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  1. Draker forgot to tell you about the most amazing addon "SpellForce The Breath of Winter" , also released in one package with The Order Od Dawn under the name SpellForce Gold. Dungeon siege is nowhere near this game . I played them all . I can help you with the right version and setting up this game . There was a patch (official) that removes outdated CD checks . You need Spellforce any version below 1.3 . Then patch it with the patch 1.38. Can send you the link , if you're interested . I played this wonderful addon in 2004 on a cheap ar_se 1.5Ghz mobile Celeron and Intel "extreme" (lol) graphics and Win2000 . Worked fine. Later there was a "Phoenix" addon that bumped the version to 1.5x , but it's still being sold at steam , so no protection-free patches , but this addon is no good anyways ! In any case , do NOT patch the game to 1.5x versions to avoid bugs.
  2. This is what's happening here , in Holland already ! Source: @PvanHouwelingen
  3. There aren't lots of options . And I'd suggest avoiding Linux at all costs . Like @Mr.Scienceman2000 wisely admitted , you'll just switch to another master and I agree . I'm also a gamer , but I try to stay with Vista . The experience is very good so far . Also , don't waste time on XP , there's nothing to gain for you there at all , should be obvious. Win 7 vs. Vista - Vista is the clear winner in speed and quality (sound , rendering and even HD playback). Now you wrote you have GTX970 , I can suggest some very good Vista drivers.
  4. On the other hand , it's so bad what he did to the poor lizard ...
  5. I remember when all those talks about porting DX10 to XP started . Fifteen years ago. We shall be in our late 50s or 60s in another 15 years . So , yeah , why not , let's wait another 15 years for nothing . Please remind me in another 15 years .
  6. Could we buy it and move to Holland ? Our Vreemdelingendienst (alien's police) will protect it for now. http://www.amsterdam-expats.info/abc/a/aliens-police
  7. Not only for the unvaccinated, but anyone who they deem “a danger” , see § 2120-A. "REMOVAL AND DETENTION OF CASES, CONTACTS AND CARRIERS WHO ARE OR MAY BE A DANGER TO "PUBLIC HEALTH";" They even typed on CAPSLOCK. https://www.nysenate.gov//legislation/bills/2021/A416 We're in some serious trouble , I'm telling you . Coming soon to the theatres near you ... If you have some money , get outta your communist country or even outta Europe . Heard Albania is somewhat quiet for now , but it may change any second ! I've got a friend who lived in Vietnam for almost 2 years, trying to escape this nonsense , what a fool ! He's from Hungary. Austrian father and Hungarian mother, it's a real hell out there , so he had to flee Vietnam and got back to Hungary... but there's masked hell out there too ... so he went to Albania , yes (who would've thought) ?!?. Spent quite a lot of money . I'm sure you understand how Vietnamese police works. I can't say for certain which country is safe now. It's starting to get on my nerves even here ! Some say Latin America is OK , I don't agree. I'd definitely say : avoid UK , AU , NZ , CA , US at all costs ! I won't write about obvious no-go countries such as Chino-Russia. Train your survival skills , buy gold , land and lots of ammo, lots (probably need to choose a country where guns are allowed) . I don't see any good finale .
  8. It seems you already decided to stay on Win10 long time ago and no matter what , so what's the point ?
  9. Trolling lvl 168 . I'm sure you know Cyberpunk 2077 is directx12 only , not to mention it's buggy as hell. And XP is what , 9.0b maximum ? Or smth like that.
  10. I have no words ! But it was quite expectable, really . It all began a long time ago , when France started to let them in . Then numerous bombings "happened" , then thousands of churches "went on fire by themselves" , like Notre-Dame de Paris . And now it will have an African galleries or smth like that . Is that true ??? Geeez ! We still have an alien police force , but I don't think it will help much since the direction is almost the same here. Things aren't good here too , my friend just closed his shop . I lost my job because they hired an immigrant from Eastern Europe , who agreed to work for much less. But I beleive we are still somewhat holding on only because of our Royal Family . I don't think all of that you see in your country would've happened if France still had their Royal Family present. Vive la France !
