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  1. Well I'm glad that experiment worked anyway! I'm still suspicious of quotations here. That last post you link to I cannot edit either, and the only thing I can see perhaps slightly unusual about it is that it contains split quotations. Now there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to do that of course, but I am wondering if the system doesn't like it for some reason.
  2. Well the faulty post quotes OK as you can see, although without the quotations within it. Whether that means anything I don't know! If you're feeling brave @VistaLoveryou could try selecting and copying the whole post, without the thing at the bottom left, and then try editing it and pasting into the empty box. It would be interesting to see if that corrects the problem. I could try it myself, but as there is obviously a risk that the post could be permanently completely lost, I'll leave it to you to try if you want to!
  3. Thanks, it is now snowing here! The only thing I can see at all odd in that post is that there appears to be what looks like part of a quotation box at the very bottom left. I wouldn't expect to see that, so maybe something is corrupted in the code for that post.
  4. @VistaLover As a moderator, I should be able to edit all posts, and I've tried editing your posts in this thread. I can edit them all except the one before your last one, where I don't get an error message, but I just get an empty box where the content should be so there's nothing for me to edit! I would show you a screen grab, but I can't upload the image file. As others have reported, I'm just getting - "Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200)" Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere! @dencorsocan you edit that post or upload
  5. I wasn't aware of this at all either, and I'm surprised to see the message about no longer being able to edit a message. I have always thought that there was no time limit on editing posts here, but that may have changed with the last update to the forum software of course. Any insight @xper?
  6. Another two updates this month! KB4493179 (PowerPoint) KB4493180 (Office) KB4493180 contains another XP incompatible version of MSO.DLL, so will need the earlier version restored to keep things working. This must be the longest running "end of support" ever!
  7. Another two updates this month! KB4493179 (PowerPoint) KB4493180 (Office) KB4493180 contains another XP incompatible version of MSO.DLL, so will need the earlier version restored to keep things working. This must be the longest running "end of support" ever!
  8. Thanks for the heads up on this! If it needs another thread (this thread is really only about web multimedia technologies) I'll split it off, but we'll see how it goes.
  9. Threads merged. @videobruce Please don't start duplicate threads.
  10. I've now put some hopefully useful links in the first post. Any that are not appropriate (or wrong!) and any further suggestions for additions, please let me know! Cheers, Dave.
  11. Thanks Den, just splitting the thread into two sounds like a very good idea. Please don't choke on any of those nuts!
  12. Thanks Den! I'll have a look at doing that if I can find a suitable point to do it at.
  13. I have already changed the thread title to perhaps be a bit clearer as to what the thread developed into. The first post was actually about a specific issue with Flash six years ago, and I think the thread only developed into a more general reference thread for Flash and Java later. As it was @dencorsowho actually first posted in that thread, maybe he can see how his first post could now be modified to better reflect the present purpose of the thread.
  14. Thanks! The Java version I'm using on XP is Java 8 Update 251. That works fine (with a manual install, the installer hasn't worked on XP for ages) but needs one incompatible file (sunmscapi.dll) replaced from the previous version. Other people have had later versions working, but it's a lot more work, and personally I didn't think it was worth the trouble! Current versions are completely incompatible with XP AFAIK. I'll look into clarifying the first post of the main thread about it.
  15. As its name suggests, that thread isn't just about Flash, it also covers Java (and Shockwave).
  16. Just an off-topic note, not relevant to XP, but I just updated my Firefox on Windows 10 to version 85, and all support for Flash has been removed, so it doesn't even recognise the plugin any more.
  17. There were, but I was only offered four of them. That happened last month as well, that one update was not offered to me. I tried again this month installing the missing one KB4493142 manually, and again got a message that it didn't apply to my system.
  18. I'm in the process of doing the same with my Asus X102B netbook, which had a rubbish AR5B125 wi-fi card in it, 2.4GHz only and no Bluetooth! I've bought an Intel 6235ANHMW card, which I believe and hope is a suitable replacement. It does have drivers for XP, but the later APP6P-700973 card which I first considered does not.
  19. FWIW my installation of Google Chrome 49 is still happily using Flash, using the modified PPAPI plugin file, presumably over-riding its own internal version. I haven't knowingly done anything to make that happen, now or in the past.
  20. I guess if you were using an older version of Opera or another Chromium-based browser you might need it on a later operating system? IIRC earlier versions of Google Chrome which did support Flash had it build in, and therefore didn't need the plugin, but I may be wrong there.
  21. Have you tried generating a special password for Outlook 2003 in Gmail? In my experience older clients will now no longer work unless you do that, even if they do support TLS v1.2. I'm afraid I've only done it with Yahoo, but I know there is a similar process with Gmail. If you go to Gmail webmail I expect it will be somewhere in your account settings.
  22. The Windows 8/8.1 ActiveX Flash Player was always a separate download, but I've always assumed that it's functionally the same as the one for earlier systems. It's probably because it has a different way of installing into the operating system than it has on earlier versions of Windows..
  23. Glad to hear that you fixed it! @heinogandais still a member, but hasn't posted much in recent months. Try sending him a personal message.
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