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  1. Thank you very much, you are the best developer! Why hasnt Microsoft offered you a job yet? haha
  2. @win32 I want to hear your opinion on that topic win32. Since you were the one, who created this magnificent kernel, I wanted you to ask what's next? Will we ever see Office 2013 working on Vista? Maybe you could rank the following programs on how hard it would be, to add their specific dll's to the Extended Kernel Programs (I would really want to see on Vista in the future): -> Microsoft Office 2013 (also OneNote for Desktop 2016) -> Spotify -> Newer iTunes version -> Dropbox -> Microsoft Edge -> Skype Thanks
  3. I'm still keeping my hopes up for Office 2013 support for Windows Vista. I hope Win32 finds a way to make it run one day. Same goes for Spotify. I dont see any reason why it shouldnt be possible, when Windows 7 supports it. We already got Firefox and Chrome
  4. Very cool! Nice job, thank you again
  5. Thank you soo much! Damn... did you found out about this yourself or does this tutorial belong to someone else? :)
  6. WOW! How did you manage to fool the installer? So, compatibility isnt broken?
  7. But I am wondering if newer iOS versions (i got an iPhone) will support the old iTunes Version of Windows 7/8.1. My Vista PC can‘t connect with any phone that runs iOS 10+
  8. Hey guys. Did Apple drop off support for Windows 8.1 ? I noticed that there are two separate installers for iTunes, one for Windows 10 and another one for 8.1? Is there any way in how to get the latest version running or are there any Kernel errors? Source: https://support.apple.com/de-de/HT210384
  9. Any Firefox version above 89.0.2 IS NOT working with Extended Kernel currently. A new version has to be developed by win32 first. You can use latest Google Chrome instead. I hope a newer Extended Kernel will support Office 2013/Spotify/Steam as well
  10. Hey! I was wondering if it is possible to install Office 2019 (with working updates) on Windows 8.1. I know that it MUST be compatible with 8.1, as Office 365 is compatible as well. I already tried my best with Windows 7 and Office 2019, however Windows 7 obviously doesnt support updates anymore since v2002.
  11. Thanks. Havent checked the forum for a while
  12. Hey guys. Can someone please tell me which update was prerequired for installing the Extended Kernel? I usually install all patches up to 12/2017 and after installing the May Kernel, I get a BSOD about winload.efi
  13. Hey. I was asking myself if there are any Apps from Windows 10, which can or are ported back to Windows 8.1? Since the Windows Store in 8.1 is very outdated and there arent any new apps anymore, I was still hoping that there are unofficial Spotify or Instagram/Facebook ports for it.
  14. Mmh.. let me describe it: The Notebook runs Windows 7 currently and when I try to boot the XP media by choosing it after pressing F12 during boot, it just passes on to boot Windows 7. The Notebook doesnt even try to read the XP File. It just goes on. That doesnt happen with Vista+
  15. Hey. I own an Acer Aspire One 725 (Dual Core, 4GB RAM), which supportes every OS between Windows Vista and Windows 11 (tested). They all run kinda smooth. I read some people, who succesfully installed Windows XP on that Netbook, however, everytime I try to boot into XP's installation through USB Stick, the Notebook just passes on to the Bootloader. It never happens with Vista/7 but strangely the system isnt even giving any Error. It just passes. I checked it out and I always use that XP SP3 image for PCs but on this one it didnt work. I also tried other XP ISOs but non of them seems to work. The bootloader always shows up. I changed the BIOS to Legacy Boot already.

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