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  1. Thanks. I removed 1.17.4 and installed
  2. Same here, and I've had this question before too on a different forum. Why don't people use 1.17.4 for old Firefox?
  3. I recommend contacting member @Svyatpro to ask him to contribute to this project.
  4. Can I use your installer to update a previous installation?
  5. Forgive my ignorance, I am not certain how to find that out. This is the file I downloaded from your website: basilisk52-g4.4.win64-git-20190907-6db06749e-xpmod.7z Thank you for all your hard work
  6. roytam - I just discovered a bug. If "layers.prefer-opengl" is set to true, Basilisk crashes with Xul.dll. There were other problems with OpenGL in the past, but the program opened with it enabled. OS is Windows XP x64, Basilisk 64. Thanks
  7. I don't have that problem, but I use it on an LCD and a TV through the SVIDEO out. I can't say I've actually tried connecting both DVI ports.
  8. NOD32 8.0.319.0 is probably the best/fastest antivirus for XP and XP x64. It's not free, and there's a nag that keeps asking you to update.
  9. Which GPU are you running? I'm running a 9800GT in XP x64 and it works well. Try the following: 1) Run the nVidia uninstaller, remove everything - reboot 2) Run DDU (last XP version is - reboot 3) Install nVidia 340.52 driver If your power supply is good and you can rule out the drivers, then your GPU might be defective, which was quite common for any series 6xxx and up. It's debatable that there has been no stable nVidia silicon up until perhaps Kepler.
  10. For what it's worth, I had OFfice 2003 installed for years and kept on top of the compatibility pack updates... One day, one of the updates broke Office and I said to heck with it and moved on to 2010 with a classic menu add-on.
  11. If you feel like testing later operating systems and browsers, test Chalkboard. IE11 is by far superior to anything else in terms of raw speed... Microsoft probably has all sorts of undocumented API calls and under-the-hood secrets that they keep from devs like Chromium, or the Chromium devs just don't care enough about Windows to match its speed. IE11 also beats Edge, hands down. On my old Windows 10 Tablet which I use in the bathroom, I exclusively use IE11... It's the only browser I can use in a reasonable manner on such a slow system.
  12. Anyone know anything about KB4464524 released 5/7/2019? Are the other updates safe? Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (KB4464524) 64-Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2010 (KB4462230) 64-Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4462223) 64-Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4464520) 64-Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (KB3114559) 64-Bit Edition Update for Microsoft Visio 2010 (KB3115314) 64-Bit Edition
  13. This did work at one point on XP and was disabled... I don't remember the last version when it worked, but it was a long, long time ago... Maybe like a twenty-something version. This is something that I genuinely believe can be hacked back into Firefox on XP. SvyatPro did some nice work hacking it into Chrome on XP, and it worked well. I can send you the details if you're interested.
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