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  1. I have read a few about supercomputers created with PCIe cards Xeon Phi. It appears to be the fastest in the world and to have up to 72 cores. The process works with a PCIe card that contains a co-processor and requires Intel Manycore Platform Software Stack (MPSS). Are there versions for Windows XP? Don't need any additional drivers? I also read that specifically compatible motherboards are required. Meeting these requirements, I understand that Xeon Phi 72x5 Product Family (14 nm) Knights Mill 2017 version could be installed. But what would it do? Can it be applied to all programs or only a few designed for Xeon Phi?
  2. When I went to check the paste, the plastic that holds the closure has broken so I have changed the fan and heatsink. At the moment there is no temperature problem, it is around 57º C. and at the moment I have not put thermal paste. But I keep the computer cover open. I have several questions why the old fan could fail. It sounded weird, like it was forced to spin at high speed and couldn't cool down. I can think of several possible causes. 1-Fan too close to the heatsink could impede an air flow. 2-The turbine in the cover was too far from the fan, preventing air circulation. Here I think that either the turbine is approaching or it is suppressed. 3-There is a metallic sticker attached to the heatsink. Is this useful? When I touch it, it doesn't absorb the heat from my finger
  3. On my computers WLU does not work with WHS 5.7, the message appears asking me for other user although I am an administrator. Is it possible that I have a service or function disabled? I managed to uninstall WHS 5.8 on w2000 as I indicated above. Regedit Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall And find the program to uninstall The path to uninstall is in Uninstallstring Path to Uninstall Windows Script Host C: \ WINNT \ $ NtUninstallscripten $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe After I installed IE 6.0 SP1 full version with WHS 5.7
  4. I'm reading that Epson Laser Color is Windows 2000 compatible in 2020. Or so it seemed to me since it has been a mirage that I cannot understand. Since if we enter today on the official Epson website there are only laser printers before 2009 https://epson.com/Support/Printers/sh/s1 Then looking elsewhere I have seen this one that is from the year 2012. Epson Aculaser C9300N - DIN A3 only 1560 euros ;-) https://www.directindustry.es/prod/epson-europe/product-32942-1128431.html It seems that it is difficult to find the Good, Pretty and Cheap model, you have to look at them one by one. Other brands: Brother => They don't give drivers for 2000-XP in 2020 Canon => They do give drivers for Windows XP in 2020, for some models. HP=> Latest Driver Package for XPe is HP Universal Print Driver Add-on REV-A2 for XPe - sp42764 (year?) Not for 2000-XP in 2020 But I have tried to download 2 drivers for Windows Seven and these have been installed perfectly in Windows XP (I have not tested if the printers work). ------ HP Color Laser MFP 178nw ------ HP_Color_Laser_MFP_178_179_Full_Software_and_Drivers_1.14.exe ------ HP M254dw Laser Jet Pro ------ HP_LaserJet_M252_PCL6_Legacy_Print_Driver_15309.exe Konica Minolta => I only see that they offer a universal driver for sale by contacting by form https://www.konicaminolta.eu/eu-en/software/connectivity/universal-print-driver In their models I only see industrial machines Kyocera => No offer drivers for 2000-XP in 2020 Lexmark => They do not give for 2000-XP in 2020 (last drivers for XP in February 2017) Ricoh => They do not offer drivers for 2000-XP in 2020 Samsung => (drivers are provided by HP because HP purchased Samsung Printers Business) Not for 2000-XP in 2020 Xerox => They have drivers for Windows XP in 2020, on some models. Note: Models not available for Windows XP seem to work with the Xerox Universal Drivers for Windows Seven on Windows XP (at least they install perfectly). For example the offered for Xerox Phaser 6510. I am very happy with my HP Laserjet 1018 monochrome printer. I found it in the trash in my neighborhood 5 years ago and it is perfect. No problem, print many sheets at a very low price. Now I was looking to buy a color laser printer, but after what I'm reading, I fell back. It is too large and has little use as well as poor print quality. Especially it is difficult to choose a model online with compatible drivers. Almost better I hope to find it in the trash :-) Edit: I read that Epson is committed to its EcoTank inkjet technology from 2014, ruling out laser printers. In any case, the latest laser models that were put on the market do not come on its website, only the ones prior to 2009 come. It seems that the explanation is that domestic laser printers only exist until 2009. On the Epson Europe