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  1. nope I was thinking that, I was only talking about locating the hotfixes from the catalog. Applying them is going to require us to modify the hotfixes with somthing like ORCA or another utility abefore we apply them. Unless my Ultimate key will work on embeded i wont be doing this. I think it doesn't make sense for everyone and moving forward thats what will be important.
  2. Maybe, but it's almost like everything XP slipstream and setup related has become less relevant as XP has become less relevant to the "general public."
  3. Destro

    IE 8 in 2018?

    It's good that we helped the OP, but I still want to throw my computer out the windows when I read this thread.
  4. I don't see any reason why we couldn't search for updates the same way we do for POSready on XP and apply them to windows 7. You can do whatever you want but knowing what I know personally I wouldn't if it were me.
  5. Destro

    Corrupt Java Install

    Ok like if you are unable to test Java, than chances are you don't need it in the 1st place.
  6. I think you can probably just buy a new old usb scanner off of EBAY like a HP scanjet is fine. People used to use winfaxpro and that is both a server and client. But I don't know if that is still a thing.
  7. Destro

    Windows 10 Claimed to Have Overtaken Windows 7

    windows 10 won't overtake windows 7 until MS stops supporting windows 7 thus forcing business users to upgrade. From a perspective of obsolesces there was no good reason for business users to upgrade to windows 10. As in proper thinking the life span on windows 7 would out live the life span of hardware. So it makes more since to just stick with windows 7 until it just dies then buy new machines preloaded with 10.
  8. Destro

    Corrupt Java Install

    I tested that conclusion by using the Java app in RealVNC enterprise to connect using IE8, and it used java v162 so I can say it's a wrong conclusion.
  9. Destro

    Microsoft patches Windows XP to fight 'WannaCry' attacks

    The biggest threat to a computer are not its vulnerabilities, it's the person using it. Unfortunately there's no way to patch human beings.
  10. I guess he figured it out but its really obvious what he was doing wrong. "The Display settings in Control Panel show: Resolution 1920x1080; LG IPSFULL(analog) on Radeon x85 Series; 32bit highest." analog doesn't support copy protection or HDCP.
  11. Have it ever occur that some of these problems are issues with janky hardware and drivers. Some of them maybe with janky bios and buggy ACPI power states. I have nver had these kinda issues in this thread but here is my 2 cents stop using s4 and hybrid sleep and hibernate. For mpeople who are setting up their own computers, and installing windows and drivers themselfs, this isn't a complicated issue to fix. It very simple you install one thing at a time until it breaks then you know what your problem is and you never have any issues.
  12. Destro

    Laptop stops when closing the cover

    The reason laptops go to sleep or go to standby/shut off the monitor when lids are closed is because there is a hardware switch either in the hinge or on the bezel located above or around the top of the keyboard. When these switches are pressed laptops go into sleep or standby. In windows there are power options usually to disable these switches and sometimes there are 3rd party power drivers that can configure them. This behavior is controlled by the BIOS, and if the drivers do not control the BIOS properly this can fail. There are 2 factors here. 1 Is the Screen and if it turns off or not, the other is the hard disk driver and if it is put to sleep. Various other things like powering down other devices may occur. It sounds to me like the computer is going to sleep regardless of what you are setting it and not waking up. This is most likely caused by either misconfiguration of the BIOS, buggy BIOS, buggy drivers, or user error in configuration. The way I usually configure this is for my screen to turn off but not anything else. only screen no disk drive, gpu, keyboard or anything else. Troubleshooting problems are complicated and the 1st thing a person must rule out is user error, or fault of the user. These include user set configurations, user installed software and drivers and the opposite of user not configuring and not installing drivers. Once you rule out user fault the next thing to move onto is hardware fault. This is a huge step generally this requires flashing the computer BIOS, setting it to defualt, reinstalling windows and drivers sometimes so that we have a perfect vanilla image. When problems still ooccur at this state we blame hardware. This is the worst case scenario and we only do this when all else has failed in trouble shooting a problem When its a hardware failure you are very limited in what you can do without the ability to replace hardware, sometimes you must just disable the buggy hardware through hacks or just not installing it and disabling it. The specific hardware that is giving you problems is called ACPI. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface . I would suggest to you to study ACPI by googling it and using wiki. There are many different versions of ACPI, usually most computers have configurable ACPI through the BIOS and a person can pick different versions. There are problaby millions of differn't laptops out there so its impossible to say. You never gave us any information about the computer so all I can speak in is in generalities. It could aslo be possible that you are just no pushing the right buttons when you are trying to wake the computer up.
  13. I didn't report this in this thread but, the newest extensions broke portable qtweb 3.85 for me in 98se. I could only use vanilla kernel ex.
  14. ty much better than the other things I read.
  15. I can do it but can somone just make a detailed guide on how to do it that normal people can understand. If no Ill do it but pls.