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Found 5 results

  1. Antimalware, firewall, and other security programs for Windows XP working in 2023 and hopefully beyond I hereby open a new thread on the topic of security programs for Windows XP. I have been thinking about that for a longer time, and then I decided to tackle this project. Windows XP is a very old operating system and a deeper knowledge of how to make it more secure is very important in my opinion. Therefore, I think it makes sense to get an overview of all the security programs still available for Windows XP. The thread "Which Antiviruses are Known for a Fact to be Working on XP SP3 as of 2019?", where I have previously written frequently about antivirus programs, has become rather bloated and confusing due to many informationless posts, is mainly focused on the topic of antivirus programs for Windows XP and has been completely unstructured from the very beginning. It is good to have such a thread full of different information for reference but there are many posts either outdated, incomplete or off-topic. Therefore, I have decided to start a completely different thread from scratch. I deliberately chose the term antimalware in the title of this topic. In these days, most so-called antivirus programs can not only identify computer viruses, but also trojans, worms, rootkits, exploits, spyware, and so on. Generally speaking: a virus is a malware, but a malware is not always a virus. Therefore, malware is a generic term for any malicious software, including viruses. For many years now, the so-called antivirus programs have actually been antimalware programs. In any case, this new topic here is about antimalware, firewall and other security programs for Windows XP. Under the term other security programs, I include among others security suites like internet security and total security, antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit, anti-exploit, online and offline scanner, ad blocker, protection layer, virtualization, security check and control programs and so on that make the use of Windows XP safer. And to avoid any misunderstanding, the main focus in this thread is on the concept of security. Those security programs that have been officially classified as insecure or not trustworthy are not the subject of consideration here, of course. Furthermore, many of these security programs can no longer be clearly classified in one of these categories due to their multifunctionality. I therefore define the following categories and their abbreviations: AM+ = Antimalware program with real-time protection AM- = Antimalware program without real-time protection SP = Specialized program (focused on one main antimalware function) IS = Internet Security TS = Total Security ON = Online scanner OF = Offline scanner AB = Ad blocker FW = Firewall VP = Virtualization program PL = Protection layer program SC = Security check program CP = Control program MF = Multifunctional program In addition, for the sake of simplicity, I define the following licence types and their abbreviations, reduced to the essentials: C = Commercial (any payment software including shareware) F = Free D = Donationware O = Open source In the second post of this thread, I will provide and maintain an alphabetical list of working antimalware, firewall, and other security programs for Windows XP which were presented in a corresponding post here. This list has the following columns: Name, Version, Type, Date and Link. Name means the name of the program, Version means its last/latest version, Type means its license type, Date means its last/latest date of release or creation (in some cases, there is no date of release available anymore) and Link means the link to its corresponding post here in this thread. I will only include programs in this list that receive updates in some form, be it program updates, definition updates or database updates. With the exception, of course, that there are also programs that do not necessarily need such updates. In the third post of this thread, I will create and maintain an alphabetical list of programs that need to be tested for compatibility, features and support or whose installers have been lost and therefore could not be tested. In the fourth post of this thread, I will create an alphabetical list of programs that have recently been abandoned or should be avoided. Some of them should only be used for a while or be avoided due to security reasons. This project is very extensive and involves a lot