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  1. Windows 98SE here on a triple boot machine with XP and 10! Keeping the retro stuff I've had installed since the 1990s alive. And well, just because!
  2. Yes, but the Flash files are all still present as far as I can see, although it no longer works because of the time bomb. I would expect a future update to actually remove them, and the associated registry entries as well. I don't think that KB4577586 has been automatically implemented yet, although as you say it may well be included in a future monthly security patch. As far as I can see it wasn't in last Tuesday's patch (KB4598242), and there's no mention of Flash in the patch documentation.
  3. The Flash embedded in the operating system stopped working last Tuesday on Windows 10 as I expected, but that may just have been because of the time bomb in the Flash files. I guess a future OS update may well actually remove all the Flash files as well, at the moment they do seem to be still there.
  4. Belated thanks for that, yes it does work! So, it's not really an "off line" mode then! I still can't get it to work with the 2020 version of the cab file, I just get "0x800B0100 No signature was present in the subject" all the time, even though it's supposed to be SHA-1 signed. The 2019 version works fine.
  5. It's a very good phone, looks really stylish, and as I said before, very compact as well, you hardly know you've got it in your pocket! I really like the principle of clamshell phones, as the screen and keyboard are intrinsically protected when they're folded up. The camera's not great on it, but few were at the time it was current. It does have an SD card facility, which wasn't at all standard then. There's a "slide" version too as well as the "fold" clamshell, but that's enough off-topic!
  6. Thanks, I corrected your post as the whole post was the link! That isn't the phone I had, and I now remember that Nokia confused things horribly by calling two completely different phones by the same model number! This is the one I have.
  7. That link doesn't work I'm afraid, just goes to "page not found". I didn't have any problem using my 6600 fold with Windows XP, have you got the "Nokia Phone Browser" option in your "My Computer" window?
  8. Gosh, I used to use a Nokia 6600 phone too before I finally moved to a smartphone! Have you got the fold or the slide version? I have the fold version, which was so compact you hardly knew you were carrying it. Really classy looking as well I always thought.
  9. Another four updates this month! KB4493181 (Office) KB4493186 (Excel) KB4493145 (Word) KB4493143 (Office) Not bad for something that was supposed to be out of support months ago!
  10. Another four updates this month! KB4493181 (Office) KB4493186 (Excel) KB4493145 (Word) KB4493143 (Office) Not bad for something that was supposed to be out of support months ago! EDIT: Just to add there is also KB4493142, but that does not seem to apply to my system. No MSO.DLL replacement this month.
  11. My Flash-based screen savers have all stopped working now, on Windows XP and Windows 10. They are now just showing a Flash logo with a blue "i" symbol, which presumably would go to information about what's happened if you could actually click on it! I'm pleased to say that so far, the standalone Flash Player on XP is still opening and playing .swf files quite happily. Whether this will last remains to be seen of course. EDIT: I now see that the standalone "projector" players (only) are still available to download from Adobe, so maybe this will be OK long term.
  12. That "heart" button is grey for me too, that may well be by design. It does go blue when it's used.
  13. The missing icons could be caused by something blocking them. Have you tried temporarily switching off any ad blockers or script blockers you may be using? No help to you of course, but my old Firefox 52.9 ESR seems to display everything on the new forum layout absolutely fine, so it would be strange if a much newer version of Firefox was malfunctioning with it.
  14. That's a very interesting program, what a shame it doesn't support Windows XP (or Vista) OS updates!
  15. Forum software update. The buttons still look fine in Firefox 52.9 ESR FWIW. The new forum layout settings are still being worked on, so the problem may go away. If it doesn't, please officially report it.
  16. So is that an unofficial version of the Flash player in Chinese?
  17. RIP Flash, you had a very good run! I'm expecting that the Patch Tuesday update for Windows 8.1 and 10 also due on January 12th (no coincidence I'm sure) will automatically completely remove Flash from those operating systems. It will be interesting to see if it removes Flash from non-MS browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome as well, I'm hoping not.
  18. @justacruzr2 Just a rather late thought that it might be useful to look at this thread. I had exactly the same problem with Windows 98 as you have now with XP. Looking at the thread again now, it's not quite as irrelevant to your issue as I thought, as although you wouldn't be able to use the same driver I did on Windows 98, there is important information in some of the earlier posts about how the HD Audio system works, with the HD Audio bus, which needs its own driver, which the actual audio hardware works through, and needs its own driver as well. HTH.
  19. SwiftSearch is great, such a shame that it only works on NTFS formatted drives. I actually find the search on XP to be pretty good, as long as you switch all the dancing dog rubbish off, but I fully agree that Windows 10 search is absolutely awful! It's not great even when the drive is indexed, and if it isn't the search is so slow as to be unusable. I absolutely hate the way it presents the results too!
  20. Sorry for the late reply, but I've been following this issue on the Windows 10 forum where it has been much discussed! What surprised me was that MS apparently fixed the issue without rolling out another update, so without changing any files, by some sort of remote jiggery pokery with people's systems. Apparently this is not at all uncommon with Windows 10, and explains how they do things like switching the banner at the top of the settings homepage on and off for instance. Very sinister!
  21. XP is NT 5.1, Vista is NT 6.0, so there are big differences in many places I'm afraid, under the bonnet as well as in the GUI.
  22. It probably didn't work because your hardware ID isn't in any of the INF files. Sometimes adding it will produce a working driver, but it's a very long shot in this case I suspect. Changing the OS ID in the registry won't help in this scenario I'm afraid. Good luck with taking a computer with XP on it to a repair shop!
  23. At the end of October, I did a new installation of Office 2010 onto my netbook, which is running 32 bit Windows 10. 11 updates were offered after the base install, including SP2. After I installed those, another 63 updates were offered post SP2. You can see the list here. Despite the supposed end of support, there have been another 10 updates offered since I did that, they are listed in my posts later in that thread. HTH.
  24. Glad my setup looks OK. As my copy of Office 2010 is fully up to date up to and including the updates which were rolled out last month and the month before after support was supposedly ended, I'm not really very keen to now uninstall SP2 and potentially have to reinstall about 50 post SP2 updates! I have to say that I'm not at all disputing what you're saying, but I can't think of a single reason why WSUS would work without Office 2010 SP2 installed, but won't work with it installed. If it was an update to Windows itself it would perhaps make sense, but the presence or absence of an O
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