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  1. can you revert back from 2004 to an earlier release like 1903 or 1909, forjonny? version 2004 right now has so many problems that MS has to fix - it's currently buggy
  2. the Intel HDA SST (or ISST) driver for Realtek HD Audio requires Win10 v1709 or higher - won't install on v1607 w/out modding the INF files. Intel designed newer ISST drivers that way. open the AUD_Win10_64_6.0.8791.1.zip file in 7zip and inspect the \AUD_Win10_6.0.1.8791\IntelHDASST\ folder. the INF files (like IntcAudioBus.inf, IntcSST.inf, etc.) have the following section: change "NTAMD64.10.0...16299" to "NTAMD64.10.0", save changes, disable driver signature enforcement and then try to install the ISST driver do expect some weird error messages (if they occur) during the install edit - btw, the Realtek HD Audio 6.0.8791.1 driver for Intel NUC10i3FNH is in Universal Audio Driver (UAD) format and not in the bigger, traditional (non-UAD) format like the one found on Realtek's web site but the Realtek audio driver on the Realtek site is very old.
  3. this MS Certificate Authority 2011 certificate is still available for download from MS support article 3149737
  4. and another new mso.dll office 2010 security update that just came out on Tue 6/9 - KB4484373 (supersedes KB4484126, KB4464566 & older)
  5. you still did NOT specify what kind of HP Pavilion computer you are using as there are MANY kinds of Pavilion PCs out there, Novek heck, I'm using a very old HP Pavilion media center m8417c desktop computer which has only USB 2.0 ports and not USB 3.0 ports as that was made before the USB 3.0 standard came out
  6. May 2020 updates for Server 2012 / Windows 8: KB4556840 monthly rollup (MS support article 4556840) KB4556852 security-only update (MS support article 4556852)
  7. what edition of Win10 are you using? try the following from here: https://www.howtogeek.com/224798/how-to-uninstall-windows-10s-built-in-apps-and-how-to-reinstall-them/ guess that's why I use a Win10 LTSB/LTSC edition which have few or almost none of those "metro" apps installed
  8. Windows 10 version 2004 status info page from MS: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-2004 Known issues for 2004 - a bunch of them, especially when using the DISM tool with the /restorehealth switch although Win10 v2004 was publicly released on May 27 after 10am pacific local time, it hasn't been offered to my father's Toshiba laptop running Win10 v1909 maybe I'll wait a few more weeks around mid-June until MS issues a "bug fixed" version of 2004 that resolves some of the "known issues"
  9. the Acer X1420G-U5832 computer is indeed a desktop computer. I have an old HP pavilion m8417c desktop pc which also uses onboard Geforce 6150SE nforce 430 graphics hardware - the existing driver for it works in Win10 but needs to be reinstalled after upgrading what I did before upgrading from Win7 to Win10 is to uninstall the nvidia graphics driver for Geforce 6150SE nforce 430 using Display Driver Uninstaller, reboot & disconnect from the internet and run Win10 setup directly from either a Win10 DVD disc or Win10 usb flash drive, upgrade the OS to Win10, reboot a couple of times, then re-install the nvidia graphics driver and reboot again and the also - another step after getting the onboard Geforce 6150SE nforce 430 hardware working is to disable Fast Startup. I get occasional & random BSOD errors with recent Win10 versions (like 1809, 1903 & greater) with the onboard nvidia graphics hardware and many of the BSOD problems go away when the Fast Startup power option is turned off.
  10. is Aero Glass also broken with KB4550945 update? (build 1836x.815)
  11. highly unlikely to postpone or cancel 2004/20H1 at this point, NoelC. gonna be released sometime towards the end of May 2020, according to recent rumors
  12. another new mso.dll office 2010 security update that XP users should avoid installing - KB4484126 (which replaces KB4464566)
  13. maybe ask daniel_k, EdSon (send him a PM on how to fully install .NET 4.8 on Win8 client OS)
  14. MS support article 2399238 lists the Vista "prerequisite" updates to install before installing IE9: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2399238/prerequisites-for-installing-internet-explorer-9
  15. post a screenshot of the problem so many of us can believe you it could be just a glitch with the MS update catalog server - like IntMD was saying the download links for KB4487990 showed up (at least for me when I use a wired ethernet/LAN connection; but when I use a wireless/WLAN/Wifi connection, I few times encounter the problem you are having and have to reload the download page for it)
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