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  1. Jakob , I can't say much sorry. But for the video drivers you would need to mod them to remove some of the code and/or dependencies , also the bloody artificial block that Intel/Nvidia put there . And that's only the top of the iceberg ! Even to test how they work , you would need to sign them! No procedure to load the unsigned drivers . This trick will not work on modified x64 drivers/systems, I tried. It's good and working only if you mod the "ini" file to add devices. bcdedit.exe /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS bcdedit.exe /set TESTSIGNING ON So I suggest to start modding 32-bit drivers and try, if there are any. As an example , I tried to mod an Nvidia driver that needed only two values to be changed , I succeeded with 32-bit version , because the 64 one wouldn't load (unsigned .sys driver). Where to start ? Extract the driver and look for the missing stuff with Dependency walker. Hope this helps. Dixel.
  2. The solution works fine for me in 1.28 . Don't know about the later ones , but I wouldn't be surprised if they changed something again.
  3. Oh yeah , I'm still running several FSP PSUs (Fujitsu Siemens Power) from 2004 , even though they have some pretty scary (el-cheapo) caps.
  4. Marvellous tool , thanks !!! Cleaned up 89 drivers for me .
  5. I always set everything to English Great Britain (United Kingdom). With the American language you will get wrong spelling and even unicode problems. So try it. Everything in the world is set up to work for/in the UK and with British standards. ))))
  6. This is "about climate" topic . Do you think USPS trucks pollute the atmosphere ? Yeah , I agree , it's peanuts compared to the russian tanks/rockets near our borders.
  7. No problem , sorry . The "easy way solution" comment has been removed a minute ago. I shall not interfere in the future.
  8. I can pass you my rights for the Addon serial and for the "Free game campaign" (the third option , very interesting) so you could complete the SpellForce series ! I have two editions of the same game anyways , that's right . I have an ordinary UK GOLD set and the 3-disk Limited Austrian Edition with the soundtrack CD. The patch will work with them both ! You will get a new menu with three options : campaigns and free campaign mode with (50+ maps), instead of just one. Also , there should be a handy map editor available , I think links aren't dead yet. Proof with photos , if necesary .
  9. Nothing to do with luck , you just didn't stress it well enough . I mean , never unleashed the full potential . All that games you play simply can't make the temps go high . Try to run some real DX11 game on it and you will see much , much higher temps . All of those paid reviews from the internet , lol ! They run their cards in a well air-conditioned rooms in open cases ! So add at least 10-15+ Celsius to the testing "results". And Titan black is very hot too , can fry eggs and even meat on it. In a well ventilated case with 2x 140mm intake and 2x120mm outtake : 88Celsius playing Sacred 2. (an old game from 2008). And that is with my room temps at 18-20 Celsius ! So I sold it and now have the first Titan , less heat , but about 86 degrees too. (at least a couple degress less and less noise). The very "talented" engineers from Nvidia made the metal plate with too few holes , so the air is trapped inside . The only solution is to drill more holes.
  10. I'm sure all of you are aware that Russia placed enormous amounts of war arsenal (and some say approx 125-150 thousands of cannon fodder too) extremely close to the European borders . Not to mention russian fleet in 240km of Ireland's shores , right above the data/internet cables for war "exercices". Why no one says anything about the catastrophic impact on the climate ? All of that efforts that @Mr.Scienceman2000and @Gansangriff were doing all these years (using old phones , saving the planet) are in vain. Anyone ? Silence ? And what about the poor animals killed ? Poor Irish fish ? No protests against near russian embassies ! Where is Greanpeace ?!?!? That's what I thought... Ever wondered why the "greens"(reds) only oppose UK/US and not Chino-Russia ? Well , one can't bark at the master . Here's a short but sweet explanation and a bit of history of this "movement". Esp. about the current German ones. Original : https://twitter.com/andersostlund/status/1485121247440773125 The same , conveneint to read (merged) https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1485121247440773125.html BTW , this is not over and looks like far from it , you can watch some pretty interesting footage here , many videos added daily. https://twitter.com/EndGameWW3 https://twitter.com/RALee85 Will continue to limit yourself ? lol
  11. JUST IN: Holland reopening all sectors of society. "Living even longer with many restrictive measures would damage our health and society," Dutch health minister says.
