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  1. Introduction: Here, you will find a list of AMD/Intel CPUs/chipsets and Intel/NVIDIA/AMD GPUs which support Microsoft® Windows Vista™. If you have any additions that aren't currently listed, feel free to reply with them and they will be added as soon as possible. Supported CPUs: Intel (Desktop/Server): Note: Windows Vista has been known to work with Pentium III and even some Pentium II processors, however this configuration is extremely suboptimal and the OS is practically unusable on these processors, so using at least a Pentium 4 (Prescott), plus installing Windows Vista
  2. Introduction: This list was created for the purpose of documenting final releases of programs, drivers, and hardware to support Microsoft® Windows Vista™ and Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008, as well as software that continues to support these operating systems. Feel free to contribute your own additions to the list in the form of a reply to the topic, and I will add your entries as soon as possible. Note: this list is for vanilla, unmodified Windows Vista/Server 2008 installations without the Extended Kernel by Win32. For the extended kernel version of this thread, go here. READ
  3. Hello all, this topic has been created by me for fellow MSFN users to post their Vista computer's specs and share their experience of using Windows Vista. My specs: Dell Latitude e5420 Laptop Intel Core i5-2520m 8 GB DDR3-1333 MHz RAM 480 GB Kingston A400 SSD Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 build 6003 My experience with Vista: I started using Vista only about 6 months ago and before that, I knew nothing about Vista, but I immediately fell in love with it. Now I use Vista on 2 of my computers, one being the Latitude and another desktop with: Intel D945GCPE mobo Inte
  4. Roblox is ending support for Windows Vista™ and Windows® XP! Is there any way to bring back an older version of Roblox after it ends support for Vista and XP like people did with steam because i don't want to have to upgrade to Windows® 7+ just to play a game...
  5. AOL users: you may be aware that AOL recently discontinued free access with the traditional AOL client. The only way to access mail for free is to access it using a web browser and going to aol.com. To continue using the client, you must upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold and pay a low monthly fee. However, AOL has now released AOL Shield (free) which is a "optimized browser for users on dial-up internet connections and/or older operating systems. AOL Shield is optimized for older operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also has features that enable it to run on computers with a
  6. I am a huge fan of vista so i want to install it on my new windows 10 computer. when i try to install it i get a bios error due to it being a brand new computer. ive tried installing it on an older computer and putting the HHD into my new one. Anyone know how i can get around this? i also need help finding the right drivers to work with vista
  7. Windows Vista's Market Share was at 0.59% in july of 2019 however, it's market share is rapidly decreasing! It went from 0.59% in July to 0.42% in August and then to 0.33% in September. Two weeks later, it just sits at 0.31%. I hate to say this but.......... Windows Vista Is Doomed. i've tried to encourage people create Vista Vms on YouTube but with no luck. link to my youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJlntSljsta9FzC2YJeA0NA
  8. MAKE SURE SECURE BOOT IS OFF WHICH IT PROBABLY IS IF YOU ARE READING THIS, ALSO MOST VISTA COMPATIBLE MACHINES LIKELY DONT SUPPORT UEFI This took a while to do here properly but I figured it out in the end. This works on an OptiPlex 390 using Vista SP2 x64 and a HDD in UEFI mode, booted from a UEFI+GPT USB (made from the original MSDN SP2 ISO and Rufus 3.5). For some reason it seems to bug out when trying to install even to a clean HDD. It’ll complain about being unable to boot from the device on your machine and then fail to create the partitions correctly with an error. Ther
  9. Introduction: As the title implies, this post serves as a guide for anyone potentially seeking to install and use Vista on the Intel Ivy Bridge platform. I felt there was a need to create this guide, because although getting full driver support for Vista under Ivy Bridge IS possible, it requires you to use certain motherboard(s) from the Sandy Bridge era to get USB 3.0 driver support for Vista. Intel HD 4000 Graphics drivers are also not so easy to obtain for Vista, so a link to them has been provided below. Choosing the right motherboard: With Ivy Bridge, Intel dropped Windows
  10. Why Windows Vista isn't bad Windows Vista: it's the OS everyone loves to hate. Still today, several years later, I see it being criticized for having high system requirements and being a memory hog. But is it really that bad? I think not. In this article I am going to explain why I believe Windows Vista deserves more respect and really isn't bad, and hopefully convince some of you XP and Windows 7 fans that Vista is a very viable OS, especially by today's standards. So let's begin. Windows Vista, when released, introduced a completely different and totally new kernel and driver model than
  11. Important announcement for Dropbox users still running Windows Vista: As of January 2018, the Dropbox desktop client will no longer connect to the Dropbox service on PCs running Windows Vista. However, you can work around this by running the application in compatibility mode for Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5), and the software should then connect to Dropbox just fine. Keep in mind, this was tested on the 41.4.80 version of the client, which was released on January 8, 2018. This workaround may be patched in newer versions, or newer versions of the client may not work in Vista at all, so I
