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  1. There is a light of hope on github. Fedor2 announces a new Mypal. Might be a name change, but it's impressive. https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal I will be waiting impatiently.
  2. How to disable Youtube desktop? No quality options, no information for nerds, no PPM menu.
  3. OK extensions TEST palemoon+mypal. Thank VistaLover
  4. I did so and failed. No way. Palemoon is from windows 7+. Mypal is from XP +. Tobi successfully destroyed popular extensions for older versions. I copied and pasted extensions, unpacked xpi. I have achieved nothing. I only have uBO legacy. Mypal and Tobi?
  5. Palemoon to Mypal: I installed Palemoon, I set and closed Palemoon. The contents of the profile removed leaving xulstore.json. I paste the crowding of mypal profile without xulstore.json. I have a strange browser. Is it useful? Many extensions from mypal does not work with Palemoon.
  6. User Agent Mode - Compatible Firefox. The functional of the buttons will come back. Install another browser.Download mypal 29.2.0 Create a new folder and name MyPal Cool, or as you use. Then start the MyPal installer. Select Portable installation, then select Browse and find the location of the formed filter. Click in Install. This is an extracting browser to a new folder. Run mypal.exe. Set Compatibility with Firefox. MyPal Portable has her own AppData and Local Appdata folder. Also in the folder you will create a profile after the first setting. This is important because you will be logged in to a pendrive. Good mypal can be moved from a pendrive to a computer with Windows 7 and even Windows 10 will be good in conformity mode. From this broken mypal, keep the most important passwords, bookmarks and copies of extensions. Then you can uninstall quite. Portable will behave.
  7. Need a palemoon 29? https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/releases
  8. Advanced user does not block threats through browser-level ports anyway, but uses a firewall. It's just new chrome advertising.
  9. I am 70 years old. I am happy with my computer and windows 10 pro. My default browser is FF 87 portable. Others in the system are the newest iceveasel and mypal. The system works flawlessly and even the March update turned out to be kind. I don't use embedded MS software. I am using MWSnap from 2003 - in compliance mode. I use the 2007 student office in compliance mode. I am using mpc-hc. I added directx 9.29 redist installation in compatibility mode. I ran the pSX emulator and played Rayman, Badicot 3, Bandicot 4, Colin races. I am active on many computer forums and I am curious about the world. I was able to set up windows 10 - it's light and fast. I was able to set Firefox to 1 content processor. I am using 10 blocking add-ons. I have lightly on YT and Netflix. In 10 years I will surprise everyone on the msfn forum
  10. Mypal is priceless. I have Windows 7. In the Mypal installer, I select portable. I install / extract to a specially created folder. I set. I use. I log in everywhere. I am copying the location folder to the pendrive. There is appdata on the flash drive and local appdata in the profile. There are cookies, a cache and my bank. The system doesn't know about it. There is no information in the system folders. I take Mypal on a trip and I have everything there, where I can stick a USB flash drive. Browsers from msfn have profiles in the User system folders. They are all portable, but only partially. MSFN has a lot of suggestions, but not for me. Portable Slimjet, iceveasel 84.0.2, Mypal - that's OK. MSFN browsers - beeee; P
  11. dom.ipc.plugins.enabled false When you have a long used tab, the plugin container slows down the closing of tabs.
  12. Hi! 3 year basilisk 55 nightly Ok test! http://prnt.sc/uaen46 New FF 80.0 test "parent.RankDataLists is undefined": http://prnt.sc/uaeo70 You have to be crazy to understand I suspect Mozilla has modified the installers of all old firefox versions. The reason was incompatibility with the lower graphics drivers from FF 33.0. My computer is 10 years old. Mozilla has been changing all installers for 2 years. Not all graphical functions work independently in browsers, be it firefox 45 or 52 or even 80. My basilisk nithly 55 is the web archive installer - before the restrictions on everything old computers had changed.
  13. All extensions on the basilisk website work. YT is good. All good.

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