  12. This what makes the internet not free. Constant decline of Western Power since 1990.
  13. For those who are interested , there is a newer RC03 version from 2020 , extracts everything ! https://www.softpedia.com/get/Compression-tools/Universal-Extractor-Bioruebe.shtml
  14. Hi , is it possible to remove the nulcear blast warning from it ? Otherwise , this tool is great ! Much better than the original one. (that didn;t work at all). I answered , "yes , I'm sure" . Yet it always asks me again.
  15. Yes, this 360 project was a spin-off my another project with Opera . I wrote it in 2013 (when opera became just another chrome) and then I added lots of functions . Versions are different, of course . Usually the starter works fine with a variety of versions within a range . Like Opera 44-47. Then you need to redo it again , because they always add new crap/bloat or replace/remove the flags or change the offsets . For example, my starter doesn't work with the new 21 x64 360Chrome version , I have no clue why and I'm not interested in it . This is so funny you're afraid of it , of it's size and whatnot . The new one is small though .
  16. Just wanted to answer to a guy in another topic and accidentaly closed the page . No , the keylogger did NOT reverse the contents of the reply ! So it's not there for this "useful function". Yes , I confirm the fonts problem on all of the 360chrome versions . In my case it's almost non-existent, so I just don't care . My videocard is even older . GTX Titan from Ferbruary 2013. Newer drivers do help , that's right . But they also contain bloat/crap , like vulkan , telemetry , etc.
  17. Certainly ! You mean we should see a German made OS there ? Or a German made CPU , maybe ? I remember there were Thomson made CPUs out there in the wild (1980-1990s) . Do not remember German-made though.
  18. What , near the russian border again ? Sorry , no . Write to me when you reclaim your territory back and move the border where it belongs . I'll consider visiting Finland then . Until then I'm quite fine with Norway .
  19. Me angry ? Gosh no ! I'm a very calm person. I'm just sitting here and patiently waiting for (at least) 40 years for a German OS to arrive ... What , no ? Still no ?
  20. Nothing out of the ordinary ! Russians being russians , people can't change.
  21. While I respect it , legal way is a bit tricky , because the original Gold Edition was using the CD checks without serials (securom scanned the CD). Later , when Vista came out , the devs released a special patch to remove the outdated protection to make it compatible with Vista . And guess what ? The CD check was removed , but you still need the original serials (not from the Gold edition , but from the addon and the main game too), this is not supported by the Gold verson at all , it was a well-known problem (bug) during that days . So you need to : 1 - find The Order of Dawn on CD and keep it's serial! I saw them for 4-5 bucks not long ago. Install. 2 - find The Breath Of Winter . Keep the SERIAL number. Install over the main game. 3 - Then download this patch 1.38 and install it . https://www.gamepressure.com/download.asp?ID=5878 4 - Then download this Gold edition patch with the removed checks , https://www.patches-scrolls.com/dl.php?file=spellforce_pol138.zip 5 - Do NOT install ! Open the zip folder and you wil see "SpellForce-POL-1.38.exe" extract this 42mb executable with 7zip . You will see setup files . Now extract with Universal Extractor , starting with data1.hdr. Now you will see "data1" folder with 8 folders inside. You need to open {MAIN POL} , and here is your main spellforce,exe file ! Replace yours with it ! That's it , enjoy the game ! Of course, it will ask you to enter/confirm your legal serials (both) , because it's not a crack. P.S. Why Polish ? Simply because others are already deleted , so many years passed (15 , at least) ... But the game will still remain in English , if you do exactly as I say.
  22. I wrote about it somewhere in 360 EE sections (where you were quite active too). This one works very good too . Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:60.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/60.0 SeaMonkey/2.53.8
  23. Thank you , but no . Why ? A very "big brother" country. Cameras on every square mm. Pro-commie tendencies are very high. Besides , too close to Russia. I think I don't have to explain ,esp. considering the latest news . (russian tanks moving towards Oekraïne (Ukrain), etc). "US StateDept places Ukraine on LEVEL 4: DO NOT TRAVEL due to high risk of Russian military offensive". Heard of it ? Now look at how close Poland and Ukraine. Bordering countries ! Even if Poland will stay out of it , there will be lots of refugees for sure , much more than from Belarus now ! Bordering countries ! Don't forget about Poland's history too . A military communist country , only some decades ago ! Also, I would advise against Prague , the "famous" KGB nest . If you ask me , I don't beleive people can change . Proof : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FHEPBnNXMAAuOLS?format=jpg&name=large
  24. It was me . Yes , your UA choice is very wise . Always choose a low end device (if mobile) and a 32-bit OS. They will load less scripts . This one works good too. Mozilla/5.0 (BeSTOSEver) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/78.0

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