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  1. Avast abandoned Avast Pro Antyvirus product line. The client with pending subscriptions are switched to Avast Premier with the subscription extended by one month. The whole thing caused quite a disturbance, because when installed Avast product notices the licence properties are different than the installed version it automaticaly installs the version in the licence. There is no user consent in this process, the whole thing happens in the background, and it is not possible to prevent it. When Avast upgrades from Pro Antyvirus to Premier it installs and activates firewall module. Because of that the remote support loses connection to the computer, and the network shares are blocked. In my case it blocked VNC remote access, SMB scaning services, and Network share SMB file backup services from BackupPC servers. According to the Avast support, the feature was meant to correct user mistakes involving installation of a wrong Avast software version. But when connected with online licence renewal services it can cause quite a headache for remote support crew. This is true to Avast Internet Security, as well. If the firewall module was not installed, a forced version switch can install it. I do not know if AVG has the same issues, as the Avast.
  2. Indeed. OpenSSH 3.7.1 and PUTTY solved the problem. In PUTTY it is possible to set custom terminal sting. In my case it was CMD.EXE /C WOL.EXE [mac address]. Then it is necessary to save this settings to a profile, as it can not be used from the command line. Then call PUTTY with the command line switches PUTTY.EXE -load [profile name] -ssh [user name@][IP adress] -pw [password]. This sequence allows to connect to SSH server without specifying the user name and password, then CMD.EXE /C starts the terminal on the server which closes right after calling WOL.EXE. The result is, user has just to click on the icon on his desktop. The terminal window appears for the moment then closes. The bad side is the link contains login and password. It is possible to create another guest account on the server for this purpose. Still it gives some access to the server. So the user must be trustworthy..
  3. I have a few observations. - Open SSH Installer creates profiles for all users present during the installation time. Adding another Windows user at later time requires manual adding the new user to the Open SSH database. - While user names are taken from the Open SSH database, passwords are handled by Windows. Finally I was unable to enable the RSA key authentication. It just does not work for me. The help file does not specify in what folders particular server related files should be placed. Also there are some differences with the configuration file names. I do not think the help file was created for this particular Open SSH version.
  4. Well. I installed the 3.7.1 with the default path. All went just as the help file said, and it works properly, for now. For terminal program I'm using PUTTY, just as I was using with many Linux distributions. The first observation is: it is not possible to use \ character, when configuring custom shell command on connection. The shell has to be available somewhere where PATH variable points to, because of that. It is possible to use CMD.EXE /C to run command on connection and disconnect immediately after that, as well.
  5. Is it possible for two people to connect to the same desktop using WinRM? I mean for two people to see exactly the same deskto and to controll it at the same time? (So, one can see the actions of the other, just as two people connected to the same desktop through VNC). My initial plan is to secure the SSH tunnel with SSL certficates, so no one without a proper client certificate would be able to connect. In this particular case it will not be possible to restrict the access to predetermined IP list, I'm afraid. The requirement is to provide access from anywhere.
  6. For now, I need it to run a command on connection to a remote Windows XP. It will be WOL command. So the Windows XP will be acting as a WOL proxy. Later I will need it as a secure communication channel for TightVNC access, as well.
  7. The first problem is installing the SSH server on Windows XP. Personally I would not treat this thread as a question. Perhaps "investigation" would be a better term. Still I have somewhat limited time I can spare on it. There are many tutorials targeted towards Windows XP, but it looks like most of them are based on OpenSSH for Windows v3.8.1p1-1 from 2004. The executables from this version have been removed from sourceforge.net as the project was taken over by a new developer. Comments from following years are stating the installer has destroyed the path variables, and it is a "dangerous stuff". Perhaps, thats why the executables were removed, and just the source code remains there. I think it is safe to assume, the version 3.8.1p1-1 was working correctly, but the new builds were buggy. Still, there is no access to the 3.8.1p1-1 executables. Another approach would be to install Cygwin and SSH server separately. For now, all I can say is, the current Cygwin version does not work on Windows XP. ----------------------------------------------------- I was able to get 3.7.1 from https://sourceforge.net/projects/sshwindows/files/OldFiles/
  8. I'm trying to install an SSH server on Windows XP. There are quite a few tutorials on the Internet, but the links to the executables are broken on those targeted for Windows XP. On others the executables are targeted for newer Windows versions or just not running on XP.
  9. I'm planning to play around with SSH server on Windows XP. Perhaps there are some possibilities there. For an instance, there is an option to run remote commands on SSH connection in PUTTY.
  10. There is a free Aquila WOL Agent, but it does not work on Windows XP. There is also Wake-On-LAN Proxy Server, but is costs quite a bit. The idea is to send a WOL packet to IP of a Windows XP running computer through VPN. The WOL should be broadcated through the LAN from there. The current procedure is to use VNC to log in the Windows XP computer, then to click a link running WOL application with a proper MAC parameter. The problem is, users have to log in to the server, to do so. It is not a good idea to let users to access a server desktop I think. So, i'm looking for some sort of workaround. Perhaps remote command running would do the trick, as well. The whole idea is to wake a computer in a remote network by clicking an icon on the desktop. The remote LAN has just one always running computer with Windows XP on it. The routers used (old Linksys RV082) are not WOL directed broadcast compatible. I have quite a few such networks under my supervision, and there is a push for users to work remotely, these days.
  11. Yes, that was what I was looking for. Thank You.
  12. Sorry, but it did not work. To be double sure, I disabled all visual effects check boxes, but It changed nothing. On the other hand, I think my question was wrong. I would like to get rid of the scrolling (no mater it is smooth or not). In Windows XP there is no visible moving effect, as file list names from another page are just written over the current ones. In windows 7 there is a visible movement of another page sliding from left or right side. This sliding effect causes my eyes to be tired quickly, as they are trying to follow the moving text.
  13. I'm browsing through long lists of files with just the keyboard. The view is set to list, as the file names are long. By using left and right arrow keys the list is scrolled to the next page. When i did it in Windows XP there was no smooth scrolling, so I coung search much faster. In Windows 7 I have to wait till the next page finishes to move, before I can actually read the contents. How can I disable the smooth scrolling, so it will work the same way as it did in Windows XP?
  14. After moving the profile from 51 to 52 ESR two settings were missing: media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled = true media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible = true After adding these two everything seems to be working, for now.
  15. Well. I did test it again, and the result is still the same: "Polish (PL) Language Pack could not be installed bacause it is not compatible with New Moon 28.8.0a1"
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