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  1. XP task bar vertical?

    You are sooo right!
  2. XP task bar vertical?

    There obviously must be some kind of security device that prevents me from creating a new folder. What's strange about that phenomenon is that I never in my life, from Win98 or before to XP have encountered a similar problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix it? The way i am using computers, I have to be able to create folders! I never create users, I always remain admin for as long as I use any of my computers. The msg i get reads: Unable to create folder This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object. ....... But that applies only to folders on a - well, honestly, I don't know! I have to try again to find out where it happens. I have a partitioned 1TB disk where it works as it should, and it also works on my desktop on a SSD drive. I won't be back before I have found out exactly where this happens.
  3. XP task bar vertical?

    AFAICT, those two are not to be found here. But I have an awful lot of updates that are red. I presume they have not been installed. (or are rejected.) I may try to make a new installation of XP + MMJB just to see how that turns out wrt my Gremlins. But that will have to wait till i am back again in three weeks time.
  4. XP task bar vertical?

    For the sake of simplicity I post to this thread, all my problems seem like related to each other. I want to make a new folder, but what I get is: Unable to create folder "New Folder" This security ID may not be assigned as the owner of this object. ......... I don't even know what a security ID is. But I can make a copy of a folder, and it is automatically assigned the name of "Copy of ...." Anyone have a clue what may be the cause of all the irregular behavior of XP that I experience these days?
  5. XP task bar vertical?

    Well, where I live, the taskbar stays at the top no matter how much locking, unlocking and dragging I do. I try to access the mobo support cd but nothing happens. In short, nothing works the way it is supposed to do. The only thing that works, thank heavens, is Firefox and Internet. It is unbelievable. I've spent twelve hours since daybreak trying to get things in order here, with poor results compared to what I deserve. I think CD/DVD drives should work whenever you need them. I rarely use them, what can the problem be? I believe the problems are the works of Gremlins, must be millions of them here now. Yesterday everything war right, today everything is wrong. Is there an alternative universe I might escape to? Mars is too far, even for Elon Musk. I don't know if my MusicMatch problem is a part of the same complex, but MMJB says wait for the install shield to finish but it never will. I think the solution is for someone to wind up the spring that runs the show it is a well known fact that as the spring unwinds, the pitch of music goes down until it is completely unwound and the show stops. We are the victims. Anyhow, I am frustrated like never before in my life.
  6. XP task bar vertical?

    I presume that by "toolbars" you are referring to the icons. The problem is that probably they all are superglued to the taskbar, no only the Recycle Bin, but anyway, it resist all attempts at removal. What's worse is that today I am not even able to install Musicmatch! Not to mention that I can't create new folders on the desktop. The response i get is: This security ID may not be assigned to the owner of this object. Last time I could open MusicMatch I got the message Checking for component updates and I think the message stuck there and I had to use the task manager to terminate the jukebox. I've been doing this since early morning and haven't been able to fix anything. All paths are guarded by a squadron of Hell's Angels. I've installed MediaMonkey as a substitute for MMJB but I hate the look and feel of it. But it is very good for ripping music from CD's, so I really won't use it. I have an aversion against software using a black background with white text. Even a blue background is far better. From my days of pushing microfiche systems, I remember how microfiche readers (the poor man's online system) with blue screens were the best. I've never had problems like this, I think I'll have to call Peter Venkman and his ghost busters.
  7. XP task bar vertical?

    I don't miss any icons there but i could do without the Recycle Bin there. I have found it impossible to get rid off, and I just ignore it. I could reinstall XP but I don't mind the desktop as it is, so what I have is a no-problem. BTW the machine in question is only occasionally used anyway. I started on a post more or less aimed at saying goodbye the MSFN and all the fine guys I've met here! i hope you all find it appropriate that I make special mention of jaclaz. He's been a patient, and most of all a very knowledgeable helper for me for so many years and I can only say thank you thank you a thousand times for all the effort you abundantly for so many years have spent on me and my problems! Next week I am going to Spain to spend two weeks at the Norwegian resort Hacienda del Sol on the Costa Blanca. I am afraid this is my last post here, and I leave with my best wishes for all of you and your computer odyssey- Odyssey? I don't know hat it should be named, but it something special that we all share. Cheers, or the Scandinavian Skål to all of you, this most likely is my last appearance at MSFN. At 88, I expect going to Valhall, the Viking version of the happy hunting ground in the not too distant future. Yours truly, Rolf Aalberg c
  8. Impossible to install operating systems

    AHCI is enabled. I don't know it there's anything else I can do except to acknowledge that there is a problem that I'll have to live with.
  9. XP task bar vertical?

