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  1. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    Ok, so this time there aren't missing dependencies, it just fails to load, which is weird 'cause it means that it's something related to your system. Honestly, I don't know why it doesn't work on your system, as I tried it on a few other systems and it was working fine, especially 'cause I included every dependency needed. Besides, the message you are getting is related to the C++ Redistributable. Do you have an updated system? Which Antivirus do you have? Can you check that whatever antivirus you are using it's not interfering with the executable? (Please note that it's not digitally signed, so some antivirus products might not like it). https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads @Dibyacan you try to run it on your XP as well? It's just to make sure that the issue is related to his system. After all, the installer works for someguy25 as well as in my virtual machine.
  2. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    @sdfox7 hopefully, this time it will work for you as well: Link
  3. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    Crap... it happens on my system too. It's the UI rendering engine that misbehaves on XP 'cause buttons are supposed to be slightly rounded, but they are rendered as square on XP, therefore you get black at the edges. This is how they are supposed to look like (Windows Server 2019):
  4. @Dave-H... that's unfortunate. I'm running Avast Premier Beta 18.7.2354 (build 18.7.4041.389) and I don't have any issues. There have been issues with some XP systems in the past, but I thought they were all sorted out. (By the way, I gave discounts to all my friends 'till few months ago as I was still able to. I would have given you a big fat discount if I knew you wanted to buy it).
  5. We've been discussing about this here on MSFN (I don't remember in which topic, though). Anyway, the reason is that every year Avast releases a new version of its Antivirus with a new UI and new tools, however Avast 18 is already a pretty solid product which offers many tools included within the program and it's very reliable. Some of the tools already available in Avast 18 are a Firewall, a WiFi Inspector to find vulnerabilities, RealSite to make sure your DNS are legit, a Sandbox to run programmes in a protected environment, Passwords to safely store all your passwords (it works with Firefox ESR 52.9, it doesn't work with Chrome 49 nor Chromium 54), a Sensitive Data Shield to encrypt your personal informations, a WebCam Shield to prevent unauthorized access to your webcam, Data Shredder to overwrite with the zero-fill method an hard drive and make deleted files impossible to recover, Boot-Scan to use a CHKDSK-Like method to run Avast when Windows is not running (to get rid of the nastier threats), an automatic software and driver update mechanism that checks for newer versions of the programmes/drivers you have installed and can install them in background or just notify you, Recovery Disk Tool with which you can make a bootable disk or usb with Avast only and many many other tools (I didn't even list them all)! This summer, part of the team started working at Avast 19 and another part of the team maintained Avast 18 with a new minor release every week and a public release every month to cope with the frequent Windows 10 updates. Keep in mind that a new management is leading Avast and I don't know who took the decision this summer, but what I can say it's what I already said in the Avast forum months ago: we gotta focus on making sure that the last version of Avast 18 will be solid, hassle free and perfectly working before the end of the year so that we will be able to keep using Avast flawlessly as the definitions are provided in real time thanks to the streaming-updates and that only the new tools and UIs won't be available. (One of the things they'll do will be re-arranging the menu and make a sort of sub-menu for normal users and an "hidden" one for advanced users). Anyway, I don't know anyone anymore in Avast, so I can't say, but we already knew about this since this summer and we were prepared. In a nutshell: don't worry, keep using Avast, it will keep working for many years to come
  6. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    @sdfox7 it was working fine in my VM and it's working fine for @someguy25 as well, however in my VM I do have all the C++ Redistributable, .NET Framework and all the POSReady updates. ucrtbase it's included with the C++ Redistributable 2015, but I can include it, no problem. New installer: Link
  7. FranceBB

