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  1. What do you mean "still not known" ? I tested myself on several Haswell boards and declared this "info" to be fake news. I'd be very glad if it worked ! Also , there's Jakob88 who tested it . Do you have a reason not to trust MSFN members ? Why do you still continue to spread these "news" ?
  2. Oh , it's absolutely fine ! I already shared my version with four members , as of now. You don't need to add any flags to my version since all of the most important/useful are already included inside . But you need to start it from the starter with the red icon only. If you want to change/add the flags , just say so.
  3. Feature Engagement Tracker is yet another annoying junk . https://www.socketlabs.com/blog/secure-engagement-tracking-solves-chrome-image-security-issues-with-socketlabs-unique-approach-allows-email-white-labeling-and-link-encryption/ "The backend behaves as a black box ..." https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/020c1992c67d99bd0a6d994ce6d14d450a639ed7/components/feature_engagement_tracker/
  4. I have minimum extensions. I use Ublock and some extensions that dim bright light/pictures.
  5. Ever tried to vlite them into Vista ISO ? I shall soon have another motherboard for the tests with USB3.0 only , so I'm interested if those will work during the installation.
  6. Hi , from what I know , 360 behaves as a usual 86 chrome when working with extensions. I don't think it would be any different with UBO.
  7. @Mr.Scienceman2000 1 - Thank you , I appreciate you trust me . 2 - I don't have umatrix , also I read it's kaput . https://www.ghacks.net/2020/09/20/umatrix-development-has-ended/
  8. Mr.Scienceman2000 , I'd suggest the vetted 360EE 13.0.1106.0 and 360SE 13.5.1030 - both stable and fast . Decentraleyes ... hmmm , I suspect something's wrong with it , did you check it's guts yourself ? It shows zero redirects for me. Does the author can be trusted ?
  9. It's just Epic Fail Browser , in fact they all are lately. On the other hand , they actually do what they were designed to do [stealing our data, working against us].
  10. I'm sorry , I shan't comment on this since this topic is about how awful Mozilla/Firefox is.
  11. You mean this fake/scam browser "brave" ? "Despite explicitly opting out of telemetry, every few secs a request to: “variations.brave.com”, “laptop-updates.brave.com” which despite its name isn’t just for updates and fetches affiliates for brave rewards, with pings such as grammarly, softonic, uphold e.g. Despite again explicitly opting out of brave rewards. There’s also “static1.brave.com” https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/nxce6t/brave_browser_scam_a_fake_privacy_browser_sharing/ That's "why".
  12. @Mr.Scienceman2000 , excuse me , but the name is kinda nurdy . Why would you ask me then ? And , most importantly, it doesn't reflect the current (awful) state of things . I think those words " mitigate problems" are giving false hopes to the users . Of course , you may not agree , it's your topic . I see you ignored my discovery with 100% fingerprinting , lemme ask why ? This "problem" cannot be solved , the only solution is to dump this browser. Don't you agree ? But if you know how , do tell.
  13. Someone living in Eastern Europe can only tremble watching phenomenons, known from the times of communist takeover, creep back into mainstream politics. The restriction of open debate , but most importantly the restriction of the right to participate in a debate.
  14. Well , it's gotta be short and sweet , yet right to the point . How about : 1- Firefox is a lying sack of sh** (classics , but won't pass the moderation , I guess) 2- Firefox sold it's soul to the commie devil, get alternatives ASAP ! 3- Firefox hides the nastiest FSB telemetry under the hood, yet pretends to be "privacy oriented". 4- Firefox will fingerprint the hell out of you and send the results to KGB. No. 2 is pretty close to your current name. P.S. Firefox , Palemoon, Mypal, Waterfox and all it's "forks" leak data to MS , Yandex , Amazon , Cloudfare , etc. They will fingerprint the hell outta you , even if you have their "privacy resist fingerprinting" on ! See the attached images.
  15. 1 (one) bad sector and the disk flies to the garbage bin, it's like it always was , it's like it always ought to be.
  16. @Mr.Scienceman2000 , great post , but somehow I think the name isn't too bright to attract the readers. It's not just "problems" , it's the whole browser that is a huge problem itself . Completely sold to yandex , that's why I suggested a more hard (brutal bashing style) approach . Basically, it's a commie browser now . Also , all of it's forks leak data to yandex too ! I'm just wondering why @ArcticFoxie is still not here, he wrote some marvellous , oustanding (bashing style) posts about the commie firefox . I ask you to join and (maybe) move your posts here . Just made you a compliment again , which you deserved. Well , arcticFoxie , if you won't come here , I shall understand , perhaps you're just afraid of the angry browser fans.
  17. Lemme help you , you need to write two independent starters . Or (if you can't ) just use that you currently use (from the repack) with two diff. ini files . The goal would be to combine that flag with the internal command for the browser to switch to the dark skin and dark pages altogehter , to avoid weird combination of dark skin and white pages. And another starter for light theme and white pages. It's similar to what I gave you in my version (2 starters white/dark), but I used the same theme for both of them , since you don't like plain dark. Also , you may build your dark theme from the skin I gave you , since it's quite neutral and XP-like. Just make white backroung darker , no need to make everything black , I don't like it too. The theme should be neutral , not distracting.
  18. No , it works for me without signing in to any of these sites . All I have to do is to switch the flag on/off.
  19. Ha-hahahaha, you just proved my point. For those who have missed , I asked him , does he have to comment on everything I write , and he just did it again , lol. So you can write OT posts , why can't I ? BTW , quite a big reply for someone who doesn't like "talking to neighbours". Son , there's a simple thing and it's called ignoring, yeah : don't thank me .
  20. People , what are you all talking about , did you actually listen to what he said ???
  21. So please create a new topic , I think you know much more about Firefox and it's forks than most .
  22. jaclaz , Seagate HDDs are born to be weak , you of all should know this , no ? I only met some seagate HDDs that were made in the early 2000s to be somewhat OK .
  23. Hi , I don't know about Bulgaria , but here it's paid (except for the last ones , I think) and I'm guessing not easy to use for a novice . For example , HD Sentinel is 50 Euro , after a discount . I am still under the impression the OP was looking for a simple solution , no ? Would you please give him precise instructions on how to use this software then ?

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