an extended amount of time. I'm not certain that this is BM's fault, and perhaps there is good reason for it. It would seem that a project like this should move along more smoothly, but as I said I'm not sure what's involved. I hope that we get some time to use the final version before we're back in the same boat with the September update.
  13. To get it working I added DWMGlass.dll to my c:\areoglass directory (do this first as you might have trouble adding it if the old one is running) and then ran the install for version 1.51 (seems to work better than 1.52 or 1.53). Running fine. Put your donation key in the directory if you want to avoid being prompted for that. I'm using the latest version of modernframe.dll and NoelC's rounded corners. Update: Reverted back to non-areoglass since the beta seems to be to kicking in and out when I close certain windows. Not stable enough at this point for me, at least the way I have it set up (there may be a better way). Will probably just wait for the final to avoid the watermark and a minimized DWMGlass window.
  14. @dhjohns: Do we know anything definitive about Bigmuscle or are you just assuming the worst?
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