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  1. From my own experience, it's insufficient to simply integrate KB2990941-v3 and KB3087873-v2... If you do, when you boot from the installation media, you'll get an error that it couldn't detect any suitable storage device or something to that effect. I never looked into getting around that,
  2. No, you're right... Ignore the size difference, that just has to do with how I did it, but looking at the actual font, they are exactly the same with or without it checked. So I'll leave it checked for Chrome.
  3. This fixes the issue: But I will keep it turned off for now, because I don't like font smoothing. In other words, I don't like when Windows applies it globally. I like my Desktop fonts nice and crisp without the antialiasing. But it seems that Chrome is inheriting something from Windows that affects its rendering if it is not enabled. In Firefox, setting Cairo to do the rendering as opposed to skia solved the issue: gfx.content.azure.backends;cairo,direct2d1.1,skia I wonder if there's something similar in Chrome.
  4. Hmmm.... Thanks for that. But won't that affect other programs where I want font smoothing?
  5. Maybe there's something different on your OS (You're using XP x64 -- which is SP2). On XP SP3, it does nothing to solve the issue.
  6. Yes, there's something weird going on with the fonts. I tried blocking remote fonts with uBlock as well, but the problem with that then is that a lof of characters on certain websites become squares. An easy way to see this is to just navigate to chrome://flags where you can see the very jagged-looking fonts.
  7. Unfortunately, this build also has a memory leak... I kept it open for a day and just now I see a "Virtual Memory Low" warning in my taskbar (Windows XP). I'll stick with Serpent for now.
  8. Thanks, I will give that a shot. I thought I had the latest version. Confirmed: Working. I had to use a different WebRTC blocker extension though, this one is Chrome 88+.
  9. Is anyone able to get past this Cloudfare verification? https://mybrowseraddon.com/webrtc-control.html Using 360ChromePortable_13.5.1030_rebuild_7_regular. Can't get past it with Serpent52 either.
  10. Thanks for this thread... I never trimmed my drive since installing XP, and I always thought this was something I would have to do manually by booting linux on a USB thumb drive one day... And I kept procrastinating. Naraeron did not launch originally with the generic NVME SCSI adapter, so I installed the backported Samsung adapter, and it does open (but throws an error before opening: "entry not found with id -241") and TRIMs the drive fine. Write performance has also improved. Before: After I approve
  11. Thanks... I purchased a one year license and I will try this side-by-side with Malwarebytes Premium.
  12. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't considered Malwarebytes, and Premium is in fact also a resident Antivirus as well! The price is a little steep, but I'll probably pay for it if I like it. Cheers
  13. So much for Avast: Was also using NOD32 until yesterday on Windows XP... I didn't like Panda Dome so I gave Avast a shot... It crashed while I was watching Youtube a few minutes ago. Anyone have any other ideas besides Chinesium antivirus? I did try Kaspersky Enpoint Security Client version (SP1 MR4) which is the last version for XP, as was recommended on the previous page... But I couldn't find anything about the registry hack mentioned necessary to get database updates. By default, I had definitions from 2017 when everything was all said and done. Kaspersky would be nice to have.
  14. I have both running concurrently... I am talking about downloading a release, not requesting a ZIP from the repo's front page which does in fact work fine.

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