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  1. Mu current is Volkswagen Beetle with that nasty bluish colour , which can be seen as the background at my profile near my house . That stupid flowers aren't mine, it's my neighbour's. I bought it this way (with that awful colour). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Beetle I'm pretty tall , about 188cm. So this car is not comfortable for me . The goal is : Olympia - produced by the German Opel. Years of manufacturing from 1935 to 1937 (earlier 1.5L versions , different body , which I don't want), then with the newer body and engine from 1938 - 1940 and from 1947 to 1953. The car was first introduced in February 1935, and in that same year, was launched in the series. It was named "Olympia" to honour the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. I think you're right . most are 1.5L , but the 4 door sedan is more like 1.8L , that's what I'm looking for. Like this one. It has a higher roof than my current car , so it would definitely be more convenient for my height. https://www.model-making.eu/zdjecia/9/6/4/3025_1-auto_downl.jpg
  2. @ArcticFoxie , 13.5 seems to be faster with youtube ! You know Dixel always tells the truth , even if it's unpleasant ! In this case it is pleasant , so you've just got a compliment from Dixel , which is a big deal , because of my experience with modding , so congrats. Time spent with 13.5 was not in vain . But .... you ain't getting any likes , since you don't care about them , like you said yourself earlier.
  3. I can , this "feature disabled" function summons qr code with this version and with mine too.
  4. Because in the commie contries they would be [insert any flight of your imagination here]. I would say , at least , get arrested and sent to labour camps . I'm pretty sure they know this already , but will never admit it ! The whole West , [not only Europe] needs not to depend on commies for the energy. Most inportant , not to support them by purchasing resources. P.S. Really liked your reply , not only this part !
  5. I had spent several winters in Norway. (from mid 80's and up to very early 90's) . The temp was more like up to -33C max in Jan of 1993 ! So Norway is much warmer ?
  6. I drive on manual , nothing out of the ordinary , the car is at my profile. And it has this tech. EDIT : But I'm going to replace the car (or add another?) with Opel Olympia 1938 4-door sedan and I guess I need to check if it has too, so thanks for the warning.
  7. Still , everyone is completely silent about the main polluters ! The countries were mentioned in my prev. comment.
  8. @win32 and the others , thank you all , no , nothing of these worked . If you're curious , I found drivers from 2018 made by (I don't know actually, lol , no info in the readme) , but not on this forum . I'm not sure about posting links , but the readme inside the package says : "...drivers for Hudson-3/Bolton/Avalon/KernCZ family chipsets Version Release date 12/04/2018" . These are the only ones that worked on Q87 and B85 . I still need to try on H110 chipset , though. I do not have anything else to test on. I think the problems with win32's drivers are : 1st - they don't have my device in their inf , they do not even have Vista 6.0 section , also they are meant for 3.0 , while my device is 3.1 . Win32 , I guess you added your device into the inf ? So , with the ones I found , I get 3.1 speeds , I have an external enclosure with 3.1 abilities and the speeds are just awesome ! Way more than 150mbps. Win32 , I can share via PM , if needed.
  9. With what I use (map editors , strategy gaming , hooking , browsers modding) , it needs low latency RAM , like CL7 and 1866MHZ , expensive RAM . I bought several sticks in 2013 and they still run fine with only 1.42V . Yeah , I know , very good chips. I game on Haswell and the whole platform seems very slow to me . The amount of RAM won't help. Besides , I can't use more than 3.8GB , because I'm on a 32-bit Vista. The other PC with Quad Xeon (for the internet usage) is able to use 32GB , but this amount is an overkill for my needs. So I decided to install 16GB.
  10. Yeah , that's what I thought . I didn't get them to work , though. Perhaps they are only meant to work on Kaby Lake with more expensive chipsets ? I tried on haswell B85 , Q87 and the cheapest H110 Kaby lake chipset . On haswell I don't see USB or any other similar devices that could be used in device manager at all. I see junk like ME "PCI simple controller' . On H110 chipset, USB controller with yellow exclamation mark is visible , it installs fine , then it says I need to restart , then error code : 31. Do I have to install anything else ? When do i have to install HC switch from the package ? The instructions are very unclear , like the author was not sure himself . Also , there are two inf files . usbxhci.inf and uaspstor . Do I need them both ? Could you please give us clear instructions ?
