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  1. Time zone update for Brazil, Morocco, and Sao Tome and Principe https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/help/4093753
  2. switches for MS Self-Extracting hotfix zips don't work

    This file is a Zip SFX where you can unpack with WinRAR or 7zip beforehand. Contents of this file, hotfix.txt and Windows6.1-KB969168-x64.msu (the actual update).
  3. I once tried with the IE6, where these problems also appear. Therefore, I assume that there is a problem with the web servers of MS. For me, I sometimes had the error message that there is a time difference in the certificate or the website was not even opened, ultimately very bizarre error messages. On the one hand WU / MU worked without problems, in the next moment not again. Think that it in no case at the current cumulative update for IE8 (KB4092946) is.
  4. @Mcinwwl Thanks for the info because KB4101864, it seems that MS with this update, the problem has eliminated with KB4056615. I can confirm your problem with WU / MU in IE8. Here it is enough sometimes to call the website again or to restart the IE8, maybe there is also a problem with KB4092946. In this regard, I'm about to make various tests with early feedback.
  5. @glnz Honestly, if you have not installed this Heino Ganda Special Stuff then you do not need to worry about it. If you say that you have no problems with MS KB4074852 then I believe in Santa Claus! [Irony on] At the earliest from 06/01/2017 the update KB4018556-v2 was offered, therefore this update should be installed at you. If you want to go back to KB4018556-v2, you would need to uninstall KB4074852. [Irony off] KB4074852 is a consequence update of KB4018556-v2 and therefore KB4018556-v2 is no longer needed. Therefore, the information that the functioning update KB4018556-v2 is at least installed. @Mathwiz Look for the package details at the following link http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/ScopedViewInline.aspx?updateid=12bfea1d-4086-4f18-a7a4-af19e9c45840
  6. @GH0st There remains only to wait for a follow-up update of KB4074852. Make sure that at least KB4018556-v2 is installed. Manual Download http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=xp embedded KB4018556
  7. @Atari800XL @GH0st @dencorso First of all thank you for the feedback because of KB4101864, it corresponds to my first impression. @GH0st Have times because of your problem with the modified update KB4074852 tested in my VM and could run services.msc without problems. Remember that the original update KB4074852 from MS is not installed if you want to install the modified update (WindowsXP-KB4074852-x86-XXX_oleaut32dll.exe). Otherwise I can not explain to me right now why this problem occurs with you.
  8. @dencorso I would be interested if the many problems with KB4056615 with the NTFS file system with KB4101864 are fixed. Was it already tested to that effect?
  9. A modest answer from me, the modified update KB4056615 is installed like a regular update and therefore does not have to be deinstalled beforehand, the same with KB4074852 if there is a follow-up update. The file versions of KB4101864 are 5.1.2600.7459, so no problem. For KB4074852 there is unfortunately no update, at least the file oleaut32.dll.
  10. It still happens miracles, Microsoft has finally released this month, for the problem with KB4056615 with the NTFS file system, a follow-up update (KB4101864). Now I hope that this works correctly. Please share your experience with KB4101864.
  11. Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    If there are problems with Skype (happens to me if a variant of Skype for XP was installed), first quit Skype under "Userprofile"\Application Data, rename the Skype folder and restart Skype (Skype login credentials are required as a new profile is created. The renamed folder can still be found on My Skype Received Files files that are still needed by you. The old renamed Skype profile folder can be deleted at the end).
  12. IE 8 in 2018?

    @Dave-H If you run ProxHTTPSProxyMII, it would explain this phenomenon. The following website works for me under IE8 in Windows XP only with ProxHTTPSProxyMII. https://dev.ssllabs.com/ssltest/viewMyClient.html
  13. taokaizen Browser: "Advanced Chrome" Issue

    @VistaLover Unfortunately, Advanced Chrome has a lot of bugs, I noticed this problem from the beginning with the Pepperflash plugin when the official Pepperflash plugin for Opera / Chromium from Adobe is installed. Therefore, the error solution from me, as the Pepperflash plugin in the Advanced Chrome folder firstly outdated and secondly leads to problems when the official plugin from Adobe is installed. Advanced Chrome works flawlessly with the Pepperflash plugin for Opera / Chromium from Adobe. Otherwise, if you have the necessary time you can try to report this error. There are some plugins that make problems in Advanced Chrome, these problems have not been resolved despite the message to the developer until today. Note: Due to a faulty program I would not dissect my system.
  14. taokaizen Browser: "Advanced Chrome" Issue

    I also had the problem delete the PepperFlash directory in Advanced Chrome and install the Opera / Chromium Flashplayer plugin from Adobe. Otherwise no other changes have to be made! Note: With ProxHTTPSProxyMII, Chromium-based Web browsers also work with more advanced encryption technologies.
  15. no more iTunes Store for XP/Vista from May 2018

    @sdfox7 Since I do not work with ITunes myself, I can not test it with ProxHTTPSProxyMII (local HTTPS proxy), where more advanced encryption technologies become available on Windows XP. If you want to test ITunes with ProxHTTPSProxyMII, please send me a PM.