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  1. The motherboards are (two!) ASUS M5A99FX PRO that I have tested. I have not done much to investgate the fan problem, but the MB's have several three-pin contacts where a fan may be connected. As long as the CPU temp doesn't rise to high, it is irrelevant. But fans connected to the motherboard should run as soon as power is applied, and temperature should not be any problem. I have not yet tested to see if the pins that I connected to have the proper voltage for the fan. Will do further testing soon.
  2. Being close to 90 years of age, I take the liberty of maybe violating some forum rules, begging forgiveness. I want to write about an expereience I had quite some time ago. I bought two secondhand ASUS moitherboards on PayPal, and it took some time before I opened the packages.What I found was that essential hardware had been removed from the boards, namely.the two black, molded plastic bars designed to support the cpu cooling fan. They just.were missing! I solved the problem by removing the parts I needed from a much older motherboard taken out of service earlier. All I knew was that I had bought the two motherboards from PayPal, and I believe the seller was someone named Bilbao. One of the boards sit in the machine I am using now. The other board in another cabinet, where all I know is that the CPU fan won't run.
  3. Please tell me how to uninstall apps. In particular, Windows 10, so I can install whatever else I might want instead, say Windows 7. (Win 10 is of course not an app but I want to see it disappear from my machine.)
  4. I don't know how WinZip got there at all, nor how to get rid of it. Is 7Zip free and easily available?
  5. What I see is the screen filled by the message that the trial period of WinZip privacy protector (that I never wanted) has expired.
  6. What can be done to stop the message that the "trial period of the WinZip privacy protector (that I never wanted) has expired" from occupying the entire screen?
  7. How can I get rid of theWinZip privacy page that occupy my screen? I don't know how I've been able to use my machine at all. My guess is thatI sometimes have been able to make it disappear behind another screen. But it is very annoying and I will install an XP or Win and also a remote controlled switch so I can have both Win 10 and XP/7 available all the time. I hope the outcome will be that I can stop using the Win 10 at all. BTW, how do I find and access the SSD drive there? I once could, but lately that's been impossible.
  8. Not quite on-topic, but anyway, I find it practical to ask if anyone can help me access the SSD in my Lenovo. I once was able to locate the drive and open it, but since that time I have never been able to find the SSD disk again. I want to try partitioning the disk and install Win 7 or Win XP on one partition.
  9. Specs of Lenovo tabletop machine: Type: 90GA003LMW R304CF20 P.family: Idea Centre 310S-081AP SSD 128GB RAM: 4G OS: Win 10 Home
  10. My new Lenovo is a cute little machine, but it is spoiled by being infested by a Windows 10 installation.. So my idea is to replace the Win10 with WinXP. I tend to think that the Lenovo hardware should run XP without any problems. But I don't know. So, before I venture into terra incognito, are there things I should know that might msake me change my mind? I have enough hardware to build another XP machine but I wouuld enjoy being able to use the Lenovo instead.
  11. XP machine, message: "Your connection is not secure... This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox may only connect to it securely. As a result it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate." What, if anything, can I do?
  12. I don't like Windows 10. I think changes have been done to it each time i return to Win 10. Here is my problem today: I insert a USB stick but am not able to locate and open it although I have done it at least one time every day for a long time now. Where is it?
  13. Seems I can't get a grip on Win 10. I only want to access an external DVD drive to copy files to the hard disk. I have been fooling with this setup for a couple of days and sometimes think I have achieved something, but right now I am not capable of locating and using any of the drives. Surprise me by showing how straightforward and easy this operation can be, even for a stranger in Win 10 land.
  14. You would be horrified to learn how I have been struggling to build another XP machine. Tryng to install some some of the good old utilities that I have been using for decades is a sad experience.One thing is for sure: I will not be using Windows 10. I've been considering Windows 7 but am reluctant about it. Tomorrow I will take a peek at Ebay and see if I can find something I can use there. A Mac might perhaps be the ultimate solution;) Are you familiar with HP models, and could perhaps suggest a model that ought to be a decent substitute for a homemade unit? Fact is, I've spent a horrible amount of time and effort trying to piece together a 'new' XP machine and a HP looks promising as a substutute.
  15. I have wasted too much time and effort in attempts at creating a computer capable of running Windows XP. Does anyone here know if and where a complete machine alrady running XP, or guaranteed to run XP, may be obtained? I experience more problems than acceptable on attempts at getting the desired result with the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard. I actually haven't been able to make the motherboard run properly at all. I found it impossible to use a wired mouse - making it impossible to get further into the process of creating a useful system. Anyone know how to obtain better and more useful results? I believe my age is contributing to my problems. Just putting all the wires to the motherboard in place - and the right place as well, is much more difficult than before. I wish I just could buy a machine that would respond properly to installation of XP from a CD. The joy of partitoning or formatting of disks, without refusing to accept unformatted disks I have several used SSD's that are not accepted - I don't know why I don't have any of the disk utility programs that I used to have.
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