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  1. dumb question but how can I manage search engines, get more search engines, in new moon 27 latest build, doesn't work for me when I try to add any of them
  2. It doesn't make a difference what OS or browser I use I can't see pages of threads other than the 1st page. Clicking next page or last page thread is always blank.
  3. S3 Trio64V+ or S3 ViRGE/GX Those are the best cards for pure DOS. Don't expect amazing windows performance. There are plenty of other cards. This page here shows VESA compatibility benchmarks and tests. https://gona.mactar.hu/DOS_TESTS/
  4. what prevents, newmoon 26.5 for vanilla 2000 from running on 98se. Are we sill not API compatible with vanilla 2000.
  5. What about Paracelsus for serpent. "Paracelsus (1493—1541), was an Austrian physician, born Phillip Von Hohenheim. On accident, he discovered he could speak to snakes. He had no explanation for the phenomenon and made no attempt to document its simple existence. In the 1990's, the now-famous Harry Potter discovered that he was a Parselmouth" Source http://linguifex.com/wiki/Parseltongue Mail newsgroups doesn't need its own name, it can be added after the same name roytam1 decides for UXP.. So if he decided on Sea Wolf for UXP Than it would be Sea Wolf Mail & Newsgroups Mozilla did the same exact thing. They called it Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups. Perfectly acceptable. BTW The Sea Wolves is also an excellent movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081470/
  6. Hi everyone. real talk here who doesn't like wolves? or Wolfs The best new moon name is Wolf Moon as This full moon occurs in January—a time when tribes often heard wolves howling outside their villages. The best serpent name is Cerberus as in 3 headed wolf , a serpent for a tail, and snakes protruding from multiple parts of his body. The best UXP name is Sea Wolf as in the boat. giving hints, to sea monkey and Navigator. Ty all. Make is so.
  7. it only runs on 64 bit windows. Id pay 20 dollars if it ran on XP, but I doubt he will do it.
  8. that is strange. I googled 0xc000001d and several results listed as a SSE error, even though you say the browser will run with MMX only. AMD always has these bugs for years, They even have incomplete SSE instructions on CPUs as late as Athlon 64 X2. as seen here http://avid.force.com/pkb/articles/en_US/error_message/en350007 It probably has to do with incomplete SIMD implementation on the K6, or that Mendocino may have early incomplete SSE SIMD instructions but I can't find anything official about that. It's hard to know I don't think its worth fixing. AMD K8 Slot A, Pentium II, P55C, K6, Pentium Pro and Xeon II are pretty much the only CPUs that benefit from MMX only build and all of those users combined is less users than Pentium III users who have SSE. To be totally honest PIII is long in the tooth as it is and even with DUAL socket pentium III 1000 Browsing the web is slow and you still can't watch youtube cuz its slow
  9. probably becasue a Socket 7. K6-2 has no SSE 1 or SSE 2. K6-2 only has MMX and 3DNOW. The first AMD CPU to have SSE was Socket A. Athlon. AMD didn't have SSE2 until Socket 754 Athalon64.
  10. He did a lot for the 9x community, It's a huge loss. I heard about this little over a week ago but I never bought anything from him or did I know him more or less than other people around here. Ya we don't know anything about his estate, or if anyone inherited his intellectual property. We don't know if his programs and drivers will continue to be available or become abandonware, with no way to acquire going forward. Id say it's probably better to give it some time and see if his work is taken over by new management. if not than everything he did will be lost forever, unless its archived for the public. I did archive his entire website last weekend in the wayback machine, but most of his stuff wasn't free.
  11. what if it's on a separate disk that means not having 2-3 operating systems on the same disk with partitions but 2 physical disks.
  12. to vague, can't know what drivers to look for if you didn't tell us what drivers you need. just saying i need driver for cheap laptop, I am not even going to bother helping you. Instead if you want to tell us what chipset, it uses we can try to just get windows 2000 to install. But you didn't say if you got that far we don't know.
  13. roytam1 is a legend. if anyone can get newmoon 26 running on 98se he can. If he actually got that running 98se would be a viable operating system in 2019.
  14. VPN, like PIA with RealVNC is what I'd do. Not sure if the free versions offer encryption and the mirror driver. I use Enterprise Editions.
  15. ya, I install 98lite chubby after that what I do is uninstall Internet explorer. That way you still have pointers and support for some applications that use IE help engine, and IE rendering engine. I been successful in just installing the IE 5.5 sp2 core files from SP3 not the SP itself on top of uninstall IE with chubby and gotten applications that complain about needing IE 5.5 Installed. There is a procedure tho to run chubby + no IE + 5.5 sp2 core files + the updated Explorer/2000 theme + Rp9. This method is the best I found. But you can run that without installing the 100s of patches.

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