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  1. Mine STILL sits there forever on New Moon and Firefox. Don't use chrome much anymore so I haven't tested it.
  2. Clamwin, which only does things when I tell it to, and Windows firewall, which doesn't make a difference in the delay if its on or off. @jaclaz do you mean disabling it in device manager? because disabling them in the network connections does not fix the problem
  3. Well I added a netBIOS protocol and it seems to work on my work network. have never tested here before. I'll double check when I get home.
  4. It still happens. I will look through it all
  5. I wouldn't think signing out would lose any of the pictures, but It's not a bad idea to call Apple.
  6. Welcome to MSFN! We hope you have a good time here!
  7. Hey guys. My ThinkPad is having a bizarre issue where if you open a new Windows explorer window (or open a new tab in Internet Explorer) it sits there for about 30 seconds, all the while doing nothing. No disk/CPU activity related to explorer or IE. Like it's waiting for something to happen before it launches, Once it opens explorer and IE behave normally. If I select "Work Offline" from the file menu in IE, the problem goes away in both explorer and IE, until I uncheck work offline. Any Ideas? Also this computer is unable to resolve computer names (example: \\computer) to local IPs, if that's related. the IP address must be used instead to connect to local computers.
  8. if you move the 744 pictures off the phone using the usb cable (as in so they aren't on the phone anymore at all), do more appear where they were? On my SE, the photos taken with the camera aren't in a folder called "pictures", but rather in DCIM\100APPLE\
  9. Glad you fixed it for Vista. I was hoping it would work on XP as well... nope. . From Vista to XP kernel-wise it's a much larger jump than 7 to Vista, I suppose.
  10. According to the PCI council TLS 1.0 will no longer be considered "Secure" and will be considered End-Of-Life after 30 June 2018. TLS 1.0 was initially created in 1999. They Suggest Migrate to a minimum of TLS 1.1, preferably TLS 1.2, citing only some of 1.0's vulnerabilities can be avoided, not all. https://blog.pcisecuritystandards.org/are-you-ready-for-30-june-2018-sayin-goodbye-to-ssl-early-tls Well, my website (Running Server 2003) Had a very short run at having a "secure" version... only a couple of months since I set it up. My certificate is self-signed anyways. Oh well.
  11. Version 3.0 and 3.1 Confirmed NOT Working On XP or Vista. Neither normal version or portable. They just silently close.
  12. Well you still CAN use the old phone service rather than the smartphone one... just tell it you're not on a smartphone. but the smartphone version is way better. By the way all you need is a texting-enabled phone. you can then type the link it texts your phone into a computer web browser and do it that way. Sorry landlines, you'll have to do it the old way.
  13. A month or so ago I had the Google backup and sync client running on my Windows Server 2003 installation... Still works today. I didn't need to fiddle with it to get it installed... Seems like it would be the same for XP. I'll have to look myself.
  14. Freindly Reminder that almost a month later... iTunes is still working. Apple sure can't manage to break things.
  15. Updated to reflect the fact that he has more than one build. Silly me. It was too late at night when I put this together.
  16. Firefox 52 ESR has reached End-Of-Life on September 5th 2018. Users on Windows 7+ can migrate to Firefox 60 ESR, However Vista and XP users are left in the dust. I Personally would recommend XP & Vista Users use one of rotyam1's web browsers if they aren't already: His Main builds being New Moon, a fork of pale moon, and Basilisk, a more Firefox-like browser. He also has a K-Meleon Goanna build However, they appear to have moved the date again, and have made yet another discrepancy. Here you can see 5 September 2018: 21 August 2018 appears to be their final decision. they're back to 5 sep, lol https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/end-support-windows-xp-and-vista The final version, 52.9, Was released on 26 June. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1319164
  17. I still get emails from MSFN for followed threads and messages, if that’s what you mean...
  18. I was watching a tv show called What Would You Do? It was a brand new episode. On the show there is a cash register in the background running XP. apologies, no picture...
  19. It seems that the recent server crash brought back a bug. When switching between pages of threads, using the page buttons, you get this: A spinny loading thing forever and ever. One must refresh the page and then the correct page of the thread is shown. Can you fix this again? Thank you.
  20. Seems smart to me. I knew it wasn't just several...I'm known for my massive understatements. Maybe this will just be another iTunes and continue to work for a while after 01-Jan-19
  21. I was browsing Twitter and saw something about steam ending support for XP. Not believing, I went to the Steam website, and unfortunately its true. I've been told there's several games that require XP to run on Steam. Considering that, it seems like a dumb move. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=1558-AFCM-4577
  22. So why do you guys think iTunes continues to work? Did they just forget? Don't ask them, they'll probably "fix" it!
  23. Still Works! Even Without HTTPS Proxy! It says undefined off to the side. Don't Worry! It is just saying you need to purchase the entire album to get the song (and apparently freaking out a little): I had itunes gift card at some point, but lost it. Can anybody on XP/Vista confirm/deny the working of purchases?
  24. I suspect when you close the lid the laptop may be overheating, because it doesn't go to sleep. There isn't good ventilation with the lid shut. The switch that makes it know when its closed could be broken... but more likely a program is preventing sleep. can you manually put it to sleep from the start menu or a hotkey? http://www.tomsitpro.com/articles/windows-8.1-sleep-hibernation-settings,2-737-3.html also make sure all your drivers are installed. (I read your issue wrong)
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