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  1. the o.rths.ml site is currently not working, roytam1 [all browsers from many different PCs I'm using can't connect to that site but other sites work fine] why?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:.NET_Framework_version_history https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/blogs/astebner/mailbag-what-version-of-the-net-framework-is-included-in-what-version-of-the-os both worth reading
  3. I've just manually installed the 1/14/2020 MSE definition files onto MSE for Win7 and the MSE v4.10.209 app still runs as normal - no EOL nags appear in the MSE app.
  4. MSE still working with no EOL nags just applied the 1/14/2020 MSE definition updates more than an hour ago on a Win7 laptop - MSE runs fine as usual also installed the newly released Jan. 2020 KB4534310 rollup on Win7 as well
  5. Neowin has answered that question for you yesterday, Jody so the answer is yes
  6. the current Win8.1 ISOs have both Update 1 (KB2919355) and Update 3 (KB3000850) already integrated / slipstreamed. also try installing fewer updates at a time (aim for less than 30 updates) - installing about 50 or more at the same time can lead to problems. AND install the recent "rollup" updates last (and separately) and don't install them with the older 8.1 updates
  7. DAMN IT MICROSOFT! Make up your damn minds about MSE on Win7 Now MS has made complete U-turn about offering MSE definition updates after the Win7 EOL 1/14/2020 date, Vistapocalypse: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-security-essentials-to-get-updates-after-windows-7-eos/ https://borncity.com/win/2019/12/18/microsoft-security-essentials-mse-for-windows7-extended-definition-updates-after-january-14-2020/ https://www.computerworld.com/article/3510500/microsoft-blinks-security-essentials-will-continue-to-receive-updates-after-jan-14.html Edit: looks like Win7 users will be able to continue to use MSE even after Jan. 14, 2020 - so you can forget about Win7 users seeing any MSE EOL nags, Vistapocalypse. I recently installed the recent MSE definition updates on my bro's Win7 laptop this Dec. 2019 and still no MSE EOL nags appear. Edit 2: Proof is in this Microsoft community forum thread about extending MSE updates for Win7 after EOL.
  8. aww crap now the nags in MSE may be showing up on Win7 as I saw on this blog from Deskmodder.de (when installing recent MSE definition updates in December 2019) guess it's time for me to remove MSE from any Win7 machines now before Jan. 2020
  9. well Petr the Intel T2300E processor and other Yonah based processors actually worked on at least the 1903 (May 2019 update) release as I tested this myself several months ago (and of course they'll work with 1909 since that one is basically a 1903 SP1) it was only the 1809 version that totally broke support for Intel Yonah & Intel Pentium "Dothan" series of CPUs - let's not forget, the 1809 release was rushed by MS in which it first deleted user files upon upgrading to it (when first came out as build 17763.1 back in early Oct. 2018) and got several re-releases after it. MS never figured out how to make 1809 work with these old mobile/laptop PCs, not even with the recent 1809 cumulative updates like KB4523205 released in Nov. 2019 and 1809 refused to boot up with these old laptop CPUs. Edit: so it seems that support for those old Intel "Dothan" & "Yonah" laptop cpus was restored in the 1903 & 1909 versions. hopefully they may work with the upcoming 20H1/2004 release in 2020.
  10. well come back next month in December and ask that original question again, Vistapocalypse. just manually downloaded & ran the recent mpam-feX64.exe file (11/6) from one of my Win7 machines running MSE 4.10.209 to update the definition files - still not getting any EOL nags from MSE. only either the KB4493132 or KB4524752 updates for Win7 are showing the EOL nags but no EOL notifications within the MSE app
  11. on my family's Win7 system (esp. an old Dell Inspiron PC with an Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500 cpu), the latest W7 meltdown/spectre patches are doing the opposite, boosting performance rather than degrading/killing it
  12. forget about that, Paul75. the chances of MS actually listening to you & others after opening a support case are slim to none when using Office 2010 on XP. and MS will be ending support for all Office 2010 editions next year on October 2020: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployoffice/office-2010-end-support-roadmap so I doubt MS will ever fix the Office 2010 MSO.DLL problems for XP/2003 as Office 2010 will be EOL in less than a year from now
  13. the Dell Latitude E6330 laptop use IDT High Definition Audio Cocec drivers (IDT audio chip listed is 92HD93) - check the Audio section of the Latitude E6330 downloads page from Dell's web site btw, IDT sold off their PC audio products to Tempo Semiconductor Inc by end of year 2013 (they got out of the AC97/HDA audio business since they can't keep up with other audio chipset makers like Realtek & VIA)
  14. that KB4524135 IE update on 10/3 was an out-of-band update while KB4519974 was the regularly scheduled update on 10/8 I have given Vista another chance and installed Vista Business edition 64bit (basically a Vista "Pro") on my mom's old Dell Inspiron laptop on a spare 250gb western digital hard drive this past weekend and will use it until 1/14/2020. I find that installing KB4474419 alone (by itself w/ no other recent updates from April 2019 onward) changes the Vista build number from 6002 to 6003 (as I checked winver.exe and msinfo32.exe apps) On the other hand, I have the older SHA-2 update (KB4039648 V2) installed that greenhillmaniac mentioned more than a year ago that does not change the Vista 600x build number
  15. gosh damn it Microsoft. it seems that KB4517134 fails to install if the KB4493730 update is not installed first as I had tested this myself this past weekend (and KB4474419 is also not installed). so that MS article 4517134 is wrong but on the other hand the MS Update Catalog site about the KB4517134 update is correct that it does not replace KB4493730 [friggin inconsistent info by MS on patch supersedence] I also found that installing the KB4474419 update alone (without installing any other updates from April 2019 & later) changes the build number from 6002 to 6003 and prevents Windows Update from looking for any Vista updates
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