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  1. This is a sick side. Basilisk 55 needs 800MB RAM on this radio. 500 takes .cloudfront.net - I need to add to my uBO filters. In Basilisk 55 the radio will play on 300MB RAM. This even applies to Firefox 74 win 7. Mypal, newmoon, palemon can't handle radio garden. There is so much cloudfront net on this page:
  2. Good program LAV Filters XP https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TdY6SP1wv_dVR0VzA9hNwanmVwgYy1RN x264vfw uninstal...
  3. Just out of curiosity, I downloaded and launched comodo ice dragon 52. Installer option portable https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oC0QysFaT54aAg2eB5J4WkKr5dDGB68_ I added extensions. It's widewine, good YT, even Quick Context Search 1.5.4 works well for me. The speed of this browser impresses me. Every search engine works.
  4. I have windows 7. The serpent and newmon modifications have limitations. 1 slow start up 2 suspends gmail 3 netflix movies don't work There is no modification offer without these restrictions. I see the subject of historical toys here. MS kills XP, murders windows 7 - github has no chance to change that. Oryginalby PaleMoon for windows 7 also has these limitations: 1 slow start up 2 suspends gmail 3 netflix movies don't work I love you guys, but I am old and I will not live to see that a pearl will emerge from idle discussion. Best regards and goodbye. kitaro1 Edit: Mypal on a pendrive is a useful tool, I have a secure bank and login. MewMoon useful for streaming internet tv. So many benefits, the rest is FF 73.0b11
  5. Why the link unavailable for those not logged in to the palemoon forum? Is this a suggestion to register there? Promo? I don't like the Tobi forum ;P
  6. Browser security will allow malware, excavator and miner into the system. Antivirus will let in too. Add-ons will not allow access to minerals, malware or other fakes. I download movies even from dangerous websites. I personally scan the files. I haven't had an infection for the past 10 years. Browser security is mainly based on google badware. Google virus is a problem, because it is known good files and highway is entering the system. The browser cannot block malicious googe scripts. Blocking dangerous files by the browser is illusory and charges the browser.
  7. Add-on copied from firefox 71.0, pasted into serpent 55 in the profile, unpacked. The add-in has successfully installed. Netcraft extension: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HdVZrCjShtESKZffxm4WHgp5ricAJSBC Unpack the folder, unpack the xpi, paste into the extension folder in the serpent 55 profile.
  8. Netcraft extension, disconnect me, uBO
  9. Downloading serpent 55 problem solved.
  10. ? I think serpent 55 has wrong settings Speedtest for serpent 55 OK. Download snail...
  11. not happening here. basilisk 55 download files roytam1: Firefox 71.0 download files roytam1: Internet 50Mbs...
  12. Give modifications to support netflix. Please.
  13. Linux? https://prnt.sc/qcpdy6 Looks like something from kde. Virtual desktops applet. However, it is difficult to see, because it also looks like a full-screen application and I do not know where the conclusion is that it is XP. It looks more like 7, 2008, 2012R2 with a classic theme. I see other places, different computers, different systems. I can't see XP. http://prnt.sc/qd6pko
  14. Windows 7 x64 - The same problem with the comodo icedragon x64 FF 65. I reported on the comodo forum. They have to fix this in the next version of icedragon browser. https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cid/drm-not-action-t125228.0.html The same problem with the serpent 55 - three weeks primetime won't install Does the primetime adobe server have limitations?
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