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  1. Which controller you have used? If the model is not shown in the WD Formatter ,you won't be able to reformat it to XP mode at all.
  2. I got used empty enclousures for the testing, doing this with brand new drives would be quite expensive.The whole intention is completely different than simply removing the SPI Flash chip and making a bare USB-SATA bridge out of it.
  3. Correct. WD Easystore/Elemenrs have no encryption, no SED drives and probably running identical FW in the SPI Flash.
  4. Im back with a results from a small research that I made meantime. First test a made with a WD My Book 14TB encousure including controller and my WD 14TB RED.Attempt to incialize it in the disk management resulted,that the disk is not responding. The WD formatter does not show any disk model, just empty column,however you can proceed with selecting the XP mode, but further formatting makes the application to crash. Further investigation in conjuction with a WD information on their webside regarding the external drives,the result is that all drives in WD My Book are SED (just a
  5. Why should I'll be running 7x2TB partitions, when now I run a single MBR NTFS partition (4TB, 6TB) and I believe I'll do the same to the 14TB one?
  6. I can confirm, that on a 6TB WD My Book the WD Formatter does work, I have bought that one 6 years ago and now I need an upgrade.I'll keep the WD Red as a backup and next month I'll buy the 14TB My Book and try, I'll keep you updated :)
  7. I played with the Paragon GPT loader when I run into this issue on XP, that's already 8 years ago.The Paragon driver actualy works only on internal SATA controller where the > 2TB drive is connected, not over USB.Maybe I could find a discussion with the Paragon support somewhere in my email history.
  8. I come to a resolution last evening.The WD enclousure controller has an onboard serial flash chip where in my case was disabled.With the disabled flash chip in behaves like a regular USB-SATA bridge and the WD Formatter simply can't see it as WD My Book.I need to get a spare controller,solder out the flash chip and see let's see how is the whole stuff encoded.Another option would be to get the controller from the new 14TB My Book, but that's a bit unlikely,since it exists on the market for a short time.
  9. You can, but I need to switch it into to the "XP Compatible" mode which that WD Formatter does.
  10. As I recall from the early days when I was investigating this, the sectors are actually 4K, but emulated into 512 and it looks like that some part of the role is playing the WD controller from the enclousure, because of you remove the drive from it and connect it to a regular SATA controller, you can only see a raw data.
  11. During the time I got just got anempty WD My Book enclousure including the controller.Today I got a 14TB WD Red Pro hoping that I easily upgrade, because my existing 6TB and 4TB My Books are getting full, but the WD Quick Formatter can't see the drive.WD probably locked to use the WD Formatter only to their external drives series, not sure.Seems that I have to return the 14TB WD Red Pro and get the usual 14TB WD My Book If there would be a way to do it manually like the WD Formatter does...
  12. Sad news, R.I.P Rudolph. Im grateful,that he updated my Win95OSR Kernel32 library with some functions to my needs.Also bought some of his tools, planned also to buy the DOS package, but that won't happen anymore :(
  13. Hello, Im currenly running ASPI 4.60 in my Win95OSR2, but I was wondering, if there's a way to get the last ASPI 471a2 to work on Win95OSR2. According to Adaptec, they recommend not to use this version on Win95, does anyone elaborate,what was the reason? The only change in 4.71.2 from earlier versions is that it enables tagged queuing for read/write commands.
  14. Thanks for the tip, it worked ! :)
  15. Hi All, I have some issues forcing the FF ESR 52.9.0 to play videos in HTML when played in Facebook,although I have HTML5 fully working ,which I have done some time according the the tutorial released here,so example Youtube is playing in HTML5 fine. The reason,why I what to switch to HTML5 is, that in my case Facebook videos are played through Flash and in certain videos the sound doesn play at all and I don't know the reason why.Sometimes switching the video to HD solves this problem,but in most cases it does not.I tried several FF addons to block Flash content and force HTML5, but
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