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  1. I think no , everything goes in one direction : monopolies . P.S. Will you please add the article the to the title ? Thank you ! Youtube is hiding the dislike count from the videos. Censorship or your benefit? (spoiler: it's the first one) https://preply.com/en/blog/8-rules-for-using-the-article-the-in-english/
  2. I have a multi-monitor setup (58 inches Philips TV via HDMI ver. 1.4 plus 24 inches Siemens monitor) and 13.5 doesn't lock up for me. Even though the HDMI cable is approx. 10 meters long !
  3. These days they fingerprint by the vendor tag and clienthints (this nasty thing still works, even if you disabled java) , so you will most likely just fool yourself . I mean, they will know you real vendor and they will get hints, but won't be able to show you the results of the test because you disabled the java script . I think I explained this to user arcticfroxie (or what his name currently is). I even took a screnshot . There was a debate where he insisted to disable javascript but still was detected by the HTML5 test website , while I wasn't. Later Tripredacus also wrote that he just couldn't see the results , while still being fingerprinted . This all could be foound on this website.
  4. jaclaz, it's simple : 1 - To bring more shame on the "developers" . You see , I don't have an education in this area , it's just my one of my hobbies ... but they , they studied for decades , lol. 2 - Holland , I'm just proud of my country , I think you too like to insert references to Italian culture . I still want to read more of your posts , just need to find time. 3 - Third person , it's the news style title , like in the papers . Sorry for the short reply , I could've answered much more , but I'm afraid it will just bring more questions.
  5. Yeah , I'm somewhat disoriented too , but we need to hold on ! This damn new "normality", when it's getting heavier and heavier to live ,like we lived before, is starting to get on my nerves , and I'm a very calm person . Was going to put a like on your post .... but it would be weird to like your current condition , wouldn't it ? I'm with you , man .
  6. Even I can feel tired , lol . Pretty busy days , besides everyone needs my help . My new girlfriend (which I was looking for almost a year) didn't live up to my expectations , time spent in vain. I shall sleep for several days and ressurect my super energies. Got dozens of notifications for this one day , I'll try to answer to everyone , just need to rest . On a bright note , I'm single again and that means more time for myself , computers and MSFN , of course !
  7. Friend , don't waste your time on obsolete junk , couple of months ahead and v13. will start to show it's old age too. It can't even properly do java at github and "modern" websites , as of now . Don't forget we're at Chrome 98 already ! At the insane rate they "update" (read bloat) websites we won't be able to browse web soon . I looked into v21 for you , no way it will run on XP64 , it's just too much to modify ! One would need to edit the code and remove certain portion sof it. You can't simply cheat with the replaced APIs anymore. Besides , it's a huge telemetry bloated mess. Well, let's say we start to mod it , but it will be obsolete by the time we finish because I'll be pretty busy in the next year.
  8. @XPerceniol, 3GB is obviously not enough for the "modern" web. MSFN is getting heavier and heavier each day for me too , I also noticed lags when typing in reply windows or creating new topics . All those flags you're trying to add are already included in my version , this one also , of course ! They are just inside , the "ini" file is inside , so you can't see it . Did you try MSFN with my version ? Don't forget to start it from the red "O" icon.
  9. Good idea , I added TOR capabilities to my Firfeox starter , so it could be used by simple folks (just with a button click), I was following your advice . The link is above.
  10. Yep , thought so , but honestly I think it has nothing to do with our pretty similar quad CPUs , I'll try to test with a Pentium for that exact socket , which I recently bought for 5 euros , lol. I will test with the same amount of RAM (DDR3 16GB).
  11. https://msfn.org/board/topic/183169-an-ex-dj-from-holland-hacked-mozillafirefox-code-and-wrote-a-tool-to-mock-this-pitiful-browser/
  12. Pretty much what the title says ! I had written a complicated tool to forbid Firefox doing it's nasty things , what things ? Read more here : https://msfn.org/board/topic/183138-mozilla-and-firefox-has-turned-into-evil-and-lie-to-their-userbase-leave-it-and-go-for-alternatives/?do=findComment&comment=1207584 I did this a long time ago , but I was lazy/busy to create this topic , I don't like to type , I could be lazy to reply , etc. I do not like to talk/text much, in general. I prefer to create something useful , like this miracle. I used brutal techniques from the 90's, early 2000's . I did NOT hack or modify any of the Firefox browser files , so I'm not in violation of the forum rules . The tool works by intercepting and/or redirecting , blocking the telemetry/pings/requests , certain APIs , etc. No Mozilla files were modified and this programme works with a wide range of FF versions ! The Mozilla code is rather primitive , reminded me of some japanese software. One example of how it works . 1- Firefox wants to generate my unique hardware ID and then send it to the Mozilla servers , thus creating a unique user ID (guinea pig's tag). I say : "screw you , sore losers , I do not allow you to make the hardware ID", so the tool intercepts and blocks it immediately ! (How ? It's a secret , I'm sure the FF staff will read it , try patching it , and I don't have time to redo the tool). It works on the fly , it forbids the browser to chew up your RAM with a ton of unneeded processes (Optimize browser button). Main languages : British English . Dutch is there , but not activated for now , I'm sure our Dutch folks won't have any problems with English. Also, I added translations for some Western European Languages like Spanish . And several Eastern European : Bulgarian , Czech , Polish , Lithuanian , Ukranian , I just figured users from these countries could have problems understanding English , while the Dutch , Germans and French most likely won't , so no German , French or Italian. Perhaps I will add more in the future . I do not promise anything ! Most of the "hacking" (reducing the junk which is 100% not needed at all) is being done without the user interaction , I left only some of the functions that could be changed , in case you would want to be fingerprinted voluntarily , lol. To change the UA , you would need to restart the browser , though. This tool is so powerful , it literally mocks everything these dilettantes had been doing all those years to track you ... I'm still not sure If I was right to post this , perhaps I need to delete this. It's based on my previous tool for Chromium browsers , so may have some of the code leftovers . I shared the early alpha release for chrome 360 (without the UI) with some members . But now it's almost obsolete due the newer functions, also I created a cool interface , like this one . It gives you total control over your browser. I'm scared to share it in the open , but I still want this to be MSFN exclusive , so I may share it with the certain top members (moderators) and [probably] @win32. You ask why ? Imagine this tool in the wrong hands , coppers , FF "team" . This tool needs to be used by good people only , who care about their privacy . You gotta understand , I can't see who's hiding behind his nickname , it's nothing personal ! Yet again , I shall share it , but with extreme caution. No AV reacted to this tool during the testing. Fully supports AERO theme , can be seen on the screenshots below :
