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  1. Yes, as I described in the post linked below, the key that the control panels change does seem to differ. AsusUI and ETDSimpleUI change the "Tap_One_Finger_Enable" key, and the Elan UI changes the "TapEnable" key. I think that's always the case, but which one of those keys is "live" changes depending on the registry settings. It's frankly a dreadful confusing mess! Off to bed now, I will do those tests tomorrow if you still want me to. Cheers, Dave.
  2. Here you go. ElantechHKCU.reg ElantechHKLM.reg
  3. Sorry I misunderstood, there was no animation of course if the driver wasn't working!
  4. Well yes of course, I was only making the point that when available the different icon choices have always worked, even when the driver itself actually isn't working! I'm afraid that all the driver settings registry information on my system is in HKCU as well, there is nothing in HKLM.
  5. Just out of interest, I tried zipping up all the files needed for an installation with just the Elan control panel, so no AVI video files or extra control panel files, and it came out at about 10MB, which doesn't seem too bad. That included ETDUI.cpl to add access to the Elan control panel in the Windows Control Panel. Also all of the multi-lingual licence files. One problem with not archiving this completely and offering it as a new complete file source is that we are at the moment depending on that Lenovo driver being available to download. If that ever gets pulled the new driver will be useless as that's the only source of the driver files that it depends on, as far as we know.
  6. Yes, there has always been a choice, on the Mouse Properties tab, to disable the system tray icon, have a static Elan branded icon (this option is not present when in "Samsung" mode), or a dynamic icon which animates when the touchpad is in use. The latter is the default. This part has always worked fine.
  7. True, what a shame that ETDUI.cpl wasn't included in the Lenovo driver! Still, the customised INF still has to be supplied somehow, and the necessary setup.ini, so why not ETDUI.cpl as well, or is that not good practice to include additional binaries?
  8. What do you think of the workaround I found earlier, of using ETDUI.cpl? That certainly enables the launching of an Elan control panel from a Windows Control Panel icon. It's probably not the same Elan control panel that is launched from the Mouse Properties tab "Options" button, but does that matter if both versions work?
  9. Sorry, I was away from home for a lot of yesterday! Here's the results with the other suggested registry setting combinations, all after a reboot. CustomerDefinition=0 UI_ThemeOption=5 Taskbar icon style - Asus Double clicking taskbar icon - Mouse Properties Mouse Properties tab - not present Options Button on tab - N/A ETDSimpleUI run from Windows Control Panel - saving its settings but not changing touchpad behaviour CustomerDefinition=5 Ui_ThemeOption=0 Taskbar icon style - Elan Double clicking taskbar icon - Mouse Properties Mouse Properties tab - "Elan" Options Button on tab - Elan control panel, saving settings and changing touchpad behaviour ETDSimpleUI run from Windows Control Panel - saving settings but not changing touchpad behaviour CustomerDefinition=4 UI_ThemeOption=5 Taskbar icon style - Asus Double clicking taskbar icon - Mouse Properties Mouse Properties tab - not present Options Button on tab - N/A ETDSimpleUI run from Windows Control Panel - saving settings but not changing touchpad behaviour CustomerDefinition=5 UI_ThemeOption=4 Taskbar icon style - Elan Double clicking taskbar icon - ETDSimpleUI Mouse Properties tab - "Touchpad" Options Button on tab - ETDSimpleUI ETDSimpleUI run from Windows Control Panel - saving settings but not changing touchpad behaviour This behaviour is the same regardless of how the ETDSimpleUI is invoked. Yes, I think you're right! I'm finding it hard to see what changing the "CustomerDefinition" setting actually does. One thing that seems certain is that it's not going to be possible to have both the normal Elan control panel and ETDSimpleUI working at the same time. How strange to have two different settings in the registry to active or deactivate exactly the same touchpad function though, depending on which control panel is in use. Talk about making things unnecessarily complicated!