of work. In-depth research in particular is very time-consuming, but necessary. So be patient, especially if the list of programs fills up slowly! As always: Good things come to those who wait. And just for clarification, I will not check all the programs myself to see if they can be installed properly and work, of course. Here, other members can make a perfect contribution with their knowledge or experiences already made. Furthermore, all the programs I have listed are not necessarily to be understood as recommendations. Basically, they are simply options that are still available for Windows XP. Because we all know that most manufacturers of security software have long since given up on Windows XP. If I personally consider a program to be good, I will express this in its relevant post. More about that here: Any discussions, questions or suggestions about security programs for Windows XP are explicitly welcome. But one thing must be very clear, everything should relate to this topic. Just for clarification, insulting, provocative or completely off-topic posts (especially about operating systems other than Windows XP) will not be tolerated. That means, please stay on topic! This thread is intended to be a well-structured source of information where readers can get ideas on how to make their old Windows XP a bit more secure. If you like this thread, or you find it interesting and helpful, I would appreciate any contribution, be it a comment, a like or an upvote. Thanks for your interest! Windows XP forever! Kind regards, AstroSkipper
  2. This is my Second bigger Feedback, it´s just about the most worse things I can't stand off ! I will post it later with the built-in Feedback App) Bugs that are still existing and I already Tested, like the most worse bit BMP Codec Bug ! Are reposted here ! if you like to read about my Wishes, and some of my already found Bugs (I did not test all off them for this Report) you have to visit: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173436-windows-10-detailed-feedback-and-wishes/ My Firewall Rules Set (unperfect, unfinished) can be found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/173615-windows-firewall-rules/#entry1095994 Feedback: 1) BUG: 32 Bit BMP Codec It is Still Broken (Preview, Photos and Paint does strange things with some Color channels on 32bit Bitmaps...) 2) BUG: Standard Scheduled Tasks destroys Power Saving ! One ore more of the preconfigurated Tasks (why there are so many of them - its like a Overkill) destroys Energy Saving modes like Standby ! That means: My Laptop start Up from Sleep by itself and do things (I don't know) by itself... LISTEN Microsoft: IF I SEND MY LAPTOP TO SLEEP, IT HAS TO SLEEP, NOT TO WAKEUP AND DO STUFF I DON'T KNOW, BY ITSELF ! (If I decide to add a Schedulerjob, it would run in Idle-Mode, before Standby !) Solution: I removed all of the endless annoying Preconfigurated Tasklist on Scheduler, that wasn't blocked (yes some of them are blocked... - why ?) I know that I possibly break something I maybe don't know by that - but it was the only functional Solution to get a nice and smart Powersaving System - works perfect after !) 3) Energy Saving Profiles are Inefficient ! A) If my Laptop runs Battery, I prefer to use all Possible Saving Options that are Possible - no matter which Profile is active (Solution: Manual Change on all Profiles) B) Why the CPU Minimum Usage is Set to 5% in Minimal and Balanced Mode ? This stops the CPU going into Idle Mode and Throttledown, this costs unneeded Energy, that I have to pay for ! (Solution: Manual Change to 0% on all Profiles) C) On High Performance The Minimum CPU Usage is Set to 100% ??? - Are you Kidding me ? Even on that Scenario my CPU like to be able to change into Idle Mode ! (Solution: See Above) D) Why the Standard Time for Harddrives is 20min on Every Profile, when I use a SSD ? A SSD don't need time for Start Spinning like a normal Harddrive, what means, there is no Reason, to let it Run Up to 20mins if it has nothing to do (Yes with normal Harddrives it makes some sense to let them spin longer, cause it needs some seconds to respin after a SpinOff) (Solution: Manual Change to 1min on all Profiles) LISTEN: USERS DON'T LIKE TO CHANGE THEIR ENERGYPROFILE 1000 TIMES OVER A DAY ! A CPU THROTTLEDOWN (CPU Reduces MHZ by Reducing the Power on IDLE MODE) MUST BE POSSIBLE EVERY TIME, ON EVERY PROFILE !!! & SSD´s ARE NON SPINNING DEVICES ! 