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  1. @feodor2 Do this: Go to youtube. Next, open a private window and open youtube. Log into your account on youtube in the private window. Do this for a while and browse websites in the normal window... Eventually, it will crash after a day.
  2. Try getting a later version and modify the INF with your device ID and then force install it and see if that works.
  3. 6200 should be supported... Anything DirectX 9 should work. Try updating your driver.
  4. Look what came out today: v1.2.0.5058 (2024.05.28) [+] XP: Added support for Hardware Accelerated rendering for XP. With it, browser will use less CPU to render pages, and while playing videos. To use, run it with switches: --use-angle=d3d9 --ignore-gpu-blocklist. With it, you will see this features in about:gpu for XP, as you see it on NT6+ systems. Wow! Time to test this out!
  5. @Fedor - The latest version crashed for me after a while on vcruntime dll... It was stable for a day though... I set the tab process count to 3 from 1, maybe that's why. I have to go back to Thorium for now.
  6. Look through RLOEW's patches for the VFAT fix... It occurs when you have is memory patch installed and then install a network card.
  7. I spoke too soon on 68.14.1b and it did indeed crash on xul.dll for me, so I'll give this one a shot. Thanks
  8. Chalkboard is a very old (>10 years) benchmark released by Microsoft for IE10... HWACCEL (notify me if you want this benchmark) is an even older benchmark released by Mozilla ages and ages ago when they started experimenting with DirectX 9 support for Firefox. HWACCEL is great for testing whether layer acceleration is working and I find it useful for checking whether MyPal is functioning correctly (MyPal is now what I consider to be stable and also supports DirectX9 acceleration, but it is far, far slower than Thorium on XP). Chalkboard and HWACCEL are not what I would consider to be benchmarks today, but rather sanity checks to see if the browser is functioning correctly since they are experimental by nature. If Chalkboard is underperforming in Thorium or HWACCEL in MyPal then it's an easy way to know right away.
  9. check out "chrome://flags" and "chrome://gpu". In flags, you can disable rasterization manually without touching the acceleration settings in Chrome and then verify the result in chrome://gpu. FYI, I ran some more tests to demonstrate what I was saying before about benefiting from disabling hardware rasterization on older GPUs. In all cases, the CPU is a 4th gen Haswell. For the iGPU, the tests were run on Windows 7. For the 1660, it was run on Windows 10. iGPU with rasterization enabled: iGPU with rasterization disabled: GeForce 1660 with rasterization enabled: The GTX1660 is about 5 times faster in Chrome than the integrated GPU and about twice as fast as the GCN 1st Gen Radeon HD7770 (the HD7770 test was done with Thorium AVX on a 3rd gen Ivy Bridge though, but that probably doesn't make any difference). Who said software rendering was dead?
  10. @feodor2 - I must say the latest version (68.14.1b) is working great for me so far on XP. I have D3D and Multiprocess enabled and so far it is completely stable. I'm very tempted to use this instead of Thorium. Great job!
  11. It's been like this for ages -- years... A minor version update won't produce a different result... In my opinion, Chrome GPU rasterization is hit and miss when it comes to GPUs. For 4th generation Core CPUs (haswell) IGP, I turn it off. I leave it on for the Radeon HD7770 even though it's twice as slow as software rasterization.
  12. Not necessarily. Here is my chalkboard benchmark result for Thorium on XP: Now here is the same benchmark for Thorium on my Windows 7 machine that sports a 1st gen Radeon GCN variant (HD7770): As you can see, GPU rasterization isn't all that its cracked up to be... Perhaps it's faster on much newer GPUs, but you often get better performance from Chrome by disabling it. Now other GPU acceleration (video acceleration, WebGL) would probably be nice... Windows XP is perfectly capable of that... Maybe someone can write a redirection driver from DirectX12 to DirectX9 for Chrome.
  13. Thanks!!! This practically solved the following for me: 1) Tabs sometimes crashing 2) Youtube videos stop playing and needing to be reloaded in a fresh tab 3) Sites not loading and needing to be opened in a new tab Great work!
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