  11. Do not forget to save 347.25 and do not lose it , it's the one you can always revert to.
  12. I'm sorry , I didn't notice you earlier , must have been the generic profile name , like Jonny88 , you know. So yeah , you have a Dell mobo , I see . I too like some of Dells , but there's no OC capabilities , sadly. Unfortunately anything below or even Haswell is too weak for my gaming needs , so I'm thinking maybe I need to purchase ryzen or pentium GOLD.
  13. Are those the ones ? Perhaps I aready obtained them earlier...
  14. Would be nice , I'll purchase ryzen or kaby lake board and start testing then. So you're not sure which update ? I can't imagine to install a ton of them, between 2017 and 2019.
  15. @win32 , there is @burd , who has "all of the updates with Intel skylake... " , yet it's all the same . BTW , I never had any problems with app. excution , zero. Haswell or no haswell. Do I have to buy Kaby Lake to test it ? I can do it . No prob. Do you know if there are USB.3.0 drivers available , like really working ? All those I tried , do not wor or glitchy. https://msfn.org/board/topic/181612-wip-windows-vista-extended-kernel/?do=findComment&comment=1206243
  16. I see you're new . Just scroll back the ex-kernel topic back , I think , no I'm pretty sure I was the first one to suggest it . Win32 knows everything about it. Yet there's no news . You want my advice ? Get a good mobo that supports Vista x64 or use 32-bit Vista with your Haswell , like I do. Or you could cut out all possible junk and services (like win defender) from the Vista x64 ISO (before the installation) and do not use any updates , in this case you'll minimize the bug . Who needs the updates anyways , lol ? If you desperately want the kernel , you only need one update KB4467700 .That's it. Do not install junk named "DX9 redist". Do not install bloatware , like framework or VC redist (use portable). The only framework that is somewhat OK is 4.5.0 or 4.5.2. That's it . Have a nice day/night/whatever.
  17. @j7n, you're welcome ! Well , the next driver you could try is 362.00. Expect some performance degradation , it is slower than 347.xx. I would say , 347.xx was a major breakthrough after 321.xx . Then ,somewhat OK, was 362.00 or 361.91 (even better!) , then a whole lot of very poor drivers . The only good driver after that was 373.19 (OEM) . But no support for Server or XP in it , sadly. If you're not afraid for your card (some say it ruined their card) , try 364.xx as the last resort . I never had any problems with them . But I'm not responsible.
  18. Is a very bad driver , in my personal experience. Would you consider trying out 347.25? One of the best drivers for XP ! 347.09 is very good too.
  19. Oh , and I tried Win 7 Beta build 7000 , and it's the first beta to not have the logon bug on newer mobos. Earlier 6xxx builds will definitely have that bug.
  20. Guys , I'm sorry to point that out to you , I understand you can't remember such things due to your age (5-7 years at that time?). Windows Vista Logon failure started to happen long before haswell or ryzen , It started right after SP1 came out , with it. It was Core Quad Era . Q6700 and the such . I had a Siemens PC with q6700 and Vista RTM didn't have that logon failure (we called it "Black screen of death") , but SP1 did ! If you have some time , scroll the ex-kernel topic back , somewhere closer to Dec. 2020 , I think . I'm sure you will find some links that I posted (from 2008 or so) , perhaps they are still alive . My guess : the culprit is the new activation they implemented in SP1. Where did you get that information about HAL ? Win32 told you so ?
  21. Thanks , I have the tools , also I keep the caps in a fridge , not the main fridge , of course , lol . I heard this before , does it really help ? I have plenty of new mobos and other parts in original boxes , can't imagine to turn them on regularly ...
  22. Yes , a good idea , I think I'll do that , I still have plenty of German and Dutch caps from the 80's/90's.
  23. On the contray , I think you're allowed to say whatever you like on here , including attacks and offensive words ! Unlike you , I can't allow myself to visit the forum everyday , I have a job and my new GF doesn't like me spending lots of time near computers , you know . Besides ,I don't have to explain to a dude with the wannabe-moderator tendencies , why I asked on-topic question regarding this browser several days later and I don't need his permission . Don't want (or don't know what) to answer , just ignore , it's that simple.
  24. Oh , so no protection against fake news ? Hmmkay , thanks for letting me know . I shall not report fake news in the future , sorry I disturbed you.

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