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  1. Thanks but I'm I do all my own slip streaming myself or at least used to before I got lazy and started downloading add-ons to integrate with nlite. But You can still use nlite to integrate individual hotfixes or use the /integrate command. I used ryanvm for my add ons. I was more intrested in integration not post install. They way you worded it sounded like you updated post install not that I know if it matters or not. BTW my VM isn't bugged out with the updates but I have a physical machine that is.
  2. Has anyone tried Slipstreaming the buggy updates into a fresh Install source to see if they are buggy on a clean install?
  3. Gpu for 250w psu?

    I mean not to be rude but what you're asking for is like a magic trick and 35 dollars you are going to have to shop of EBAY for ahwile and just bid on low price stuff and hope you get it on the low bid. You can't get better GPU if you don't want to upgrade your power supply. Try and get a 400 watt power supply. But GPU isn't the only bottle neck your CPU could be a probelem too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radeon_HD_3000_series These are probably the fastest AGP cards I could be wrong tho HD 3850, HD 3650, HD 3450
  4. Dave I wonder if its a possibility that the reason why your search is broken is because you installed desktop search 4.0, which i hate btw then you modified the registry or whatever to get back classic search. I installed that desktop search once hated it and never integrated it into another of my CDs or installed it. Albeit I do not use search companion but I don't hear a lot of other people have this problem. My question is besides Dave who else installed 4.0 and hacked it back to normal search.
  5. Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    There maybe also boards with the NEC usb 3.0 Chipset. I don't know how good it is but gigabyte used to use them.
  6. Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    I only know little about the guys drivers. As much as I know is that I integrated a universal driver before once to a CD for installing windows. Further than that I wouldn't assume at all the Intel SATA 3.0 works in AHCI or Raid mode properly on windows XP at full speed. All i know is that it will only work at sata 2.0 speed in IDE mode. You don't want this because it defeats the purpose. WHy go through all of the trouble to be stuck at what your left with. But I know other controlllers made by other compainis such as Marvell, LSI, Asmedia etc might work and have drivers for. The trick is to find a board with those 3rd party chips integrated or decide on adding a expansion host controller card. My personal opinion if I were buildding a new system I wouldn't be building one to run XP on. I would be going with probably one of AMDs new offerings in a year once everything has fully matured or now if I had the money to invest in a platform I could upgrade a year from now that is future proof. Just my 2 cents I would be building a monster 24 core system with 32 gigs of ram or somthing that would last me the next 15-20 years or forever if it don't die.. I would then keep the older computer im using now on the side that can run XP if I really needed it. I am sure the instances would be low that I would have to. XP is already obsolete but its still fine for Multimedia, some light office work, web browing and light gaming which I think is all the majority of people need it for. But in the future maybe it ends up like 98se and 2000 needed all kinds of hacks just to barely web browse. you don't want to be hidered and want more power and a system that can do anything you throw at it fast.
  7. Windows XP: new Z68/Z77 rig in 2017

    I would narrow my search to include working SATA 3.0 in AHCI mode. The USB 3.0 can be easily solved by an expansion card that has proper drivers which is what I would do.
  8. we need to figure out why KB4074852 works fine on some computers and not on others so we can fix the registry or whatever, we can't count on MS to fix it. I can say it has nothing to do with Folder file type action open. It doesn't make a difference if what action you set the Folder File type as. Normally you can set it to default to explorer or just Open action. By default the action is open. What I have observed. Works fine on some VMs and Not on other VMs. FACT. Works fine on some PCs and Not on other PCs FACT.
  9. I hate the windows xp search assistant and the little dog. I have never used that and always use the 2k style search.
  10. I have a baremetal machine in my basement, with a 945 chipset and a core2. I will test it out in a few, not saying that the patch isn't buggy but I wan't to leave open the possibility that there is just somthing that other people are doing that I am not doing. Theres a few others that posted that hotfix didn't bug out on them as well. wyxchari thats not true because I have it in vmware and it didn't give me issues. how many of you are running unofficial SP4...I am not.
  11. I don't know what's different between your machine and my VM. I installed that update on my XP VM and I tested your screenshots and experience no such issues with that update. Find target worked as it always does as well as show folder in the download managers. I tested both firefox and Chrome. I don't have any antivirus or anti spyware installed.
  12. Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

  13. IE 8 in 2018?

    http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=how+to+change+font+in+windows+xp If you want to fine tune clear type you can also use this. http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/ClearType-Tuner-PowerToy.shtml no offense but i feel like this is becoming trolly thats why I posted the let me google that for you. That is such a elementary question that just a simple google search can solve.
  14. IE 8 in 2018?

    1st thing you should do is download CCLeaner free version. Install that then go into options/advanced and uncheck only delete temp files older than 24 hours. Run the CCleaner and also run the resistry cleaner. Reboot the computer. At the login prompt press ctrl-alt-del twice and login as the administrator. If you are already running the computer as administrator let me know but here you should be running updates and installing programs under the administrator account Your problem is you ran system restore and because of that you hosed the system and administrators accounts property control over files and folders. While system restore wont nessecarily always do that it is unpredicatable what system restore will do and you shouldn't of done that. System restore is bad so so bad that I recommend disabling it all together and reclaiming the disk space. Never use it unless it is the absolute last resort. what system ressore does is when it is invoked it backs up the user configuration and registry, and when you chose to run it it restores that to whatever it has on file thats why it's extreemly bad. Lets say I created a restore point 2 weeks ago and since then I have made all of these modifications to my system, then I run it. It then wil hose my entire system because whats on file is old. You may need to manually delete user profiles aswell but let me know if the admin account is messed up 1st. If you were trying to fix MU, system restore is not the way to do that, it is better to rename the software distribution folder and there is a few other tricks like re-registering certain dlls associated with MU update.
  15. nope I was thinking that, I was only talking about locating the hotfixes from the catalog. Applying them is going to require us to modify the hotfixes with somthing like ORCA or another utility abefore we apply them. Unless my Ultimate key will work on embeded i wont be doing this. I think it doesn't make sense for everyone and moving forward thats what will be important.