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  1. Hey. I was asking myself if there are any Apps from Windows 10, which can or are ported back to Windows 8.1? Since the Windows Store in 8.1 is very outdated and there arent any new apps anymore, I was still hoping that there are unofficial Spotify or Instagram/Facebook ports for it.
  2. Mmh.. let me describe it: The Notebook runs Windows 7 currently and when I try to boot the XP media by choosing it after pressing F12 during boot, it just passes on to boot Windows 7. The Notebook doesnt even try to read the XP File. It just goes on. That doesnt happen with Vista+
  3. Hey. I own an Acer Aspire One 725 (Dual Core, 4GB RAM), which supportes every OS between Windows Vista and Windows 11 (tested). They all run kinda smooth. I read some people, who succesfully installed Windows XP on that Netbook, however, everytime I try to boot into XP's installation through USB Stick, the Notebook just passes on to the Bootloader. It never happens with Vista/7 but strangely the system isnt even giving any Error. It just passes. I checked it out and I always use that XP SP3 image for PCs but on this one it didnt work. I also tried other XP ISOs but non of them seems to work. The bootloader always shows up. I changed the BIOS to Legacy Boot already.
  4. Well.. I know it's kinda too late for that question, but after I found my 12 year old Notebook, still running Windows Vista (3GB RAM, Dual Core Processor), I noticed that it was pretty fast, although many people claimed that Windows 7 would perform soo much better. The Windows 7 Beta Programm was even soo popular back then that MS decided to extend it. I still quite dont get why. I upgraded that Notebook to Windows 7 Home Premium and the performance was way worse than Vista's. Generally talking, I think the hype around Windows 7 wasnt as justified as a potential hype about Windows Vista would have been. Windows 7 was kind of an update to Vista. Same goes for the new Windows 11. It's no major upgrade! It's basically Windows 10 with just some, not life-changing, visual changes. Now they are saying that Windows 11 is soo much faster than Windows 10, which I, indeed, still havent noticed. Do you think it was/is just for PR or do you guys really think that Win7/Win11 are really soo much faster than their predecessors? In my opinion, Windows 8 was the fastest version ever released by Microsoft, since it had Fast-Boot, had no Hardcore Bloat, like W10/11 and the OOBE wasnt so annoying. Idk but I am also kinda disappointed that MS removed the Live-Tiles in W11.
  5. I know that Office 2010 support has ended in October 2020, but today I was looking at the Office patch details for June 2021 and Office 2010 was still listed as a product. As far as I know, Office 2010 is not involved in that ESU thing, like Windows 7, so did they forget about that EOL or whats the deal? (The German report says that it's a miracle that Office 2010 is still supported) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/description-of-the-security-update-for-word-2010-april-13-2021-kb4493218-58759802-0a58-4d6b-db10-c32ed564ad16
  6. Maybe thats too obvious too write but Microsoft Office 2019, Office 365 (feature updates) and the next version of Office (2022?) are not supported on Windows 7
  7. I was curious to know if it is possible to make Internet Explorer 9 usable nowadays. I searched up IE9 tweaks but I didnt understand anything. I wanted to ask in particular, if it is possible to somehow make YouTube and other Google Apps working again? A few years ago, there was an addon called Google Chrome Frame, which was updated till v34 I think that allowed IE6-9 users to benefit from the Chrome rendering engine. But Google stopped developing it and now I dont know what else to do with IE9
  8. Stunning! I hated Windows Vista's calculator, it was basically XP's with Aero. However, the Windows 7 Calculator fits Windows Vista way better. Win32, you should really work at Microsoft. You do their job better
  9. Maybe WMP12 (and hopefully other Media Software like Spotify) will work with the next version of Extended Kernel. I hope we will someday have latest Skype, Spotify, OneDrive and OneNote working on Vista. I wanted to upload a "Windows Vista AIO April 2017" version to archive.org. I don't know if a version with Extended Kernel included is allowed, probably not, but with that we don't always need to update Vista first, after reinstalling it. I think I will include IE9 patches till June 2019, working WSUS server, and the Root Certificate Update. I lately saw that they havent updated their Vista database for years now, however they keep pushing new XP, Win7-Win10 ISOs but exclude Vista. If you have any wish what I could include into the ISO File, before uploading you can comment.
