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  1. Greetings, I would want my username to be changed from Nojus2001 to NojusK. Thanks..
  2. Time to replace incompatible MSO.DLL with the last one that was working.
  3. Great Mainly because I know that I'm not alone owning a daily 30 yrs old car and is interested in technology of the past..
  4. No, I used to say also that I will use WinXP forever too, but it became unusable for my everyday needs, so I switched to q4OS Linux with xpq4 theme and from then I never looked back at it. Of course I still keep an XP VM around, If I need software that does not work with wine...
  5. I definitely agree with you, older electronics were built to last, that's why I love using them over new ones for sure! Even Soviet electronics, that were told to be avoided, still last for me to this day without any major repairs.
  6. My Vista experience is okay, being a long time Win7 user, it wasn't hard to adapt Vista for the first time, it felt so smooth and well put together with SP2 + updates to 2020. I think it's still a very good usable option for legacy Windows users that has a stable extended kernel
  7. I hate when people use that responsive web design with some heavy java script on their websites..

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    2. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      Mhm, go look at my thread about MEGA.NZ users and why I get annoyed whenever I see anyone using it especially here of all places :/

      Yeah js is everywhere and it's annoying :x

    3. j7n


      The design should be renamed "unresponsive". It apparently exists to enforce planned obsolescence of computers and, probably more likely, "devices". I'm particularly annoyed by forums being replace by "free, modern, secure and up-to-date" alternatives like Discourse, which until recently couldn't even be read in old browsers, or any of those strangely threaded engines with replies out of order. Old forums, like Doom9 fly on any computer.

    4. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      ""free, modern, secure and up-to-date" alternatives like Discourse"

      I remember someone suggested replacing the RPi forums to Discourse. I mentioned the fact it would probably be unusable on the Pi itself. Pretty much ended the whole discussion and any future consideration.

  8. Not so long ago installed Server 2008 SP2 and I'm wondering what are the updates to install the ESU updates from M$?
  9. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-to-remove-all-windows-downloads-signed-with-sha-1/
  10. Hi, When connecting my Redmi 6a phone (also enabling USB tethering) I got two question marks in device manager and when using the Acer RNDIS driver it says "Windows was unable to locate a driver for this device"..
  11. Sorry for bumping, but where to find a working driver for Win2000?
  12. Odyssey client gives up connecting to my network at all, now about boingo is that it takes some time to connect to my network (including hung ups and time outs)
  13. I tried Boingo and yes it works, but sometimes when connecting it likes to hung up
  14. Tried that, still nothing. Even tried reinstalling, disabling and enabling the driver in device manager, still..
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