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  1. Which GT730 do you have? There are two varieties, Fermi, which is just a relabeled GT420, and the much newer Kepler variant. I'm running a GTX745 on XP, which is Maxwell - and that is newer than Kepler, so yours should work. I'm running stock 355.98 drivers, but you're trying on Windows 2000, so that's probably a different story. But if your card is in fact a GT420, then I recommend perhaps trying a much earlier driver version.
  2. I managed to solve the issue in Mailnews by installing this theme: Classic TB2 You need version 1.51, as the newer ones won't run on anything older than Thunderbird 60.
  3. For Windows XP, I highly recommend something based on the Broadcom BCM4360. Other cards just don't cut it... I've tried them all. Something like the Asus PCE-A68 or TP-Link Archer T8E.
  4. Thanks, I just happened to have needed something like this for this new system. I purchased a license for 1 year (3 devices) for $5.
  5. WEBP would also be nice... Didn't WEBP work before in Irfanview on XP? Anyway, attached are the errors with the latest WEBP.DLL plugin (
  6. I'm having an issue on Serpent (11/2021 build, x86, XP32) with eBay where the purchase history requires an exaggerated horizontal scroll to see the right part of the screen. I tried changing user agents, it didn't help. My second question is with your mailnews build. Up until now I have been using an antiquated EOL Thunderbird on XP and I switched over yesterday... I copied the entire profile over and that seemed to work (I tried manually copying over just the msf and the maildir directories but it kept trying to re-download the messages from the server). Now this is a small UI quirk, but with Thunderbird, whenever a new message arrived, the account and folder names in the folders pane with said new messages would turn blue. I could not find any option to restore this functionality. Is there something I'm missing (is this Windows theme related?), or is this something that could be re-implemented please? Thanks for your great work.
  7. I just tried the fork... Same issue. I'm going to try and delete the Basilisk directory and see if that works. Update: Totally my fault!!! This is a machine I've been working on that's in progress, and it's meant to replace my current bulky rig... I didn't pay attention and plugged my ethernet into the wrong port (the default Intel i219 isn't supported by XP so I added a PCI adapter in there). Thanks for the quick response @InterLinked
  8. Hi i430vx, and thank you for your great installer. I ran the installer today and it deleted my Serpent directory (x86) and it did not install anything. Running the installer again does nothing. Can you please update the program? Thanks
  9. I was able to run WUMT once, with the July 2020 wsusscn2.cab, it found and installed two Office 2010 updates, KB4484373 and KB4484458, and now it won't work anymore. It gives the error 0xC800042D.
  10. abbodi1406, I followed your procedure, thank you. But the following updates did not install: KB4504738 KB4504702 KB4493218 The corresponding .msp files are: mso-x-none.msp powerpoint-x-none.msp word-x-none.msp The installation was performed on Windows 7 x64 with the x86 version of Office. After installing Office with "run all from my computer" selected in the custom setup, I rebooted and ran Microsoft Update. Those are the updates that showed up. Additionally, KB4011610 was not offered by WHDownloader and also showed up as a missing update. I extracted eqnedt32-en-us.msp from it but I haven't checked if it slipstreams properly yet. KB3001652 is also offered, but that's a seperate executable that must be installed seperately, so I assume there's no way to slipstream that. Your help is appreciated.
  11. Same here, and I've had this question before too on a different forum. Why don't people use 1.17.4 for old Firefox?
  12. I recommend contacting member @Svyatpro to ask him to contribute to this project.
  13. Can I use your installer to update a previous installation?
  14. Forgive my ignorance, I am not certain how to find that out. This is the file I downloaded from your website: basilisk52-g4.4.win64-git-20190907-6db06749e-xpmod.7z Thank you for all your hard work

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