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  1. It‘s very simple. I dont know if you use Vista as your main OS or as a VM but you need a machine running Vista SP2 (64 Bit). 1. Make sure you have all the updates installed till EOL (04/2017) - you cannot get them from Windows Update anymore, since WU was shut down on Vista back in August 2020. You need to run a Tool called WindowsPatchLoader 2.0, from where you can downlod all Updates for Vista till 2021/04. Please dont patch your system till that date, it will crash after installing Extended Kernel. Go as far as 04/2017! 2. After downloading all 2010-2017 Updates, down
  2. Hey guys, I just read that OneDrive is finally available as a x64 version installer. As I dont have a Vista Extended Kernel VM up right now, can someone try it out? Maybe it works with our kernel.
  3. Thanks for your answer! I know, I installed Windows 8(.1) on this old machine and it is really the fastest after Windows XP. Windows 7 was praised for being super duper fast but is soo slow I cant.. Windows 10 1507/1511 are as „fast“ as Windows 7. They really need 40-70 seconds for booting up, while 8.0 only needed 9 seconds. However, I feel like it‘s such a shame that I wont be able to use Windows 8.1‘s full potential on that machine, since it only has a 1024x600 resolution, which isnt enough to run metro apps.
  4. Hey guys, I am having a Netbook (Inspiron Mini 1012) with Windows 7 Starter preinstalled. I replaced the 1GB RAM Chip as well the 160GB HDD with 2GB RAM and 120GB SSD. Furthermore, the netbook has an Intel Atom N450, as well as a Intel GMA 3150 Graphics chip. I can install Windows 10 (1507) as well as 1511, however starting with the Anniversary Update (1607), the Graphics are very buggy and the system becomes unstable. I even used NTLite, to make a Lite version of 1607, however it still does not provide any speed improvements. Everything that comes after 1607 is a catastrophe.
  5. Go and download a tool called "WindowsPatchLoader" as well as "Dism++". Open the Zip folder from Patch Loader and launch the WindowsPatchLoader 2.0 Application. Now select your Operating System, as well as the architecture (Vista, x64) and a whole bunch of updates will be shown (from 2008-2021). Uncheck the first 50 I guess, since they include SP1 and SP2, which are already installed on your machine. I would recommend you to only download 2010-2018 Updates and if you really want extra security, go till 01/2020. After they finished downloading, launch Dism++ and go to Updates Management. Here y
  6. Wow thank you for trying it out! How did you manage to even install never Office 365 versions in Windows 7? Did you just copy the Office folder from W8+ to Windows 7? Can I use Word without any issues? Are Updates working, or is it still blurred out?
  7. Hey guys, I was curious to know if it is possible to install newer Office 365 versions than v2002 (which only receives security updates)? I searched a lot but I couldnt find any topic regarding that question, so does anyone know it it is possible?
  8. Hey guys! I wanted to ask a general question, as I havent heard/read anything new about it for some time: How is the development of Extended Kernel going on so far and will it ever be possible to use Office 2013+ on Windows Vista? Im sorry I used to ask this question a lot in the past, but I am not always up to date with the latest stuff.
  9. Isnt that the script that adds Windows Store to Windows 10 LTSC? That script wont work on Windows 8.1. It isnt even working with Windows 10 LTSB 2015.
  10. Lol I just found out that Extended Kernel is mentioned in the official Windows Vista Wikipedia page (at least the German page). It basically says that an unofficial kernel was released to Vista in August 2020 that adds Win7 SP1 APIs to Vista, allowing modern Firefox/Chrome to run.
  11. Well then I wouldnt recommend you the 64bit version, or even Vista itself for several reasons: 1. Without Extended Kernel, you wont be able to use the Web in a secure way anymore 2. You will need to manually patch your system a lot , to make it as secure as possible (Offical: 04/2017) since Windows Update isnt working on Vista anymore 3. Office 2010 has reached it's EOL as well, however it's still pretty usable for a few months more I guess I know we all love and support Vista, however, I wouldnt install it in your case actually. I would recommend you to go wi
  12. Hey guys. I was curious about if Windows 10 Apps can be deployed on Windows 8.1, since Windows 8.1's Store has become so poor of good Apps. A few years ago, I used Facebook on 8.1, however it is no longer available. Is there a way in how to backport Apps or are Windows 10 Apps based on a different base? It is so sad that even the MSN Apps are unsupported. I feel like Metro makes no sense, so many Apps are just unsupported
  13. What processer do you have? Generally, 4GB RAM should be min. for 64bit Windows. You use x64 for Extended Kernel or?
  14. Yeah I was talking about the Spotify - Windows App... I hope it will work one day
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