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Sure, but that doesn't have to be a new OS. If they rolled out a new official Service Pack 4 with new tools and monthly updates and if they asked people to pay for a new licence to use it, I would have paid it and I think many people would have been willing to pay for it more than paying for a w10 licence. I'm a Linux user and I use Fedora, and I'd really like to see Windows with an updating mechanism similar to the Linux one, updating flawlessly from a version to another. For instance, if you check out the changes between Fedora 28 and Fedora 29, there have been improvements, but it feels like you are using the same OS. Same applies if you compare Fedora 29 to Fedora 26. I'm not against change. Change is good, but I don't think that Microsoft has to make a new OS with a new UI that gives a completely different user experience when they could simply update the "old" ones, trying to keep the user experience as consistent as possible.
  8. FranceBB

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    It sends data about OS, resolution, history and installed programmes in the system to the Chinese government on a regular basis. I personally use a VPN to be anonymous, it wouldn't make much sense to use Maxthon and screw that up. It's a shame, though. If it was open source and not handled by the Chinese government it would have been a very good browser.
  9. FranceBB

    Who has the latest Firefox ESR Installed?

    I had problems with Facebook using chromium 54 and a few bug using Firefox 52.9 ESR, but nothing serious. For instance, if I try to publish a link in a page and I wanna change the preview, it doesn't always work correctly. Other than that, no major issues, it's still usable.
  10. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    I'm sorry, I made a boo boo. This is what happens when I test in my system only due to laziness to fire up a VM. This is the link to the installer: Link Tested and working in a VM. @sdfox7 let me know anyway. @VistaLover and @rloew yes, @Dibya made a redirect to handle calls not available in the original kernel long time ago 'cause v141_xp doesn't always output a runnable file: for instance, GetTickCount64 gets redirected to GetTickCount.
  11. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    Still, it's always better to have statically compiled files that work on your system. I don't know which build you used, but I generally don't trust other people compiling it, not because of malicious intent, but because I don't know which parameters they used and which assembly optimisations they turned on as I generally use either MSVC with SSE2 or GCC targeting my own processor with SSE4. Some people managed to get better performances on Intel Parallel Studio, though, even on old hardware, but I've never used it. Still, whenever there aren't hand-written intrinsics, it all depends on the compiler ability to make them automatically: they'll never be as fast as the hand-written ones, but still. Anyway, for this build, at least SSE2 are required. If you wanna try to run it without SSE2, you can compile it yourself by disabling all the assembly optimisations in the compiler options. That should output an executable compatible with old MMX processors with plain C code instructions. As to the linking, I suggest you to turn on the static link because it's always better to include the dll. In an ideal world, you could dynamically compile and let users install and update the Redistributable. This way, you would allow users to keep the Redistributable updated and you wouldn't have to make a new release every time a security patch is released by Microsoft: as a matter of fact, your executable would benefit from the Redistributable already installed in the system, so whenever users update, your programme is updated too. Too good to be true, huh? Well, in the real world, you want to include the Redistributable in your executable for two main reasons: the first one is that not everyone have the C++ Redistributable installed on his/her system nor they keep them updated and the second one is that whenever an update comes out, you may wanna test it on your executable, 'cause it shouldn't break any functionality of your programme, but what if it does? That's my humble opinion, though. In a nutshell: whenever a programme is open source, statically compile it yourself targeting your system and CPU.
  12. FranceBB

    Mozilla Firefox 52 esr support petition

    Once we'll get enough signatures (if we'll get enough signatures), we will bring it to the attention of Mozilla.
  13. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    I've been playing with it a bit and it seems to work fine. The only thing I can't test is if it detects the default microphone and speakers automatically, 'cause I'm in a VM.
  14. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    EDIT: Yes Audacity 2.3.1 Running on Windows XP x86 @sdfox7 Link
  15. FranceBB

    Audacity 2.3.0 fails to run on Windows XP

    It comes down to InitializeProcThreadAttributeList and DeleteProcThreadAttributeList, two kernel calls. These two calls are the same that vsfilter uses. When I compiled vsfilter with v141_xp it didn't work. I'm gonna quote a message I previously posted: Audacity is open source, but I've never compiled it. I tried to do it quickly and it does run, but it fails to create page-files and returns the error "Exception Processing Message c0000145 Parameters c00000fd 75b1bf7c 75b1bf7c 75b1bf7c. https://github.com/audacity/audacity