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  1. XP is NT 5.1, Vista is NT 6.0, so there are big differences in many places I'm afraid, under the bonnet as well as in the GUI.
  2. It probably didn't work because your hardware ID isn't in any of the INF files. Sometimes adding it will produce a working driver, but it's a very long shot in this case I suspect. Changing the OS ID in the registry won't help in this scenario I'm afraid. Good luck with taking a computer with XP on it to a repair shop!
  3. At the end of October, I did a new installation of Office 2010 onto my netbook, which is running 32 bit Windows 10. 11 updates were offered after the base install, including SP2. After I installed those, another 63 updates were offered post SP2. You can see the list here. Despite the supposed end of support, there have been another 10 updates offered since I did that, they are listed in my posts later in that thread. HTH.
  4. Glad my setup looks OK. As my copy of Office 2010 is fully up to date up to and including the updates which were rolled out last month and the month before after support was supposedly ended, I'm not really very keen to now uninstall SP2 and potentially have to reinstall about 50 post SP2 updates! I have to say that I'm not at all disputing what you're saying, but I can't think of a single reason why WSUS would work without Office 2010 SP2 installed, but won't work with it installed. If it was an update to Windows itself it would perhaps make sense, but the presence or absence of an O
  5. Does this all look correct? This is getting off-topic here of course.
  6. Thanks, I've tried using that and I'm getting the same result as you are, the MiniTool is scanning but not finding anything.
  7. You're using the Windows Update MiniTool I assume, not IE8? Can I ask what proxy setting you're using now, I can't see some posts on the MDL forum as I'm not a member. I was using http://wsus.update-old-wins.fr.nf/? as the proxy. Has that now been superseded?
  8. That never worked for me, and one of the symptoms was that it didn't fail immediately as it normally does now, but just scanned forever and never found anything. I've never had it actually work properly I'm afraid, and you may just be seeing the same problem I had.
  9. What issue does removing SP2 fix? Windows Update and Microsoft Update no longer work on XP, and haven't for a few months now. I'm afraid if you've managed to install at least SP2 that's good, but the subsequent updates you will have to get from the MS Catalogue now I suspect. People are working on a collection of the necessary updates, have a look here.
  10. Bummer. One of the really big annoyances with finding XP drivers now is the number of sites which say that drivers are XP compatible, when in fact they're not! Did you look into unpacking the file and installing from the INF file? There is just a slight chance that it's only the control panel software which won't run on XP, and the actual driver is OK.
  11. Ah thanks, understood! He was giving out information that was out of date anyway, unless you've got an earlier version of Windows 10.
  12. Thanks Jerry, your post seems to have been removed, but I still got the e-mail notification! Did you remove it because you realised it was out of date information (there is no longer a "Cortana" section in settings for instance)? If so, thanks anyway, but there is a strange thing that if I looks at the "Locations" settings you mention, which are still there, Cortana is not listed there at all. Surely it should be? My Microsoft Weather app is also now malfunctioning, after an update as usual, in that the live tile is now showing the wrong location, and not the location of the
  13. Yes, that really annoys me too, but it's sometimes the only option now to get hold of old drivers! I don't trust those driver downloaders either, I always imagine that they're full of spyware at very least. That file is almost certainly big because it includes control panel software, not just the driver. If you can unpack the exe file you may well be able to install just the driver using an INF file in Device Manager.
  14. This driver looks like a possibility. Supports that device ID and is supposedly Windows XP compatible. No guarantees, but worth a try!
  15. Well if there was nothing at all by way of sound from the hardware when you booted up, not even a faint click or pop, I would still be worried that the hardware isn't physically working, but I would be delighted to be proved wrong! Do keep us up to date on your driver searches.
  16. No it doesn't, even with that setting enabled. I'm not going to worry about it as I have dual graphics cards and I can always use the other one if I need WebGL support on a site in XP. Frankly as I have a multi-boot machine, it would be easier just to go into Windows 10 which has to use the newer card anyway!
  17. OK, I will investigate all that, and thanks, but this is really off-topic in this thread!
  18. My ATI Catalyst driver version is 10.2, which is probably the issue. Apparently 10.6 is the minimum required for WebGL. 10.2 is the last for my card that works on XP.
  19. There is no full 2008 edition, the December 2008 patch was just an update for the December 2007 full edition. You have to have the December 2007 full version installed before you can use the update. The 2008 Update file I've got is 45.3MB (47,558,413 bytes to be precise). If yours is different it may well not be OK. I would personally now use the 3.65 version of the Service Pack if I was wanting to update a new Windows 98SE installation from scratch, as it must surely be more up to date than any of the existing Auto-Patcher versions.
  20. You still haven't said whether there's any sound at all from the speakers when the machine is starting up!
  21. Thanks, problem solved! It's my ancient ATI graphics card that doesn't support WebGL in Firefox. If I switch to the Nvidia card it's fine! I do wonder why that Cloudflare test site is still using WebGL if it's obsolete. I'll go away again now......
  22. I hope "$763.45" shipping was a joke! I agree, there shouldn't be any problem skipping BIOS versions.
  23. Strange, the webpage says it doesn't! This is off-topic of course, but perhaps it does on some sites but not others, although I don't see why that would be.
  24. The jack which feeds a simple pair of stereo speakers is normally coloured green. If you connect to that and hear nothing, I am very afraid that the hardware could be dead. I thought the audio hardware being on the PCI bus was quite normal, but I'm not an expert on the architecture of motherboards.
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