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  1. The certificates updater actually fixed all the certificate problems on the computer. Thanks to everyone who tried to help!
  2. After adding the registry, the updates installed, but there doesn't seem to be any difference.
  3. I can't seem to be able to install those updates on the Home edition of XP. It says that they are for a different Windows version.
  4. Hey, so i just installed a fresh copy of Windows XP Home on a 2010 netbook, but I seem to be getting some weird web certificate errors which weren't present before the reinstallation. Is there a way I could fix this issue?
  5. Oh, right. It was a quick Google search and I must have misread something somewhere
  6. Technically, that would make the theoretically most powerful stable Windows 2000 system be with the following specs: - Intel Core i7-6950X - GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5 - 32 GB DDR3 Memory That's of course if I am not missing something along the way.
  7. Not really. Faking the user agent goes just as far as telling the website that you're running a newer browser while you are in fact not. The trouble comes when a site has some feature(s) that are unsupported by the older spoofed browser and then it simply does not work or load properly. A very good example of that is when Chrome 49 gets spoofed to Chrome 51+ and as a result, YouTube does not work - at all.
  8. Yes, I was aware of that, but Google is greedy and their new YouTube layout works smoothly only with a Chromium based browser. Here is a rough explanation of why that is: [Click To Open Twitter] So really, using it on roytam1's browser is not a very good option regardless. Please keep in mind that I do not have experience with the newer and more resource heavy layout on older hardware as I have been using XP on a modern computer and performance has never been a problem for me, so it might not be as noticeable on older computers as it is on newer and more powerful ones. More smoothly than any other non-chromium browser with a spoofed user agent, yes. Also, neither the last official Chrome (49) that works on XP or the Advanced Chromium (54) support the new layout, even with a spoofed user agent. (The layout does not load properly and does not work, at least to my knowledge) Layout, to be more precise. Please excuse me for the confusion that I may have caused due to English not being my primary language. Right on point.
  9. I'm positive that Chrome 360 is based on a newer version of Chromium solely on the fact that it is the only XP browser that can load the new YouTube desing.
  10. I am pretty sure due to personal experience that the success rate is 100% with the whole pascal lineup, although as you mentioned, only 2d acceleration is possible.
  11. Actually, I was wondering the same thing, but for Ryzen 7 2700x. Can anyone with any am4 processor test to see if Vista is a lost cause for those processors?
  12. I tried it on a Vista Ultimate x64 virtual machine and I was bombarded with error messages for missing functions followed by an App Crash followed by an error of d3d11 file missing. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to get to the browser itself after crashing devastatingly.
  13. Good luck. It seems to be working just fine on my first ever laptop with a Pentium M from 2006 and integrated graphics.
  14. Well, they have backported it somehow. Nevertheless, it does work and it works really well, especially on older computers.
  15. At this point I really feel like I am kind of advertising them, but I can not stress enough how happy I am that there is a Chromium 78 (which is the latest) based browser on Windows 2000, XP and Vista. I've been using it as my main browser for a couple of months now and honestly if you can get past the chinese setup, it is the most up to date browser you can get. [Open Chrome 360 Discussion Topic]
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