    Where do I find System Restore? After pushing Submit there is nothing I can do to remove this last post and edit the post above instead.
  10. XP task bar vertical?

    On the machine i am using now, the taskbar is at the bottom as it should be. It had shortcuts to Recycle Bin and My Computer. I got rid of the last one, but I can't get rid of the first one. That is a small nuisance that I can live with.
  11. Impossible to install operating systems

    The motherboard is ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0. It is supported with a CD driver disk. I install the drivers after installing the OS. Can it be done any other way, and if so, may that give a different result? I picked the card from a list of three similar motherboards, where the one i have is the only one of the three that is XP compatible. I don'se any references to setting hard disks to any particular mode(s), so I assume that has been taken care of. I've never had to think about whether hard drives had to have an IDE mode. I don't expect SCSI to be an option with Microsoft OS'es? I have never before in all my life come up against the kind of problems that I now have. I have no reasons to suspect RAM problems either, but RAM is of course a possible problem. I know that the RAM I use is on the list of ASUS approved RAM. I have an old Memtest CD that i haven't used for an eternity. I'll use it if I find it. I wasn't aware that systems were so picky about hard drives before they will be used? I expect to find options for partitioning and formatting drives before installing OS, but I have not seen anything like that these days?
  12. Impossible to install operating systems

    I don't see that there is anything more for me to do. I have problems that I see no possibility of solving. I've never seen anything like it. I connected a WD 1TB drive that as far as i can remember never have shown any problems. I t just has been laying here since the last time I used it. ...........Well, i have spent 12 hours trying to sort out the problems but I haven't made any progress. I regret starting on whatever I wanted to do. i had a working XP and a working Musicmatch and couldn't have asked for more. So why did I do it? It beats me. Iv'e spent all day trying to install MusicMatch but have yet to get a working installation. All I can do is to give up, Besides wearing me out it is useless, ain't going nowhere. I'll have to lower myself to using MediaMonkey. It probably is a well designed program, At least i found it very efficient and useful for ripping music CD's, but i don't like it as a music player. So why can't I get a version of Musicmatch working for me again? i don't have a clue. I have working XP's, but no Musicmatch. It is hard to give up, that's something I always have done my best not to do. I'm so disappointed I could cry. I am stubborn as well, When I, hopefully feel a little more fit I may try to see if there is anything more that may be done. I wish I had some older motherboards lying around, maybe my motherboards are too recent for XP and Musicmatch? I'll check the market here to see if used machines that might be more suitable may be available. BTW, I bought a new ACER Win10 machine a few days ago but I haven't touched it yet.
  13. Impossible to install operating systems

    I haven't had problems with the STOP 0x07B code today so I haven't done anything about it yet. But I have problems enough anyway. A funny one is that when I tried to fix the vertical taskbar, I easily pulled it down to the bottom line, but i had it at the top before I released it. It will have to stay there, glued! Is it normal that if you have a faulty hard disk (not the boot disk) connected at startup you get the BSoD?
  14. XP task bar vertical?

    I don't know what happened, suddenly it is at the bottom like it used to be. i have to tell the Pope. But now the taskbar displays the captions from the desktop: My Documents, My Computer, My Network Places, Recycle Bin. Maybe that will disappear all by itself. But my latest installation of XP to the new SSD went smoothly!
  15. XP task bar vertical?

    Well, I've been a jazz fan ever since the end of Ww2, when we got our radios back from the Nazis and could listen to AFN in Europe, Wilis Conover om VOA,, and German radio. I love Musicmatch because it lets me organize my library with about 5000 titles ranging from the beginning of electrical recording in 1927 to the Bebop epoch with Gillespie and Charlie Parker. And a jukebox that I can tap into whenever it gets too quiet in my home. My favourites being Bix Beiderbecke, Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington and all the great ones. Jazz - and by implication, modern pop music is a genuinely American contribution to the world of music.