4) USB Harddrives still Spinning after a Secure Disconnect ! I know, that a secure disconnect normally is only needed if the Drive using Cached Smartdrive Techniques to be Faster (which must be toggled on for usage manual by the user) But, cause I really don't like, to plug out cables on spinning USB Harddrives, I would prefer that Secure Disconnect sends a SPIN OFF Signal to the USB Device too... LISTEN: If you don't like to add a SpinOFF Command to the Secure Disconnection, please give me back the "Park Command" from MS-DOS 5.0 !!! 5) Windows Firewall - All Doors Open, no Outbound Dialog, if I Close them ! A) BUG 1: The UI-BUG (UI Restarts if I Copy and Paste Names on the Advanced Firewall Rules Config) is annoying ! B) BUG 2: At some Points Envorinment Varibales (used Automatic when adding an .exe File that lays as example on the User Profile) could not be readed C) THE Standard Rules Set (Every Outbound is allowed by Standard, is the biggest security whole ever !) I like to be ASKED if a Prog like to do a Call Out, cause it is my own **** Privatsphere ! Example: A Software Developer doesn't need to Know, how often a Day, Week or Month, and on which Times Exactly I start his Program ! (if he like to know, I only tell him, if he pay me for that information !) Its even a Security Risk, cause many Bloat and Spyware will download their s*** automatically by their Installers, and since most Software are using WEB-Installers instead of a Full OffLine Version, its getting worse) But: IF I Change the Standard Rules to: Everything is Forbidden to Callout since there is no Rule - Windows Firewall don't ask my if I like to allow a Callout for Edgebrowser, Windows Update, etc... - What means that I have to make manual Rules for every Software but I wasn't able to make a Allow Rule for WindowsUpdate, what means that I have to Change my whole Rules Set back to Standard, every time I like to do Updates ! GRRRRRR !!! 6) Stop Software Hijacking my Standard Browser Example: I install a Software, and it Starts my Browser and Loading its website by itself - I know, that I can prevent that, by Editing the Registry and put out, the Standardbrowser entry's, - but I would prefer a dialog, that asks me, if I like to allow a software, to Hijack my Browser ! (Don't like to end up on Captured Sites, that I don't click by myself ! - Don't tell me Websites can't be captured !) 7) The Search is slow and Sucks I like the Fast and practical Search on Windows XP, where I was able to Decide if I search a String inside Files, or Files by itself... - If I search a file with Standard Options as example for Shell32.dll - it doesn't find it... - if I change some Options its able to find it, but it needs to much time - compared to Windows XP Search, or the Software: "Agent Ransack" 8) Desktop.ini - is going worse ! Principial I like to see all hidden and System Files, and if I do so, I see the Desktop.ini (that I used in Windows XP, to force FolderBackgrounds, Foldercolor and ...) is part of the Translation Options, - and if I delete them, my Localized Shortcuts are Named in English... - Did you really need a Desktop.ini, that links to a Place in the Registry to localize my Shortcutnames ? 9) Please, LET ME Remove all Following Apps and Features, without any Problems... (i will try it again and again, cause i need to...) Unneeded Ballast, cause I am using HomePremium: - Business Edition Packages - Education Editions Packages - Enterprise Editions Packages - Professional Editions Package's - RetailDemo Editions Packages Personal Untrusted Security and Private Data Leaks, for me and the most Users: (means I don't trust you, Microsoft, to keep my Private Data Private !!!) - This doesnt meant, that some parts of it cant be usefull, if they are End-To-End Encrypted with SHA-512 or better...: - BioEnrollment - Biometrics - Calendar - Cloud - Contacts - Cortana - Defender - FaceAnalysis - Photos - Geolocation - Grove Music - Movie & TV - OneDrive - Telemetry - RemoteAssistance & RemoteDesktop - ShareMedia - Sway - WMPNetworkSharingService Sense and Useless: - 3D Builder (sadly I don't have a 3D Printer) - Candy Crush (Don't need it) - Finance (no Broker here) - First Steps... (your and My One, are in different reality's) - Handwriting (no Touchscreen or similar thing here) - IIS (this is a single HomePC no Network, no Webserver !) - Indexer (On a SSD [Limited Write Cycles !!!] its doing useless writings - build a better Searchoption like XP Search or Agent Ransack instead) - Mail (no I don't use offline mails at all, cause Windows 10 is starving to often, and I don't like to lost or need rescue them every