  10. Hey guys. It's late and I was curious to know if it possible to make an incompatible graphics card driver compatible with Windows 10? My graphics is: Intel GMA 3150 (Netbook) It was updated in late 2010 or 2011 for the last time and only supports XP up to Windows 10 (1511) Starting with 1607, everything just feels very buggy, no menu loads up fluently and the whole experience is a mess. I also noticed the same issue with Windows 8, after installing patches after 2019. It's not as bad as it is with Windows 10, however the charms bar doesnt show up fluently or the Apps start like there are only standard WDM Drivers installed. Is there any way how to run newer W10 versions?
  11. Generally speaking, I think Windows 8.1 will be treated like Vista when it comes to Supported Software. To be fair, the following companies should have separated XP‘s EOL from Vista‘s EOL: Google: Chrome support ended 2 years after XP’s EOL in 2016 with v49. If they would have done the same 2 year hiatus after Vista‘s EOL, we would probably have Chrome up to v73/74. Mozilla: Firefox XP users functionality updates nearly 3 years after EOL. Imagine, Vista‘s EOL was in 2017 and additional 3 years would mean that users could have possibly be at Firefox v68 ESR/78ESR Microsoft: To be really honest with you guys, Microsoft did the most sh*t, when it comes to Software Compatibility with Vista. 1. It literally came with WMP 11 and stayed with it until EOL, although 12 was pre-released, 2 YEARS after Vista‘s release. XP on the other hand, came with WMP 6 (?) and got all the way up to WMP 11?? 2. Microsoft Live Essentials 2012 was a heavy improvement over 2011 and I‘m sure that Vista could have ran that software easily 3. Internet Explorer 9 is the biggest cra* browser that is still updated nowadays. Please never tell me that this browser is good. I was mad that MS stopped producing IE and replaced it with Edge. That‘s so confusing in Windows 10 with two browsers but anyways.. IE9 was released in early 2011, when Vista was 3 years old. However, Vista‘s Mainstream Support ended in 2012, which means that never IE versions could have definitely be ported to it as well. If they would have released new IE versions annually, XP should gave gotten IE9/10 and Vista 11+. Why I am so mad? Because when we speak of Vista, we also mean Server 2008 SP2. An operating system, which is used in bigger companies and businesses. What‘s the point of updating IE9 for sooooo long, if businesses cant do anything, not even check E-Mails anymore? Server 2008 is my biggest argument for these unjustified EOL‘s. My father‘s company still relies on that OS with ESU on it now, but everytime I see Vista/Server 2008, a bitter irony floats through me: the only still secure browser is Internet Explorer 9 and it‘s basically useless. Anything that scores below 300 HTML5 points cant be used properly to browse the web anymore
  12. Hey guys. Are there any news about Extended Kernel 32 Bit? Is it still under development?
  13. It‘s very simple. I dont know if you use Vista as your main OS or as a VM but you need a machine running Vista SP2 (64 Bit). 1. Make sure you have all the updates installed till EOL (04/2017) - you cannot get them from Windows Update anymore, since WU was shut down on Vista back in August 2020. You need to run a Tool called WindowsPatchLoader 2.0, from where you can downlod all Updates for Vista till 2021/04. Please dont patch your system till that date, it will crash after installing Extended Kernel. Go as far as 04/2017! 2. After downloading all 2010-2017 Updates, download a programm called Dism++, which can apply all these updates to your system. Therefore, you need to go to the Update Management section and press Add, locate the folder where the downloaded updates are and select them all. It may take 20-70 minutes, depending on your PC specs 3. Now visit the Mega website, where the Extended Kernel was uploaded to and download the zip file. 4. Unpack the zip, and run the file vistaextendedkernel as an administrator. It will open a CMD popup, which you only have to press any key for to install. (takes 2 seconds..) 5. After the install finishes, reboot the PC/VM 6. Now you have the Extended Kernel!! Note: If you apply any further Security patch, the Kernel32.dll file will automatically be replaced again, with the original, unmodified Vista one * Exception: You can install Internet Explorer 9 patches, they wont affect the Kernel. You can Patch IE9 till 01/2020 without any trouble
  14. Hey guys, I just read that OneDrive is finally available as a x64 version installer. As I dont have a Vista Extended Kernel VM up right now, can someone try it out? Maybe it works with our kernel.
  15. Thanks for your answer! I know, I installed Windows 8(.1) on this old machine and it is really the fastest after Windows XP. Windows 7 was praised for being super duper fast but is soo slow I cant.. Windows 10 1507/1511 are as „fast“ as Windows 7. They really need 40-70 seconds for booting up, while 8.0 only needed 9 seconds. However, I feel like it‘s such a shame that I wont be able to use Windows 8.1‘s full potential on that machine, since it only has a 1024x600 resolution, which isnt enough to run metro apps.

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