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  1. OK, I just installed Office 2010 new onto my Windows 10 Netbook, 32 bit version, from an ISO file. I was then offered 11 updates, in this order of installation - KB2553092 Office KB2553065 Office File Validation KB2553347 Office KB2553406 Outlook Social Connector KB2825640 Office KB982726 Definition Update KB3115475 Definition Update KB2553310 Office KB2566445 Sharepoint Workspace KB3001652 Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office KB2687455 Service Pack 2 After restarting and scanning again, I was offered another 63 updates! - KB2589375 Office KB2589298 Off
  2. The update should be here - https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4092483 Unfortunately, the download no longer seems to work for me! Can anyone else confirm this?
  3. All updates are OK, except the ones that replace MSO.DLL with an incompatible version. IMO the easiest way to make sure you get the latest (and now last) usable versions of all the Office 2010 files is to install all the most recent updates and then simply replace the MSO.DLL file with the one from KB4092483, which contains the last version which works on XP systems. Remember that updates which replace MSO.DLL can replace other files as well, but you only need to replace that one file to get the system working again.
  4. It should certainly get beyond that stage, it's when you actually scan that it will fail if the patch hasn't worked. Have you tried repeatedly reloading it? On my system it can take many attempts before the page will even load at all, and it sometimes even then hangs on the "checking" page, as you're seeing. Eventually though, it has always loaded for me, at least recently.
  5. WUMT works for me only on Windows Update, not on Microsoft Update. When Microsoft Update is selected, it just scans permanently and never finds anything. The Microsoft Update site works for me in IE8 though. Very strange!
  6. Have you tried using Microsoft Update rather than Windows Update? http://www.update.microsoft.com/microsoftupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us
  7. How strange, are you using IE8 or an earlier version? It's still working here, once you get the page to actually load properly, which can take several attempts. I'm having a problem getting it to work on my netbook though, which should be set up the same as my main desktop. Even after substituting the file and adding the registry tweak, as soon as I scan after a few seconds I get error 0x80072EFE, which I think means it can't connect to the server. Try as I might, I can't see why it's working on one machine and not on the other!
  8. Yes thanks @jasongeo2, and welcome to the forum! Lovely picture of your dad, clutching a 1960s remote control!
  9. FWIW, Java 8 Update 271 is now out. I presume completely unusable on XP, but just thought I'd mention it!
  10. Still working today, but it's very flaky. It can take several attempts to get the page to load properly. The big difference now is that if you can the page up fully, scans no longer immediately fail as they did before. Such a shame we didn't have this before the final Office 2010 updates were rolled out on the 15th! I'm thinking of perhaps trying uninstalling one of them to see if I can now get it back through Microsoft Update!
  11. Still working fine here, although it can take a couple of attempts to load. For those it's not working for, did you replace wuaueng.dll in the dllcache folder as well as in system32? If you don't, Windows File Protection will just put the old version straight back again!
  12. On Windows 10 Home updates are installed whether you like it or not AFAIK. On Windows 10 Pro, which is what I have, you can defer them for a period, but that's all. Not quite the same thing! Doesn't worry me as I'll want to install the updates anyway. That's good to know! I was fairly convinced that MS had now gone down the rental route with Office, like another major software vendor *cough* Adobe *cough*. I wish you could still buy copies of things like Photoshop and Premiere outright instead of having to permanently rent them for a monthly fee, but I guess that's never going to h
  13. I don't think that not installing the updates is an option, Windows Update will just do it automatically. They will remain listed in Windows Update though so it will be easy to see which ones were installed. I don't know when I will get to doing this, don't expect it too quickly! My plan is to probably uninstall Office 2010 from the Windows 10 side of my main machine, and replace it with Office 2019, which I suspect will be the last standalone non-subscription version of Office. Then I will use the Office 2010 licence key from that old desktop installation to install it on the Windows
  14. Well I'm thinking of installing Office 2010 on my netbook, which is Windows 10 32 bit. I already have it on the Windows 10 side of my multi-boot main desktop, which has the 64 bit version on it, and Windows Update has always worked fine to update that. If I go ahead with the new 32 bit installation, I'll let you know what updates get offered!
  15. FWIW, would one way of determining exactly what updates are current be to install a clean pre-service pack Office 2010 onto a supported operating system like Windows 10, and then see what updates are offered for it by the Windows Update system? Any which aren't offered can surely be presumed to have been superseded?
  16. It seems I have nothing on my system which needs KB4486701! Anyway, no new MSO.DLL this time it seems, so no XP compatibility problems. RIP Office 2010.............
  17. Thanks! Strange I wasn't offered KB4486701 on Windows 10.
  18. The Microsoft Update site seems to be back up again now, but it's still failing to complete scans.
  19. Four updates today for Office 2010 on Windows 10. KB4486707 - Excel KB4486703 - Word KB4486663 - Outlook KB4486700 - Office I guess that's it! Haven't tried finding and installing them on XP yet.
  20. Four updates today for Office 2010 on Windows 10. KB4486707 - Excel KB4486703 - Word KB4486663 - Outlook KB4486700 - Office I guess that's it!
  21. Have you tried booting into "safe mode with networking" and trying it then?
  22. @heinogandais the one to help with that, I hope he's still around. Try sending him a PM.
  23. @KeyCat FWIW the updater is still working fine for me. AFAIK it's a standalone program which doesn't depend on anything else, apart from an internet connection of course! It looks likely to me that you have something blocking its connection.
  24. Indeed so, it will be interesting to see if there are actually any final updates then. I would love to see them roll out a final version of MSO.DLL which is XP compatible, but I'm not holding my breath!
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