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  1. actually halohalo, the education & enterprise editions of win10 v1607 are not completely blocked by newer wcp.dll files from KB4498947 & KB4503537. however installation of KB4494440 & higher CUs will not work with very old wcp.dll files like build 14393.0 - installation will say "the following updates were not installed" and installation will end prematurely w/out updating any files (yup, these new CUs require newer wcp.dll files - at least the ones from 2018). but if I replace the wcp.dll files in the newer servicing stack folders with build 14393.2182 from KB4093137, the recent CUs like KB4494440 and the one from June 2019 like KB4503267 will proceed & install without failure - I did this on another test machine but running win10 v1607 enterprise edition, not the education edition like on my other pc v14393.2182 of the wcp.dll file is the last one without the "supported edition checking" functions screen shot of win10 v1607 enterprise (non-ltsb) build 14393.3025 (KB4503267)
  2. new cumulative updates for 1607 from May 2019 onward fail to install 100% on non-LTSB editions of Windows 10 v1607 (Home, Professional, Education & Enterprise), RanCorX2. v1607 Home/Pro went EOL (out of support) April 2018 and v1607 Education & Enterprise went EOL on April 2019 Microsoft secretly added some safeguards in these big cumulative updates like the newly released KB4503267 June 2019 security update, that will not complete on many v1607 editions except LTSB 2016 (and get blocked until newest servicing stack update is installed) 1st attempt of KB4503267 - failed to install; got "This update is not applicable to your computer" when running the msu file (running Win10 v1607 Education edition [NOT Pro]) - found out that this new cumulative update requires a newer Servicing Stack update KB4503537 which I did not install. 2nd attempt for KB4503267 - installation went through after installing KB4503537 before KB4503267, rebooted and when it got to 100%, it then said "We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes" [GAH ] I'm gonna clean install Win10 LTSB 2016 on top of my Win10 v1607 Education OS, overwriting it on that test computer so I can install the newest 1607 updates 100% without failure.
  3. Win10 v1903 officially released Tuesday May 21. Still some issues for 1903 to be worked out: https://www.windowscentral.com/windows-10-may-2019-update-biggest-problems-and-complaints
  4. use latest zeffy WUFUC version (at least v1.0) to un-block new Win8.1 updates. older versions of zeffy's wufuc app before 1.0 are not reliable and have bugs.
  5. which Win8.x version are you using, KAILITY? Win8.0 or Win8.1? HarryTri is using Win8.0 (NT 6.2.9200) and the WUA (windows update agent) version on his system is 7.8.9200.16924.
  6. KB4499171 May 2019 Rollup & KB4499158 May 2019 security-only updates available May 14. --- aww gosh darn it! After installing KB3191565 (WMF 5.1) using the batch file, rebooted then uninstalled the April 2019 rollup (KB4493451) and the existing Realtek HD audio driver and rebooted, my aunt's Win8.0 pro PC ended up going into a Win8 "Automatic Repair" loop; guess I'm gonna have to either do a "refresh PC" repair using the Win8 DVD or do an overwrite install of Win8.0 from the DVD (almost a "clean" install), either way I'll have to spend a few days fixing the mess I created (which kinda sucks) - perhaps after re-installing Win8.0 from scratch I'll leave out WMF 5.1 since I didn't really need it anyway
  7. The KB4494440 cumulative update has been superseded/replaced by KB4505052, which includes the gov.uk fix for v1607 like KB4494440, KB4505052 also requires the KB4498947 servicing stack update anyways, I'm using LTSB 2016 on some of my older PCs
  8. newer MSO.DLL updates for Office 2010 are okay for Vista as v6.0.6002.x of the kernel32.dll file (even Vista SP2 RTM like 6.0.6002.18005) does include the GetDateFormatEx function as I checked this myself using Dependency Walker (depends.exe). minimum requirement for Office 2010 on Vista is Vista SP1 though seems like the safe version for XP users is still the KB4092483 mso.dll security update from Oct. 2018.
  9. I'd wait a while until Edge for Win8 goes RTM/final
  10. and there you have it folks - no IE11 on normal Win8.0 unless the .mum files can be properly modified note that the IE11 packages for Win8 Embedded / Server 2012 are either CAB or MSU files (not MSI, Destro) anyways MS will continue to provide updates to IE10 until Jan. 31, 2020 as noted here.
  11. you mean KB4474419? see if these links help https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/windows-7-updade-kb4474419-fail-repeatedly-with/9e2dc4ca-5adc-479f-9521-8838077b1e82 https://www.sevenforums.com/windows-updates-activation/418834-unable-install-kb4474419-win7-x64-ultimate.html
  12. sorry Jody. IE11 requires a native Windows Server 2012 or Embedded Win8 version - installation is blocked on normal / client versions of Win8 (MS seemed to be smart on that one in only allowing install of IE11 on Win8 Embedded & Server 2012)
  13. Jody, I don't use VMs because I have older machines that can't reliably support VMs I install Win8.0 natively on an old HP computer (2007 model using an Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 cpu) w/ Win8.0 Pro that my relative has but lives in a different street than my family. greenhillmaniac did say a few days ago that installation of IE11 does not work on Win8.0 clients (I just confirmed this yesterday; tried extracting the CAB file from the KB4492872 MSU file and using dism.exe to install on my relatives Win8 Pro computer but failed with an error message). Looks like KB4492872 really does check for either Server 2012 or Win8 Embedded being used and blocks install on normal or "client" versions of Win8. NBD (no big deal) for me since I hardly use IE on Win8.0
  14. you're right about saying that looks can be deceiving, but for a different reason, greenhillmaniac. I did install the KB4054542 (.NET 4.7.2) update on my Win8.0 Pro x64 machine several days ago. however the installation went fairly quickly without error BUT I had to really check the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\ and C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\ folders to see if a bunch of .NET DLL files such as the System.dll, System.Core.dll, System.Data.dll etc. and the corresponding .NET EXE files like MSBuild.exe, mscorsvw.exe, ngen.exe, ngentask.exe, etc. were updated to the NET 4.7.2 versions (v4.7.3081.0) [right-click on any of those DLL or EXE files, choose Properties and click on the Details tab to check the version number]. they were not updated, even though I have KB4054542 listed in the Installed Updates section of the Programs and Features Control panel. so the install of KB4054542 was really "partial" on Win8.0 clients edit 4/27: anyways I have recently removed KB4054542 and have gone back to installing .NET Framework 4.6.2 (KB3151804) on my Win8.0 Pro machine as I am content in having .NET 4.6.2 & not anything higher
  15. fwaa haa haa haa oh well no IE11 on Win8.0 clients; bummer Jody (you can go back in remove IE10 if you like) looks like the KB4492872 IE11 packs do check the InstallType and EditionID and only install on Server 2012 & Win8 Embedded
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