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  1. there are now patches for Windows Server 2008 & Windows Server 2012 (R0) as well as 32bit/x86 versions for Win7/8.1/10 https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/security-guidance/advisory/ADV180002 no patches for XP/2003 yet
  2. Windows Update taking forever?

    Dalai is no longer maintaining it for Vista. the guide from the MS answers forum for Vista is great - I was actually missing the KB3205638 user32.dll security update on my Vista machine even though I already had KB4012583 and other updates installed. after installing that user32.dll KB3205638 fix along with having the latest gdi32.dll/gdiplus.dll & win32k.sys fixes installed, I did a WU scan and it took nearly 30 minutes to show available updates [almost 200 of them] for Vista instead of taking several hours. KB4048970 is replaced by KB4056944 (Jan. 2018) and KB4015380 (atmfd.dll) is superseded by KB4056941.
  3. Disk.Sys STOP Error

    that's bad. a bent pin means a hardware problem and you need to take your mac pro laptop to a professional computer repair shop to have it fixed.
  4. seriously, why would any XP user still be using it at SP2 + IE6 level nowadays? best to get XP to SP3 level
  5. speaking of KB4019276, that patch should be available on Windows Update or Microsoft Update effective Jan. 16, 2018 (starting off as an Optional update in Jan. 2018 and in Feb. 2018 it'll be listed as a Recommended update). still requires a bunch of registry entries and other patched DLL files like crypt32.dll to enable the newer TLS protocols on XP
  6. no sorry hapxhapx, you can not use the 2929781, 3161639 & 3042058 patches under Vista as those patches require Win7 (Server 2008 R2) or higher and will fail to install saying they're "not applicable to your computer". MS did not make any of those patches for Vista/Server 2008 R0 SP2. note to VistaLover (OP): the KB4019276 updates have been revised mid-November 2017 and there's also a KB4019276 patch available for POSReady 2009 users (ah for those still using XP). Download & install the "revised" KB4019276 patches, installing them on top of the older version.
  7. Windows Update taking forever?

    although now the latest win32k.sys update for Windows Server 2008 (and possibly Vista) is KB4048970, released on November 14. Vista & Server 2008 users must continue applying the very latest win32k.sys & IE9 updates to speed up Windows Update searches.
  8. Win7 for single core ?

    well a Maxtor 80Gb hard drive might be more than big enough for XP, it seems almost small for later OSes like Vista & Win7. I got a used Compaq SR1303WM computer (with an ASUS A7V8X-LA Kelut board) using an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2.2Ghz) CPU with 2x1Gb Patriot RAM sticks and a Western Digital 120Gb 5400RPM hard drive (darn, shoulda put in a 7200RPM drive for faster HD access) running a 32bit Win7 Professional just fine with little or no lags. GPU I had on there was an nVidia Geforce 5200FX AGP 8x card and also had a LiteOn SHW-160P6S DVD writer.
  9. Windows Update taking forever?

    you can forget about KB4015195 as it is superseded by KB4019204, which is actually made available for both Vista & Server 2008 this June 2017 on MS Update Catalog. In May 2017, KB4019204 was made available only for Windows Server 2008 but they actually work for both Vista & Server 2008. Open the KB4019204 MSU file (either windows6.0-kb4019204-x86_8301605396e05d4b8e2ee38fcb3cd801ad019cce.msu or windows6.0-kb4019204-x86-custom_cc1a90841c15759e36c5095580dfb0b32b34eb8a.msu) using 7zip, extract the "Windows6.0-KB4019204-x86-pkgProperties.txt" or "Windows6.0-KB4019204-x86-custom-pkgProperties.txt" file and read the ApplicabilityInfo line in that TXT file. It says "ApplicabilityInfo="Windows Vista SP2;Windows Server Core SP2;Windows Server 2008 SP2;", which means the KB4019204 packages can be installed onto both Vista and Server 2008.
  10. Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    why use that full Shockwave EXE installer when you can use the Shockwave Full MSI installer instead, which doesn't bundle the Norton stuff and no ads. the MSI install package is 2x bigger than the full EXE installer but the MSI package contains both Shockwave versions 10.4 & 12.2.
  11. it's not a good idea to remove the posready registry entries after installing any posready specific updates - that will prevent installation of posready specific updates on your XP computer after removing the posready keys. best to leave the posready reg key alone
  12. the WannaCry ransomware only infects Win7 based computers and NOT XP machines (whether KB4012598 for XP is installed or not): https://www.askwoody.com/2017/the-original-wannacry-does-not-infect-windows-xp-boxes/
  13. New 7 SP1 Install - Installing Updates?

    KB2670838 is only required when installing either IE10 or IE11, not IE9. plus there's KB2834140, which provides a fix for KB2670838. KB2670838 is no longer "evil" - it was only evil when installed on laptops with hybrid or switchable amd/intel or nvidia/intel graphics adapters using outdated graphics drivers. updated graphics drivers were provided to OEM/PC manufacturers that were compatible with the KB2670838 update. to answer pointertovoid's question about servicing stack updates, install either KB3020369 or KB3177467 servicing stack update first before any other update.
  14. Error code 80004002 on windows update

    Get Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 from MS Download Center instead of from Windows Update. these are probably newer than the ones found on WU. Also, you need to install updates KB2999226 and KB3118401 first before installing the VC+ Restributable 2015. If you can't install KB2999226 & KB3118401 thru Windows Update, try downloading them from either Microsoft Update Catalog or Microsoft Download Center.
  15. New 7 SP1 Install - Installing Updates?

    but only a few. There's the KB3184143 update that removes alot of the Get Win10 free stuff.