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  1. Seamonkey I know will be discontinued for xp/vista. Other mozilla browsers? probably. keep your eye on this: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive
  2. hmm. I don't know why. I tried again. I cannot explain it. both of them (wih unpatched xul dll) started without issues. I haven't even restarted the computer
  3. Latest PM28 and Basilisk builds are crashing on startup on XP x86 due to XUL.dll Patching the dll with XomPie makes the browsers work fine. It must be a dependency problem, please investigate.
  4. I have suddenly found myself unable to click the CAPTCHA boxes on new moon as well.
  5. But wait! there's more! The legacy Add-on store will be GONE by October 5th! https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/mozilla-to-remove-legacy-firefox-add-ons-from-add-on-portal-in-early-october/ There's a project to save the add-ons: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/
  6. I'd have to imagine one can just wash the bottle, but I'm not sure about the oil. Does the oil actually require cleaning?
  7. For myself I use Clamwin (Super lightweight, quite a few false positives, no real-time scanning, however there is ClamSentinel add-on for that) and a couple of portable AV scanners from time to time (for example Trend Micro HouseCall or Kaspersky scanner) For any family/friend/client I use Avast (realtime can be shut off if one wants), whether it's XP/Vista or something newer.
  8. I've always just used the selector... :) but I see your point, it doesn't work. strangely when I went to edit this post it tried to change :) to
  9. Steam relies on an embedded version of chrome to function, newer versions don't work on xp/vista. I'd assume when 1 Jan rolls around they'll remove it. We're screwed then. Unless, of course, one could just transplant the old chrome back?
  10. Works on XP x64, no surprises here... and yes... I do verify that java not only installs but functions, too!
  11. I'll go check. It probably will, they're both NT 5.2 x64 codebase. Edit: This may take a while... I need to download the installer and I have awful satellite internet with no other ISP options while everyone else on my road has fast cable...
  12. Somehow my friend managed to install Java 8u181 on Server 2003 Enterprise x64 SP2 without any hiccups, with the normal java installer. I cannot replicate this on XP, but it works for me as well on 2003. What is different between XP and 2003 that would cause this problem?
  13. Yeah, the font seems cleaner now! Although it has shrunk, hasn't it? Also: Whats with the quote button? Seems off-centered... Browser is New Moon 27.8
  14. i430VX


    Hi! Welcome to MSFN! Remember, you're never too old to learn new things.
  15. @Monroe I actually don’t have f.lux on my iPhone. I mean in the control center there’s the screen brightness slider, and if I press and hold, i can access Night Shift, apple’s built-in blue light filter. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207570 Back when I had my droid, I used an app called Nightowl, which would dim the screen further than android would normally let you, and filter the blue light. Android (at least version 6) doesn’t have such a feature automatically built in like apple does. ...but yeah, there’s a slider in f.lux to control the dimming, as you found out
  16. I use f.lux on most of my devices, and I found that I do sleep better than without it. Not to mention reduced eyestrain is nice. On my iPhone if I press and hold the brightness slider I can activate “Night shift” mode which filters the blue light.
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