  12. I have designed multiple virtual folders (saved searches) based on the latest versions available in pre-release, post-reset builds of Windows Vista for distribution and use by users of the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of the operating system. I am also sharing most of the virtual folders included in Windows Vista RTM—as they are fundamentally similar to those introduced later in development—to complete the collection of post-reset virtual folders, which can benefit users who no longer have these in a Windows Vista installation or who use a more recent version of Windows (where they a
  13. Hi fellas, im posting here just in case someone knows a quick fix for these issues,the issue is that Palemoon and Logitech Gaming Software both when opened on vista instantly crashes,ive tried installing microsoft runtimes and other things hoping they would run but they dont,any idea what i can do? My System Nvidia GTX 1060 Intel Core i7 6700HQ(Skylake) Vista Ultimate x64 SP2 1TB HDD and 12GB Ram Software Logitech Gaming Software: 8.92.67/8.81.15/8.81.19/8.90.117 (tried many) Palemoon Browser : 27.3.0 I have all windows updates installed. Installed .Net Framework 4.6.1
  14. I hope it's okay to post about (yet another) compatibility issue with Vista! Some of you may know already, but the latest version of Adobe Reader (Acrobat DC) only supports Windows 7 and later. However, I extracted the installer and got an MSI out of it. I edited the MSI with Orca and removed the NT 6.1 restriction, and it installed without errors. However, getting it to run is a different story. Judging by the error message attached, it appears that there's a missing call in USER32.dll called GetTouchInputInfo. I don't know if it can be stubbed or not, and I lack the necessary skills to do i
  15. I'm looking for a USB-powered touchscreen monitor that will fit within the $100 to $200 budget this Christmas so that I can use it as a second monitor. Can you try to find me a good product that will still provide driver support under Windows Vista 64-bit? I know that touchscreen support was not introduced until the release of Windows 7 in late 2009. However, a handful of vendors did provide touchscreen driver support for Windows XP and even Windows Vista. If I can't find one, I could end up sticking with a USB-powered monitor.
  16. Hello everyone. I noticed that some Vista users on here along with a friend of mine were experiencing a strange bug with Windows Vista's explorer view settings. Well after failing for months now to experience the issue for myself, it finally happened. However, I found a fix and want to share it in hopes that it will help someone else. Basically, the explorer view settings would be shared among different folders and view settings would be forgotten. If I chose to show the Music sort headers in the Music folder, my personal user folder would also change to the Music headers, and if I changed t
  17. Hello, I have a desktop that has Windows 7 and Windows XP installed on separate hard drives. Hard drive 1 contains Windows 7, and that's what the computer boots each time. Hard drive 2 has XP, but the only way I'm able to boot into XP is to disable hard drive 1 in the BIOS. I'd like to be able to add XP into Windows 7's boot menu so I can select which OS to boot when the computer starts up. I tried running these commands (from Windows 7): bcdedit /create {ntldr} /d "Windows XP"bcdedit /set {ntldr} device partition=F: path \ntldrbcdedit /displayorder {ntldr} /addlastI rebooted, but whenever I t
  18. Hey everyone. I am wanting to dualboot Windows Vista Ultimate x64 with Windows XP x64 (or possibly Windows Server 2003), with Windows Vista already installed first. I was wondering if there was anyway to do this without corrupting Windows VIsta's bootloader, as I've heard that installing XP alongside Vista (with Vista installed first) will result in Vista's bootloader being corrupted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  19. I have a problem here. When I try to run the 64-bit version of a application such as Stella 4.0 that was built with the 64-bit version of Visual Studio 2013, the application crashes. The problem details are as follows: Other applications built using the 64-bit version of Visual Studio 2013 such as Media Player Classic do work under Vista x64. Is there a way to fix or debug this issue? I know that this issue might have been resolved under Windows 7 SP1, but what about Windows Vista SP2 users?
  20. Hey there! :wave: Incase you haven't already noticed, I won the unused retail copy of Windows Vista Ultimate DVD as a Christmas present and now I'm planning to abandon Windows 2000 and migrate to the ASUS M5A97 R2.0 motherboard soon. Once the new computer has been built, it will have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and can max out at 32 GB. However, looking at the contents of the 32-bit and 64-bit DVDs, I found that the date stamp on the files is 2006-11-02 12:00:00, meaning that it is the original release of Windows Vista (with no service packs installed). If I want to install Windows Vista on the ASUS M5
  21. You know, Windows 2000 has been my favourite OS for nearly the last four years; however, I've been starting to experience some issues with the OS even though it's working "as-is". And now, I can't run *some* of the software that is designed to work on at least a Core 2 Duo processor or better and I found that I've been plagued with some of the compatibility issues over software designed to only work on Windows XP or Vista. With that said, I'm considering moving back to Windows Vista for a while even though the OS is no longer sold and out of Mainstream Support. I found full retail versions (no
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