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  1. Destro

    End of POSReady 2009 patches, what to do?

    make backups...and images
  2. Destro

    Tool to identify problematic service at log on?

    most likely has to do with serivice and driver load order. I recal there is a way to change that but I don't remember right now.
  3. Destro

    Normal mode booting OK but BSoD in safe mode

    enable loging and then check C:\windows\ntbtlog.txt for errors.
  4. Destro

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Whats the proper registry info, for Java 202, copyied into 152 folder, with 202 cpl in system32. Dencorso carry me bud, I have see the reg file u posted ahwile back ago didn't work for me.
  5. can also confirm that google maps works fine for me on all 3 browsers. maybe try make sure hardware acceleration is enable. And update your gfx card drivers if that doesn't work. Check this page idk if it is relevant or not. https://www.sitepoint.com/firefox-enable-webgl-blacklisted-graphics-card/ Try updating your video drivers 1st. if that doesn't work check try these. To enable WebGL, set webgl.force-enabled to true. To enable Layers Acceleration, set layers.acceleration.force-enabled to true To enable Direct2D in Windows Vista/7, set gfx.direct2d.force-enabled to true
  6. Destro

    MS .NET Framework and TLS1.2

    should be .net 3.5 I am guessing you have all the .nets up to 4.0 installed. ya some or a lot of .net files should be the same not all of them since its like cross platform or platform independent.
  7. Destro

    MS .NET Framework and TLS1.2

    Acroding to the info I posted the system.dll for XP is newer than he one on vista and supports it. So idk.. you have to enable TLS 1.2 for dedault in IE, and you have to apply the patch I posted for .net and modify the registry as documented by microsoft in the KB article, if it sill doesn't work that it either wont work or it's just you.
  8. Destro

    A world of problems.

    HP Z220 lots of different versions you can find on ebay. Double check HP site that whatever version you chose has XP drivers downloadable.
  9. Destro

    A world of problems.

    plenty of used Dell, HP, lenovo workstations on Ebay
  10. Destro

    MS .NET Framework and TLS1.2

    https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1977229.html&prev=search So if I am reading this right and you have the right patch you should be able to modify the registry keys so it says default value in the MS kb Article. KB4344180 -- Security Only Update for .NET Framework 2.0 on WES09 and POSReady 2009
  11. Destro

    anyone used Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs?

    I have it somewhere and tried it before. It's basically not as good as the advertisement leads you to believe. Reason is becasue it really doesn't have a smaller footprint than XP and the description would leave you to believe. Nlted XP is much smaller and more customization without the fact that it is basically neutered as other person said. It is basically trash. That microsoft came up with that works with the same corporate keys as xp pro corp. That is why its silly. Becasue if you had pro corp and a working/legit/unblacklisted key than its pointless.
  12. The ACPI could be a bios issue not a software one. You may have to set the ACPI mode in the bois to somthing differn't . ACPI on XP is like 2.0 0r 3.0
  13. Destro

    Best (working) USB 3 controller for Z370 + XP?

    I've found other versions of the driver that supposidly work on XP with that hardware ID. Older Version USB_3.0_WXP_3.0.16.0.ZIP https://www.helpjet.net/Fs-50248619-42463037-92206855.html http://lmgtfy.com/?q=PCI\VEN_1912%26DEV_0014%26REV_03
  14. I had a feeling that thing would work. Becasue I had that same problem before. ANd I used those uninstallers and they worked.
  15. Neither firefox or Gecko Compatibility mode allows me to talk, to be clear you can login discord, you can view channels and type and post things, however I was not able to talk or use mic. I don't expect it to be fixed.