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  1. It occurs when the component object model of Microsoft Update or Windows Update (mainly ActiveX, etc.) is not available for some reason. So if it's blocked and cannot be downloaded, the error occurs.
  2. You can't just get it, you have to earn it...
  3. Server OSes don't need to have fancy graphics, heck, even command line interface is enough to do most of the tasks.
  4. They upgraded to ASPX, because it was better and allowed the use of C#, VB.NET and other languages, while ASP used VBScript for its code and was limited to IIS(Internet Information Services) only, IIRC.
  5. We need to do something to keep MSFN up, it can't just end this way!

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    2. xper


      We are working on a solution. For now MSFN will remain online as long as donations are coming in.
      Thank you

    3. Mr.Scienceman2000


      Well I am ready to donate it there will be method that can be used to do without owning piece of plastic. Here you needed credit card last time to internet on early 2000 and since then most got rid of them.

    4. testaccount66766


      Wait what happened? TLDR? I just assumed donations were broken, and the site is in danger of closing again? Sad if MSFN closed down.

  6. Copyright dates are usually coded to be dynamic, as it's faster and easier then manually editing and updating by hand, especially if there are a few hundred pages, so it doesn't tell much if he's around or not..
  7. I had this exact problem some time ago and the only solution was to extract the installer and run it directly. Worked for me.
  8. My current one is a MyPhone 6110, not a bad phone, but feels kinda cheap. I used to have a Nokia 1616 (my first ever phone), 1661 and a 1110. I do also have a 'smart'phone, which is an Xioami Redmi 6, though I only use it as an internet source currently.
  9. I like the rounded corners, but in general the UI looks like KDE/MacOS
  10. MSFN is finally back on-line..! :)

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    2. mina7601


      @Mr.Scienceman2000 I have no idea either why MSFN went offline all of a sudden. At first, I thought I had a problem with the network and tried hard to fix it, but then I thought: "maybe the site is having difficultes, let's wait a few days", and then, here you go. thank goodness it got fixed. I also check MSFN everyday, and feeling glad that I can post now, yaaaaay :)

      But, unfortunately, all donations in this forum has been reset after it exceeded $183.00 :(

      I hope donations start appearing again.

    3. SigmaTel71


      @mina354, I thought that Russian users were banned from connecting to MSFN once again because it was unavailable for years in this country.

    4. mina7601


      It was unavailable? Gee, that's too sad to hear.

  11. Greetings, I would want my username to be changed from Nojus2001 to NojusK. Thanks..
  12. Time to replace incompatible MSO.DLL with the last one that was working.
  13. Great Mainly because I know that I'm not alone owning a daily 30 yrs old car and is interested in technology of the past..
  14. No, I used to say also that I will use WinXP forever too, but it became unusable for my everyday needs, so I switched to q4OS Linux with xpq4 theme and from then I never looked back at it. Of course I still keep an XP VM around, If I need software that does not work with wine...

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