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  1. The final result of the test is a list of devices.
  2. Hi! 3 year basilisk 55 nightly Ok test! http://prnt.sc/uaen46 New FF 80.0 test "parent.RankDataLists is undefined": http://prnt.sc/uaeo70 You have to be crazy to understand I suspect Mozilla has modified the installers of all old firefox versions. The reason was incompatibility with the lower graphics drivers from FF 33.0. My computer is 10 years old. Mozilla has been changing all installers for 2 years. Not all graphical functions work independently in browsers, be it firefox 45 or 52 or even 80. My basilisk nithly 55 is the web archive installer - before the restrictions on everything old computers had changed.
  3. All extensions on the basilisk website work. YT is good. All good.
  4. Yes, yes Roy - there was everything, everything worked and works better than this bent serpent fork55. I will write the truth - the best versions ended in March 2018. I have kept the old ones and doing beautifully on the internet.
  5. https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/issues/228
  6. I will not open an account when a palemoon competent person is on msfn. I have never seen such an overgrown status bar. I am not happy, I will only throw away such an inventor. Shame!
  7. Why not make NM or serpent like Mypal portable? Mypal portable has a profile folder in the program location. There is an appdata and local appdata folder in the profile. Yes, there are many browsers for new portable - iceveasel, phyrox portable, or slimjet portable. You can run logged pages from a flash drive or from the other partition. It's so hard? I visited distant relatives and had a pendrive with documents, pictures and a Mypal browser in my pocket. I had my bank and my affairs with me. I used a foreign laptop for a week.
  8. I have exchanged the profile content with mypal portable github + chrome folder. I have a palemoon version of msfn with the name mypal in Polish. Elegance browser :D
  9. Suspicious extensions (nosript, adguard), antivirus scan https.
  10. Try compete internet repair. Download zip, extract and run as administrator. https://www.rizonesoft.com/downloads/complete-internet-repair/ Click GO! When the repair is complete, choose reboot from the file menu. Should help.
  11. Have they removed add-ons for webarchive? http://web.archive.org/web/20190420072018/http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/index.html Edit: The server was temporarily not responding. Now the extensions are back.
  12. This is a sick side. Basilisk 55 needs 800MB RAM on this radio. 500 takes .cloudfront.net - I need to add to my uBO filters. In Basilisk 55 the radio will play on 300MB RAM. This even applies to Firefox 74 win 7. Mypal, newmoon, palemon can't handle radio garden. There is so much cloudfront net on this page:
  13. Good program LAV Filters XP https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TdY6SP1wv_dVR0VzA9hNwanmVwgYy1RN x264vfw uninstal...
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