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  1. Could you please share this file? Thank You!
  2. Ah. I certainly don't pay much attention to memes.
  3. Greetings! Nice to Meet You too!
  4. So I wasn't the only one to misread his username as spooky at first?
  5. Hello! Welcome To MSFN!
  6. Okay, Thank you both. I have successfully replaced the drive. I didn't have to remove the screen, just bend part of the plastic frame a bit past my comfort zone.
  7. Well I'll try again, it seems that even with the screws under the caps off (even the hinge screws) nothing (including the screen) wants to lift off. Although looking at the pictures of the parts might help.
  8. This laptop is nice, but a pain in the neck. (Or keeping with the old computer theme, should I say pain in the NEC? ) The system arrived to me in excellent shape but with a broken CD drive. I have a replacement. This system requires complete disassembly to swap the drives. After getting the laptop open by taking off the TouchPad assembly, then the keyboard, I can access the HDD. I now (I think) need to get the screen off. Does anybody know how to get the screen off, or know where I can find disassembly instructions for this model, or any from the 10xx series as IIRC they are the same chasis.
  9. Are there PDF files that actually don't open in Adobe Reader 6? I've never seen one...
  10. I use KCPUCooler on some of my older systems. No actual measurements but it seems to work. http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/kcpucooler.html
  11. I know, I'm just being silly. I go through Richmond Hill sometimes on the occasional trip up to northern Ontario. @Tripredacus I haven't done too much testing, it just seemed faster. Perhaps my internet was just behaving a little better yesterday.
  12. I have tried the new Firefox, and I can notice a speed improvement. Hate the new UI though. @JodyT I thought you lived in Canada.
  13. Hello To you, too, Shehab!
  14. I also have this issue. Tested in Pale Moon, Firefox 52 ESR, and Advanced Chrome, all have this issue. These should be the default user agents I have.
  15. Hello! Welcome to MSFN!
  16. Windows XP has been spotted in the Greece Ridge Mall.
  17. Welcome to MSFN! Enjoy Your stay!
  18. I got a tour of a local factory (Baxter) and they are mostly on 7 but they have a few Pentium M laptops with XP. Unfortunately no photos, my phone was not with me, and I'm not sure what their stance on photography was anyways.
  19. Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams (UK Version)
  20. My best guess is because development takes time, and this probably isn't AOL's (Oath's) top priority.
  21. I guess we'll see if they make any effort towards keeping XP & Vista support once firefox ESR 52 is no longer updated.
  22. Interestingly, XP and Vista are not listed as supported HERE. (but your link still works, haven't tried the download button on this one.) This other page is a chrome variant browser, (or at least the screenshot would hint that) and this seems to be firefox based. Different browsers with the same name? Anyway, Here's its useragent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 AOLShield/52.3.0 It would appear to just be Firefox 52.3 ESR under the hood.
  23. Thank You for your continued work for the 9x community!
  24. I followed the instructions, nothing in IE8. (as in tls 1.1+ only sites still don't work, no check boxes in Internet options.) I may be wrong and it's not for IE8 and for something else. Unsure if it works at system level, don't know how to check that.
  25. Can you try a different USB keyboard and different ports on the PC?
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