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  1. Netflix is officially Windows XP compatible . This works in Firefox 49 with Silverlight
  2. It also works by disabling Direct 3D in the Windows hardware acceleration menu, so it works with 16/32 bit color I have done the video test in directx and the first Direct3D video fails, the rest look fine. I have reinstalled directx and now all the tests are correct. But K-Meleon and New Moon continue to black screen with direct3d enabled in hardware acceleration.
  3. I have found another solution, https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/gpt-drives-in-xp/1826b5ee-107d-4274-83c7-3a0e0b50a958 Paragon GPT loader for XP, I have not tried it yet.
  4. Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to try now to see if I'm lucky. On w2000 I am using K-Meleon 74.0 20180718.win2000 (Palemoon-26.5-Firefox38.9) and New Moon 26.5.0-20180718.win2000 two great initiatives from @roytam1 that I hope will continue. The K-Meleon version is difficult to configure as it has many errors but for 2 years it has worked well for me moving it from one computer to another already configured. New Moon works great on w2000. I use these same browsers in windows XP but with updated versions in 2020 KM 76.2 / PM 28.9, the versions for w2000 do not work at all well in XP. The problem with Google cookies in XP when opening a new tab did not happen to me before. The black screen in w2000 I suspect that it is related to the video drivers @blackwingcat If I start w2000 in VGA mode the problem does not occur. Another curious thing happens, the options in the gfxui.exe file for the Intel video configuration without .Net 3.5 has stopped producing changes in the video modes. I have restored all the Windows registry settings and the problem persists. I also delete New Moon's personal settings folder in Documents & Settings ... / application data Edit: I write right now from K-Meleon on w2000, it works with high resolution but configured to 256 colors, it stops working when I put high density color 16/32 bits
  5. I have copied the disk.sys and partmgr.sys files from Windows 2003 to Windows XP. But nothing new happens. The disk appears in the disk manager as a protective GPT partition I leave the attachments. Caution, Spanish version, I don't know if they are the same as English version partmgr.sys disk.sys
  6. Has anyone run Google Widevine successfully? I read here that it does not work in 2018. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1991545.html On the other hand I would like to know why the command chrome: // components does not get response in 360 Extreme Explorer Also although the Silverlight plugin appears as installed, it does not work on sites like Netflix either. this is visible in chrome: // plugins
  7. On Pentium IV computer with 2 GiB RAM it is the fastest browser of all, until you open 30 tabs at a time. Then the virtual memory starts working and it may take 30 minutes to restart the browser. Once started it is fast again.
  8. I have seen for a long time that it is possible install WindowsServer2003-KB919117 update on Windows xp to read GPT disks. I have noted that disk.sys must be extracted to work in XP and I don't remember what this means. Do you know information to read GPT disks in XP? I want to read a USB disk.
  9. The next day it was perfectly installed in Firefox 49 without doing anything else. Test pages: https://html5test.com/ https://tekeye.uk/html/html5-video-test-page (Netflix continues to work only with Silverlight enabled) Edit: I keep not getting it in Firefox 52.9.0 ESR I'll turn on the computer tomorrow, let's see if it works ... Today it does not appear in the plugins list as in Firefox 49
  10. It was already set to false. The weird thing is that the browser menus also turn black. (not just web pages) Edit: The problem on Windows XP has been fixed. It was because I had set to delete cookies when the browser is closed. I was confused because every time I opened a new tab with Google, the question would reappear, after I accepted on other tabs. Now I have set keep cookies until they expire. I continue with the problem on w2000
  11. Unfortunately it has not worked. After a few seconds the screen turns black. Yesterday it worked perfectly. Today I put some versions of K-Meleon and New Moon configured in another computer and that is when it has stopped working. I've tried your original K-Meleon and New Moon and now they don't work either.
  12. Yes, now it works for me on New Moon 28.9.01a with Silverlight. I don't know beacuse I didn't do it before.
  13. I have been able to watch Netflix just by installing Silverlight nPapi on Firefox 49. I have not succeeded on Firefox 52 ESR On the Internet there are many web pages that say you can install nPapi on Firefox 52 with this: about: config plugin.load_flash_only = false But it's not working. Nor does it install Silverlight on New Moon. I have also not gotten Adobe Primetime to work on Firefox as indicated here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/175591-enable-mp4-h264-aac-html5-video-in-firefox-on-windows-xp-without-flash Nor have I been able to get Google Widevine to work on Chrome 49 or 360 Extreme Explorer. On Chrome 49 the Widevine folder appears empty, I have downloaded and I have pasted this but it does not work for me: http://sdfox7.com/xp/sp3/EOL/WideVineCDM
  14. Does H264 still work with this method? I have tried both on Firefox 49 and on Firefox 52 ESR and it does not work for me on the test page https://www.quirksmode.org/html5/tests/video.html On Firefox 52 ESR it doesn't install and on Firefox 49 In the plugin the message "Adobe Primetime will be installed shortly" appears continuously.
  15. I have an Acer x3900 (i3 1st gen H57 chipset) with dual boot Windows 2000 and XP On w2000 I have the Intel® HD Graphics Media video driver 14.46.08 win2k by @blackwingcat (2011-10-06) Today, Firefox-based browsers, a few seconds after starting, begin to show web pages little by little with black spots until the screen, including the browser menu, until it is completely filled with black. This happens to me in Firefox 12, New Moon & K-Meleon by @roytam1 on all web pages. I have uninstalled the video driver and the problem is solved with VGA 640x480. I have reinstalled the video driver and Firefox 12 works fine but New Moon and K-Meleon keep turning black. w2000 works perfectly with movies, other programs and with IE and Double Web Browser. Additional curiosity is given that www.google.com freezes Firefox 12. On Windows XP I do not have black screen problems, but it is also curious that in all browsers Google asks me to accept their privacy conditions every time I start them. Example K-Meleon black screen on w2000: Example New Moon black screen on w2000:
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