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  1. Can you try a different USB keyboard and different ports on the PC?
  2. Check the BIOS and see if USB legacy is an option. Turn it on if so. Other than that, I don't know.
  3. Roger Miller- You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd Really a strange song, I might add.
  4. You're welcome, and thank you. I really like (old) Netscape for some reason, too bad it's dead.
  5. What are you trying to say? You're looking for workflow software?
  6. Try changing that PSU out for a different one. Reloading the latest BIOS is worth a shot, too.
  7. Hello Amy Welcome to MSFN!
  8. I was referring to "Everyone" as most people, They would not shut it down if it still had a large, active, userbase. I have had an account for a few years and use it to talk to a few people still, the texting feature is neat.
  9. Everyone's Favorite chat system of yesteryear is closing up shop. AOL Is now Oath, apparently. Also look at the FAQ if you're interested https://help.aol.com/articles/aim-discontinued
  10. LOL, (short) story time. I had wayyyyy too many modems, so every time my cousin visited and brought his computer with him i would stick a modem in his PC. Inevitably we ran out of PCI slots so we just jammed them in there somewhere. There's got to be at least 10 in that thing.
  11. I know it is actually in compatibility mode, and I was wondering if it was possible to make it still run in compatibility mode, but stop alerting me to the fact that it is. But there probably is no way to do that without stealing and editing the M$ office source code.
  12. Hello again! While I can live with it, i find it annoying that it says "[Compatibility Mode]" in Office 2010 when i'm dealing with a .DOC (not docx) file. (Which is literally all of the time) Any way to disable this text WITHOUT giving in and saving as DOCX? (which isn't an option, anyways due to my heavy use of earlier versions of office) Yes, I suppose I could just install an earlier version of office on this PC, but it doesn't bother me THAT much.
  13. currently only XP but tonight I can test on 95, 98se and 2000.
  14. Connected in and said Hello (nobody was there. boo. ) Good work!
  15. Yes, I was referring to the OS files, and not the boot area, guess I did not convey that point very well. Thanks for the tip, will do that.
  16. Fixed! Followed instructions on bootpart website, I now can dualboot. Thanks Jaclaz!
  17. So what happened is that I just installed Windows FLP on a seperate HDD to Windows 95. Unlike every other time ive done this (which was a dual boot between vanilla XP and 7, so a little different), I didn't get the usual prompt at startup that said: "Please select the OS to start:" and the OS choices. When i installed WinFLP I don't get this prompt at startup. I will post the boot.ini contents in a few hours, currently i'm not at home. I would like to obtain 1) boot BOTH (i.e. have a dual boot choice) the Windows 95 on first disk and the WINFLP on second disk
  18. So I have a Dell dimension L667r, and It has Win95C on one disk (the original disk) and one day i was bored and put in a second HDD and installed Windows Fundamentals for legacy PCs on the new disk on a FAT32 partition. I do not have an option to choose the OS when the PC starts. The windows 95 drive and it's files are intact. Removing the WinFLP drive and starting the system results in an error, obviously added by the WinFLP installation that reads something like "Windows couldn't find the boot disk blah blah blah.) While experimenting, removing the Windows 95 drive and applying power gives an error message that says something along the lines of "INVALID DISK. INSERT BOOT DISKETTE INTO DRIVE A" However, with both disks hooked up, the system boots into Windows FLP (and nothing else) just fine. I'm generally more or less knowledgeable about computers, but mucking around with the bootloader is out of my field of expertise. Any suggestions?
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