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  1. Perfect explanation, thank you very much. about MyPal68 I have seen this here https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal68/releases/tag/68.12.2b Enabled webtrc - please check, the discussion is here #24. FFmpeg hardware acceleration - its own technique not related to the browser. media.ffmpeg.hwacc_type 0 - none 2 - cuda 4 - dxva2
  2. Yes, but I think it works on Windows XP and even on Windows 2000, how can it be verified? What about you shouldn't defragment SSD drives because they get damaged?
  3. I have a doubt: Firefox from version 53 implements H.264 in the API? I have made several tests and I see that Serpent, New Moon, K-Meleon and Mypal 68 support native H.264. How do they do that? and Chrome? I have also seen that New Moon has differentiates from the previous ones, New Moon does not install OpenH264 by Cisco, for webRTC compatibility with calls H.264, if it is not created medium.gmp-provider.Enable with the TRUE value.
  4. The following utilities apparently do TRIM on SDD disk on Windows 2000: -SSD Tweaker pro 3.7.1 (no TRIM free version) Link free version: https://www.cdrinfo.pl/download/500104858/6078/ https://www.3dfxzone.it/programs/?objid=16539 Only the Pro version TRIMs. Unfortunately it doesn't TRIM alone, it TRIMs on an optimization button. Be careful, review the options first to leave them as they were after pressing the button (the options do not affect pressing the button optimization) (depending on the version it require .Net 2, .Net 3.5 or .Net 4.0, the last says .Net 3.5) -Microsoft SSD Tool 0.95 Do not close the program until after a few minutes, until it says end. https://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=66521
  5. the speed of my Kingstom SDD has dropped a lot after 2 years of use. I have done TRIM with Solid State Doctor and it has not improved anything. Then I have found another utility, rudimentary with complicated options, but after doing TRIM the speed has increased 23 Mb/s I don't know if TRIM really improves reading speed The utility is called SDD Tweaker, it works with Windows XP (depending on the version it require .Net 2, .Net 3.5 or .Net 4.0, the last says .Net 3.5) Only the Pro version TRIMs. Unfortunately it doesn't TRIM alone, it TRIMs on an optimization button. Be careful, review the options first to leave them as they were after pressing the button (the options do not affect pressing the button optimization) https://www.elpamsoft.com/?p=SSD-Tweaker In any case, the speed of this SSD disk is now much lower than a mechanical HDD, except for the access time BEFORE SDD TWEAKER AFTER SDD TWEAKER I have also found yet another program that does TRIM on Windows XP, it only works with some hard drives. It's called Naraeon SDD Tools. https://www.naraeon.net/en/latest-naraeon-ssd-tools/ Also the ADATA (maker hardware) utility "SDD Tool Box" works on Windows XP and seems to work on various SSDs Caution, TRIM pretends to work on different units, but it really seems that it only works with ADATA hardware https://www.adata.com/us/support/consumer?tab=downloads Also I have seen Microsoft SDD Tool 0.95 from 2010, I don't know if there are newer versions compatible with XP You do not close the program until after a few minutes, until it says end, although it warns if it is about closing the program before time. https://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?id=66521
  6. Just 2 years ago today I installed a SSD hard drive Kingston SA400 for the system in a computer with a first generation i3 processor. At first the speed was very high and the tests with HD Tune gave a constant speed of around 175 MB/s (I don't remember exactly). After a year of use the speed dropped to around 115 MB/s and the drive began to show speed fluctuations. Now, after 2 years of use, the speed has dropped to 73 MB/s, reaching speeds typical of PATA disks in Pentium IVs. After doing TRIM the performance is even a bit worse. Unless otherwise explained, my conclusion is that SSDs are slower than HDDs. Here the test
  7. Update including also DC Browser and automatic unofficial installer for roytam1’s New Moon/Basilisk browsers by @i430VX Download here: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam But I do not see that it installed some browser on my computer. This automatically downloads Roytam1's Browser, this seems to unzip the 7ZIP file but then it gives error. "ICACLS" is not recognized as an external or internal command, program or enforceable batch file. Error creating direct access and nothing else happens despite the fact that the installer says everything ok. My system is Spanish language and my XP is installed on drive D:
  8. Solved! I have been thinking that generic volume could be at "volume.inf" or "usb.inf" in WINNT/inf but on this route I encounter with surprise that these files do not exist. Then I copy the WINNT/inf folder from another Windows 2000 installation and paste it into another hard drive folder on the computer with problems. After inserting a storage device I say to Windows that volume.inf is the driver. But Windows says it is not a valid driver, then Windows thinks that usbstor.inf is a valid driver. Finally after installing usbstor.inf & it finds usbstor.sys on WINNT/system32/driver then the USB storage device starts working. I ask, how is it possible to disappear *.inf files on WINNT/inf ? I find missing 136 files type *.inf on WINNT/inf. I am sure that they were there before, because instead of installing I paste the same system images into all computers.
  9. In a new installation I have all the drivers well installed in the Device Manager. The USB 2.0 is SiS chipset. Now I insert a storage device into the USB port. Then Windows 2000 says a new device has been found. When I press the next button, Windows 2000 does not automatically find a driver to install. Where can I find the USB Storage Massive Class driver? In another previous installation I had no problems on this computer, but then I had introduced the USB device before installing the SiS USB 2.0 driver.
  10. On menu Tools+Clear browsing data is the option "Automatic clear the selected". What does this option? It said... "To make the exit more efficient, clean the browser cache first. Click the button to clear"
  11. It's not possible because XP version is off on Google server. You can watch Netflix DRM on NewMoon with Silverlight (Firefox 49-52 no longer works well on normal Netflix webpage) (HBO does not work with Silverlight) More info here and here
  12. All update from BlackWingCat is here http://win2k.org/wlu/wluen.htm You go to manual update & search. But I don't know because your question for KB2584577-x86 is on a post Browser. I don't know very much for KB2584577
  13. Post updated. Thank for you report The two alternative download link for Opera 12.18_45 work for me https://disk.yandex.ru/d/HbQfEL8dnx_c7A or https://yadi.sk/d/ANkjyZ6Hfws34w
  14. Sessions copies disappear I have Tab Session Manager installed in "360 Extreme Explorer" as an extension to recover tabs in case of system failure, although I often use the combination "control+shift+T" to restore tabs when they are closed randomly. However, every few months when I get a blue screen or crash, "control+shift+T" stops working, so that's when I start working with Tab Session Manager. But when I open the extension there are no saved browsing sessions, they are all gone. This has always happened to me when I have the problem, so the extension does not work for me. I would like to know how to recover these lost sessions, both the copies saved in Chrome folders and the copies saved by Tab Session Manager. Do you know an extension to save tabs that does work?
  15. I paste the WK3 Drivers USB "disk.sys" and "partmgr.sys" in \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ Windows \ System32 \ dllcache Both with version 5.2.3790.3959 I have also tried version 5.2.3790.1830 The result is the same. Windows is blocked by restarting the system after entering a new pendrive.

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