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  1. Yes. Downloading movies - failure. FF52.9 esr became slow. I came back to download flash and video 1.86 and firefox was light, I downloaded the movie without problems including the extension.
  2. There is page https://web.archive.org/ No problem.
  3. Comparison of the browser versions and their compatibility with the graphics driver. SWf open cool Swf problems: Paranoid requirements.
  4. Upstream elegance. Swf is loading half ...
  5. official build 2018.09.08 has same issue Exactly the same problem is in the latest browsers mypal and centaurs from Fedor2 on github.
  6. No. Stream live ok: http://prntscr.com/ks5eox No bug swf basilisk 2018.02.03. No bug swf palemoon 27.8. Since May, there are only problems, and now quite bother.
  7. Palemoon 28 does not load the swf game page correctly. Sometimes it is just a colorful narrow strip of swf games. The problem occurs in the last few versions.
  8. Mypal - On the portable mode empty folders do not created inside Appdata. Mypal portable you can do the location of the program folder in the pendrive. The appdata and local appdata settings folder is in the program folder. Where the pendrive from mypal plugged into the computer, there is a palemoon logged in with the add-ons. The program folder, and your profile and cache, is the best solution on the second partition ...
  9. https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/releases I do not see mistakes.
  10. DNS problem? TCP/IP? complete internet repair https://www.rizonesoft.com/download/3905/
  11. Mypal Roytam2, palemoon 28 - no problem. http://prntscr.com/kp08af It is probably blocking with an anti-virus or other program.
  12. Mypal, palemoon 28, basilisk 2018.07.07 and basilisk 2008.08.28 - this Canadian works blind correctly in Poland. http://prntscr.com/koasbr
  13. https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-28.0.0a2.win32-git-20180602-84d731716-xpmod.7z Only those versions compatible with the Polish language pack palemoon 28 The only problem is the privacy tab in the options does not work. You have to disable the polish language pack and restart the palemoon. After setting the privacy, the polish language pack is re-enabled and the browser restarts.
  14. The problem is not disqus. Password reset and comes to the mail in which we registered the disqus account. Five days ago I restored my login to disqus in serpent 55, palemoon 28 and new moon. The problem is google. I often use the Google translator and the second week in google translations breaks remote fonts. I understand that captcha also sometimes spoils, although I have no problem with that We will not fix google.
  15. @ivanbuto twitter.com/josefkenny/status - I have all the electronic fantasy videos on this site. New Mon 28 (it sounded good) @Jody Thornton QDownloader.net prima sort OK New Moon 28