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  1. Guys, chill, I mean it, don't worry about me. I swapped the RAM and I haven't had any bluescreen ever since, so all is well what ends well and yes, it was a problem with the RAM after all, so thanks to everyone who pointed that out. I'm happy with the answer, we can safely close the topic.
  2. Correct. The reference contact person is Weolar and the builds are provided by him to the companies who purchase the extended support afaik. I'm very very very lucky to be one of the people that receives those builds, but of course they're private and I cannot share them, however they do have some bugs. Anyway, they run just fine on Windows XP SP3 x86 without the need to use One Core API.
  3. Not exactly the best solution, but when I wanna download something from YouTube I use JDownloader2 which is running using Java and it's cross platform. It's still updated regularly and it still runs on the latest XP supported version of Java just fine. This is not an accident, but rather a nice coincidence given that JDownloader2 is cross platform and therefore supports all OS capable of running Java, including a wide variety of Linux distro which are running a very old version of Java, which is why it still works perfectly fine on XP at every update. As for the FFMpeg libraries it uses, I'm of course using Reino's fork that he regularly publishes on Doom9 and that have been already mentioned in this thread. As for things I wanna watch on my PC without downloading them, with M108 (the chromium fork), all videos work, including VP9 ones and AV1 ones as they're royalty free codecs whose decoders are included/embedded in chromium however they all run via software decoding due to the nature of the XP compatible versions of chromium. Nonetheless, for anything up to 1920x1080 60p software decoding on a quad core is fine. I don't of course expect it to be playing 4K or 8K footages via software decoding on a puny 4 cores CPU, but realistically most of us probably have a FULL HD 60Hz display anyway, so we're gonna be more than fine for the time being.
  4. Damn, I'm really sorry to hear that 'cause these RAM sticks (ironically also HyperX) are actually 8 years old and I was emotionally attached to them... I will try running a memory test through it, though, but if you say that it passed it then I don't know how reliable that can be...
  5. Hi there guys, I was doing my usual stuff when suddenly I got the following bluescreen error message: STOP 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xB9D17E94, 0xA7664FF0, 0x00000000) fltmgr.sys - Address B9D17E94 base at B9D11000, DateStamp 480251da I rebooted and it seems to be working fine but I'd like to know what caused this issue. I looked for a MEMORY.DMP file in C:\WINDOWS, however the only one I could find is a 1.9GB one from 30/07/2017 which means that it's not the one of this latest crash. BlueScreenViewer also doesn't report anything at all which leaves me puzzling a bit... I wasn't doing much, I only really had 3 different RDP sessions opened to computers in my local network and that was pretty much it, really...
  6. Well I don't know how things are nowadays, however I remember using Freegate back in the days and their intention were actually not bad: it was a free proxy run by a non profit organization (NED - National Endowment for Democracy) to allow people in censored countries to be able to browse the web freely with a U.S IP Address. I personally used it to watch Hulu (back when Hulu was free).
  7. Thank you @AstroSkipper for the build, I installed it and it works like a charm!
  8. Interesting! I'm currently still using v2.3.18 which is the last officially supported one, so if the patched 2.5.4 version you're using works reliably well I might use it and ditch v2.3.18. I found the source code and the XP guide (https://openvpn-for-windows-xp.sourceforge.io/), so perhaps this weekend if I have time I'll try to setup the environment and build it, however if you already have a trusted build feel free to send it over.
  9. Same here, including occasional bluescreens caused by the driver.
  10. Yep RDP also works as long as Network Level Authentication is disabled, which is totally fine for an internal network, but I wouldn't dare to use it over the internet (public network) in the wild nowadays... (unless you're asking for troubles, that is). Out of curiosity, are you using RDP without NLA over the internet? O_O I'm personally using Anydesk for remote connections over the internet (public network) and RDP for internal connections between computers in my house (internal network).
  11. Yep, I use Anydesk all the time ever since Team Viewer left us stranded. It has been working reliably well and I'm really glad that it still does.
  12. Ah, I see... Good to know. This also means that the net market share stats for Windows are gonna be completely screwed, nice.
  13. No it doesn't as anyone can request commercial support to Weolar afaik: weolar@miniblink.net I'm not sure whether a private user can buy the commercial support and the versions he provides the companies with or not, but it's definitely worth trying and after all I wouldn't see why he wouldn't. For those looking for his GitHub account, it's here: https://github.com/weolar
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