page I have found an updated range of professional laser printers compatible with Windows 2000. Its performance is from 50,000 pages per month and its price is monochrome from 120 euros and color from 1660 euros. https://www.epson.eu/products/printers/ In addition I have found that the range of auto-fed scanners is also compatible with Windows 2000. Its performance is from 65 ppm and its price I have not seen less than 800 euros. https://www.epson.eu/products I am glad that Seiko Epson is still compatible with Windows 2000, it is a fact that gives a lot of value to the brand. I complain that all the websites of any manufacturer are becoming more complicated every day, with videos and tutorials without practical use and without schematic comparative information that allows a quick purchase. Today it is very difficult to buy! Furthermore, Epson professional laser printers are only found in Europe and Oceania. Ameria and Asia => Inkjet only. Professional laser printers are not offered on Epson America and Epson Asia websites. Only inkjet are offered. www.epson.com www.epson.jp Europe and Oceania => Laser and inkjet. The series offered in Europe are: Monochrome: -WorkForce AL-M320xx -WorkForce AL-M400xx Color: -Aculaser C-9300xxxx It seems that professional Epson laser printers are only offered in Europe and oceania. www.epson.eu www.epson.es www.epson.com.au www.epson.co.nz
  5. What means the cookies option "block accessing to records"? (no info on Internet) Is it possible to allow third-party cookies "only from the sites I visit" as in Mozilla?
  6. The strange thing is that I put the thermal paste 4 months ago. Before, I had another processor, a 2800 Mhz. At first I had no problems but for 2 months I have had these problems with 3060 Mhz processor
  7. Please, Which USB.inf modification do you say?
  8. One of the computers I use still has a Pemtium IV Northwood 3.06 Ghz with Hypertreading. I have it set in the BIOS to notify me when the processor temperature reaches 80º C. As soon as I turn on the computer, in the post the alarm begins to sound. So I open the lid and touch the heat sink, it's completely cold. When I start XP, if I load many programs, the computer freezes (understand by heat) but the heat sink is still cold. Aida 64 indicates 80-85º C and fan 2800 rpm. while other computers with Pentium IV Northwood 2.8 Ghz without HT indicate 35ºC and 4500 rpm fan. Do I have a fan problem or could the temperature sensor be defective?
  9. Yes, I am administrator. I have tried with several computers on Windows 2000 and Windows XP in Spanish. On Windows 2000 with administrator and on Windows XP with personal user account with administrator permissions.
  10. Thank you for creating the list of .Net Framework updates @Explorer09@tomasz86@Dogway and other persons. It has been a long time since the last update. Have you created a more updated list? I have been looking for more updated lists and I have not found them. The doubt remains on Dogway's latest approach. I have found updated packages but unfortunately the links do not work. AIO 2015-09-23 https://windowsforum.kr/data/6830857 AIO 2016-10-01 by Riktendo https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12295-legacy-net-framework-aio-for-xp-x86-1-10-2016 AIO-Adddon 2018-11-01 by abbodi86 https://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12295-legacy-net-framework-aio-for-xp-x86-1-10-2016/page/5/ http://repacks.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=26&start=40 Is it possible to find an updated list for .Net 1.1; 2.0SP2; 3.0SP2; 3.5SP1? In @blackwingcatWindows Legacy Updates is "Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.3 Roll update since 2014.wlu" until 2020/04 http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm It has: -NDP40-KB2931365 (2014-05-13) (MS14-026) -NDP40-KB3122653 (2015-12) -NDP40-KB3135993 (2016-03) -NDP40-KB3127225 (2016-04) -NDP40-KB3163249 (2016-06) -NDP40-KB4021915 (2017-05) -NDP40-KB4338598 (2018-07) -NDP40-KB4470490 (2018-12) -NDP40-KB4483475 (2019-02) TLS 1.2 Support for .Net Framework 4.0 Also I have seen on Internet KB3189598 (2016-11) that contains ndp30sp2-kb3188734-x86 and ndp40-KB3189017 and I don't know if it is superseded
