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  1. chrome://net-export/ it is not working on my 360 v.11.0.2251 (error loading page). I want to check if the Chinese telemetry has returned after 360 made me an autoreset after a possible shutdown failure.
  2. I have two problem with 360 Extreme Explorer when there are more than 30 tabs open. 360 works fine but when I close it and reopen it it takes more than 25 min. in loading the tabs. This leaves the computer completely unusable during this time (nothing responds). This usually happens to me on a computer with only 2 GiB RAM. Sometimes this process breaks down and 360 Extreme Explorer is reset to initial settings. At this moment all the tabs and all the installed extensions have disappeared. I cannot retrieve the tabs by pressing control + shift + T I had installed extensions that
  3. it was already disabled. I have found another solution, at least it has worked on the first computer with Intel driver by @blackwingcat run gfxui.exe (driver config) On 3D Custom Settings check the box. On Vertex change the option "Depend on Application" by the option "Enabled software". Press apply. Now K-Meleon & New Moon for Windows 2000 work perfectly. Thanks in any case.
  4. With this version I can run TRIM on SSD Kingston A400 with Windows XP. Thank very much. I have also seen the overprovision option. It's the first time I've read about this. On my SSD drive this program does not give the option to reserve a space for overprovision. What does this mean and how does it affect me? My drive capacity is 240 Gb. It is divided into 4 MBR partitions and these only have a few GiB of free space. Edit: I think it doesn't give me the option because I already have 4 primary partitions created and it cannot create a new one for over-provisioning.
  5. I've been looking at the matter thoroughly and from what it seems the latest Paragon GPT Loader driver that exists officially is and contains many bugs. Yes, there is Paragon GPT Loader but it is just a program that contains the driver (long live the confusion, long live the marketing). There is also Paragon HFS for Win to read drives with MAC format and it also contains the GPT driver In addition to the official version there is a fork that corrects the bugs. The current fork version is On their website they do not give the full version 8.0.1.
  6. Finally it has worked so much v. 5.2.3790.3959 (w2003 SP2) as v. 5.2.3790.1830 (w2003 SP1) Both files have = number of bytes, only version number changes. The files to download that I have put in the previous comment are valid for all languages (at least they work with XP English & XP Spanish). You copy original files to another folder before replacing them The issues that may appear before they work are: -By pasting disk.sys & partmgr.sys in \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ dllcache \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers the original versions of Windows XP are fully or partially restored.
  7. The problem has been replicated on another computer that previously worked well @roytam1 This time it is a Pentium IV. I used to have an ATi AGP card. K-Meleon and New Moon worked fine on Windows 2000. Now the ATi card has failed. I have put a NIVIDIA card. Now K-Meleon and New Moon do not show the graphics or the interface and neither in the web browsing (only parts in black). Except if I disable 3D in Windows 2000 video troubleshooting menu.
  8. Indeed, Windows restored the files. So I have overwritten: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ dllcache \ disk.sys \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ disk.sys \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ dllcache \ partmgr.sys \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ partmgr.sys At this moment Windows XP asks me for the CD to replace these unknown versions. I have answered that I want to keep them. When I have rebooted the system WINDOWS XP DOES NOT START, THE SCREEN FREEZES !!! These are the versions I have tried: disk.sys => 5.2.3790.3959 partmgr.sys => 5.2.3790.3959 Which do you have? @RainyShadow
  9. I go to the file explorer and share the folder with right click + properties + share folder. I have simple file sharing on FAT32. I have tried the following: -Disable simple file sharing. -Deactivate "control userpasswords2" (I have it on automatic password when logging in). -I have also read about this option: Administrative Tools + Local Security Settings + Local Policies: Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts But surprise !!! In this Windows XP copy that option is not listed. On Local Policies I only have 7 options listed. In other Windows XP copies
  10. I can view shared files from any Android phone on a Windows XP computer on the same network without Windows XP asking for the network password. Why does this happen? How can I force Windows XP to ask for the password at least the first time?
  11. I just downloaded it and it doesn't work on my Windows XP SP3
  12. Which Kingston version works on Windows XP? I have looked for tools from other manufacturers and none of them work for me, it would be good to have a list.
  13. I use Avast v.6 Free Edition since I don't need a permanently activated antivirus that slows down my system. I only use it to analyze certain files before executing them. So I don't want more current versions of Avast that seem to work on Windows XP. https://www.avast.com/windows-xp-antivirus Besides that I also use Windows 2000 which is not supported. The latest virus definition for Avast 5, 6, 7, 8 is from March 31, 2020. This seems to be confirmed in these urls: https://community.spiceworks.com/topic/2190355-avast-endpoint-protection-now-has-an-end-of-life-of-december-31st-2019
  14. Thanks for the explanation. I'm going to try option 1. 1) write manually a MBR and partition table to it [1] I would like to know how the MBR knows that it has to start a specific file on the hard disk partition. Yes, I mark the active partition from Windows or a partitions program like Mini-Tools Partition Wizard. But how does the MBR know to start NTLDR for Windows NT 5 and BOOTMGR for Windows NT 6? It is something that I cannot understand, since just by marking the active partition and pasting NTLDR (among others) Windows 2000 and XP start up on a traditional hard drive without
  15. Manually boot a USB stick (boot files) I am trying to boot a USB stick by manually dropping the Windows files and I can't. On a normal hard drive, I would create a primary partition, mark it as active, and just copy the Windows startup files to boot. For NT 5.x (2000-XP-2003) I would put: AUTOEXEC.BAT boot.ini Bootfont.bin CONFIG.SYS IO.SYS MSDOS.SYS NTBOOTDD.SYS NTDETECT.COM ntldr And with this the hard disk starts, however, transferred to a stick this does not work. Although I read in several tutorials that the process is the same, or not? Some of these
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