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  1. Symantec Endpoint Protection which is quite a heavy antivirus doesn't seem to detect anything.
  2. I have been using Symantec Endpoint Protection since 2010. It has never let me down nor did it ever let even a single virus on my PC. It always caught everything. Version 12.1 RU6 MP10 is the last supported on Windows XP but the virus definitions for it will be updated at least until 2021. Check it out. It really is worth it.
  3. It seems to also be present in Windows XP x64 Professional.
  4. It automatically imported all of my Chrome data into 360 (or I manually imported it from one of the options in the settings, I do not remember) without asking me to create any accounts. Very interesting..
  5. I don't have an 360 Account and was never asked to create one.. When does it ask for it?
  6. Any news about this project? I have just found it and it seems really exciting! Especially the fact that you're even considering making an api wrapper for NT 3.51. An Windows version looking like 3.11 but actually running newer software.. That's amazing! I can't wait for some news and updates. Any success with getting Chrome to work on NT 4.0?
  7. It doesn't seem to work on Windows Vista. "The procedure entry point TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll." followed by an "Chromium XP has stopped working". Perhaps @FranceBB could contact the developers of this Chrome 76 project because his project at least didn't give an error in Vista (only the "Chromium XP has stopped working" appeared). This way they could combine their ideas and solutions and maybe, just maybe get Chrome 76 up and running.
  8. It does seem to also work on Windows XP x64 SP2 with 360 Extreme Explorer, therefore it should work on all Windows XP editions.
  9. I've been using it on my Windows 7 laptop for the past two weeks and I've gotta say that I'm really impressed with it and I really like it. It seems to be in fact faster than many other browsers and it works very well for me.
  10. To be very honest, I've been using it for the last 1 week or so and it seems like it is in fact a lot faster and I am very impressed considering the fact that it is actually a chinese browser.
  11. I don't know. I haven't tested it myself. Probably not.
  12. Actually, Chrome 360 was in English the whole time for me for some reason. The default search page was chinese however which was kind of tricky to get fixed, but with Google set to default, I've gotta say it works surprisingly well. What surprised me the most was actually that according to @win32 it works even on Windows 2000 - an nearly two decade old operating system running a browser from late 2018. That's flabbergasting.
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