  10. Well the secret seems to be to change the registry values to "5" as they were for the AsusUI. If you do that and reboot, you lose the extra tab on the Mouse Properties, but the ETDSimpleUI then does correctly change the settings! The disadvantage is that double clicking the taskbar icon (which is now the Asus version) then still runs the Mouse Properties, but there's no access through that now to the control panel, you can only access it through your Windows Control Panel icon. What was happening before was that the Elan control panel was changing (say) "HKLM\Software\Elantech\Smartpad\Tap_Enable" and the ETDSimpleUI was changing "HKLM\Software\Elantech\Smartpad\Tap_One_Finger_Enable". The former was changing the actual behaviour, the latter wasn't, which is the other way around to the way it was when we were using AsusUI (and ETDSimpleUI also worked). Changing the registry values to "5" seems to have restored that behaviour again, so "Tap_One_Finger_Enable" is now the "live" setting again, but this is at the expense of completely losing access to the Elan control panel.
  11. Changing the keys to CustomerDefinition=4 UI_ThemeOption=4 Has changed the tab in the Mouse Properties to "Touchpad" instead of "Elan", and it's now Samsung branded. The Options button now brings up ETDSimpleUI. Also the icon in the Windows control panel is now labelled "Touchpad" instead of "Elan Touchpad". ETDSimpleUI still isn't changing the settings though, even after a reboot. I've made the correction to the uninstallation INF.
  12. Your install INF for ETDSimpleUI works fine. The uninstall INF works fine apart from leaving the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ControlPanel\NameSpace\{3EA22083-D5BF-411b-A6D6-A27541794266} key behind, which results in a dead blank icon in the Windows Control Panel. I'm sure you're right about those four video files not being used by ETDSimpleUI, I seem to remember that I found that as well. Unfortunately if you install the ETDSimpleUI, its settings are not used by the driver! It's back to the same problem we had with the Asus UI and the Elan UI before, where the Asus UI actually changed the settings, but the Elan one didn't, although it appeared to. Now the Elan UI changes the settings, and the ETDSimpleUI doesn't, although it appears to. I guess they're changing different things in the registry again!
  13. Sorry @RainyShadow, I should have thanked you for your suggestion. I think we're OK with this now though.
  14. I've now tried your uninstall modifications to the INF, and I'm pleased to say that the ETD.sys file and the ETD service registry entries are now removed! Why this did not happen before I'm at a loss to understand, every single driver we've tried left those behind when it was uninstalled, even the later Asus drivers we tried on 8.1, they left the equivalent AsusTP.sys file behind! Very strange, if it was just laziness on the part of the INF programmers, why are all the drivers like that? Anyway, what you've done now is a great improvement! I used the default "simple" setup.ini from and it works fine, so I can't see any obvious reason not to use it.
  15. Yes indeed! So to be sure we need to supply a setup.ini file as well as an ETD.inf file to replace the default ones in I'm puzzled as to why we didn't run into this problem before now. Did we perhaps copy the setup.ini file from as well as the INF when we made the "Frankendriver", and that version just stayed there throughout the subsequent tests?
  16. "CheckHWID=0" would presumably result in hardware compatibility not being checked at all, which isn't good as the driver could potentially then just apparently install OK anyway but not work, and the user wouldn't know why. Does "CheckHWID=1" just check that the hardware is referenced in the INF? I would have thought that would be OK.
  17. OK, I found the problem! Setup.ini needs to have "String28=*ETD0108" added at the end of it, then it works! I guess we'll have to either provide a modified setup.ini or add that to the instructions.
  18. Sorry for the delay again! After completely uninstalling the driver, I'm trying to do the installation as a new user would, just following the steps in your previous post, not using any files already downloaded. I used innounp and that worked fine, although the command as you wrote it (innounp -x tp118w7) doesn't seem to work, it only works if you add ".exe" to the end of it. So I now have the folder with all the files in it, and I've replaced ETD.inf with your most recent version. However, when I run setup.exe, all that happens is that a message pops up saying "The driver version doesn't suit the Touch-Pad. Please check the device in system and install the suitable driver." I don't think I've done anything wrong or missed anything. Was there something else we had to do other than just replace the INF?