time !) - Maps (OK not such bad thing, but I have Google Maps !) - Minecraft (don't need it !) - News ( I like to choose Media I trust by myself, thx !) - ntv (I don't trust them - the Sending to much unreflective uncritical documentations about Weapons and Tanks - its like the TV from the Starship Troopers Movie... !) - OCR (Never used it since Win95) - Office Downloader (sorry, I decide years ago to use OpenOffice !) - OfflineFiles (my Files are always OFFLINE !) - OneNote (don't need it !) - ParentalControls (there are no Kids inside here !) - Photoshop Express (Photoshop CS2 is Freeware until 2 Years and much better !) - Prefetch & Co (its still an SSD I use, stop limiting its lifetime by unneeded writings !) - Printing Online (would never ever do that) - Skype (no Skype at all, but if - I use the Portable Version !) - SnippingTool (useless, I am able to push the Printscreen Button on my Keyboard, and add and edit it in Paint by myself !) - SNMP-Package (I only need IPV4 and maybe IPV6 in the future ! Nothing else ! No IGMP, no LLDP, no QOS, no Topology, no Multiplex... - its a Single PC without Network !) - Solitare (don't need it !) - Speech (don't need it !) - SpeechComponents (I am not blind) - Spelling-Dictionaries (I prefer the Build-in Language Correction of a Writing Software) - Sport (I hate all that violent National Fan Racists of popular Sports so much, that I hate Sportnews by itself !) - StickyNotes (I use notepad and the desktop instead !) - StorageService (don't need it !) - Synchronization (to often I just named files with different contends the same name, and I don't like to destroy my data by hitting a button) - TabletPC (no Tablet here !) - Telephone Stuff (no, I don't have a LuminaPhone, and I don't want it !) - TextPrediction (don't need it) - TextToSpeech (maybe I could keep that, if it works a 100% in German) - Twitter (no I don't use it, and if, I use it in Browser only !) - UAC (I Prefer a Sandbox, a Outbound Firewall, Regshot, and the netstat Command for untrusted Software instead !) - WebcamExperience (what Kind of Experience you talking about ? Don't need it) - Windows Hello (my PC don't have any Intelligence by itself - maybe in 500 years... So stop saying hello to me !) - WinSATMediaFiles (senseless, 3D Mark, Prime95 and SpecViewPerf are the Standard Benchmark Tools) - XBox (I DON'T HAVE ONE !) - Xps (Never used that..) 10) Bug: Repair Installation dont works I did a unsuccessful repair installation after I broke the system by trying to remove the above Packages with dismn Online command, so I was forced to do a new Full Install... Thx for Reading R4D3 P.S. - Cause english isnt my native language, i used a online Spellchecker before, - if something is to hard to understand, cause of some language mistakes, just tell me...
  3. Preventing Windows 10 and untrusted software from having full access to the internet Basically it is OpenBSD running in a Virtual Machine to block all outgoing traffic, but you can allow a browser as Firefox in order to have access to internet, or any other program you want. I found this info interesting and wanted to share it here: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/blogs/karsten/entry/Preventing_Windows_10_and_untrusted_software_from_having_full_access_to_the_internet?lang=en Best Regards Alacran
  4. I've been using Kerio Personal Firewall v2.1.5 (not the later Kerio's) all the way back to when it was called Tiny Firewall. I absolutely love it. I've tried many over the years and have come away disappointed after being spoiled by such a wonderful product. I'm looking for something similar to Kerio but perhaps a bit more hardened. Kerio has been EOL for ages. It must be as configurable as KPF. That it to say; it must alert me to each and every connection attempt, to define what program making the connection, what IP(s), port number, what type...UDP, TCP or ICMP and type of ICMP, incoming, outgoing or both directions, etc. Most of these must be definable in the firewall alert. It always can't be bloated. KPF is 3 files, totally 980 KB (not counting the help file). I might have asked this before and not looking for miracles just anything close and nothing bloated but I don't expect miracles like 980 KB. .
  5. My friend had a visitor and she was able to link her smartphone to the wireless network. Now he is worried she could read his email and his files. Only the landlord has control of the modem. Can he do anything besides a Firewall?

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