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  1. XP task bar vertical?

    Working for many years a a professional computer technician, there is a saying. It's called Blow it Away. Which means basically. If the time and effort to fix a problem is longer than the time it takes to reinstall windows. It's better to just pop that CD in and do it over. It takes 20 minutes or so to reinstall windows. It's not worth it to fight a computer for 12 hours, 2 days, a week, However long it is. Time is money and money is time. Yes that is the Extreme way to do things, but sometimes the extreme way is also just the more practical thing to do,..
  2. Introducing - Unofficial Windows XP SP4

    poor vista no one loves it and it's users are abused.
  3. no more iTunes Store for XP/Vista from May 2018

    Well are you really offering it to apple or to google. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/02/26/apple-confirms-it-uses-google-cloud-for-icloud.html
  4. I don't know of any .net 1.1 updates that don't work on win 2000. As I thought .net 1.1 support ended long ago including it's support on Xp. The 2.0 updates I would assume would work if you can force them to install, But I have no proof of that. Working as in forcing them with modification yes, working as you think you can just click it and it works probably no,
  5. modernize ie 6?

    Download a bunch of tools to delete adware, spyware, trojans, and really bad viruses because your going to get them.
  6. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    1st page of the thread
  7. Gpu for 250w psu?

    I'll check into it, after I watch my TV show and edit this post later. You can upgrade your Dell Dimension 8200 up to a maximum of 2.0 GB Memory. The Computer has 4 sockets (2 banks of 2) to install memory, already with basic factory installed standard memory installed. The motherboard uses Rambus Ram. or RDRAM. These can only be installed in pairs. If you want 2GB of ram then you have 4x512 sticks or RDRAM. The ram usally has blue or silver heatspreaders alot of them were made by samsung. It's PC800 rdram. ns45 timing Must be in pairs can be ECC or Non ECC. But if you already have 2x512 you should check to see if they are ecc or non ecc and and get 2 more of whatever they are. Run CPUz and see if it tells you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- For CPU u should run CPUz and see what chipset it has. if its a intel 850e it takes a 533mhz FSB CPU. If its just the intel 800 than its 400 mhz CPU. Based on that you should flash the system BIOS to the latest version to support the latest CPU it can socket. I can't say for certain what CPU it will take without related CPUz info on chipset. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally I wouldn't spend more than like 50 dollars on totaly upgrades thats the PSU/RAM/gfxcard/ everything. becasue after that its not worth it and its hard to justify. Id shop around on ebay and try to get really good deals. Remember you said you wanted to be able to play 720p videos smoothly and I can't even promise that if you did all of this it could do that becasue it's so old. But if you really want to try it's your money. Personaly I would never invest in such a system just to play youtube videos, maybe if I wanted to use it for other stuff like retro gaming and this is all i could get.. I would rather pay like 150 dollars on parts to build a new old low end new system that can handle 1080 no problem.
  8. XP task bar vertical?

    To display the recycle bin or to hide it in win 7. Right click desktop, select personalize click change desktop icons, check or uncheck recycle bin. to unpin an icon from the start bar right click and select unpin.
  9. Impossible to install operating systems

    Roffen I don't understand why you feel like this is defeating. "You say AHCI is enabled and you have to live with it" Do you want me to make a youtube video that makes it easy for you to understand that this is something you can change? Do you want me to make a simple instruction of how to slip stream a driver that anyone could follow. Nevermind i see that you are going to Spain so you don't have time to try.
  10. XP task bar vertical?

    Roffen what icon can you not get rid of or want back?
  11. MGDx site has a unoffical update roolup for IE6. Theres also unoffical WMP 10 on the site that includes all those updates + more. The WIA i don't know anything about. .net is so rarely needed on 98 I think it doesn't matter. I think that an educated person understands that you cannot secure windows 98 other than putting it behind a firewall and nat and allowing very limited internet access through a pinhole port. Locally securing 98 is impossible unless you are double natting and have a firewall between 98 and the rest of the devices on the LAN as well. Securing 9x is all about network isolation. So people who have security concearns about using 98 should not think that patches help. Patches however add some functionality and fix bugs and this is more the mindset.
  12. XP task bar vertical?

    Agree, Hearing the sugestion or even knowing that somone usedsystem restore to fix the task bar position makes me want to gouge my eyes out and pull my hair out, and slap whoever while im at it. It's just infuriating.
  13. XP task bar vertical?

    ok. locking the taskbar "fixes" it to wherever the user places it and however the user configures it. Fixed position. However it's not a fix in that the ability to reposistion the taskbar is a feature and a design choice as its not something thats broken. Unlocking the taskbar can cause people who are unaware of this feature and unaware of how to use it properly, get confused and move it accidentally and not understand how that happened or put it back. Simply unlocking the taskbar then hold left click and drag allows reposistioning. Alternatively it allows you to move it back to the bottom. In the same way. Locking the taskbar prevents the user from moving it. And is a permanent "fix" in a way to prevent it from moving anywhere. This is by design. It's not somthing that is broken or a bug that requires system restore.
  14. Gpu for 250w psu?

    ya 1GB of ram isn't enough for XP. I know it says minimum for XP is 512 but really minimum is like 1gb. You need at least 2GB on XP. I have seen firefox and chrome use more than 2GB to play a youtube video. The OS needs at least 512. That means you only have 512 ram to run your programs and browse the internet and play a video. That means your computer like instantly starts using the page file when you open the web browser. Thats never going to be good. I would try to put 2GB of ram minimum. If the systehm can support 4GB that is better. So you need 2gb ram, Stronger Power supply, Better video card, and still your P4 is a bottle neck. Even if you upgraded the CPU still it would be slow by todays standards. My old laptop that uses a Pentium M 2ghz is faster than a P4 because it is a better architecture and CPU design., It has 2gb of ram and a X300 ATI and it still struggles to play youtube at 720p however it can play it just barely. I bet you could Get a stronger pentium 4 CPU off of ebay for like 5 dollars though. You can probably find ram for it for 10 dollars.
  15. Impossible to install operating systems

    ok. SCSI has been apart of Microsoft OS since windows 3.1. SCSI is still a thing except its SATA now and SATA supports RAID. It's been like this forever and the standard of SATA. SATA controllers have 2 modes Native which is like AHCI mode or Raid mode. The other mode is called Legacy mode or IDE mode. Not all sata controllers support both though and some don't allow you to switch between both. However a majority of them do. In your Motherboard manual it describes how to set your motherboard to IDE mode clearly. Here is a screen shot of it. I downloaded your manual from https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/M5A99FX_PRO_R20/HelpDesk_Manual/ If you didn't want to set the BIOS to IDE mode. There is also a SATA driver on the site here https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/M5A99FX_PRO_R20/HelpDesk_Download/ For windows XP you could copy it to a floppy disk like a usb and when the setup says press F6 for additional drivers you could load it so it recognizes the Hard Disk and Sata controller. Alternativly you could use NLITE and integrate the driver into a XP CD and burn it so that XP automatically finds the SATA controller and HDD during setup. Nothing new here. If you want me to teach you how to use NLITE i can. Otherwise just read the manual or follow the screenshot i posted and put it in IDE mode to setup. However you will have performance issues with the HDD if the computer is run in IDE mode and not in AHCI mode. Its slower and not as good. Also all those options are still there for partitioning and formatting the OS. It's just moved and the interface is different. That doesn't mean its not there. Screen shot here of your motherboard manual detailing that you can set to IDE.