  19. But the file is in the actual "untouched" \tp118w7\{app}\Elantech\\X86\, right? It was missing in your "frankendriver" folder only because of all the various tests. Yes, that's right. As I said I'm now using the "ETD_new" folder as the source, which came after the "Frankendriver" folder. ETDMcpl.dll wasn't in there for some reason, I think at that time we thought it wasn't needed, but it's there now. Yep, and - additionally - it leaves the \Program Files\Elantech folder untouched AFAICT (and also the .HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control entries ) Actually it does always remove the entire Elantech folder from Program Files on every uninstall, and it removes all the registry entries too, except for the ETD service entry. Apart from the anomalies I mentioned, I've actually always thought that the drivers' uninstall routines were pretty good, some uninstallers leave a huge amount of rubbish behind!
  20. I substituted your new INF for the previous one in the "ETD_new" folder where I had been installing from before, and it works! The only file I had to add to the folder because it couldn't find it the first time was ETDMcpl.dll, which wasn't originally included. One thing I have noticed, which I mentioned in passsing before ages ago, is that the uninstallation routine does not remove ETD.sys from the System32\Drivers folder, and I've since found that it doesn't remove the "ETD" service entry from HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services in the registry either. This appears to be the same with all the drivers I've experimented with, and it would be nice to fix it!
  21. Personally I wouldn't bother with any control panels that use AVI demonstration videos. ETDSimpleUI.exe seems to be the only one where they work on XP anyway, I have never seen them work with Asus_UI.exe, even when they're all present in the Elantech folder. DellTpad.exe doesn't display properly in 120dpi scaling mode, which makes it useless for me anyway. Lenovo.exe and ToshibaTp.exe don't seem to give any control over the "tap to click" function, so are also useless as far as I'm concerned! The default Elan control panel is absolutely fine, no videos, works fine at 120dpi, looks good, and seems to cover everything. The only anomaly with it is that the button options, to disable them or change their functions, doesn't seem to work. That is puzzling, but not a problem as far as I'm concerned (it doesn't work on the "simpler" version either BTW). I agree with your "INF pruning" suggestions.
  22. Well if we're going to add any files from outside the driver, how about just adding ETDUI.cpl to the Elantech folder? The last version we have seems to be version, from driver version Then running <rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "%ProgramFiles%\Elantech\ETDUI.cpl"> launches it from the Windows Control Panel icon. It may not be exactly the same control panel as is being launched by the Mouse Properties tab Options button, but it certainly looks like it, and it does work! It is just a nicety, as you say, it's not strictly needed as the control panel access seems to be intended to be via the Mouse Properties with many of the drivers anyway. Only some of the early drivers had icons for their control panels in the Windows Control Panel
  23. Here's the Filemon log for the operation of pressing the "Options" button on the Mouse Properties tab. As you can see it appears to be looking for the control panel executables, and when it can't find any of them it presumably defaults to its own internal control panel. How to replicate that with a command though? One workaround would be to include ETDAniConf.exe in the installation. That is a file in so doesn't complicate things too much. When that is run, it launches the simpler Elan control panel, so that could easily be run from the Windows Control Panel icon, when in the Elantech folder it also now runs that interface when the system tray icon is double clicked, instead of launching the Mouse Properties. I'm not sure that's ideal though. Filemon.Log
  24. Sorry, it's only the "UI_Theme" setting I've changed. Setting the "CustomerDefinition" setting to "0" doesn't seem to alter anything, but I guess it should now be set to "0" as we're working with the default Elan branding. Would it be possible to get your Windows Control Panel icon to now bring up the Elan control panel do you think? There is no executable to directly run from it now. I've tried <rundll32.exe "D:\Program Files\Elantech\ETDMcpl.dll"> and that doesn't work.
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