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  1. Hello, Im currenly running ASPI 4.60 in my Win95OSR2, but I was wondering, if there's a way to get the last ASPI 471a2 to work on Win95OSR2. According to Adaptec, they recommend not to use this version on Win95, does anyone elaborate,what was the reason? The only change in 4.71.2 from earlier versions is that it enables tagged queuing for read/write commands.
  2. Comos

    Force FB videos to HTML5 under FF ESR

    Thanks for the tip, it worked ! :)
  3. Hi All, I have some issues forcing the FF ESR 52.9.0 to play videos in HTML when played in Facebook,although I have HTML5 fully working ,which I have done some time according the the tutorial released here,so example Youtube is playing in HTML5 fine. The reason,why I what to switch to HTML5 is, that in my case Facebook videos are played through Flash and in certain videos the sound doesn play at all and I don't know the reason why.Sometimes switching the video to HD solves this problem,but in most cases it does not.I tried several FF addons to block Flash content and force HTML5, but for FB seems it doesn't make any effect at all. Does anyone have such experience please?
  4. Hi All, Im just looking for a handy print to pdf printer driver for Win9x. Should I stick with pdf995 or are there more options? Thanks for advice.
  5. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    It was just this: SH95UPD v0.0.8 beta
  6. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    It was not a tool, just a updated version of SHELL32,that I installed.I downgraded today and here is the result from the log.Looks better, however physically no patching was made on the file. Bench3#.log
  7. Not copied.Seems it was registered,because I can see an attempt of a service startup under the system events which will fail (because it's a 32bit driver)
  8. Hi All, some time a go I have been using a USB flash disk repair tool from Innostor which installs a MP Filter driver (ISMPUSBFilter.sys).After removing the software the driver remains in the system.On my Win XP x32 I was able to uninstall it via the cmd "RUNDLL32.EXE SETUPAPI.DLL,InstallHinfSection DefaultUninstall 132 c:\infname.inf".However on my Win7 x64 system, the driver is located in the SysWOW64\drivers directory. The cmd doesn't work here and I cannot even find the driver under the device manager ,hidden/nonPnP drivers . Any idea please, how to get rid of it on my Win7 x64 system? Thanks
  9. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    Okay.The Shell32 that Im using was a updated one,that somebody did here some year ago.I just found a last version,that I ran on 17th of Jan.I'll downgrade and let you know.
  10. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    I have been also trying crystal and I think it would be a same patch like on Atto.Altough the sources are available,maybe someone can rebuild it? Same case for CrystalCPUID.Im able to run it, but it reports Sysinfo.dll not found, dunno why, when the dll is in the same dir.
  11. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    That looks promising, however Im not able to patch it on my host system.When I patched it, the IsDebuggerPresent is still there.Then I made a log for a check and it seems there's a problem with checking the USE32.DLL? Don't know, if the patcher has a problem with my CZ version, or an issue with my USER32.DLL.Check the log, what's your opinion on that. Bench3#.log
  12. Comos

    ATTO Disk bench for Win95

    Thanks for the tip. I managed with PE Tools to replace the call, so it runs now on my Win95OSR.However it would be better to edit the whole import table and remove that call completely.Is there a way how to proceed with this?
  13. Comos

    Delay a start of a specific service

    Hi Den, thanks for the tip.I managed to get that shell32 in my CZ localization, but Im thinking, how can I adopt your patcher for patching my shell32,since it has different checksum.
  14. Hi all, I have been facing for some time,that I missed some icons in my systray, so first I tried to clear the systray icon cache with known methods, however the result was random,that I still miss some icons after bootup.This brough me to an conclusion,that the ESET service might cause this behaviour.But then is a question, how can I postpone the start of the ESET service before the explorer.exe is ready to receive the notifications from that service? (probably start at the end of the list,when everything is loaded) Thanks