  11. A message comes out, a message pops up asking for the user. But then nothing happens. I have tried on w2000 and XP with the same result. So I have manually installed on both systems Windows Scripts Host 5.8 for Windows 2000-XP (english) (2020-05) WindowsLU-Script58-v6-x86-int.wlu and now on both systems I have 2 errors when trying to execute files with .WLU extension "Script engine not found on wlupdate.vbe" Entry point not found swprintf_s on msvcrt.dll I don't know if this error is possible because Windows Scripts Host 5.8 is in English and my system is in Spanish. Can this have other consequences? Is it possible to reverse the process of installing Windows Scripts Host 5.8? On XP I have uninstalled Windows Scrip Host 5.8 in "add or remove programs" and the problem has been solved. On Windows 2000 I have reset the registry, installed Windows Scripts Host 5.7, reinstalled SP4 & UR1v.2, reinstalled IE6SP1 but the error still appears. On windows 2000 I can`t uninstall WHS because the programs list in "add or remove programs" has stopped loading. The list is empty and blank. Nothing appears. Neither WHS nor any other program. How can I manually uninstall WSH on w2000? or how can I retrieve programs list in add or remove programs? Edit: I have uninstalled Windows Scrip Host on Windows 2000 https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/help/247515/program-is-not-listed-in-add-remove-programs-after-installation Regedit Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall And find the program to uninstall The path to uninstall is in Uninstallstring Path to Uninstall Windows Script Host C: \ WINNT \ $ NtUninstallscripten $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe But although I have uninstalled it, the same error messages continue on Windows 2000 when trying to execute .WLU with wlupdate.vbe and the programs list in "add or remove programs" continues without being visible. I installed IE 6.0 SP1 full version and now the error messages no longer appear and "add or remove programs" works again It seems that "add or remove programs" depends on Windows Script Host. .WLU drag & drop with "wlupdate.vbe" returns as before. This asks for a user and then nothing else happens.
  12. Windows Legacy Update by @blackwingcat http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm has a nice collection of unofficial updates for Windows 2000 & XP. Many of these files have the .WLU extension But I don't know how to run these files. Apparently these files are created with the IExpress packager by adding the WLU extension to them. The only instructions to execute them are in Japanese and they are reduced to one sentence. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1995327.html Translated into English is: "To use it, associate the WLU file downloaded from the WLU site and open it, or open it in D&D." I try to associate files.WLU to "wlupdate14.cab" but this is not possible. I have tried to unzip it and the result is the same. If I try to run the file that contains "wlupdate.vbe" a message appears saying "Drag & Drop WLU file". I try but nothing happens. Is it possible that a person using "Windows Legacy Update" can clarify the question?
  13. Usbd.sys to C: \ WINNT \ system32 \ drivers was already copied Unfortunately it still doesn't work. My w2000 system is built on a base installation on IBM Netvista A20, a year 2000 computer. It contains the drivers for this computer (with generic chipset driver & other generic), basic programs and custom configuration on Service Pack 3. From this installation I have created an image that in later years I have pasted on all the computers I use, updating needs (now SP4 UR1v2) So far I have no problems due to this circumstance. Can previously installed USB 1.1 drivers interfere?
  14. After modifying usb.inf Do I have to do something else? I have modified C: \ WINNT \ inf C: \ WINNT \ ServicePackFiles \ i386 I have rebooted and nothing has happened. Currently I have an unidentified driver "Simple PCI Communications controller" Some programs say it is a MODEM but I do not have a MODEM and I do not have a card connected to any port on the motherboard. I comment it in case it could be related to USB ports
  15. I have found this post on the @blackwingcat blog also with a problem with Intel 5 series / 3400 chipset family but in this case PM55 chipset. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1157500.html He says the problem occurs because USB 2.0 on Windows 2000 is implemented over USB 1.1 ports. If there is no 1.1 port, USB 2.0 does not work on Windows 2000. Black Wing Cat solves this by changing the enhanced controller to universal. Intel 5 Series / 3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B34 by Intel 5 Series / 3400 Series Chipset Family USB Universal Host Controller - 3B36 I have tried it but it doesn't work for me. Windows Update hasn't worked for me either, it says a correct driver is already installed. Nor has it worked for me with other generic drivers I've tried. In addition, Black Wing Cat relates in another post that he has a private update that solves this problem. But sadly I have not been able to find this update. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/158877.html Translated from the Japanese: "Yellow at the USB mass storage driver! I get this, but this works fine when I install the private Windows 2000 USB related Update"
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