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  1. There are two versions of KB4056564 Lambo. the original one released in early March 2018 and a revised "V2" version in early May 2018. Do you have "original" KB4056564 or the V2 version?
  2. there is a newer servicing stack update (SSU) for Server 2008 - KB4517134. MS support article 4517134 says that this new update supersedes/replaces KB4493730.
  3. either Firefox 52.x or 60.x ESR is good enough for me on Win7. oh btw, Mozilla plans to release new Firefox versions every 4 weeks starting next year in 2020: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2019/09/moving-firefox-to-a-faster-4-week-release-cycle/ that's even faster than MS releasing 2 feature updates a year for Win10
  4. the previous Flash player updates like builds .223 & .238 were non-security fixes and Adobe did not give MS those updated flash ocx files on Tue Sept. 10, MS did finally release a new Flash Player update (KB4516115), v32.0.0.255, which is a security update. resolves the new security flaws with Flash Player noted in Adobe security bulletin APSB19-46: https://helpx.adobe.com/security/products/flash-player/apsb19-46.html
  5. now there are official MS Edge betas https://www.computerworld.com/article/3433539/microsoft-promotes-full-chromium-edge-to-beta-touts-enterprise-skillset.html https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft039s-chromium-edge-browser-is-now-available-in-the-beta-channel https://msrc-blog.microsoft.com/2019/08/20/announcing-the-microsoft-edge-insider-channels-bounty/ gonna grab the Edge beta right now
  6. MS Edge recently has a beta channel available https://www.deskmodder.de/blog/2019/08/20/microsoft-edge-beta-steht-nun-offiziell-zum-download-bereit/ https://www.computerworld.com/article/3433539/microsoft-promotes-full-chromium-edge-to-beta-touts-enterprise-skillset.html https://msrc-blog.microsoft.com/2019/08/20/announcing-the-microsoft-edge-insider-channels-bounty/ gonna download MS Edge 77 beta for Win7 ASAP
  7. @Jody: the KB4512482 update breaks apps made by Visual Basic 6 and certain macros using VBA no longer work correctly [known issue listed in MS KB article 4512482] in other words, KB4512482 is a "buggy" security-only patch [glad I don't patch right away and wait for a few days for new patches to come out that are less problematic] remove KB4512482 ASAP and install the newly released KB4517302 update instead (released 8/16), which fixes the Visual Basic breakage problems.
  8. read MS KB articles 4512486 and 4512506, Tripredacus: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4512486/ https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4512506/ these new Win7 updates released this Aug. 2019 require the 4474419 update, which was also revised this August. also these new updates, along with 4474419 V2 update for Win7 causes problems with existing Symantec/Norton antivirus software. do not install these new updates until Symantec has issued a software update that works with the recently released SHA-2 updates from MS.
  9. you will need to install both KB4474419 and KB4490628 SHA-2 updates this August 2019 or Windows Update will not offer nor issue any new W7 security updates made from this point onward https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4472027
  10. ok thanks greehillmaniac and Jody. in case you were wondering, this was the comment abbodi made. I simply needed to install the latest Flash update for Win8.0 and not have to install KB4462930. the issue with 4462930 seems to occur only with Win8.1 (not 8.0)
  11. @Jody Thornton @greenhillmaniac @UCyborg & others like @dencorso can you guys check if the KB4462930 flash update for Win8.0 is superseded/replaced by newer flash updates like a recent one such as KB4503308? I'm kinda arguing/debating about this with abbodi in another forum as he seems to have some doubts about it
  12. well I have not experienced any "slowdowns" with KB4088880 (and/or any recent rollup update like the July 2019 version that includes spectre/meltdown fixes). also made sure I have both KB2818604 and KB3064209 AMD & Intel microcode updates for 8.0 installed on there. I'm now using Win8.0 on a backup hard drive on a custom built PC with an AMD Phenom II X4 925 cpu w/ 4gb of RAM.
  13. well I'm getting the "opposite" effect with any of the recent monthly rollups for Win7 & 8.1 on some the PCs I have, cc333. instead of "performance drops" on my family's Dell Inspiron 620 desktop PC (using an Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500 3.3Ghz CPU [3.7Ghz max turbo frequency], I'm getting slight performance gains (or boosts) with recent security monthly updates installed for Win7/8.1 [I also made sure I have the KB3064209 Intel microcode update installed]
  14. on the other hand, that's better than not getting a flu shot at all, BYTE-ME
  15. guys, I just read this recent blog about Vista & SHA-2 support on Born's web site: https://borncity.com/win/2019/07/29/windows-vista-no-more-unofficial-updates-due-to-sha2/ perhaps Vistapocalypse & others can comment on this either here in this forum or on Born's web site
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