  11. Of course they were , they are and they will always be . DEMS=REDS=WOKE=COMMIES. They just try to hide under their new names . The problem is why the right wingers don't do anything about the current situation . And it seems they aren't going to . P.S. I live in Europe too , but like I said : don't think it won't go here ! I'd suggest you look at UK , US , NZ and AU as "testing grounds" before they move it here . Germany would be a good example . They've waited for the reaction in the English countries and only then started to tighten the screws in Germany . BTW , how bad is it in France ?
  12. Now I understand why we have to deal with an absolute crap software in the last 15 years.
  13. I'm sorry , I don't have time or desire to write and I'm not in a good mood . New "medical" concentration camps bill is coming. Bill A416 . Don't think it's for the US only ... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FG8GhPEVUAEuwBs?format=jpg&name=large Source: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/a416 New York Democrat's bill allowing governor to detain individuals dangerous to 'public health' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/new-york-bill-a416-detainment-assembly-ny We are entering stage 7 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FG8Ijq2WQAQTCYF?format=jpg&name=900x900 This bill is for their own citizens. BTW : I remember when they first introduced that red blue crap. The DEMS were the REDS. But media didn't like the connotation so they CHANGED IT. lol
  14. Seems like chinese manufacturers still fail to distinguish PC cases from vacuum cleaners ...
  15. 1 - Yes , I know . I like evil parrots . 2 - Lizards are absolutely fine with cats and huge parrots , as far as I know. Though they need to be quiet and behave. 3 - Yes , when the weather is acceptable . It likes to ambush . It likes to walk in my yard . There is a hole in the wall ,so it can always get back, when it wants to .
  16. Yes , 64 bit . I thought perhaps you could install x64 . It's better than nothing after all. Actually , you need to slipstream it with Nlite and choose "TXT mode" driver only . It worked for me , and I don't like to complicate things .
  17. Dave , I had successfuly installed XP 64 (long time ago, without any updates) on my Haswell Laptop from 2013-2014 using only this AHCI driver . iaStor64.sys ver. x64 I don't remember where I got it . P.S. I can send it to you, of course.
  18. Long time ago, my neighbours filed a lawsuit against me for their dog torn in pieces . It survived , but got pretty heavy damage . Has no leg , etc . And I won , because their dog came to my property and the Iguana didn't like it (what a surprise , lol !). They had to pay for the layers too , of course . I warned them before a million times , do not let the dog on my property . Strange people , really . Not to mention they like cemetery type of flowers . I want to add , the dog was quite big, yet it didn't stop iguana . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT0q7fD-qfk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y86tk0IdA_U
  19. Never had huge parrots , mostly the ones I could get for free off the streets , lol ! I had several budgies and several Fisher's - Agapornis fischeri (these I had to purchase).
  20. These days there's corporate "science" , woke "science". The real science is left behind . The first two have agendas : money , depopulation , etc . And history rewritten. P.S. I really liked your recent posts .
  21. These temps are OK for most lizards , I think . The room temps are just fine . What I meant you can't go over 28 degress (celsius) It's the absolute max. BTW , my room temp is 18 at max. , lol . I keep "hot" spots for the lizard all over the house, though . Not all exotic animals , I used to have parrots and they are absolutely fine with low temps, if there's no direct wind . They just eat much more , lol. In case you didn't know , we don't consider them exotic in Holland.
  22. I'm sorry , I can't/shan't do it , I'm very overloaded with the real life lately . Besides , using win2000 for the internet these days isn't a good idea , just sayin'. Not because of the "viruses" , it's more like you won't be able to use decent browsers . 360EE maybe ... and that's it.
  23. No , it knows I'm his master . It knows its name . It hears when I call it (him) by its name over a very long distance ! There was one incident when it wanted to go , but I was holding him and didn't let go , so it bit me very gently (a soft touch , just to warn me). It just wanted to go . It's a very powrful creature ! Definitely not for everyone . The size is approx. like this one from the video below. As you can see from the video , they are very calm and self-confident . They just know you're not a threat, you would be too weak for them , lol . But when they are small , they are somewhat afraid of you , so if you scare them , yes they can run away or whip you with the tail ! None of these had happened with me for all these 17 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6HBK9A-r6Y It's a serious commitment , think twice before you decide to get an Iguana. EDIT : Agree with @msfntor, applies to every pet ! Also , Iguana size drastically changes and you need to be prepared .

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