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  1. Well I brought a Q4OS Live CD to the school with me. Q4OS is able to connect to the network just fine. So it's not a hardware problem. I'm planning to install Q4OS in a dual boot, but If anybody knows of another solution or a third party wireless client I could test, it would be most welcome.
  2. Speaking of the phone method, I activated windows windows 8.1 by phone a few days ago, and the "do it on your phone's web browser" method was GONE! So I spent the next painful 15 minutes doing it by voice.
  3. The problem is that while i can and have configured my home router, It would be frowned upon if I brute-forced into the schools router and configured it for myself. Also in the wireless connection settings for the school network, I noticed that windows keeps changing the key type from wpa2-psk to wep. I change it back, and it changes again. I know for a fact the key type is WPA2-PSK. Why is it doing this? somewhere on the internet I saw about using a third party utility to avoid it, but what would be a decent third party wireless configuration utility?
  4. So It must not be a pure N radio, because I can see it. This ThinkPad can detcect and use my 5ghz home networks (So 5Ghz must exist in G mode, and N) . I don't know if these ones are 5Ghz or not.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have also tried some wireless-g USB cards, they didnt work either.
  6. Alright, so apparently my home internet is of the 'n' type. How can I connect to it? Can some fall back, and some can't?
  7. XP has no such luxury. Even though it will be Saturday maybe I'll bike up to the school tomorrow with a windows 7 computer and investigate
  8. How do I check? I didn’t happen to see any info in the various dialogs and whatsits.
  9. Hey guys. My ThinkPad T60 (with Intel 345ABG Wireless adapter) cannot connect to my schools internet. It always gets stuck here: It doesn't fail. It will sit there until the end times. I know the wireless access points in question use WPA2. But I use WPA2 at home, so that's not the issue. If I boot into Windows 2000 and try to connect using boingo, it also fails. My iPhone SE and the laptop i used to bring (toshiba satellite c55-a) can both connect. I am assuming the 345ABG does not support wireless 'n' networks, could that be the issue? If it is, I know there is a compatible ABGN adapter I could buy to put in this laptop. Any Ideas? Thank you all! P.S. If I 'borrow' an Ethernet cable from one of the school PCs and attach it to my ethernet port, it works that way. So the network is seeing me and not blocking me that way. But wireless is the problem
  10. I might buy it. Maybe around Christmas. The price seems reasonable enough.
  11. Well... there was that IE10 preview that ran on Vista. right? While not identical to release IE10, it could help, perhaps. (Albeit still not IE9)
  12. Yes, IE11 on 7 works too. Can anyone test IE10?
  13. On my trip to Canada my dad had to renew his fishing license, and they had an XP running for their database access website. Sorry, no picture, there was like 5 people in the way. Also I went to Canadian Tire, and while there was no XP in sight, there was some interesting stuff. An IBM Dumb terminal! Looks like it's connecting to a mainframe (or something emulating one) to manage inventory Also I found an Dell OptiPlex 740 stuck at the BIOS screen, almost looks like a good chance it could have XP on it And, finally, a price checker running what appears to be an XP-era version of windows CE
  14. Seeing as for me this would just be a convenience, I would say $10-$20. but for some people it might be more significant and they would pay more.
  15. I would be interested as long as it's at a reasonable price.
  16. Well, Here we are. Wednesday, 5 September 2018. Support has ended for the very last mainstream browser supporting XP/Vista. The EOL article on Mozilla.org was updated to reflect this. The only option to receive browser security fixes and updates is to use RoyTam1's browsers.
  17. It can "spoof" apps to see a higher windows version. It was indeed developed for win2k, but it can spoof win 7/8 so it's still useful on vista. I think it was tried, but I'm not sure. You can certainly try. --------------------------------------- If you want to see how I used this, (albeit, on XP/2000, but the principle is the same) look here:
  18. My friend and I had noticed this, it's been happening for at least a month now. It's not just you.
  19. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Windows-Server-Insiders/Windows-Server-2019-Build-17623-SMB1-does-no-more-exists/td-p/176832 I found some info on the internet about enabling it. I don't know about whether one can/cannot enable it on a case-by-case basis
  20. FCwin2K might interest you: https://msfn.org/board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=42581
  21. Using this method will allow it to work on windows 2000 (with extended kernel) as well, however you must run fcwin2k on yandexdisk.exe in the program folder once it has been installed, as well as the installer when you first install it. I highly recommend changing the setting to use the classic menu, click the gear, then settings, then advanced. New menu causes severe system instability on Win2000 it seems Aside from that, it works, however it does seem to crash occasionally, at the most random of times.
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