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  1. FranceBB

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    This picture belongs to Giusy Martin, a friend of mine who was at the ATM and found this:
  2. FranceBB

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    The k-lite codec pack makes the decoders like LAV available to the system by letting it handling the decoding. This way, every programme that relies on DirectShowSource can use them. Potplayer doesn't rely on DSS as it uses its own decoders based on the Open Media Codecs, however it does support DSS if the user specifically selects it. By the way, I'm glad that you are using Potplayer. As you can see, it uses less resources than VLC 'cause VLC is based on a very old core engine which was fine many years ago, but not nowadays. Besides, if you dig into the Potplayer settings, you'll notice that you can even choose how you are going to pass the data to the GPU (OpenGl, D3D9 ecc) which is very important for a player for me.
  3. Tangy, use the latest one without the behaviour shield, it's gonna be fine anyway.
  4. The behaviour shield is supposed to analyse what a programme is doing and stop it from executing if it's doing something inappropriate. In this case, it probably found basilisk 'cause it's not signed and although it was doing something legit, it triggered the behaviour shield. As to the hardened mode, it should only be used on non-expert users 'cause it tries to save them from themselves. If you know what you are doing, you don't need hardened mode. Last but not least, Avast by default uses to take a kinda conservative approach when it's working on an XP system and a more permissive one on newer systems.
  5. Sorry to hear that., Dave. That's the whole point; it's not that the support doesn't wanna help, it's just that it seems impossible to recreate the same issue in a VM and logs of the install on your physical machines don't tell anything about it. Consumer products are not tested on dual socket server motherboards and definitely not with XP. It's supposed to open up once after the install and not to be displayed at every boot, but as long as it works and you are fine with it, leave it as it is. Sorry if I haven't been much responsive these days but I'm developing a programme for my company and I'm also working on the clock to make a new documentary (our journalists have been on some "hotspots" around the world and we're covering some important matters, but it takes time to encode all the shots).
  6. FranceBB

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    The problem is that VLC doesn't apply tonemapping to HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision contents when displayed on an SDR display and it scales them instead, so the result looks awful. If you wanna test some HDR contents on an SDR display, you can try Potplayer (make sure to turn on the 2084 correction). It works on XP, it's lightweight and it has many more functions than VLC.
  7. lol. No can do. Considering that our PM just set 4.5bn increase in funding, hopefully they are gonna be fine. Speaking about the NHS, I really wanted to take a picture for the "XP Spotter" topic the other day, but I was too ashamed to ask my GP and I didn't. (Besides, CCTV is everywhere and I didn't want to look weird taking pictures inside a medical facility, you know).
  8. I found all the updates by manually scanning for them on Microsoft Update. It didn't take much time. No yellow shield, though.
  9. Long story short: they check whether you really are a business or not when you call them, 'cause they ask you an email address and a case number, so they can verify your business, your licence and eventually offer you an estimate of the price of the premier support https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/premier. Besides, no-one really knew what I was talking about when I told them that I heard about other companies that extended the support for POSReady2009. In other words, even if you are willing to spend quids/bucks/euros to keep your beloved OS alive, it wouldn't just be expensive, but also impossible for private users unless you really have a company (and even so I'm not even sure that such support does exist for "normal" companies). In a nutshell: the support is gonna be over on April 12, 2019 and that's gonna be it; no extension, no miracle things, nothing and even if you own a company, it seems that although you are gonna spend a lot of money to have Microsoft Support available to fix issues if something goes wrong, buying the premium support doesn't necessarily mean that they'll keep releasing Security Updates every month for unsupported products, it just means that if your Windows Server 2003 goes down, they'll do something about it to try to bring it back up, but that's it. "What about Military and Government and so on?" These are specially arranged contracts, so forget about them. I hope my "adventure" has sorted out all the doubts around the rumors that were circulating these days.
  10. I'm pretending to be someone working for the IT of a company and I asked about an extension of the support period for Windows Embedded POSReady. They told me to call that number (UK), so if someone wants to call Microsoft and ask them, feel free to call them out of curiosity. I'll call them as soon as I'll have time.
  11. FranceBB

    XP/XP64/2003 Picture Thread

    My XP System, happily encoding files in XAVC Intra Class 300 for Broadcast usage, as well as HEVC BT2100 HDR10 PQ / HLG thanks to Avisynth, x264 and x265 all compatible with XP. It's an old config I used to have at work. If you wanna check the new Win10 config I have at work while I encode a 4K UHD in HEVC H.265 with 16bit interleaved precision, check here: Link
  12. FranceBB

    Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    As some of you know, I'm a broadcast engineer and I work as encoder on a broadcast channel. This time, we were shooting a report on healthy food and one of our reporter has been discussing this matter with one of the experts in the field that works in a lab and makes analysis on milk and other things. I was kinda surprised when I found out that the computer they use to run tests on the analysed samples is actually running Windows XP: This made my day.
  13. You mean ReactOS? You can try it, but it's nowhere close to a proper fully functional and updated OS, as its compatibility is Windows 2000/Windows XP, while it should really be at least Win7 to be considered functional these days. Anyway, I do understand that it's really difficult for developers to develop ReactOS without infringing any copyright, that's why it's very much based on Linux implementations like Mono and Wine that have been developed for years, but are still far from being perfect. An antivirus software that does its job is required as well. Whenever other people connect to your computer for any kind of reasons (like p2p) or whenever you visit a new website that you don't know or whenever one of your friends/coworker/family members/existing human being plugs in a USB Stick/Hard Drive there's a chance you can get infected. I strongly suggest you Avast, which will cover up any eventual new security issue, but keep in mind that an antivirus is not a cure for security vulnerabilities: if a new vulnerability is found and support is over, it will never be patched, which means that the Antivirus will try to block any threat that tries to use that vulnerability, but if it doesn't, the threat will successfully exploit it. There are rumours about the Microsoft Premium Support program. This type of support is aimed to keep businesses secure with constant support from Microsoft engineers and updates for the products used (to a certain extent). Will it include Windows XP and Server 2003 machines? It's likely Microsoft will continue to support XP and its derivatives as they are already supporting it (remember that businesses using XP weren't able to apply the POSReady registry entry and they are paying Microsoft for the Premium Support). In a nutshell: - Will Microsoft still support XP? Yes, it's very likely they will via their Premium Support program. - How much will it cost? You can ask Microsoft yourself by requesting a price quotation for your business at Microsoft, but it seems that it's going to be around $15000 per year. - Can a private and not a business apply? I have no idea, ask Microsoft. - Is it worth it? For private people who don't own a company like us, I think it's not. - Are there going to be exceptions? There might be exceptions if the security vulnerability found is really important and they might release an update for us all for free as they did for WannaCry. (But this is my assumption, so there's no guarantee they will). - Is there a chance that updates will be leaked by a hero wearing a cape? Very unlikely, as it would mean the immediate loss of support by Microsoft, a significant fee and prosecution. Nobody would be so stupid to risk it and even if some miracle patch appears by someone unknown, would you trust it? (I wouldn't). Last but not least, the main problem for XP users will be the compatibility with newer protocols like TLS 1.3, certificate handling like ECC, the new version of the .NET Framework, the .NET Core and so on. These are highly unlikely they'll ever be ported on XP, despite the fact that Microsoft said that they were working on supporting ECC months ago, but they kept it quiet and they didn't really talk about it, which makes me think that something went wrong down the road. I'm an encoder and a developer myself and I find incredibly difficult to support XP nowadays unless you are using C++ or using old version of a programming language like C#. For instance, I generally develop Windows programmes in C# using Windows Form and targeting .NET Framework 4, which is XP compatible, but not only new features of C# and SQL don't support XP, Microsoft doesn't even encourage to develop using it anymore as it wants you to use UWP with C# and XAML, using the .NET Core and Blend (for design) for cross platform compatibility at the expense of breaking compatibility with old version of Windows 10 (Legacy Windows like Win8.1 and lower are not supported). I've been recently asked to develop a programme this way so that they were able to distribute it as an App for tablets and phones. What about XP? Well, it will die a slow death as you will still be able to use it up to a point in which it will become unusable as nothing will work on it and even opening a simple internet page will almost be impossible.
  14. FranceBB

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    LONG64 InterlockedCompareExchange64( LONG64 volatile *Destination, LONG64 ExChange, LONG64 Comperand ); The function compares the "Destination" value with the "Comparand" value. If the "Destination" value is equal to the "Comparand" value, the "Exchange" value is stored in the address specified by "Destination", but since the function has been introduced in Windows Vista, on XP no operation is performed, which basically means that Team Viewer *will* run, but every "Comparand" will be considered a mismatch, which means that it might behave unpredictably. Anyway, since it's closed source, I don't know where that function lies in the code and what they use it for. Still, you can just redirect it to the normal InterlockedCompareExchange which is supported on XP: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winnt/nf-winnt-interlockedcompareexchange Last but not least, people, please, reply to the ticket I made to raise awareness to the Team Viewer team! https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-General/Missing-function-call-in-TeamViewer-14-0-13880-Windows-XP/m-p/50142