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  1. Why not? I use Skype Web on a daily basis on Chromium 54, I just have to spoof it as Chrome 81 but that's all... It works like a charm, however you won't be able to make calls as it requires the use of an .msi installer that cannot be installed on XP, but for everything else it's fine. Alternatively, you can use Mirada NG with the Skype plugin but that won't allow you to make calls either. If you don't know how to spoof Chromium, just tell me and I'll paste here my string.
  2. Hi there @roytam1. First of all thank you for keeping browsers updated. I think pretty much everyone here understands how valuable your work is, so... keep up the good work. The reason why I'm sending this message is simple: would it be possible to have (if the user decides to enable it) some sort of update Firefox-style on your browsers? I mean, it's not such a big deal to constantly check your blog, download your build, unzip it and replace the folder, but I think it would be nice to have some sort of option to enable automatic updates... or at least a notification for new updates. Thank you in advance, Frank.
  3. I was watching a documentary made in 2019 about Chinese PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) factories and what happens when an engineer submits its order with the circuit to the factory in order to print it and I found something interesting: our beloved OS, Windows XP. It's funny, though, how factories are relying on Windows XP to produce hardware that is shipped all over the world, most of which doesn't support that OS... Windows XP booting in the background:
  4. I just updated to the last working version for XP (5.63). "Rip CCleaner" I guess, then...
  5. Perhaps your ISP is blocking the most common VPN protocols. Which Internet Service Provider do you have?
  6. I've been using NordVPN for quite some time and their service is pretty good with many server across the globe. The only problem though was that they decided to drop PPTP and L2TP which are mandatory on XP as they are the only two that work with the OS without using external things like OpenVPN. They claimed that those protocols were old and outdated and "not secure enough anymore" so they dropped them, so I ditched the company. A friend of mine had the chance to get a coupon for a very discounted lifetime subscription at FastestVPN, however this service is not very good. I mean, don't get me wrong, I use it on a daily basis, but the servers I'm interested in (the UK ones) are almost always full, so I have to switch to the States. As a pro thing, though, they kept each and every legacy protocol including PPTP, L2TP, IPSec Xauth PSK and they also support new protocols like OpenVPN. I think I can say that they're alright. A friend of mine also went to Mainland China to the city of Qingdao and used it there as my subscription covers many devices. Although many VPN providers were blocked, FastestVPN managed to connect and make him access the internet. If you wanna go with FastestVPN, just remember one thing: they're alright, but definitely NOT the fastest as their server are overcrowded and slow at times. As one final note: please DO NOT use free VPNs or proxy, 'cause you don't know who owns them; in the best case it's some enormous company trying to collect your data and sell it for marketing purposes, in the worse case it's some hacker waiting to steal your bank account or credit card or just your facebook account and sell it in the deep web. (I've seen this happening many years ago with suspicious "free proxy servers" too many times...).
  7. I'm not really a fan of Chinese browsers to be fair... You know, I don't want Winnie the Flu spying on me...
  8. I tried what you suggested, but nope. Nothing to do. Not NewMoon nor Basilisk are updated enough to support Teams: the web app starts loading as I tricked Microsoft by faking the user agent as you suggested, however after a bit of time it stops loading and just says that there's an issue.
  9. Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, I was asked to stay at home and do "smart working" which basically means to work remotely from home. I managed to login to Office 365 and access Outlook 365 with the modern UI by using Chromium 54 spoofed as Chromium 81 and everything works fine except for Microsoft Teams, which is a messaging system developed by Microsoft to be used as a built-in replacement of Skype for Business for chats, calls and video-calls between coworkers working for the same company. It's very well integrated inside the Office 365 Suite, however I have a problem... If I try to access it with Chromium 54 spoofed as Chromium 81 it doesn't load and if I try to use the very latest version of NewMoon made by @roytam1 it says that my browser is not supported. Of course I also tried to download and patch the official x86 Windows Executable but it's closed source and I've got tons of missing calls. Does anybody here use Microsoft Teams? https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads Microsoft Teams (Office 365 Suite) on NewMoon, Roytam latest build: Outlook 365 on Chromium 54 spoofed as Chromium 81 "chrome.exe" --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/81.0.4031.0 Safari/537.36" Outlook 365 on NewMoon (Roytam version):
  10. Python 2.x and 3.x are two very different languages not compatible with one another. This led to a lot of confusion at the beginning 'cause developers had to rewrite their code and many of them never did and remained on 2.x (which is why it continued to receive security updates for a lot of time). In other words, I'm not really sure it will compile at all if I target 3.x
  11. Woah, so they kept the support! Kudos to the Potplayer team!
  12. Yes but not its API. Nobody uses vanilla XP, everybody use SP3 whose additional APIs were actually released not so long before Win7 came out. Most of the time the excuse is that XP is from 2001 and it's too old when actually the latest version of the APIs and calls is from about 2008 so not so terribly old as people think. I would agree with them if they meant vanilla XP only pre-SP1; in that case the OS would indeed be so old that it would be a pain to develop a program for it, but not SP3 as I consider it fairly modern.
  13. Would you like to join our Skype group? Perhaps you can talk with Samuel and take what you think can be useful from One Core API as everything is on Github. Feel free to add me: francebb1 - franceopf@gmail.com
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