  13. Geez , coders these days .... a couple gigs of super fast DDR3 RAM just to read some text !
  14. He's right , v13 (any version from the 13th series) is very RAM hungry . If I open one (1) page at MSFN , let's say the main page , it uses way over 1GB of RAM ! I have only basic extensions , like uBlock and dark mode. If I add noscript and the such , it will go even higher . If I allow ads on MSFN (which I sometimes do) , it may go up to 1.5 GB and even more ! On the other hand , those other old versions are obsolete . Can't do shopping with them. Slow youtube , terrible scrolling at IG and Twitter. Again , v.13 works cool , but you gotta have 16GB of RAM , or 8 (bare minimum). P.S. Wanted to be clear , 1 - 1.5 GB for the browser alone , not the whole system. The system would be at 3-3.5 or something like that.
  15. Yep , that's because he made his version from a russian repack , so you need to switch from russian to be able to view with normal fonts/language . Here's how to do it , this image is from the russian website where he got his version . https://www.upload.ee/image/13076295/360ee.gif
  16. No , it's not possible . Why ? Because it uses ffmpeg that is not supported on XP . The last working version off ffmpeg is 7 or so years old , it will be glitchy as hell with their newer videos , I've managed to port a version from 2020 to Vista and it works fine , but not for XP. So I'm afraid @j7n is out of luck with this one.
  17. No , it's not , if one uses proper measures against fingerprinting and doesn't pay with his CC. Of course you need to read a lot , train alot. Also , such kind of a person will most likely avoid FB in the first place , lol. Do not use VPN from commie/"ex"-commie or five eyes countries . You need to read the laws of the country where this VPN provider located.
  18. My DL speeds from my Dutch IP are somewhat fine . It starts with 1.5Mbps and then (after approx. 50%) drops to 512Kib/s . Suffice to say , I have a fully operational 1 Gigabit internet link , so definitely not limited by my ISP. I shall not name the cool tool I use , youtube staff will read this and block it . Though , I can share via PM with certain friends and @win32. I do not have a YT account , I don't care about likes and comments . Though, I'm definitely against their commie censorship. P.S. My neighbour had an account , but now he just can't login because they demand his mobile phone , and not just a phone , they demand his Dutch phone in his precise location , yes they said "we need your phone from the place you created your account " ! Of course , 4k and even 1080p HQ vids are choppy as hell at such terrible speeds if watched in a browser.
  19. There isn't much to say , I have to use 32-bit Vista on the damn Haswell . Luckily , I have another platforms to run 64-bit versions. Nothing fixed and it won't be . And even if it will , I'm gonna dump the haswell very soon anyways. A slight off-top , @win32 wrote something about Kaby Lake : "In a series of reboots, all services started and there were no issues with application execution." Kaby Lake (which I now have at my disposal) is not Haswell , of course ! But he didn't tell which update exactly . Win32 , could you join us here and name this update for kabylake , I'll test and write back here, thanks. https://msfn.org/board/topic/183035-will-windows-vista-work-on-amd-ryzen-3-3250u/?do=findComment&comment=1206474
  20. OK , let's imagine you live in some Zuristan with a communist/dem. dictator . (no real countries mentioned). 1 - All western websites are blocked. 2 - The commie police has all ISP in this imagined country under full control (forged certificates , MITM ). 3 - You need to write to your relatives who were lucky to escape to a free country . You still think a free working VPN is a bad idea ? Even though we assume the VPN provider from another (non-commie) country logs your activity .
  21. Wrong , you just don't know how to do it properly , you need to inject it , not to use extensions and the such . Also , you need to block the platform tag in the browser itself . Do not disinform people . I remember our lengthy discussion in another topic where you couldn't cheat HTML5 test website, but I could and provided with the proof. Aren't you gonna say something about Firefox ?
  22. I'm starting to feel MSFN is getting heavier and heavier , esp. when I type in the reply window. Is it only me ?
  23. I actually think it will attract some users from oppressed countries (which are plenty now). But since this "VPN" is paid , how it's supposed to be "private" !??! Yet another lie by Mozilla.
  24. Dear XP lovers , sorry to be the bearer of sad news , the new version of 360 Explorer (21) doesn't support XP at all , perhaps you already know. I think it will work on Vista with the EX-kernel , don't have time to test . And it is so heavily bloated !

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