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  1. Im sorry to interupt your current discussion, as I am not up to date for a few weeks now about this kernel. My question is: Is Office 2013+ or Spotify working now or are you working on it currently?
  2. You havent googled the device number. My S15 does have a normal touchpad and not a screenpad 2.0... In W8.1 the touchpad works after letting Driver Booster install all drivers but in W7 it doesnt work.
  3. Hey Windows 7 Community! 2 years ago I bought a new notebook, which obviously had Windows 10 (1709?) preinstalled. I successfuly downgraded it to Windows 8.1 already. By modifiying the Intel UHD 620 Drivers, I got all drivers working on 8.1 However, when I tried to install Windows 7, the Touchpad (PTP-) Drivers were not working and I always have to connect a mouse. I'm wondering why the touchpad works with 8.1 and if the driver can be modified to use it on Windows 7 as well. My device is the ASUS VivoBook S15 (R520UF-BQ385T). Thanks for any help you can give!
  4. Great news! CCleaner 5.70 (the latest) works on Vista Extended Kernel. Originally, CCleaner dropped support for Vista with v5.64.
  5. I am really curious if the latest VmWare Tools work on Vista. It became so hard to install all of the updates till EOL. Well, not hard, but time stealing
  6. Has anyone tried Vivaldi or normal Google Chrome ? If I extract Chrome 72 x64 it says Chrome stopped working, however chromium 72 works fine
  7. I can extract IE10 8250 from the Win8 Consumer Preview. Ive got an ISO x64
  8. Mozilla Thunderbird (the Firefox Email client) is also working for me with the extended kernel. I thought porting IE10 back to Vista could be my next goal. Vista‘s IE 9 has the version 9.0.8112.x So, doesnt that mean that this IE version is ported from Windows 8 Build 8112? Because IE11 on W7 also has the version number 11.0.9600 which means it is ported back from W8.1? I looked it up and such a build really exists but cant be downloaded anywhere. However, it may be possible to port back IE10 from Build 8250 (Consumer Preview) or?
  9. Nah haha I dont have a YT channel, but I can create one and also do a video if you want about Google Earth Pro or Chromium maybe? Since the kernel is your work, I wouldnt do anything without your permission bro
  10. just found that video which demonstrates Quantum on Vista. WinClient was that your video?
  11. Just found out that the latest Google Earth Pro works on Vista with the new Kernel. Im not sure if it supported Vista but Google says that the min OS was Windows 7. Great news! BUT.. you need to install the latest IE9 patches, otherwise you will receive Certificate errors in GEP
  12. Any can someone pls make a YT Video and show everything from the kernel replacement to the new software versions
  13. Alright, thanks for the quick answer
  14. I followed your instructions, however when I open Export Table Tester, it doesnt show K32... there is basically nothing new to the kernel, although I added all of the non zero code starting at 000BCF50. Im currently on 6.0.6002.18005 (installed every update till EOL). What should I do?
  15. Dear WinClient and win32 (any everyone who participates on this project): Thank you soo much for doing this project, I really appreciate your work. A few months ago I was very sad that NOBODY really appreciated Vista and that Browsing has become extremly risky. I updated it with Server 2008 patches till 04/20 to make IE9 safe at least but as you all know -> 113 HTML5 points are not enough to browse the web anymore. So thank you for this Extended Kernel, so I can use the latest Firefox on my most favourite OS. I hope you will one day be able to port Office 2013+, OneDrive, Skype, Steam and Spotify to Vista. That would be amazing
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