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  1. Ah yes, the Bad Old Days of the capacitor plague. Evidently this one is still going strong. I wonder how the caps look. Speaking of failures, I went to a hardware store recently and their inventory computer's (With Windows 7, booo...) PSU fan was not spinning. I'm 99.999% sure based on the amount of dust on the fan and the generic look of the PSU that it was an "always on" fan control system. Needless to say, those caps Inside are going to get broiled.
  2. Don't worry. I'll certainly be back there. I go through spray lubricant, oil, and carb cleaner like crazy with all the small engine projects I take up. The 745 still doesn't look to have the specific slot design I mentioned, but I will certainly look at the model next time I am there.
  3. I think you may be right. An Iconic working-class computer. The rear of the computer sports a parallel port, and on a breakout board, there was a serial port and PS/2 port. None of which were in use. Looks to be a Pentium sticker, I think it's too light to be core2duo. EDIT: After looking up pictures of the rear, I don't believe this is a 760. this particular computer has a single half height slot (where the breakout is) and to the right of that it has two horizontal full height slots.
  4. Windows XP has been spotted at the auto parts store in town: They have several systems set out on their counter, and this is the only one running XP. The rest of them run what I think must be Windows 8 Embedded. It has classic theme applied to taskbar, but windows title bars look Windows 8-ish
  5. Welcome to MSFN, Xack!
  6. Don't hold your breath. The 10 series barely works in Vista (it doesn't work with DirectX properly), and Vista is way closer to Windows 7 than XP.
  7. I just activated Publisher 2002 for Windows using the internet just fine...
  8. Avast gave notice that starting in 2019 XP&vista will get definition updates ONLY: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=220639.0
  9. I know @XP-x64-Lover had mentioned before the forum crash that he was trying. his post read: I wonder if xp x64 lover has made any progress?
  10. I can also confirm that it should work. It would probably work with any pcie revision slot, maybe slower on rev1. But you have rev3
  11. You're probably fine. Although I suppose anything is possible.
  12. Thats very amusing, a MS product using google's browser, even Microsoft admits IE/edge is trash
  13. DDR3, most any speed will work with the M5A97 R2.0, I personally use this in mine: (Although it's twice as much as it used to be when I bought it!) https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-HyperX-FURY-1866MHz-DDR3/dp/B00J8E91UO Also, I'm curious: What CPU and GPU are you putting in it?
  14. Figured it out with some research. Task manager is deceiving when it says pagefile size. It's actually describing the commit, which I know means total private bytes (PF+RAM) held by processes. So that means I've only allocated 2GB out of my 4GB pagefile, and only ~1GB is being used at the time
  15. That's not good! Hope it all goes well
  16. Several people (me including) gather at ryanvm when MSFN goes down to scratch our heads, it is seen as pretty much a sister site, yes (AFAIK).
  17. Welcome to MSFN, Dave! Enjoy your stay.
  18. ah. I shut off the auto updater long time ago, before these issues even started.
  19. what does the reg *do*? I've always just extracted the gz into the 152 folder after deleting it's contents. it works fine.
  20. I noticed the redesign updating a windows 7 system.
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