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Windows 2000

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  1. Windows 2000

    Tips for improving performance?

    I didn't really know about that forum and to be honest, I'm quite glad you told me about it. There are in fact some quite useful things there which could help for some rough days. Appreciated. So, with that done I'd only also like to know how to optimize Windows's performance? Any tips for that?
  2. Windows 2000

    Tips for improving performance?

    Hello everyone. I'm running Windows XP on an old Pentium 4 Mobile, ThinkPad T30 laptop and it is running smoothly but I'd like to know ways in which I could make it run even better. Any tips, tricks, patches? I'd also like to make that laptop live as long as possible so any tips for that would also be greatly appreciated too. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just found the thread. To be fair, i'm quite astonished by how powerful of hardware can be put on Windows 2000. Thanks everyone for the info, that's pretty much everything I wanted to know. Now I can start slowly upgrading my PC. If anybody has any more suggestions, feel free to share them.
  4. That processor is a beast! May I ask, why GTX 960 would be the most powerful? Aren't the more powerful 900 series working? I don't really need more than 4 GB RAM except in some pretty rare occasions, but I just have quite a bit of RAM sticks laying around which I could just use for the sake of it. I'd just like to get the most possible out of the OS.
  5. Windows 2000 Professional, yes.
  6. Hello! I was just curious as to what's the most powerful Windows 2000 machine that one could build? As far as I'm aware, the most powerful GPU that can work on Windows 2000 is GTX 980Ti or maybe the GTX TITAN X (non pascal) thanks to Blackwingcat's driver. What's on the processor and motherboard side? What's the most powerful processor that works with Windows 2000? - My Intel Core i5 2500 works just fine with Windows 2000 but I assume that there are quite a bit more powerful processors that could work. Also, what's the most RAM you could get to work if you bypass the 32bit limit? On the hard drive side, as far as I'm aware the boot partition cannot be larger than 2TB, but a secondary partition could reach up to 256GB? - maybe? Any info would be appreciated. Have a great day!
  7. Windows 2000

    Nvidia 1000series GFX drivers

    Any luck with modding anything @Dibya ? I'm still up for testing.
  8. Windows 2000

    WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    And is there a proof that the unofficial driver completely would support GTX 1060, because I might consider buying it if so.
  9. Windows 2000

    WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    Actually, I'm looking for Nvidia GTX 1050Ti driver.
  10. Windows 2000

    WinXP Drivers for GTX 10xx video cards

    I'd also like to know if there's any progress with the drivers.
  11. Windows 2000

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    Don't go off-topic guys. Create a separate topic for AMD-ish issues. I don't have lots of options here as the Nvidia GTX 1050Ti isn't supported by neither of those drivers, so the only way to get around it is to mod the .inf file by adding the hardware IDs, which only works on 372.70. Absolutely no other driver has either enabled aero or had any type of 3d acceleration.
  12. Windows 2000

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    I didn't know that.. I might try EVGA's one. I'm using Softpedia's one. UPDATE: Don't even bother with EVGA's driver. It is not going to work.
  13. Windows 2000

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    That's the only driver that works for me. @2008WindowsVista Well, I might try Windows 7's driver, but I do not have any hope in getting it to work, as it is one of the later 380 versions.
  14. Windows 2000

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    @2008WindowsVista When I saw the screenshot with that Dolphin and Sponge Bob thingy, I just couldn't hold myself but try it. Surprisingly enough, everything was buttery smooth at 4K 60FPS (including cutscenes, which seemed more demanding than the game itself) and the GPU was working wonderfully, including the fan. I just wish I could say the same for heavier 3D applications. Less than 10FPS with constant 100% GPU load, but surprisingly the GPU stays under 40C, which is a proof that heavier 3D applications can't use the GPU properly. (The screenshots below are on two completely different games from 2011-2012.)
  15. Windows 2000

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    @burd It was a hell of a lot worse than Microsoft's integrated video driver in Windows. @Dibya The PC is completely compatible with Windows Vista (as I have been using it for some time, before getting the new GPU) and all 3D applications that I've tested so far, must work on my PC flawlessly.