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  1. Roffen

    How to access disk and folders in Windows 10?

    Where do I type diskmgmt.msc? Where do I find the control panel to search it wih cortana? What actually is cortana? I am all question marks. Am I handicapped because of my age being 88 years? Would it be possible to install WinXp on the Lenovo Windows 10 desktop machine? Or even if it was doable, it would be very silly to do it?
  2. A very fundamental problem for me, I just dont know how to perform the most basic operations in Windows 10, like opening a disk drive, creating partitions et cetera. Something like control panel/disk management in Windows XP?
  3. Roffen

    I can't use Win XP anymore

    I am experiencing problems like nothing I've never exeperienced before. An XP machine that worked fine yesterday have contracted Rabies . I have always used google search on my machines, but this morning, Yahoo has taken over. How can I get back to using google serach? Even worse is that I can't do anything useful in Win Xp. When I try to connect to msfn, I get a message saying that "to protect against information theft Firefox did not connect with that website" What would I do without Win 10? Maybe use Win 7? I wish I knew how to make Win 7 loook more like XP.
  4. Roffen

    Windows XP/Sp3 vs Sp4

    I have no knowledge of the Italian language, I wonder if jaclaz might help me with this one: https://apps.payments.ebay.it/xo/rt/view?cu=https%3A%2F%2Fpay.ebay.it%2Fxo%3Fsessionid%3D915138807018%26action%3Dview&cartid=100011024142057&flow=rxo&sellerid=iengo-shop I have bought two items at ebay, an internal DVD RW drive, and a motherboard. The above must be about one of them.
  5. Roffen

    Newer motherboards that support WinXP

    I just ordered a M5A97 R2.0 motherboard, but until I have it - and hopefully the manual also in my hands, I don't know what version of RAM to get for it. Can anyone find that for me?
  6. Roffen

    Windows XP/Sp3 vs Sp4

    I am somewhat confused wrt. the different Sp versions. I've always thought that Sp3 was the last and final Sp version made by Microsoft. Sp4 was a project created by MSFN people,or a sister organization? I used to install Sp4 after a new installaton of XpSp3. From the control panel, I could see Sp4 listed as an installed program, and it might be removed if you wanted to.. But now I think I have seen mention of Windows XPSp4 as if it should be a Microsoft product?
  7. Roffen

    Delayed Writing Failed

    Sorry, S.M.A.R.T. is new to me.
  8. Roffen

    Delayed Writing Failed

    The M: drive is a partition on a 1TB disk.
  9. Roffen

    Delayed Writing Failed

    Windows XPSp3 problem: This error message sometimes appear out of the blue: Windows - Delayed writing failed Windows cannot store all the data for file M:\$Mft Try storing the file in a different place. I don't know what I've been doing when it appears. From now on I am going to watch closely to try and discover exactly when it happens.
  10. Failed download(s): Windows XP EmbeddedJune, 2017 Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4 on WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4021915)9. desember 2017Automatic Updates Windows XP EmbeddedJune, 2017 Security Only Update for .NET Framework 4 on WES09 and POSReady 2009 (KB4021915)8. desember 2017Automatic Updates Anything I should worry about?
  11. "and giving to order by descending date." How do I do that?
  12. Roffen

    Installing SP4.

    When googling QFE doesn't provide a clue, I am left in the blue. But I know what POS and IE8 are. My XP works as is. Even with a knife at my neck I wouldn't know what to integrate. I still use FF to browse, What might I want to use IE8 for?
  13. Roffen

    Installing SP4.

    I've always just run SP4 as an ordinary program after installing XPSp3, and can verify it's existence by checking the control panel/remove installed programs page, there SP4 shall be listed. I only wonder what good SP4 actually will be doing for me. At least I get updates and hope that is good for my system. Today, I celebrate installing XP and SP4 for the last time ever.
  14. Roffen

    Antivirus for xp?

    I've always used Free Zonealarm, and I even paid for it one year a while back. Isn't there also another program, AVG, that you can get for free, but I think it is free for a limited period only.
  15. I don't know how much attention I have to give to all your good advice on what to do and what not, wih Windows XP. Here I am running a Norwegian edition, but I also have an English version. I believe I had Installed SP4 on the previous installation, I am now running a newly installed Norwegian version. I presume there will be to much trouble to get Norwegian versions of all the updates - both past and present that may happen to be downloaded, I presume the default will be English. After this installation, I don't feel like I'd want to replace it with my English one. I dont like fixing machines, I like using machines, that's what they are made for. And so am I as well;) BTW, I seem to remember to have heard about something can be done with Windows 7 to make it look a litle more like XP? Anyone know anything about that?