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  1. Poor lizard ! Though this can't be compared to walking through the walls , lol . Yes , iguanas can do that . You will end up with a hole in your wall or window. Some don't like mirrors as well. UV lamps are not for heating . It's for boosting the appetite , mating instincts and creating vitamins from UV lights (at least igunas can do it). For heating I use warm layouts and ordinary lamps (painted in red). Also , you need to give some time under real sun , esp. during summers . Not much ! Watch out for overheating ! If your lizard's skin is darker than usual , it needs heating and vice versa , very simple. Better to monitor temps with a thermostat . It's usually no more than 28 degrees ambient for Iguanas , I don't know about Geckos . Every lizards has a different set of character , they can also be moody because they are very intelligent .
  2. So it's just like I said . Why do you need articles then ? Would be faster to try it yourself . Just replace the OS string and install . Create a backup , of course . I told ya it would work . It's not a video driver after all. BTW, there are Nvidia drivers for 2000 available , up to GTX 780 , modded of course .
  3. Iguana is a predator , it sleeps at night . Geckos are very nice too. About the lamps , yes , I also have them to deliver more UV during the Dutch winters , a couple of hours per day max.
  4. Yes , true . I wouldn't do it now . A NOTE . In the channel I provided , their Iguana has a broken nose . That may happen when they walk right throuh an object during the mating season , a wall , a window ! Just watch the videos , they will tell about that . Also , mine is bigger , theirs is only five - six years old or so and mine is 17.
  5. Geckos , maybe , I don't know . Iguanas are very active !!! Mine awakes approx. at 10 - 11 and stays very active for 10-12 hours , like humans . Sleeping time is 9-12 hours , depending on the current season. A cool channel you might want to watch . I'm lazy to make videos , besides it's not very convenient thing to do with such dangerous lizard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxJNYfZbhVQ https://www.youtube.com/c/Bosveldson/search?query=forest
  6. Yep , a dragon . Eats plenty of vegetables , fruits , boiled chickens , naughty neighbours , drinks lots of fresh water . Absolutely cool with cats , he uses cats as warm pillows , allows them to walk around absolutely free . (those aren't my cats , those are of my friends, I don't have cats , but had them in the past , before the Iguana , which is 17 years old , BTW ! ) . Hates dogs , attacks them . Brutally . I think all iguanas hate dogs .
  7. It would be better to use XP drivers released before sp1. Gives you a higher chance.
  8. Did you try inf-modding ? XP drivers should work on 2000 and vice versa .
  9. For some of you that didn't know , I have a huge Iguana , and what pets do you have/had in the past ?
  10. Nicely put ! May I steal it ? I mean, copy/paste .
  11. Us living in the 9/11 type BioSecurity state , prison planet , call it whatever you like.
  12. These that are being discussed here used by forensics . Deleting them "after the browser is closed" is pretty much useless.
  13. You should ! I think you chose the wrong profession , career opportunities only for a certain kind. 1198 % of CEOs in global tech are of Indian origin ! Diversity in action ! Alphabet (Parent Company of Google) - Sundar Pichai Amazon - Rah Gaya Twitter- Parag Agarwal -- IIT Bombay Google - Sundar Pichai -- IIT Kharagpur IBM - Arvind Krishna -- IIT Kanpur Microsoft - Satya Nadella Adobe- Shantanu Narayen VMWare - Raghu Raghuram Vimeo - Anjali Sud Thomas Kurian- Google Cloud George Kurian- NetApp Nikesh Arora- Palo Alto Networks Nitanix - Rajiv Ramaswami Vimeo - Anjali Sud Simp - Parag Agarwal Barclays : C. S. Venkatakrishnan MasterCard : Ajay Banga Ajay Banga - Mastercard*(currently) Nutanix - Rajiv Ramaswamy DBS - Piyush Goyal Palo Alto Networks - Nikesh Arora Jayshree Ullal Arista Networks HCL -Shiv Nadar NetApp - George Kurien Google Cloud - Thomas Kurien PepsiCo - Indra Nooyi (2006) Great Khali for WWE Pepsi ex - Indra Nooyi Novartis (ex Sandoz) - Vasant Narasimhan Of course this is only just a small list , but : Do you see a Finn in this list ?
  14. Well , I tried foam pillows and didn't like them at all. I'm glad your matress is much , much better ! I don't watch TV at all too . But something ugly is happening right now , I can feel it.
  15. jaclaz, I like when you're being pedantic (which is quite frequently , lol) . Thank you for noticing this typo , the post has been edited . And I like when you're being sarcastic (which is quite frequently too) , have a nice day !
  16. The upper one lost not only fonts , but the picture also. The lower one is from another page opened in another tab.
  17. Disappearing fonts/images bug , started recently with any of the 13th versions , don't know about 12. , v.12 simply can't work at most of the websites I use. Looks like the page suspends itself after some time (short time , I must say) . But why ?
  18. UPDATE 1.01 + 1.02 1 - Slight adjustments , reduced the tool size (better compression) . UPDATED the build number to 1.01.37091 2 - Added various Android models (per request from a well known MSFN patron). 3 - Added iPhone Instagram App , it may be useful for DAVE. 4 - UPDATED the build number to 1.02.38052 5 - Added Android Instagram App , also may be useful for DAVE.
  19. 1 - Thank you. 2 - I actually hate this colour , I bought it with this colour , I'm going to repaint it to the famous feldgrau someday. But thank you ! 3 - Yes , all Italian . 4 - Thank you . 5 - Thank you . 6 - Thank you .
  20. ??? You just wrote it yourself. You can replace "the" with "its" . Youtube is hiding the dislike count from its videos. Censorship or your benefit? (spoiler: it's the first one). The dislike count is something that was implemented by youtube for the videos on their website (not just some abstract videos).

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